Wire Shelf Covers

The wire shelf is a great place to organize your spices, but it has limitations. It can not hold the small or slender stuff properly.

A cover will create a flat surface that makes the stuff well organized. Plus, it can hide the ugly look of the wire shelf and make everything tidier.

The wire shelf is commonly found in the kitchen to store the spice or seasoning, pantry, or even closet.

With the cover, it can change the organizer into something prettier. Let’s figure out the wire shelf covers ideas down below and get ready to be inspired.

Challenge Your DIY Skill

DIY Simple Wire Shelf Cover
Source avenuelaurel.com

The floating shelves in the closet need a cover to hide the unwanted view of the wire shelves.

It doesn’t need to spend much money and time to make it works, which is good for the beginner. Also, you can choose the finishing that fits the design you desire. Here are what you will need:

  • Foot paneling
  • Whitewood board
  • Screws
  • Paint or stain
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Circular saw

Plywood Wire Shelf Covers

Plywood Wire Shelf Cover
Via justagirlandherblog.com

Hide the unwanted view of the wire shelf in the closet where you store the linen with the wood plank.

Stain the plywood with the medium tone of the Minwax Dark Walnut stain and apply a coat of clear satin polyacrylic. This quick and simple project is playing a role in making a statement to the closet functionally.

Once all the wooden covers are applied to the wire shelves, the closet won’t look the same.

More DIY Shelves Ideas

DIY Wire Shelf Covers

DIY Wire Shelf Cover
Via themartinnest.com

It is the other DIY project that is worth trying. Even if you are a beginner, this project is good for you since it is a straightforward project yet takes a huge part in making a beautiful look.

The measurement process is a little bit tricky since you have to pay attention to every detail. But it is not a big deal. Once you are sure with the measurement, cut down the wood, then assemble them to the wire shelf.

Marble Wire Shelf Covers

Marble Wire Shelf Cover
A project by myhomeandtravels.com

The marble accent cover is an elegant touch that will hide the wire shelf. The foam core board and white duck tape make up this construction project, but don’t worry!

It’s not as difficult to assemble as it may seem at first glance. The marble paper creates an elegant look that makes the closet looks fabulous and hides the unwanted look of the wire. After all, you can start organizing the stuff as well.

Floral Wire Shelf Covers

Floral Wire Shelf Cover
From fakeitfrugal.blogspot.com

If you want a patterned accent on your storage unit, try this DIY project that will transform your storage unit into the better one.

This could be a good option to cover the wire shelf. You can cover the wire with the contact paper, then cover it with the patterned paper. The black and white floral paper will transform the plain shelving unit inside the closet.

With this beautiful wire shelf cover, the flat surface will accommodate your stuff as well.

Wire Shelf Cover For Linen Closet

Wire Shelf Cover For Linen Closet
Source crazylifewithlittles.com

If you love how the natural wood accent works in this closet, then you can apply this idea to your own.

The shelf cover will make your shelves way sturdier and prevent small and slender items from falling off. On top of that, combined with woven baskets, it’s even more mesmerizing because they blend in beautifully together.

You don’t need any other storage solution when you have got this perfect homemade version at home. The closet looks way tidier with a warm natural touch inside.

Foam Board Wire Shelf Covers

Foam Board Wire Shelf Cover
See details on thefrugalhomemaker.com

It is the other smart hack to cover the wire shelf cover with the patterned paper that will update the look of the closet.

These wire shelves offer you a flat surface. So there won’t be the tilted stuff or even falling off inside the closet. The unwanted view fades away into obscurity while creating new looks for both style points. This neutral tone will be great for a minimalist look.

Rustic Wire Shelf Covers

Rustic Wire Shelf Cover
Via hometalk.com

The Pinewood is a super simple project that will help you create the rustic-style organizer of your dreams.

It can transform an ordinary shelf into something truly special without any great skills or expertise needed. It’s perfect if you are starting out but willing to update that woodworking skill of yours.

The key element of this project is the Minwax stain that creates this old-looking look in no time at all.

Shiny Wire Shelf Covers

Shiny Wire Shelf Cover
Via iheartorganizing.com

This organizer is a great way to keep your stuff organized. It doesn’t need lots of material, time, or money.

The drawer liner and yellow pattern are more than enough for making an attractive look on the surface where you can store everything properly without any problems at all.

Covering the wire shelf will help you to clean each of the sheld easily. Also, the messy wire will be hidden stylishly.

Easyliner Wire Shelf Covers

Easyliner Wire Shelf Cover
Via theorganizedmama.com

The wire shelving can be a hassle if you don’t have the right products. Otherwise, your items will fall through and get lost in between all those gaps on top of each other.

