Small Nightstand Ideas

One of the best ways to deal with limited space is using the small feature in the house.

And since the nightstand is one of the crucial items in the house, ensure it fits perfectly in your small space. Hence, choose the small nightstand ideas to place beside your bed to keep the room feel spacious and beautiful.

Also, since the nightstand could make a statement to your space, ensure you choose the best idea.

Here we have screened the small nightstand ideas for you to consider.

White Vintage Nightstand Idea

White Vintage Small Nightstand Ideas

Opt for the white vintage small nightstand to fill in space in your house both beautifully and functionally at the same time.

This small nightstand is made out of solid wood. It contains two drawers to store your stuff beautifully.

The white finishing looks perfect with the galvanized drawer handles along with the antique and beautiful shape.

This kind of nightstand will accommodate your stuff as well and keep your important stuff handier.

Black Small Nightstand

Black Small Nightstand Ideas

One of the perks of placing a nightstand beside the bed is that you can keep the essential stuff stay in place safely. Store the essential stuff on the drawers, then display your favorite decorative pieces on top of the nightstand as well.

Other than that, the table lamp could stand adorably on the black nightstand. The ivory table is complemented by solid brass hardware with a polished nickel finish. An elegant ambiance will update the atmosphere of the bedroom all of a sudden.

Rustic Finishing

Rustic Small Nightstand Ideas
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As one of the everlasting designs, the rustic style must be on your list while finding the best small nightstand ideas.

Apply the rustic style to the small nightstand in your bedroom. It is made out of manufactured wood with weathered oak and ivory oak finishing.

The galvanized drawer handles make the rustic style look even prettier. This finishing makes the nightstand look sturdier. Add a touch of bright accent that would look contrast beautifully and adding a fresh ambiance.

You can also place the potted plants on the plant stand in your living room.

Expose The Details

Tall Small Nightstand Ideas

When the ambiance of your bedroom is all white, consider adding a different accent to the bedroom to make a statement.

The small nightstand with the simple yet adorable design looks great standing beside the bed. This nightstand is high enough, which has a drawer, cabinet, and open shelving.

On the other part, you still can place a vase along with some flowers to infuse a fresher ambiance to the bedroom.

The finishing of this tall small nightstand also infuses a warm accent of classic style.

Compact Small Nightstand

Compact Small Nightstand Ideas

Keep the stuff well-stored on the nightstand beside the bed. It looks compact since the storage is all closed. This kind of nightstand could prevent a messy look inside the nightstand.

Consider the natural color of the wood that adorably melts with the neutral tone of the bed frame and the white bedding.

Add the different ambiance by adding a potted plant and put the table lamp on it. It would be great for the small space in your bedroom, yet still could accommodate the stuff you need properly.

Traditional Vibe

Traditional Small Nightstand Ideas
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Accentuate the traditional and classic appearance with the detailed accent on the edge of the nightstand. The warm brown veneer finishing takes part to bring in the traditional look.

On the other side, antique brass-tone hardware also works to make the nightstand look more artistic. The legs are not only working to uplift the nightstand itself. It also creates an attractive point, which is worth having and placing in the bedroom.

Unpopular opinion: it’s okay to change the nightstand with a tea station.

Challenge Your Skills

DIY Small Nightstand Ideas
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Try upgrading your woodworking skill by creating a functional feature in your room. It is made out of wooden boards. Get the following materials to make your nightstand look great:

  • 2 1/2 inch screws
  • 3/4 inch finish nails
  • 1-1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws
  • 2-1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws
  • Elmer’s Wood Glue
  • Elmer’s Wood Filler
  • wood conditioner

Once you finished arranging the nightstand, ensure you sand down the wood for a smooth surface. 

Then, start coating and exposing the natural texture of the wood.  

Floating Nightstand

Floating Small Nightstand Ideas

Free up the floor beside the bed from the common nightstand that will make your bedroom looks stuffy. Transform the nightstand with the floating small nightstand and attach it to the wall.

