DIY Headboard

We all know how the massive impact of a headboard is. Although it is not a mandatory item, yet it can turn your bedroom into the vibe you desire.

The headboard will make your bedroom way much cozier, and it also states your bedroom.

There are so many ways to make your bedroom more stylish, either it will cost you a lot or inexpensively.

Inexpensively you can do it yourself or repurposed the old things you have.

If you are looking for some ideas to make a stylish and inexpensive headboard, you have to see the DIY headboard ideas below:

Wooden Headboard at Its Best

DIY Headboard Wood

If you are trying to find a casual look for a bedroom, this wooden headboard should be your inspiration.

And if you want to make your bedroom is a bit colorful, you can paint it with a natural shade like greyish combined with a beige color.

The thing is, you don’t have to paint every single piece of wood.

The color of the unpainted wood will give a natural look to the whole bedroom, which makes your bedroom cozier.

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Simple yet Elegant Tufted Headboard

DIY Headboard Tufted

Do you know that this fancy look comes from an inexpensive and straightforward way?

The power of this tufted headboard is excellent, which can turn your ordinary bedroom into the fancy one.

Besides, the navy color and suede material are incredibly beautiful pairing with the bright bedding.

You will need these following materials and tools to create this DIY headboard tufted:

  • 1/2″ Plywood ( cut to size 80×35)
  • 2×2 pine wood
  • 2×4 pine wood
  • 3″ thick foam
  • Batting
  • Super spray adhesive
  • Fabric (4 yards of fabric was just enough to get a little more to be on the safe side)
  • Half ball cover buttons to cover
  • Upholstery thread

You can follow the steps through

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DIY Headboard Pallet

DIY Headboard Pallet

If you are planning to apply some fun themes for your bedroom, the nautical theme is one of the great ideas. You can use it for your bedroom or your children’s.

There are many things you need to prepare to make it perfect.

Besides the maritime accessories, you also have to concern your bedding and ensure it’s pair entirely.

Also, the natural headboard pallet takes part to make it work. You only need to sand it down and ensure that it will turn the pallet into the smooth one.

The headboard takes a big part to make the whole room incredibly fun.

Inexpensive Headboard

DIY Headboard Cheap

Do you have any ropes and still wondering what you should do with them?

You don’t need to throw them away because you can create anything like a headboard. Sounds strange, huh?

You only need the different colors of the ropes which contrast to the wall.

It’s a genius way to turn your ropes into something elegant. You have to thread the ropes through the hole and tie a knot it randomly.

It is a perfect way to deal with your budget when you don’t want to spend your money making a headboard since you can use the old ropes even you can make it cuter.

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Industrial Touch

DIY Headboard King
 My Warehouse Home

For the sake of a unique look, you should consider making a headboard by using galvanized steel pipes as the focal point of the bedroom.

It would be best if you didn’t underestimate the power of this headboard, although it is slender yet it is sturdy.

When you apply the warm color of the linen, it helps you to create a friendly vibe of a bedroom.

You can fit out those themes by adding the vintage stuff and your bedroom going to be your best place at home.

Hanging Fabric Headboard

DIY Headboard Fabric

Beautify a bedroom easily and inexpensively is like almost everyone’s desire.

If you want to decor your bedroom in a different way, you have to apply this hanging fabric headboard.

This kind of headboard will please you aesthetically, and it makes your bedroom even cozier.

You have to prepare the following materials to make a hanging fabric headboard:

  • Fabric that spans the width of the bed and the length of the bed to the ceiling plus 5 feet
  • 2 adjustable curtain rods (wide enough to span the width of your bed)
  • 2 ceiling-mounted curtain hardware brackets
  • 2 wall-mounted curtain hardware brackets
  • Anchors and screws appropriate to your ceiling/wall type

Tips: choose the neutral color of the fabric so you can match with the linen bedding easily.

This neutral color of the fabric is suitable together with the blue cushion and the white linen bedding, it is also matched with the color of the wall.

