Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you are in love with the romantic, feminine, classic, and rough style, applying the shabby chic bathrooms must be the best option you need to consider.

The pastel and pale are some of the key elements that infuse the shabby chic style.

Other than that, the features that work the same to bring in the shabby chic style are floral patterns, lace trims, traditional chandeliers.

You can also accentuate the style by bringing in the wire basket and carved wood types of furniture.

Let’s see how they work and find the best inspiration that would elevate the design of your bathroom:

Girlie Style

Pink Shabby Chic Bathroom
Via Houzz

The pink wall paint works properly to accentuate the shabby chic style. It is complemented by the furniture surrounding it.

The mirror with the golden carved frame creates an elegant hint. On the other side, the freestanding bathtub and the white woven chair work to light up the shabby chic style.

Plus, installing the shelves with the carved and galvanized brackets avoid the plain wall. Then, the chandelier on the ceiling also works to elevate the style in the bathroom.

Elegant Hint

Elegant Shabby Chic Bathroom

The elegant shabby chic bathroom could be the best sanctuary to relax and cleans up your body as well. The bathroom is filled with white paint.

Beautify the room with the hint of the golden mirror frame and the golden vanity.

You will also need to create admirable pink wall-mounted lamps to spread the elegant glow to the whole bathroom. It looks perfect together with the crystal chandelier over the bathtub.

The gold, pink, and white are the best colors that work to elevate the design of the bathroom.

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The Grey Vanity

Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity

To create a beautiful shabby chic bathroom, you don’t need to be so extra to make it works.

First of all, you can consider the white paint, which is easier to mix and match. And if you are desiring the simple and neutral touch, you can place the shabby chic bathroom vanity.

Place the grey vanity with the galvanized and classic drawer handle. Then, put the double bowl sinks on it. Install the silver and elegant faucets, which melts with the silver tray

Beautify it with the flowers and the wall-mounted light between the mirrors.

Calming Atmosphere

Master Shabby Chic Bathroom

Try decorating the bathroom with the shabby chic style to create a delightful experience of soaking.

The soft green wall paint and the drawer work adorably to infuse the stylish and admirable hint. Complement the shabby chic vibe by throwing the patterned rug.

The penny tile flooring also takes part to infuse the style, which perfects together with the marble countertop. Keep the toiletries collect in one and handy by placing it on the tiered wire basket on the stool.

Spread the classy glow through the wall-mounted white lamps next to the mirror and the chandelier on the ceiling.

Attach The Wall Art

Artistic Shabby Chic Bathroom

Bring in the artistic hint to the shabby chic bathrooms is a great option which worth trying. No worries. You can make it works effortlessly.

Try sticking the patterned wallpaper to prevent the plain wall. The soft colors bring in the shabby chic style. Other than that, complement it with the big wall arts.

Plus, the slender rack by the window also brings in the shabby chic style in a simple way. Put the bathtub on the tiered wooden flooring so that it is on the same level as the windows to widen the sight.

The bathtub in this picture also fits the mid-century modern bathroom style.

Stay Fancy

Fancy Shabby Chic Bathroom
Via Houzz

This fancy shabby chic bathroom formed from the marble flooring and the countertop. It’s perfect for a master bathroom if you have a large space.

It has a shower room with the glass screen to prevent the waters are splashing out. Then, it is also complemented by the admirable chandelier on the ceiling and the wall-mounted lamp to create elegant lighting.

Emphasize the shabby chic style through the floral valance with the tassels on the white windows. Also, add a hint of natural accent by placing a potted plant in the corner of the bathroom.

Off White

White Shabby Chic Bathroom

Painting white the whole room is a good option if you want to create a soothing and clean atmosphere in the bathroom.

Place the minimalist drawer with the towel holder mounted on the side of the drawer. Attach the gold faucet that would add an elegant hint, which also perfect together with the lamps beside the mirror.

Opt for the whitewashed wood flooring to expose the beauty of nature and chic in one. Keep your toiletries collect in one place by storing it at the wall-mounted storage.