The simple rectangular and square shelves are attached perfectly to the wall. These nightstands are complemented with the soft blue hint on each corner to add a different hint beautifully.

Tips: Since there is no drawer, you can store your stuff on the boxes, then place them on the floating nightstand as well.

Compact Geometric Nightstand

Compact Geometric Small Nightstand Ideas
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This nightstand is really out-of-the-box with its unique geometric shape. Even when you place this small nightstand in your small bedroom, it won’t make your bedroom looks stuffy. Yet, it could elevate the design of the bedroom and make a statement.

The medium tone of the wooden small nightstand could be a focal point in the bedroom between the light ambiance of the wall paint, furniture, and also the bedding.

Place your book collections and a tiny vase along with the plant.

Industrial Small Nightstand

Industrial Small Nightstand Ideas
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Add the industrial style to your bedroom to add a different accent to the soft ambiance of the bedroom. It is a small nightstand that brings an admirable touch to the bedroom.

The metal frame creates an industrial style strongly, which is complemented by the stained wood. The galvanized drawer handles look melts seamlessly with the metal frame and the wood finishing.

Place a table lamp and a small hint of the decorative piece to add a beautiful point without making a stuffy look.

Wall-Mounted Small Nightstand

Wall-Mounted Small Nightstand Ideas

Keep the elegant look in your bedroom look stunning with this small nightstand beside the bed.

The golden accent looks melt perfectly on the white wall with the floral patterns. It is also one of the extraordinary small nightstands with the leaves pattern.

Since it is a tiny nightstand, it only could accommodate the small clock and a vase along with the fresh plant. Your bedroom looks even more luxurious with the gold floral pattern cushion that melts with the nightstand as well.

Hold The Log With Coppers

Copper Wood Small Nightstand Ideas
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Maybe you would prefer this copper wood small nightstand idea to fill in the blank space beside the bed. The thing is, it is a simple project you can do during your leisure time with the following materials:

  • Wood Slice
  • Bench Vice
  • Copper Pipe
  • Saddle Clips
  • Screws & Screwdriver
  • Pipe Bending Spring and Pipe Bender

The coppers are attached to the sliced wood and work as sturdy legs. After all, place a mini potted plant for a more relaxing and fresher atmosphere. 

The Natural Log

Log Small Nightstand Ideas

There is nothing easier than this log small nightstand. It is a straightforward project, which only needs some stain touch to make your log looks gorgeous.

The glossy finishing that is applied to the log could elevate the beauty of the log itself, and even the bedroom.

It helps you to keep your glasses or phone near while you are sleeping. Also, don’t let this nightstand look too plain by adding a potted plant on it. Once you turn the pendant light on, it will create an elegant glow.

Drawer Small Nightstand

Drawer Small Nightstand Ideas
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This stylish small nightstand is formed from the combination of the hard plastic legs and the manufactured wood frame.

The hard plastic legs are durable enough and also stylish at the same time. It looks good together with the colorful geometric pattern. This nightstand keeps your stuff near.

While this nightstand accommodates your stuff it could work to add an artistic accent at the same time. Place the book collections on the open shelving, then put the other essential stuff on the storage underneath.

Curvy And Luxurious

Curved Luxurious Small Nightstand Ideas
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The open shelving nightstand concept is such a great option to add an elegant touch to the bedroom. It comes from the metal frame with the brass finishing, the tempered glass top, and the mirrored glass shelf.

Since this nightstand is not as sturdy as the metal and wood material, ensure you do not put so much stuff on it.

Still, it could hold some of your stuff properly and stylishly in one. The vase and the plants infuse a fresh ambiance.

Scandinavian Style

Minimalist Scandinavian Small Nightstand Ideas

Keep the minimal look decorate your bedroom elegantly with the versatile feature beside the bed. This kind of nightstand takes you to the vacation ambiance and makes you feel like on a cool tropical resort as well.

This nightstand is crafted from wood and combined with the woven rattan accent on the front part of the drawer.

