Towel Storage Ideas

Regardless of whether you are planning to keep the towels in the bathroom or in another room, you have to store them neatly and in the right place.

The high humidity in the bathroom makes it easy for bacteria to grow, so keeping your towel collections well organized will also keep them free of bacteria.

If you are storing your towels on your favorite towel rack, you should make sure that the rack you choose is ideally suited to your space.

Here are some towel storage ideas that will give you some inspiration if you are unsure of what kind of towel storage might work best for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas below.

DIY Minimalist Towel Storage

DIY Minimalist Towel Storage Ideas

If you want to complement your minimalist style house with this minimalist towel storage, then this is the perfect choice for you.

One of the things that makes it so appealing is that you can make it yourself during your free time using a very minimal amount of materials, because it is super easy to make.

The materials you will need are:

  • Wooden dowel
  • Leather belt
  • Screws
  • Sew
  • Drill

By hanging this towel storage on the white wall, you will add a different touch that will highlight the storage itself and make it stand out even further. The DIY towel rack will help your space look way tidier and cleaner.

Keep It Tidy On Closet

Closet Towel Storage Ideas

When it comes to keeping your towels dry and preventing bacteria from growing on them, storing them in the closet is the best option for you.

Besides the towels, you can also keep the other toiletries in the same place where you keep the towels. If you have this big storage, then you can separate them by colors and sizes that will make them always look tidy.

Hang It On Rustic Storage

Rustic Towel Storage Ideas

It will be a pleasure for you to see how the towels storage can make a difference in making your bathroom look wonderful.

The rustic towel storage makes a great addition to any bathroom because it works equally well in terms of functionality and aesthetics. With the hook installation where you can also hang your towel as well, this design is made of the old window panes which have a distressed accent.

The wreath will accentuate the rustic style as well as make it look prettier. The bathroom will appear even more beautiful.

Maximize The Space Under The Sink

Under Sink Towel Storage Ideas

It may be a good idea to consider applying this type of feature to your home if you like how this towel storage works efficiently on a limited area in the bathroom.

You can maximize the space under the sink, where you can also store towels to enhance the appearance of the area. No worries, the blank space under the sink can keep your towels dry, which also handy at the same time.

Stylish Laundry Room

Mudroom Towel Storage Ideas

If you have a laundry room, then you should have this kind of storage, as it can organize your towels efficiently and add a touch of style to your laundry room. It is made from the wire baskets that bring a rustic style to the room and give the area a more appealing look.

This large and high storage allows you to store more towels and also linens as well. As well as organizing them according to the size and color as you wish, they can also be grouped by their variety.

Plus, it is so much better to keep the towels dry in the laundry room, where you can keep them clean all the time.

Cabinet Towel Storage Ideas

Cabinet Towel Storage Ideas

Having the towels stored in a cabinet is the best way to keep them dry and clean. An open shelving couldn’t keep the towels from high humidity and dust, as well as the cabinet. This is why it is a smart decision to keep them in the cabinet.

Besides its natural color and texture, the wood also reflects an ambiance similar to that of a farmhouse, highlighting the natural ambiance of the bathroom. Together with the penny tile flooring, as well as the sinks next to it, it creates an aesthetic harmony.

You can easily check how many towels are inside by looking through the glass doors so you can refill it when it is down to the last towel in a blink of an eye.

Tiered Towel Storage

Shelf Towel Storage Ideas
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It is best to store your towels on the wall-mounted shelf if you are able to protect them from dust and high humidity, because it is an ideal place for them to be stored.

It is not as big as the standing storage, so you would need to roll the towels up so that they can be arranged perfectly on it. The towels can also be stored in a much more organized way by rolling them instead of folding them.

It is also worth mentioning that tiered storage also gives you more space to store different sized towels based on their variety and size.

Ladder Towel Storage

Ladder Towel Storage Ideas

Whenever you are done with the ladder where you usually display your favorite potted plants, turn it into a towel rack instead.

Your space will be transformed into a rustic one with the help of the warn-out accent of this ladder. The folded towels should be placed on the lower part of the ladder, while the rest of the toiletries should be placed on the upper part of the ladder.

Wall Mounted Towel Storage Ideas

Wall Mounted Towel Storage Ideas

Keeping towels in a wall-mounted storage is a good solution when there isn’t a lot of space in your bathroom.

The towels can simply be folded and rolled to keep them from moving around and to keep them clean. There is some room left on the bottom where you can place your toiletries.

The dark finishing combined with the worn out finishes looks perfect with the simple details on the bottom.

Corner Towel Storage Ideas

Corner Towel Storage Ideas
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In order to maximize the space in a small room in the bathroom, it is an excellent idea to fill in the blank space in the bathroom’s corner with the towel bar.