Rustic Headboard

DIY Headboard Rustic

A relaxing bedroom is all that we need. So, it should be comforting body and soul, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Rustic style is one of the best design that gives all you need.

You can make your headboard as the focus of the room after the accessories by installing the rustic headboard to infuse the rustic style in your bedroom.

You can also put some books and flowers on the top of the headboard which can make it more beautiful.

The sober color of the linen is a good pairing with the wall arts. Besides, the galvanized steel stack beside the bed will help with the cozy atmosphere.

Queen Headboard for the Queen

DIY Headboard Queen

A bedroom is one of the best places to find tranquility and take a rest.

Moreover, it is not only about the bed itself, but every single thing in the room.

One of the crucial things in the bedroom which takes part to bring the atmosphere is the headboard.

Also, the shiny geometric pattern of the headboard states the leisure of the bedroom.

The natural color of the queen headboard is always a good idea when it comes together with the beige color of the comforter, white bedding, cream bench, and the hint of the orange cushion.

Pro Tip: Change the nightstand with this dazzling ideas.

Stary Headboard

DIY Headboard Lights

There are plenty of harmful effects of sleeping with the white or blue light, that’s why the stary headboard is the best decision when it uses the yellowish of the string lights.

The nightlight is helpful for those who afraid of the dark.

Commonly, folks are using the table lamp to cope with the dark.

Moreover, if the table lamp is too standard, you can create it by yourself, which challenges your creativity.

You have to paint the plywood with a blue-dark color which contrasts with the string lights.

Wrap the lights around the screws in different directions, creating a moon shape, tucking in the stray lights.

After that, you can add some glow-in-the-dark stars to make it perfect.

Now you don’t need to worry about the dark since the stary headboard is placed correctly on the wall behind the bed.

DIY Headboard Dorm

DIY Headboard Dorm

If you don’t want to take pains making a headboard and on the other side you are living in a dorm, applying a wall sticker headboard is a genius way to add the final touch to the bedroom.

You don’t need to worry about the strange look because it is designed to look like a real headboard.

The blue-dark headboard is placed well on the dark gray wall which painted look like marble so that it is a good pairing with the grayish comforter.

The blue and yellow cushions give a different touch, which smartly pleasing your eyes as well.

DIY Headboard Bed

DIY Book Headboard

If you are a bibliophile, have tons of old-unused books, and you start thinking about throwing them away, stop it!

There are so many ways to repurpose them that help you to improve your creativity.

On the other sides, you can save money yet you will get an extraordinary headboard.

You have to prepare the following materials to make a book headboard:

  • A piece of 10mm MDF which is slightly larger than the width of your mattress.
  • Hardback books – old books have more character, and I think they work best.
  • Staple Gun.
  • Spray Glue.
  • Paint (the color that matches the wall where your headboard will be hung).
  • Screws 10mm in length (we used 4 screws per book).
  • Electric screwdriver

It is such a perfect idea for the bookworm which won’t feel pity because of losing books offhand by throwing them away.

Padded Headboard

DIY Headboard Padded

Sick of the hard headboard? You will love this padded headboard instead.

Either you are sick of the hard headboard, or you want to create something new, this padded headboard is worth making to upgrade your bedroom.

If you have a minimalist style of bedroom, you have to consider the right color.

Denim is such a right decision if you want a bold color in the bedroom which contrasts with the bedding and curtains.

Also, the hanging style is more than perfect pairing with the hanging shelf above and the minimalist design of the bedroom. Besides, it is easier to make.

The monstera plant and the hanging plants give a hint of green color in the bedroom and make it as an area of tranquility and relaxing.

Headboard Storage- Kill Two Birds with One Stone

DIY Headboard Storage
Maisons du Monde

You have to smartly think about how to cope with the small space of a bedroom while you have plenty of stuff or if your bedroom is more bed than the room itself.