Feminine Look

Feminine Shabby Chic Bathroom

One of the key elements of shabby chic style is the floral pattern. Try applying the floral pattern for your bathroom to create a shabby chic bathroom with a simple step.

Attach the white floral curtain, then complement it with the floral patterned flooring. It is such a smart way to create a feminine style of the bathroom.

You can also add the real flowers to beautify the bathroom as well. Bring the freestanding bathtub, then combine it with the red chair. It is also such a perfect combination you need to consider.

White Curtain Lace

Shabby Chic Bathroom With Curtain Lace

The lace curtain could also be the best option you need to consider to beautify your space as well.

On the other side, it also could make a statement. Since the lace curtain is one of the key elements of the Shabby chic style, then it is the simplest way if you want to decorate your bathroom.

The dramatic lace curtain infuses the elegance to the bathroom. Also, it is a good option for your privacy.

Expose The Elegant Glow

Shabby Chic Bathroom Chandelier

Consider hanging the chandeliers in the bathroom. Besides spreading the elegant glow, it works to upgrade the design and also create a shabby chic style in one.

Opt for the soft blue color. It infuses the soothing atmosphere. Other than that, it melts perfectly with the round mirrors on the wall over the sinks.

Keep your stuff collect in one place yet beautifully stored on the natural baskets. The baskets bring in a different accent among the white atmosphere.

Stay Simple

Simple Shabby Chic Bathroom

The simple step must be the most wanted style to beautify the room. On the other side, you don’t have to be so extra to decorate, yet, it works.

It simply formed from the white wooden wall. Then, add the dramatic look by adding lace valance.

Avoid the boring look of the white atmosphere. Hence, you can combine it with the beige wall and flooring.

Add the other different hints by placing some potted plants, which also work to create a fresh vibe.

The white bathtub, sink, and the desk work perfectly together to infuse the adorable look of simplicity.


Cute Shabby Chic Bathroom

Besides infusing the feminine touch, pink paint brings in the cute vibe. Try placing a soft pink freestanding bathtub with the hint of the white clawfoot.

On the other side, accentuate the cute atmosphere by attaching the patterned pink curtain to beautify the bathroom and also keep you private.

And if you want to make it way cuter, consider adding the pink flowers on the pink pots. Other than that, the wire chair next to the bathroom could be one of the key elements that work to accentuate the shabby chic style.

Soothing Space

Soothing Shabby Chic Bathroom

Create a delightful experience of soaking in the middle of a hot day to keep you fresh. Decorate your bathroom and make it as comfortable as it can be.

Consider the soothing bathroom design to refresh you as well. Paint soft mint the wall, then combine it with the white furniture. The white flooring looks perfect with a hint of black pattern to prevent the plain look.

You can also emphasize the shabby chic style through the crystal chandelier, which looks perfect together with the white wall-mounted lamps and the white valance.

Mix And Match

Purple Shabby Chic Bathroom

Go for a beautiful bathroom and keep everything shabby chic by applying the soft purple paint on the wall and combine it with the floral pattern on the upper part of the wall.

Complement the beauty of shabby chic style by placing a soft purple freestanding. Also, the dark wood flooring works adorably to add a warm and exposing the beauty of nature.

Add a piece of the white rug that fully functional to dry your foot stylishly. You can also consider placing a simple table to keep your stuff handy.

Bring The Old Look

Rustic Shabby Chic Bathroom

Add a hint of an aged look artificially through the old ladder to your bathroom. It is also could be one of the best ways to upgrade the design of the bathroom as well.

Emphasize the shabby chic style by attaching the crystal chandelier, which also perfect together with the old ladder.

The white rack next to the bathtub also works adorably to bring in the shabby chic style.

Try using the whitewashed wood material and the wire baskets on the ladder to infuse the rustic vibe. On the other side, place the classy touch of the black bathtub.

Be Classy

Classy Shabby Chic Bathroom
From Houzz

togeElevate the design of your bathroom to make your soaking time feels exclusive.