That’s why using an easy liner is a smart choice to keep everything nicely stocked up without any problems whatsoever.

It fits perfectly onto the rack because it doesn’t slide around or anything like that. This easy liner is also durable. It helps you to save more money.

John Louis Renew Wire Shelf Covers

John Louis Renew Wire Shelf Cover
Get the product on Bed Bath and Beyond

If you want to update the look of the wire shelf, give a wooden accent instead. The wood laminate shelf kit transforms your old and outdated wire shelving into beautiful and durable at the same time.

It is a super simple project that doesn’t need any woodworking skills at all. No worries, this wooden wire shelf cover fits every single brand. So you can attach this cover to the wire shelf easily.

Patterned Wire Shelf Covers

Patterned Wire Shelf Cover
From thehappyhousie.porch.com

For a sturdier shelf, cover the wire shelf with the white solid pine wood. The wooden cover helps you to create a flat surface.

It would be great for any kind of item. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your items that falling off through the gaps anymore.

Add an eye-catching hint to the storage in your house with this patterned floral accent that will cover up the white wooden cover. This green floral pattern will freshen your storage stylishly.

Rugby Chevron Wire Shelf Covers

Rugby Chevron Wire Shelf Cover
Via housemixblog.com

Decorate the pantry stylishly with the foam board. When the foam board is too plain and ugly, wrap it with the shelf liner.

The rugby chevron must be a good option to make it looks fashionable and still look minimalist.

When you’ve done attaching the cover, start placing the baskets and all of the items as well. There is no more tilted stuff on the pantry, and everything looks beautifully tidy.

Use Pinewood Materials

Pinewood Wire Shelf Cover
Follow the instructions on withinthegrove.com

The pinewood sheet will be the best material to hide the ugly look of the wire shelf and transform it into something better. 

Also, it makes the shelf looks sturdier. Here are the materials you will need:

  • Pinewood
  • Plywood
  • Brown general purpose paper
  • Marker scissors
  • Jigsaw
  • Tape measure
  • Miter saw
  • Route
  • Wood glue
  • Brad nailer

Wire Floating Shelf Covers

Wire Floating Shelf Cover
From lemonslavenderandlaundry.com

The wire material offers you a durable and sturdy shelf, indeed. But it looks messy and ugly. That is why you need to cover it with these cedar picket fence posts.

Hide the uninvited view of the wire shelf with the wood wire shelf cover that also creates a rustic style at the same time.

The cedar picket fence posts, stain, supplies, and polyacrylic spray will help you update the floating shelf to the next level. After all, you can start placing your stuff on it stylishly.

Make The Pantry Look Cleans

Pantry Wire Shelf Cover
Via eatathomecooks.com

Without lots of things to do, you can transform the pantry to the next level. It can be better to store all the items from the small to the big ones. Plus, it brings a tidier look.

You can’t hide the appearance of the wire shelf, indeed. Yet, you can make it looks blurry, which is much better.

These handy pieces act as an adhesive and cover any gaps between wires for an extra clean appearance which is good for all the stuff.

Inexpensive Wire Shelf Covers

Inexpensive Wire Shelf Cover
Via meagannichole.com

The foam board is a quick and affordable way to cover up the unsightly wire shelf. It is affordable and also can be a quick DIY project you can do within an hour.

Wrap the foam board with the patterned paper for a creative look. It doesn’t end up here to make your kitchen cabinet look clean. You have to organize the stuff as well.

Gray Rustic Wire Shelf Covers

Gray Rustic Wire Shelf Cover
Purchase on Etsy

If you are wondering if there is an instant way to hide the unwanted view of the old wire shelf, here is what you need.

It is a budget-friendly wood shelf cover that will upgrade both functions and appearance of the wire shelf in your space.

The stained MDF material with a matte vintage gray finish creates a worn-out look that infuses a rustic style. It would be great if you don’t have much time for DIYing.

Show The Wire A Little

Clear Wire Shelf Cover
From blueistyleblog.com

When the wire shelf looks not that invited for your space, then you should cover it. Besides, the cover helps you to get a tighter and flat surface that will hold the stuff properly.

However, if the look is not important, then clear covering would be just fine too. The clear liner provides similar benefits, such as keeping things from slipping off or rolling away while adding style points for those who like modern minimalist designs.