The wall of the building is constructed from wooden boards that are connected to the wall by means of metal pipes. Aside from showing the industrial style, the pipe also holds the storage securely, so it doesn’t fall over.

DIY Towel Storage Ideas

DIY Towel Storage Ideas

Make your own towel storage to test your skills and challenge your creativity. The following materials are used to make this project within a few hours:

  • Lumber per the plans
  • Miter saw
  • Orbital sander
  • brad nailer
  • wood glue
  • 1¼” finish nails
  • Paint or Wood stain

At the bottom of this storage, you will find a wooden rod where you can hang the towels that complement the shelf. You can put tissues and a faux plant on top of the storage, then roll the small towels underneath.

Basket Towel Storage Ideas

Basket Towel Storage Ideas

It is a good idea to store the towels on the baskets when you are planning to sort the towels inside the closet.

When the towels are arranged in baskets, it is easier for you to handle them. If you want to avoid the plain and common appearance of the baskets, you should choose the white baskets with dots pattern on them.

Arranging the towels according to their sizes properly would be ideal.

Rustic Cupboard Towel Storage Ideas

Rustic Cupboard Towel Storage Ideas

Recycle the old and unused wardrobe in your shed by converting it into a towel storage.

Let the worn-out appearance accentuate the rustic style that will be the decorating feature of the bathroom.

If you feel that the glass is too boring, then you can replace it with chicken wire to emphasize the rustic style while also ensuring the flow of air throughout the cupboard.

Store Them On The Vanity

Vanity Towel Storage Ideas
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As an essential feature of the bathroom that can hold both the toiletries and also the towels properly, the vanity is extremely important to keep the bathroom looking clean and tidy.

The towels should be folded and rolled up, and then stored on a shelf. Besides making things easier for you, placing them on the shelf will also add a different hint to your bathroom, besides making it more convenient.

Unique Towel Storage

Unique Towel Storage Ideas
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The unique shape of this towel storage, combined with the bronze finishing, makes this the perfect piece for a focal point, and it’s sure to enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

As it is made of metal material, it is sturdy enough to hold your small towels on the shelves.

You can fill up the bowl at the bottom of the shelf with coral, which will give it a more dramatic look.

Sophisticated Towel Storage Ideas

Sophisticated Towel Storage Ideas

A glass shelving unit installed inside the bathroom is really a smart way to infuse the bathroom with the sophisticated look.

By utilizing high-quality glass material, it is possible to create stacked storage units where you can roll up the towels and put them on each shelf.

One of the best ways to keep the bathroom from looking stuffy is by installing the glass storage. This feature creates a fresh and also relaxing ambiance, as it blends with the wall paint as well.

Upcycle The Bookends

Assorted Towel Storage Ideas
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There are several reasons why maximizing the space in your laundry room would be a very good decision if you live in a small house.

Besides preventing the narrow and stuffy look, the space will also stay tidy and clean. The open shelves can be installed over the washing machine. The next step is to upcycle the metal bookends and arrange them as well.

It is possible to store the towels in this kind of storage so that they can be organized by size while also remaining tidy and in place at the same time.

Open Shelving Towel Storage

Open Shelving Towel Storage Ideas

The open shelving can be a useful way of storing towels to make them neatly arranged.

As a plus to having this kind of storage, it makes it much easier to grab the towel when you need it. Unfortunately, this type of storage cannot protect the towels from dust. Alternatively, if you do not think it is a big deal for you, then you may go ahead.

Use the wooden board material which can expose the natural color of the wood and the natural accents which is one of the features that will make this bathroom attractive.

Maximize The Tiny Space

Small Towel Storage Ideas
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There is a tiny space between the wall panels in your bathroom where you can store your towels and some toiletries to the maximum extent possible.

It is possible to create the shelving unit by simply attaching the wooden board to the wall. Roll up the towels and stack them neatly on the shelf. The artificial plants will bring a touch of freshness to the shelf that perfect for the bathroom.

Farmhouse Towel Storage Ideas

Farmhouse Towel Storage Ideas

The shelves in the bathroom make a great way of bringing a farmhouse feel to the bathroom, while adding a functional element in one. They can be used as a towel station and a place for toiletries.

It is made up of white wooden boards attached to the wall by wooden brackets. Towels can be stored on the upper part of the shelf, while the rest can be placed in the baskets at the bottom.

Wall Mounted Basket Towel Storage

Wall Mounted Basket Towel Storage Ideas

In an effort to upcycle the old stuff, you might consider using this basket as the towel rack in your bathroom to store your towels.

With the help of the ribbon, attach the basket to the hook beautifully. It looks wonderful when it is attached to the hook and blends in nicely with the decorative pieces in the bathroom.