Opt for the classic bathtub, which brings in a different accent between the white ones. Then, add the fancy chandelier that spreads the elegant glow.

Store your stuff elegantly on the white shabby chic cabinets between the standing sinks and the mirrors.

The oversized mirror on the wall also could be the best decorative piece that looks perfect together with the chandelier and the bathtub.

Add the warm touch by placing a patterned rug. Other than that, it also could prevent the wet flooring.

Minimalist At Its Finest

Shabby Chic Bathroom With Photographs
Via Houzz

Display your best pictures in the bathroom. It is such the best hack to beautify the bathroom. Opt for the different types of frames to make it looks adorable.

Install the bathtub at the end of the bathroom to deal with the limited space. Place a whitewashed chair next to the bathtub with the white side table to store your stuff.

Bring in the aesthetic hint through the flowers on the white vase. On the other side, attach a wood floating shelf. It also works to infuse and light up the shabby chic style.


Modern Shabby Chic Bathroom

Avoid the outdated design to apply to your bathroom by using the modern style. A marble countertop could be the best option you need to consider to bring in the modern style.

It should be complemented by the fancy touch of the silver mirror.

On the other side, the gold hint of the wall-mounted lamps next to the mirror infusing the fancy touch, which looks good together with the modern style.

Bring in the shabby chic style by attaching the fancy chandelier and the white flowers on the white vase.

French Shabby Chic Bathroom

French Shabby Chic Bathroom

Expose the beauty of the French shabby chic style to the bathroom to upgrade the design and create an admirable space to rinse up.

Opt for the oversized mirror with the craved frame, which could be the focal point of the space.

Then, combine it with the unpainted drawer along with the natural basket underneath to store the towels beautifully.

You can also show up the elegant accent through the French style by choosing the golden faucet and the wall-mounted chandeliers.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you want to expose the beauty of nature stylishly, opt for the farmhouse style and combine it with the shabby chic accent.

It is simply formed from the touch of natural wood. On the other side, the whitewashed frame mirror accentuates the shabby chic style.

The farmhouse style is emphasized by the wire basket and some faux plants on the white pots.

The metal watering can, the galvanized wall-mounted lamps, and the galvanized faucet also work the same way to accentuate the farmhouse style.

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Cottage Shabby Chic Bathroom

Cottage Shabby Chic Bathroom

Expose the shabby chic bathroom by applying the floral wallpaper on the upper part of the wall. Then, combine it with the white tiles on the lower part.

Add the mirror with the golden frame that would be the attractive point.

Prevent the plain look on the sink area by placing some pink roses to add natural beauty and an elegant accent.

On the other side, applying monochrome flooring is a great decision that would elevate the design of the bathroom.

Expose The Wood

Minimalist Shabby Chic Bathroom

Consider minimal usage of stuff to keep your bathroom feels spacious. You can expose the architectural details of the wooden ceiling beams to add a beautiful and natural hint on the ceiling.

Other than that, opt for the wood plank wall on the lower part of the wall, then paint the rest of the wall in soft cream.

Place the darker brown shade of the bathtub that would be a different accent, among others.

Create an elegant and warm glow that comes from the wall-mounted chandelier next to the big mirror.

Warm And Classy

Warm Shabby Chic Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the main areas in a house, which is frequently visited. You need to make sure it is impressive enough.

Hence, emphasizing a warm atmosphere could be a good idea. Try applying the yellow wall paint along with the laundry basket next to the whitewashed wooden drawer.

Then, paint yellow the frame of the mirror. Choose the cream flooring, which melts adorably with the yellow tone.

Add the beauty of nature trough the orchids in the corner of the room and on the countertop.

White Curtain

White Curtain Shabby Chic Bathroom
See details at Etsy

Add the adorably stylish privacy screen of the white curtain to the bathroom.

Attaching the white curtain also could be the best way to infuse the shabby chic style to the bathroom. You can accentuate the shabby chic bathroom design by choosing the white clawfoot tub.

Decorate it with the silver table, which works both aesthetically and functionally. Put the candle and your little stuff on the table.

