Black Kitchen Cabinet

A black color appliance could make a statement to the mysterious and also elegant. It depends on how you combine it with the other stuff surrounding it.

It works the same way if you are planning to apply it to your kitchen. Opt for the black kitchen cabinet and transform your kitchen into the trendy one. It is either you paint the other cabinet in a different color or combine it with the right countertop.

Get the best black kitchen cabinet ideas that will make your kitchen looks more sophisticated and stylish.

We have compiled a list of black kitchen ideas you can consider to upgrade the heart of your house and keep your stuff stay in place properly.

Black Kitchen Cabinet And Brass Knobs

Black Kitchen Cabinet And Brass Knobs

The touch of brass on the black kitchen cabinet would be great to upgrade the beauty of the kitchen. Although you have a small kitchen in the house, the cabinetry installation won’t make the kitchen looks stuffy.

It looks even better with the white wall and the white countertop. Also, the natural wood on the island adds a warm touch. And if the cabinetry is not enough, installing the wall-mounted shelves must be the best decision.

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Elegant Black Kitchen Cabinet

Elegant Black Kitchen Cabinet

With the right setup, the black paint could bring in an elegant appearance to your kitchen. Add the golden touch to the knobs. It takes action to elevate the elegance of your space.

From the white countertop with the hint of grey, the detail on the front part of the cabinet looks even way better. Without any more things to do, this combination really worth trying.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Door

Black Kitchen Cabinet Door
Via Behance

Try this sleek kitchen cabinet in your house with a simple and minimalist look. This kind of installation will bring so much joy to your space, which is perfect for the limited area in your kitchen.

It works the same way for the cabinetry under the sink. With less detail on the door, the sleek appearance would be yours. You will love the black countertop and the plain black backsplash.

Bring A Little Black Hint

White Kitchen Cabinet with Black Countertop
From Yuliia Sultanova

Black and white appliance never go wrong to decorate the kitchen in your house. The glossy finishing reflects the light to the entire space in the kitchen adorably.

The black lining on the bottom cabinet prevents the boring look, which looks good together with the black countertop and the backsplash. Besides, installing the stripes yellow light under the wall-mounted cabinet provides you a warm touch and elegance in one.

Black Kitchen Cabinet With White Countertops

Black Kitchen Cabinet With White Countertops

This cabinetry installation is the best answer for those who love simplicity. You won’t need lots of things to decorate and make it looks appealing.

The simple lining without lots of details on the doors brings an elegant look of simplicity. It is complemented by tiny knobs.

The result will be great to upgrade your kitchen. The best thing to create the vibe in the kitchen way fresher is by adding the white accent. Also, place some fresh plants or flowers on the countertop.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Set

Black Kitchen Cabinet Set

The neutral tone is always on top while decorating. It is easier to make a statement. When it comes to black color, it could transform your kitchen into the next level.

Let the cabinet and the cupboard have fewer details for a sleek look. The simple accent of the warm touch on the cabinetry melts perfectly with the wooden ceiling beams. The exposed ceiling of the kitchen provides you a bigger space for the giant cabinetry.

Black and White Never Fails

Black and White Kitchen Cabinet

The black cabinetry in the white kitchen should be on your consideration to add a bold hint between the light one. Install the top black kitchen cabinet, then combine it with the white bottom cabinets.

Add a little black hint in the kitchen through the pendant lights over the countertop that also supply a warm atmosphere.

On the other side, add more storage and paint it black. Ensure it is cozy enough for having a quick meal. Hence, you will need black stools, which work both functionally and aesthetically at the same time.

Make It Simple Between The Patterned Wall

Simple Black Kitchen Cabinet

As the neutral tone, the black accent could blend with the other colors easily. You will be able to perfect your kitchen with this black cabinetry.

Even when the black and white backsplash is perfectly installed, the black cabinet won’t make the kitchen looks so extra.

It works even better to accentuate the ambiance as well. The simple details of rectangular accent on the door avoid the plain look. Still, it melts with the patterned backsplash. And since there is so much patterned stuff around, consider installing the plain countertop instead.

Deal With Limited Space

Small Black Kitchen Cabinet
Source Houzz

When you have to deal with limited space, you have to ensure that the cabinetry in your kitchen fits your space perfectly. This small black kitchen cabinet is what you need. It is a small cabinet with black rectangular knobs and natural wood color surface.