Chic Towel Storage Ideas

Chic Towel Storage Ideas

Using this towel storage, you can beautify your bathroom effortlessly, while also being functional at the same time.

There is a white paint that covers every inch of this towel storage, making the details look perfect. There’s something that makes it even prettier with the worn-out hint that highlights the shabby chic style even more.

It would be an attractive point in the corner of the bathroom.

IKEA Towel Storage Ideas

IKEA Towel Storage Ideas
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This storage works functionally to keep everything sorted and uncluttered in the bathroom, while at the same time creating a sense of style.

This wall-mounted storage unit is the ideal solution for storing the towels and all the toiletries in the corner of the bathroom, then you can use the blank space underneath to store a small stool.

The black and white paint of this storage unit blends seamlessly into the design of the bathroom.

Make It More Flexible

Freestanding Towel Storage Ideas

A freestanding towel storage must be available for you to store your towels in the bathroom if you prefer a more flexible feature.

By using your skills in woodworking, you can make one yourself if you have the following materials:

  • (5) 2″x2″x8′ Boards
  • Miter saw
  • Sander and sandpaper
  • Pocket hole jig
  • 1 1/2″ Pocket screws
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • Casters and small screws

There is no better color choice than the white paint. It blends perfectly with the bathroom and all the features positioned around it.

Stack The Towel On The Stool

Stool Towel Storage Ideas

In the bathroom, some people tend to bring a stool so they can place some of the toiletries in it, making everything a lot more convenient. It would be better for the towels to be placed on this stool so you could easily access them.

It is made of a natural material, untreated teak, and has a striking cross-shaped design, which highlights the natural color of the wood. Besides being functional, it can be an attractive point in the bathroom.

Sink Shelf Towel Storage Ideas

Sink Shelf Towel Storage Ideas
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This kind of feature is such a perfect choice for you if you want to avoid the stuffy and narrow look in the bathroom, regardless of the size of your space.

A wood storage unit with a thin yet sturdy set of legs installed under the sink is a simple and stylish storage solution.

You can put the towels on the shelves and the other toiletries properly on this shelf.

Acrylic Towel Storage

Acrylic Towel Storage Ideas
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It is a great idea to have this acrylic material in your closet so that you can keep your towels organized where you can sort the size of the towels. Having this transparent material prevents the space inside the closet from becoming stuffy and narrow.

This is simple to attach to the shelf and then arrange it in the way you see fit.

Simple Shelf Towel Storage

Simple Shelf Towel Storage Ideas
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When you are planning to store your linen and the other linen at the same place, this shelf is the best choice to organize them.

It will be easier to grab the towels and linens if you keep them neatly stored in this storage so that you can find them easily when you need them.

Also, it will look nicer when you have it all arranged this way. As long as you have enough space in your house, this would be a great option.

Built In Towel Storage

Built In Towel Storage Ideas

In those circumstances where the amount of space in your house is an issue when it comes to creating a proper storage for the towel, the built in installation is the best option.

It is extremely simple to use, and it doesn’t take up extra space in your home, yet it retains the towels beautifully. The small items would do well if placed in the basket in such a way that they will be easier to handle.

Store The Towels On The Wire Shelf

Towel And Linen Storage Ideas
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The wire shelf inside the closet allows your towels to get more airflow instead of the solid shelf, which doesn’t create any unwanted smell.

As the shelf is made out of wire, it is durable enough to last for a long time with minimal maintenance.

Baskets would be a great way to keep your closet as tidier. It is recommended that the smaller items be placed on a basket, and the larger ones placed directly on the shelf.

Small Towel And Linen Storage

Small Towel And Linen Storage Ideas
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The best thing you can do for your house is to maximize every square inch and make it much more functional. One thing you can do is try storing your towels and linens in the area nearby the bathroom to make everything way more practical.

If you want to add a different touch to the closet, cover the wire shelf with the patterned fabric top shelf. Fold the towels and the other linen as well to ensure it perfectly fits the space of the closet.

Poolside Towel Storage Ideas

Poolside Towel Storage Ideas

Enjoying the summer vibes in the pool will always be the best option when it comes to spending the summer. Make everything way more practical by bringing in the shelf to the poolside like a shelf.

A poolside towel storage is a great feature where you can also put some toiletries, so that you can take a rinse conveniently on the outdoor shower.

Natural Baskets Towel Storage Ideas

Natural Baskets Towel Storage Ideas

If you want to store your towels in a natural way while being both functional and aesthetic, then using natural baskets is a perfect solution.

Roll up before you put them on the baskets so that you can put them together in place properly. Don’t forget to hang the labels on the basket for a prettier look and to convenient you.

It was the list of towel storage ideas to inspire you while finding the best one. Besides the material, you need to consider the style that blend with the style of your space as well.

Built In Towel Storage Ideas
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