Also, this genius idea of applying a storage headboard is one of the best solutions to deal with the small space of your room.

The storage headboard does not only give you a stylish look, yet it is functional.

The storage headboard can accommodate your reading time where you can store the books and the lamp on it.

You can make it more stylish by adding plants, essential candles, and other stuff that can beautify your headboard.

If it still doesn’t enough to store your stuff, you can save them on the storages under the bed.

The yellow hint behind the bedroom is well painted, which brings a fun atmosphere in the bedroom.

DIY Headboard Easy

DIY Headboard Easy
Follow the step:

If you think that pallet headboard is a dime of dozens, you have to see how to change it into a better look.

You can either paint it or shape it into an unusual shape as well.
Paint them geometrically is one of the best ways to change the standard pallet into the best look.

White and Coral are the best combination color if they come together and state a calm place.

If you want to create it by yourself, you will need the following supplies :

  • 3, 1″x10″x10′ whitewood boards from Lowes (had them cut to 56″ so I ended up with 6 boards and only used 5 for the planked part of my headboard)
  • 1, 1″x6″x12′ whitewood board (had this cut in half to hold the planks together and act as legs to hold the headboard up)
  • 1 1/4″ screws
  • measuring tape
  • drill

It’s always a brilliant idea if you pair this headboard with the white bedding, gray comforter, and also the monochrome cushion.

The black side bed cabinet gives a bold touch, while the white table lamp, and so does the accessory is placed perfectly beside the pinky flowers.

DIY Headboard Twin Bed

DIY Headboard Twin

There is no way to deal with the small space than place two beds in one room.

If you are having twins, it means you have to make everything is on two equal parts.

Fortunately, you don’t need to make two headboards since you can make the huge one which can be used by the two beds.

The blue-gray stripes headboard can be the best focus of the room among the grayish and white atmosphere of the room.

Farmhouse Style

DIY Headboard Reclaimed Wood

Farmhouse style is one of the most wanted styles among others. You don’t need to decor the whole room when the headboard made out of the barn wood says it all.

The ladder beside is used as the storage to store another old-school stuff that can turn the whole room into the real farmhouse bedroom.

Also, adding a “Farmhouse” board over the window is the best idea.

White bedding, wall, and curtain infuse a relaxing atmosphere of the bedroom.

Shelf Showcase Headboard

DIY Headboard Shelf

Placing a shelf as your headboard is worth trying. Besides giving you an exceptional view, it also helps you to save space, which makes it more spacious.

On the other side, it gives you a couple of benefits; it’s work as a headboard, storage, and showcase shelf where your stuff is well displayed on it.

You don’t need to worry about feeling narrow only if you put your stuff well and presentable.

Repurposed Old Door

DIY Headboard Door

Who doubts the art value of the old doors? It usually works well to accentuate the vintage, rustic, or farmhouse style.

So if you want to apply those styles to your bedroom, the best part of the bedroom which good to place the old door is the headboard.

Those magical old doors can change the vibe of the whole bedroom into the style you want.

Headboard Bookcase- Best Deal for The Bookworm

DIY Headboard Bookcase

If you are a real bookworm, considering placing a bookcase headboard is never goes wrong.

Placing the bed against the window is perfect where you can get the natural source of light so you can read well. Also, it would be the best place for you to stay.

If it gets dark and it is pretty hard for you to stay away from this best place, you only need to turn the lights on which perfectly placed over your head.

DIY Headboard Mirror

DIY Headboard Mirror

Placing the mirror headboard with the antique design takes you to go back to the old days.

It also makes you feel like living in a kingdom a long time ago. Other than that, the value art of this kind of headboard is pretty good.

You only need to add the golden table lamp which has a similar color as the headboard.

It makes you feel like sleeping like a queen or a king.

Keep it Simple with the Plywood Headboard

DIY Headboard Plywood

Installing a headboard without any hard work is all that we need.