Simple Wire Shelf Covers

Simple Wire Shelf Cover
See the tutorial on misslizdidit.com

With a few amount of wood material, transforming the wire shelf is not a big deal.
The following materials below help you to make your wire shelf looks like the brand new one:

  • Finish Nailer
  • Wood Stain
  • Measuring tape
  • Circular Saw
  • Table Saw

The stained wood will hide the wire shelf adorably. Complement it with the aged look of the stuff that will infuse the rustic style and make your shelving unit looks way greater.

Highlight the Natural Texture of The Wood

DIY Plywood Wire Shelf Cover
From todayscreativeideas.com

The look of the bare shelf sometimes looks messy. To ensure it has a prettier appearance, hide the wire shelf with a plywood sheet. It offers you a warm and natural beauty in one gesture.

Functionally, it can make the stuff stay in place properly. It makes the shelf looks way tidier and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It even looks way better with the natural texture that is highlighted by the stain.

Small Pantry Wire Shelf Covers

Small Pantry Wire Shelf Cover
Via kelleynan.com

The tidy pantry offers you an aesthetically pleasing look. On the other side, It helps to get what you need quickly, without the hassle of looking for items that fall between shelves or getting dust on your food because there is too much space exposed.

The clear liner works by creating flat surfaces for everything so that there are not any unwanted messes or clutter on display. And if it still doesn’t have enough to hide the wire, consider placing baskets. Your pantry will look way better with the natural accent and tidy items inside.

Wood Material For Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Wire Shelf Cover
Source thehappyfarmhouse.com

The downside of the wire shelving unit is that the space between the wire is uneven. It makes the small items will fall off through the space between the wire or be stored unstably. Those who are perfectionists will be hurt by this look. Hence, the wood shelf cover is required here.

The wood wire shelf covers couldn’t work alone. It needs some baskets to keep the items well-organized that look good together with the wood shelf cover creating farmhouse style.

Faux Wood Wire Shelf Covers

Faux Wood Wire Shelf Cover
Via raisingmemories.com

If it is pretty hard to work with wood material, then the foam board can be the best thing you need to consider. You still can get the wood-like wire shelf covers with the following materials:

  • 1 roll of faux wood drawer liner per shelf
  • 1 sheet of foam board or foam-core per shelf
  • packing tape
  • an X-acto knife
  • a measuring tape

You can get cosmetically perfect, stylized shelves that look like they’re made out of real wood without any problems at all.

Industrial Wire Shelf Covers

Industrial Wire Shelf Cover
From renovatedfaith.com

The industrial shelf has a simple, but stylish look that’s perfect for any room in the house. If you want to spruce up your kitchen with some sleek black shelves and wood accents then this upgrade is just what you need.

This simple project is easy to make. Even if you are a beginner, it is worth trying. You only need to measure the wood, sand it down, then cut it down, and make sure it fits the shelf as well.

Wrap The Foam Board

Wrapped Wire Shelf Covers
From lemonslavenderandlaundry.com

The foam board is not as sturdy as the metal or wood material. Yet, it can work in a similar way to create flat surfaces and cover up gaps between wires stylishly. Here are what you will need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Foam Board 
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Razor
  • Wrapping Paper 
  • Adhesive Spray 
  • Binder Clips

The polka dots pattern brings in a stylish and fresh ambiance to the shelving unit in your house. Also, working with the foam board is a straightforward project, which is perfect for the beginner. 

Classic Wire Shelf Covers

Classic Wire Shelf Covers
Purchase on Amazon

Covering the wire shelves using polypropylene is a perfect idea that is worth trying. It offers you unparalleled quality, longevity, function, and beauty.

The wire shelf liner instantly gives your wire shelf all the benefits of a flat surface. It also creates a classic style making them versatile additions into homes large or small alike.

These liners are waterproof, easily wipeable, and have been custom-tailored to fit perfectly around the wire shelf poles.

Create a Colorful Corner

Colorful Wire Shelf Covers

A pantry is a place where we store our groceries. You can make it more exciting and beautiful with some small changes to the way you have set up your shelves, like by using foam boards.

Opt for the red, green, and yellow combination to prevent the boring and plain look and hide the unwanted look of the wire shelf. It gives off an updated feel without feeling over-the-top trendy.

Curtain Wire Shelf Covers

Curtain Wire Shelf Cover
From alysonjohnson.com

The curtain is an excellent way to hide the messy shelving unit and makes a space look more spacious. The curtain will hide the whole shelving unit stylishly.

You can choose from many different colors, so find one that matches your style perfectly. Don’t forget about adding some extra touches in there for added interest and avoid it looks too plain and pale.

It is the list of 29 wire shelf covers ideas that will hide the unwanted look of the wire shelf and make it looks way more stylish and make the room looks spacious too.

Marble Wire Shelf Cover
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