On the other side, opt for the black and white tile flooring. Plus, the white wooden drawer stands roughly next to the clawfoot tub.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper Shabby Chic Bathroom
Via French Country Cottage

If it is kind of impossible to paint your wall with a floral pattern to infuse the shabby chic style, then sticking a wallpaper must be the best decision.

It is easy to apply. Plus, it is also way cheaper than wall painting. Add the wooden shabby chic drawer in between the freestanding sinks. It melts adorably with the shabby chic hanging mirrors.

Cover your bathroom beautifully with the floral curtain, which also blends seamlessly with the wallpaper. Add the real flowers to the bathroom by placing them on the white and elegant vase on the drawer.

Penny Tiles Shabby Chic Bathroom

Penny Tiles Shabby Chic Bathroom
Instagram @thorn_cove_abode

Accentuate the shabby chic bathroom style by installing the white honeycomb penny tiles flooring.

It looks adorable together, with the cream wooden plank wall on the lower part of the wall. Paint white the wall then add a covered natural basket to hide the uninvited stuff inside.

Other than that, the old-styled mirror adds the shabby chic style even stronger.

If your space is limited, consider the wall-mounted sink, then create a floating shelf between the sink and the mirror to keep your stuff handier.

Add the greenery touch by placing a mini potted plant and hang a wreath on the mirror.

Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring Shabby Chic Bathroom

The unpainted wood has a superpower to make a statement of the room. Combine the dark wood flooring with the white atmosphere of the wall paint and the furniture.

Place the whitewashed wood cabinet next to the bathtub. It is also a good idea to attach white linen that would be the coolest privacy screen in the bathroom.

Other than that, it also prevents the water is splashing out. Place the vanity next to the bathtub with the small mirror, white desk, and the beautiful stool.

The wire basket on the floor works perfectly to add a rustic touch.

Aqua Shabby Chic Bathroom

Aqua Shabby Chic Bathroom

When the weather is warming up, all that you need is to spend more time soaking in the freshwater to refresh your body and mind.

Choose the soft mint wall paint, then combine it with the white wood paneling. Add the beauty of your bathroom by attaching the lace curtain to accentuate the shabby chic style and make it looks lovely.

It looks perfect together with the oval mirror with the carved frame. Also, attach the floating shelf to put your needs and put some decorative pieces.


Classic Shabby Chic Bathroom

If you are planning to bring in a classic yet adorable one, consider the shabby chic bathroom.

Try decorating it with the white atmosphere. Hence, paint the whole room in white is a good decision. Attach the white curtain over the bathtub to avoid the water is splashing out.

Add the wooden pillar to put the flowers on the vase. Then, place a freestanding and oversized mirror next to the chair.

Add the artistic accent by placing some wall art. The white tile wall melts softly with the vibe surrounding it.

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural Shabby Chic Bathroom

It is always a perfect idea to design a bathroom with natural style. But you can upgrade it and combine it with the shabby chic style, so it works to make it looks way admirable.

Opt for the stone flooring, which accentuates the natural style. Then, combine it with the unpainted wooden drawer and the floating shelves.

The cream shade of the shiplap looks good together, with the floor increasing the warm atmosphere.

Attach the wall-mounted light, round mirror, the faucet, and the sink in a row to create a lovely line.

The Dramatic Ruffled Curtain

Ruffled Curtain Shabby Chic Bathroom

Decorate your bathroom and turn it into the adorable ones. Adding the white ruffled curtain brings in the shabby chic style elegantly. It looks perfect together with the lace flowing on the sink.

Add the pink hint between the white atmosphere by attaching a pink mirror on the wall. Add the shabby chic instrument through the chandelier. Don’t let the sink look pale.

Put a flower on the vase to infuse the beauty of nature. The light cream rug is the important stuff you will need to keep your feet dry when you are stepping out from the bathtub.

These are the list of shabby chic bathroom ideas we have compiled.

Pick the best idea that fits your desire. Ensure it also fits your budget as well.

Classy Shabby Chic Bathroom
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