If you want to make it more beautiful, you still can add some work to it like adding some short shelves to put the nightstand or decorations to beautify your headboard.

Keep its natural color is the best decision instead of paint it.

You only need to sand it down and polish it a little bit.

You can see the steps on Mr. Kate, which will guide you well.

DIY Headboard Panel

DIY Headboard Panel

The Black and white headboard panel brings a fantastic look to your bedroom.

The red cushions are the best decision to give an eye-catching color so that your bedroom is no longer too plain.

On the other side, the white table lamp is good enough to maximize the white and black room.

The white bedding makes your sleep more comfortable, and the sweet dream will be your friend!

DIY Headboard Foam

DIY Headboard Foam

Foam headboard is the best part of your bedroom to deal with the chatty neighbors if you are living in an apartment.

For your convenience, placing a foam headboard is good for your head or your back while you are sitting lean against the headboard.

Hanging Headboard Cushion

DIY Headboard Cushion

Bored with the standard cushion headboard? The hanging headboard cushion is the answer.

Folks tend to choose the white bedding, among others due to its benefit; relaxing.

The hanging blue cushions should be the best choice to make a focus on your bedroom.

Also, it makes your bedtime more comfortable without worrying about your head going to hit the hard headboard.

DIY Headboard Tiles

DIY Headboard Tiles

The pastel shade is one of the most wanted colors if it is going to be placed in the bedroom.

Those colors smartly transform the room into the best place to take a rest. On the other side, the pastel shade of the hexagonal tiles headboard defines the luxurious of the room.

The old palet works best as the side table with the lamp on it.

DIY Headboard Leather

DIY Headboard Leather

The beauty of the leather headboard is no doubt. But if you can’t afford it, you can create it by yourself.

It does not only give you a great look, but it also helps you to simplify when you are going to clean it because you only need to wipe it frequently.

DIY Headboard Wall

DIY Headboard Walls
Hotel Henriette

If placing a headboard makes your room become narrow, but you don’t want your wall behind the bed is too plain, you only need to pain it.

So even though you do not install the headboard, by painting the wall, it turns your bedroom incredibly impressive.

DIY Headboard for Platform Bed

DIY Headboard Platform Bed
Ana White

However, staying upstairs with the low ceiling is not a nightmare unless you are smart enough to make it works.

The headboard platform for the bed should be your choice, which makes your room looks wider.

The natural color of the bed and the floor is great and makes your room warm, so you don’t need to paint the bed and the floor.

DIY Headboard Slipcover

DIY Headboard Slipcover
In My Style

For those who get bored easily using a slipcover headboard is such a must.

You can change it easily when you are bored with the pattern or the color; also you can wash it regularly if it gets dirty. So you can ensure your headboard slipcover is always clean.

DIY Headboard for Boy

DIY Headboard for Boy
Susan Teare

If it comes to your boy, you have to put your effort as well to make their room is designed as they want.

Collecting the old t-shirt with a big logo and modify them into the headboard will make his jaw drop.

It would be more amazing when you ask them to make it together to boost their creativity.

Add A Hidden Storage

DIY Headboard with Hidden Storage

Sometimes storing your valuable stuff on conventional storage is doesn’t enough.

Due to security reasons, you have to store them on a headboard with hidden storage. You have to make sure your valuable stuff is pretty safe.

It doesn’t only save the space, but it also gives you a professional look.

DIY Headboard with Nightstands

DIY Headboard with Nights

Who doesn’t love the headboard with the nightstand where it shows the classic pallet headboard?

The pallet headboard never goes wrong indeed, to make it look more incredible and has a professional look, adding a nightstand is a great decision.

On the other side, placing a couple of wall arts is worth trying.

Creative Headboard

DIY Glam Headboard
Dominic Blackmore

The glam headboard doesn’t mean it is full of the shiny stuff. The glam headboard can come from the cream shade of a headboard which added by the green leaves-like fabric.