What else will complement the beauty of the cabinetry? Correct. The blue backsplash and the flooring under the cabinet bring in a different hint of cheerful atmosphere.

Follow The Trend

Modern Black Kitchen Cabinet

When it comes to the modern look, then this black kitchen cabinet says it all. The ceiling and the wall in the kitchen are also painted black, which popped up in the house adorably.

The kitchen cabinet looks sleek without lots of details on the front part, even the knobs. Once the natural wood accent on the surface is installed, the mysterious ambiance starts disappearing. And an elegant combination starts popping up in your space.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet

Black Kitchen Cabinet Paint

If you are wondering what goes best with the black paint besides the white color, try the yellow one. The yellow hint between the black paint on the kitchen cabinet works to bring a fresher ambiance to the dark atmosphere.

Place the black cabinet in the bottom, then place the yellow one on the top. Leave some of the cabinet doorless where you can display your stuff. The metal appliance and the yellow lining would be great to prevent the dark look.

Black Kitchen Cabinet with Grey Countertop

Black Kitchen Cabinet with Grey Countertop
Via Houzz

Applying a neutral tone to the kitchen will make a statement effortlessly to the heart of your space. The neutral tone of the black and grey combination will keep your time in the kitchen feels calming.

The simple cabinetry with the rectangular lining details on the front part looks good to infuse an elegant touch. It is even better with the glossy backsplash and the surface on the island. The decorative lights over the island will supply an elegant glow to the entire space in the kitchen as well.

Black Kitchen Cabinet With Marble Countertops

Black Kitchen Cabinet With Marble Countertops

The black cabinetry in the kitchen would be an essential thing that can make a statement. The simple silver knobs made out of metal material optimizes the elegance of a minimalist look in the kitchen.

The white marble countertops offer you a basic combination that looks perfect together. Store some of the white glassware on the open shelving to perfect your kitchen’s appearance effortlessly.

Other than that, the white metro backsplash brings sharp linings, which is perfect with the details on the cabinetry.

Infuse The Luxurious Glow

Luxurious Black Kitchen Cabinet
See details at Houzz

The black tone could lead your kitchen to the mysterious and even luxurious style without lots of things to do. You can even bring your kitchen to the luxurious with the glossy appearance of the kitchen.

The yellow light installation under the cabinetry would be great to infuse luxury into the heart of your house. Pair the black cabinet with the metal appliance. You will get a luxurious and sophisticated look in one.

Monochrome Black Kitchen Cabinet

Monochrome Black Kitchen Cabinet

Stay neutral while decorating the kitchen in your house. The neutral tone will upgrade the beauty of your kitchen effortlessly. The black kitchen paint is perfect to fill in the blank space in the kitchen beneficially.

The sleek cabinet with a simple detail on the front part is completed by the silver knobs. The knobs are eye-catching enough, that good together with the white countertop underneath.

Consider displaying the white glassware on the open shelving. It helps you to reach what you need easily. Besides, it adds an artistic touch as well.

Cozy Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Black Kitchen Cabinet

Say no to the island in the middle of your kitchen when you don’t have enough space to place it in. You only need some cabinetry instead.

The black kitchen cabinet with the touch of natural wood gives you a solid and warm combination, which is aesthetically pleasing. And since the cabinetry has to deal with limited space, keep it look minimalist with the long drawer handles.

The metal material with the brass finishing offers you a warm and elegant style.

Add The Blue Hint

Black Kitchen Cabinet with Blue Island

If you want to play with solid colors to upgrade the look of your kitchen, here s the best idea for you. Opt for the black kitchen cabinet, complement it with the silver tawer handles and the knobs.

Pair it with the patterned wall. The monochrome accent is perfect on this corner, where the natural light hits them adorably. On the other side, bring an island to the kitchen and choose the metallic blue color along with the white countertop.

The Cool Industrial Style

Industrial Black Kitchen Cabinet

People tend to avoid applying the dark accent to the small space in the house to keep their space away from the narrow and stuffy room.

Combine it with the white atmosphere on the wall. The white metro wall will bring a different ambiance with the lining accent, which is perfect with the floating cabinet and the bottom one.