The woven rattan is the vital thing that updates the value and the style of the nightstand. Place the warm light on it to spotlight the nightstand and the whole space in the bedroom.

Yellow Small Nightstand

Yellow Small Nightstand Ideas
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Consider placing this eye-catching furniture in your bedroom to complement the stylish bedroom. With the triple legs and the rounded drawer, your room looks way fresher. There is no drawer handle so that it looks minimalist and gorgeous.

The drawer could declutter the mess caused by the stuff. Other than that, this slender nightstand is also fitted the small space of the bedroom. Add a different fresh touch to the nightstand to prevent the boring look.

Minimalist Hint On Bohemian Bedroom Style

Minimalist Small Nightstand Ideas
Instagram @modernly_you

Fill in the blank space beside the bed to keep your stuff near with a minimal look of the minimalist small nightstand ideas. This minimalist feature also creates a modern atmosphere. It has the same tone as the bed frame, which creates a warm and natural atmosphere.

This must be on your consideration to transform your bedroom into the next level. To ensure your stuff is stored properly and keep them near, place some additional storage. Consider the natural baskets, which look good to complement the beauty of the bedroom.

Further reading: Bohemian Nightstands.

Modern Small Nightstand

Modern Small Nightstand Ideas

Make a statement to your bedroom with this small nightstand. This cool appearance of the modern nightstand comes from the dark finishing.

Add a cute touch to the bedroom through the small bowl on the nightstand. It could store the small stuff. When it is unused, it looks fabulous together with the dark headboard.

And for some essential stuff, the drawer is the best place to keep them. Mount the lamps on the wall instead of placing them on the nightstand to prevent the stuffy look.

Marble Cube Small Nightstand

Marble Cube Small Nightstand Ideas

There is no drawer or additional storage on this nightstand but the tabletop that could accommodate your stuff.

Although this nightstand has no drawer, it works functionally to place the essential stuff beside the bed. The white marble pattern takes parts to make your bedroom looks more elegant.

Moreover, the ambiance of the bedroom is light, which highlights an elegant atmosphere. Make a statement to accentuate the marble nightstand through the rug.

Simple Modern Style

Simple Modern Small Nightstand Ideas

If the limited space in the bedroom is the reason why you are avoiding the side table beside the bed, then this nightstand would be great potential to place and make a statement.

This small nightstand has enough space to store your essential stuff. The exposed natural texture of the wood brings the modern ambiance with the silver brass lining of the drawer handle. On the other part, the integrated metal leg also works to bring the modern style.

Slim Small Nightstand

Slim Small Nightstand Ideas
Instagram @stadshem

Although this bedroom is quite large, placing a slim small nightstand is a smart decision to prevent the stuffy look.

The simple gesture of this nightstand can lead the bedroom to an adorable simple room. And this nightstand is small enough, which can’t hold more stuff. Still, it is large enough to place your essential stuff such as a phone, glasses, or even a small table lamp.

The combination of the simple, beautiful, and versatile is on this small nightstand.

Quillen Marquetry Small Nightstand

Quillen Marquetry Small Nightstand Ideas

The unique shape and the glossy finishing of this nightstand will make a statement to the bedroom effortlessly. The gold accent between the natural color of the wood also looks perfect together infusing the beauty of natural ambiance and warm touch.

There are two sizes of storage where you can put various sizes of stuff in one. That is why the surface could be a great place to put some decorative pieces.

Simple Small Nightstand

Simple Small Nightstand Ideas
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The edgy nightstand is such essential stuff in your house. It is extended storage to store some of the stuff in the bedroom or even the living room. Aesthetically, it makes a statement to space in your house.

When you are placing it beside your bed, it helps you to put the stuff and keep them near you. Besides, you can display your favorite decoration. The manufactured wood with the white finishing is such a great combination.