It would be incredibly beautiful and infuse the fun look if the color of the decoration is matched with each other.

The minimalist style of the bedroom is all yours.

Add A Reading Light

DIY Headboard Reading Light

Either you need the light for your bedtime story or your sleep time, you need to install the headboard reading light.

We all know the function of the reading light. On the other side, it makes your headboard not too pale.

You can follow the steps if you are going to do it yourself.

For the security reason, you have to ensure it is well mounted.

DIY Headboard Room Divider

DIY Headboard Room Divider
White Glam

If you want to repurpose your old room divider, you can move it to your bedroom and make a headboard room divider.

Changing the shape into a subtle form is a good idea when you are bored with the square form.

The white headboard is matched easily with any other color of the stuff on the room so that you don’t need to worry about decor it hard.

Opt For The Zen Headboard

DIY Zen Headboard

We all want to have the best place at home to relax and take a rest after the rough days.

A bedroom is one of the best parts of the room which works best for the tranquility area.

The zen headboard should be the best decision if you want to infuse a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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DIY Nordic Headboard

DIY Nordic Headboard
Project by

Infuse the Nordic accent that will lift up the design of your room. 

The good news is you can make your own. Here are the things you will need:

  • Plywood
  • Engineering print
  • Hot glue gun
  • Modpodge

The plywood works smartly to upgrade the beauty of the print. The natural color and texture of the plywood blend seamlessly with the print itself, and the vibe of the room.

You can keep the simplicity of the room, yet accentuate the Nordic style that prevents the pale bedroom. 

DIY Golden Headboard

DIY Golden Headboard
See details:

The hint of gold will always be the best option to bring in an elegant and glam atmosphere.

And if you are planning to decorate your bedroom with the glam design inexpensively, consider attaching the golden headboard.

You can upcycle the big picture frame or mirror frame or even both of them, then coat it with the gold spray paint.

This effortless DIY project could be done within a day since it only needs some touch to make it works, which is great for the beginner.

DIY Curved Headboard

DIY Curved Headboard
Get the product at Etsy

The modern look will start appearing once you attach this wood-carved arch motif headboard to your bedroom.

It is made out of baltic birch wood with a smooth finishing that infuses a higher level of beauty.

The medium tone of the natural wood looks perfect together with any kind of wall paint.

It can even make the bedroom looks way more stylish and infuses a modern touch in a simple way. This 3D headboard also could be an attractive point on the wall.

Creative DIY Headboard

Creative DIY Headboard

Bring in a pop-up touch to your bedroom to boost the blissful atmosphere. And when you paint white your bedroom, try combining the bright and bold color in one to create an energic vibe.

Opt for the navy headboard, then add the hint of the white and yellow stitch. It contrasts beautifully with the wall.

You can even make it way prettier by combining it with the white, yellow, and navy bedding. Opt for the tiny and smooth pattern to avoid the stuffy atmosphere.

DIY Painted Pegboard Headboard

DIY Painted Pegboard Headboard
See the instruction

Upcycle the pegboard in your house and make it more functional and beneficial at the same time.

Consider painting the pegboard and turn it into a beneficial headboard. 

This simple touch will elevate the appearance of your bedroom inexpensively.

You will need:

  • Pegboards
  • Paints
  • Multi-purpose latex primer
  • Brush
  • Tape

When it dries completely, you can attach the wire baskets to store some stuff. Also, you can place the reading lights on the basket to offer a comfy reading time.

Then, you can consider the neutral bedding or even the same pattern to complement the headboard as well. 

DIY Jurassic Park Headboard

DIY Jurassic Park Headboard
Get the product at Etsy

Decorate your bedroom with your favorite character of a movie through a headboard inexpensively.

It is a simple yet smart way to decorate your bedroom inexpensively. Combine it with the wooden flooring. The neutral tone of the bedding and the rug under the bed embraces an attractive look, which good together with the headboard as well.

DIY Headboard Door
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