The window installation offers you a natural light to make your kitchen feels way bigger.

Make It Exclusive

Exclusive Black Kitchen Cabinet

Elevate your kitchen for a fancier feel with the elegant touch of the black kitchen cabinet. With the golden touch, you will bring a more elegant vibe.
The black kitchen cabinet means nothing when you leave it alone.

The golden touch of the drawer handles offers you an elegant ambiance that reflects the light from the pendant lights over the island. The basic concept of this kitchen is worth applying.

With the simple kitchen cabinet and also the open shelving, you will keep everything stay in place. Both tidy and pleasing looks of the kitchen will be yours.

Curvy Accent On Top

Black Kitchen Cabinet With Brick Backsplash

When the rectangular shape is too common, then bring this curvy shape to your kitchen and get ready to get an extraordinary one. Install the bottom kitchen cabinet and opt for the black paint.

Combine it with the granite countertop, which exposing the grain. Install the curvy cabinetry-like over the stove that is integrated with the cabinetry surrounding it. It will expose the red brick behind beautifully. Ensure to keep everything simple by using the galvanized knobs and drawer handles.

Install The White Cupboard

Black Kitchen Cabinet And White Cupboard

This basic tone must be on your list to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen. The black and white cabinetry melts adorably together on the kitchen with wooden flooring and the white wall.

Consider installing the bottom black kitchen cabinet, then install the top white kitchen cabinet. Keep the cabinetry looks simple elegant at the same time by choosing the galvanized drawer handle, which adds a different accent.

On the other side, you will also need some other accent through the black window frame. It looks good together with the black kitchen cabinet.

Black Kitchen Cabinet And Cupboard

Black Kitchen Cabinet And Cupboard
See details at

When you have lots of kitchenware, yet the space is unlimited, you will need more space to store your stuff. The cabinets and the cupboards are the things you will need.

Ensure your cabinetry and the cupboards are able to store the stuff. Besides, ensure it adds value to your kitchen. Apply the black paint to the cabinetry and the cupboard, then install the metal appliance surrounding it. The metal appliance offers you a glossy finishing, which will reflect the light to the entire space in the kitchen.

Top Black Kitchen Cabinet

Top Black Kitchen Cabinet

What goes best with the white cabinetry in your kitchen? Consider adding the bold accent that comes from the black kitchen cabinet you can install on the wall.

This small accent in the middle of the white cabinetry brings in a cool appearance. Let a little space on this cabinet be doorless to expose the white plates, which are perfectly arranged. It would be an attractive point in the kitchen with the light on the doorless cabinetry.

Complement It With Open Shelving Unit

Black Kitchen Cabinet and Open Shelving
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If you do not want to take a risk while decorating your kitchen, consider the black kitchen cabinet installation, then paint white the wall.

Complement the cabinetry with the white countertop with a glossy finishing. On the other side, extend the storage in the kitchen by installing open shelving.

The open shelving offers you a simplicity where you can reach your stuff handier. Also, it prevents the blank wall. The black brackets look melts perfectly with the cabinet. It also looks sturdy holding the wooden board along with the stuff on it.

Bottom Black Kitchen Cabinet

Bottom Black Kitchen Cabinet

If you want to combine the black and white tone in your kitchen, try applying this brilliant idea. It will update the look and the value of your kitchen.

It is simply by installing the black cabinetry and white cabinetry in a row. Create a black vibe between the black cabinetry along with the black countertop and the black backsplash.

On the other side, you can embrace the white ambiance through the white cabinetry along with the white countertop and the white backsplash. For a perfect look, opt for the long door handles.

Sharpen The Vintage Look

Vintage Black Kitchen Cabinet

Add an elegant texture to your kitchen through the backsplash. It is a smart hack to deal with the bottom kitchen cabinetry and its bold look.

The bold look is formed from the metal accent that creates sharp touch. It creates a vintage style with unique door handles.

The touch of the metal appliance is adorably adding an elegant touch to the vintage style. On the other part, the grey countertop is perfectly installed on top of the cabinet.

These are the best black kitchen cabinet ideas we have picked to brighten your ideas while choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet.

Black Kitchen Cabinet With Marble Countertops
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