Infuse A Cheerful Ambiance

DIY Yellow Small Nightstand Ideas

Freshen your bedroom with a touch of a bright accent of a nightstand as the functional feature. Increase your skill and create your own nightstand with the following supplies:

  • Lumber according to the plans
  • Kreg Jig
  • 1¼” Pocket hole screws
  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • 1¼” Spax screws
  • Wood glue
  • Kreg Right angle clamp
  • 1¼” finish nails 
  • Nail gun or Hammer
  • 14″ Drawer slides
  • Level
  • Drill and drill bits

Complement the wooden X accent on the side part of the nightstand. Also, add a different accent on the drawer handle. 

Keep It Neutral

Bedroom Small Nightstand Lamp Ideas

Place the table lamp in your bedroom on the small nightstand beside the bed. The double drawers are complemented with the galvanized drawer handles that bring in a different accent.

These drawers could hide the unwanted stuff and keep them properly stored. Add the extra storage under the drawers to keep your book collections are handier.

Opt for the grey paint if you want to play safely while choosing the color combination since it is neutral enough to adorn the bedroom as well.

Farmhouse Small Nightstand

Farmhouse Small Nightstand Ideas
Via Wayfair

Bring in the farmhouse accent to the bedroom to complement the beauty of the bedroom.
The small farmhouse nightstand seamlessly blends with the white small bed.

It is built from mahogany material that is both durable and sturdy, which is complemented by the MDF and laminate board.

The rust finishing on the white paint accentuates the farmhouse style, which is highlighted by the antique brass handle finish. Also, it is easy to maintain since you only need to wipe this nightstand to clean it.

A Pop Up Green Accent

High Small Green Nightstand Ideas

Make your living space look gorgeous with the retro style with the small nightstand. It is a green nightstand with a touch of distressed accent. This wooden nightstand has a perfect shape and details, which makes the retro style perfectly highlighted.

It looks even better when you combine it with the white ceramic vase and the yellow wall decorative piece, which contrasts beautifully with the green painting.

Consider placing a fresh plant on the vase instead of the dried ones.

Upgrade The Function Of Your Suitcase

Low Suitcase Small Nightstand Ideas
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Update the function of the suitcase and transform it into a versatile feature in your living space. The simple work of adding the legs to the suitcase takes a huge transformation and creates a vintage style. To make it works, here are the supplies you will need:

  • Vintage suitcase
  • 4-legs
  • 4-wood screws
  • 16 post screws

Once the legs are perfectly attached, you can start placing the table lamp and the decoration as well. The red flower brings in a different and fresh ambiance in a simple touch. 

DIY Geometric Creation

DIY Geometric Small Nightstand Ideas

When you are planning to makeover your space straightforwardly, try adding the nightstand to the bedroom. Challenge your artistic sense by creating the nightstand for your house with the supplies below:

  • Ikea Tarva nightstand. 
  • Jigsaw, Miter saw or BladeRunner
  • HomeRight Super FinishMax Extra paint sprayer
  • Medium Spray Shelter
  • Chalky Finish paint in Vintage
  • Matte metallic paint in Rose Gold
  • Golden Oak stain
  • Painters tape

Choose the pattern as you wish, and get ready to upgrade the old nightstand in your shed.

Create The Functional One

Functional Small Nightstand Ideas

Complete your needs in your bedroom and keep the stuff near you on the small nightstand beside the bed.

This super versatile furniture is all that you need. It has three drawers with a hidden charging station inside. Also, it is complemented with a pull-out writing tray.

Then, paint grey this nightstand with a distressed touch, which could blend with any type of style. Other than that, the simple knob with brass finishing adds an interesting point as well.

Single Wall-Mounted Nightstand

Single Wall-Mounted Small Nightstand Ideas

Don’t let the nightstand in your bedroom taking over the blank space in the small bedroom. Hence, if you want to keep your stuff near you, consider the wall-mounted nightstand.

This kind of nightstand will work to infuse a simple admirable design. It contains a slim drawer where you can put the small stuff inside.

The solid and engineered wood with the walnut finishing will beautifully bring the beauty of nature and elegance at the same time. Also, the drawer handle is made out of wood, which has the same tone as the drawer itself.

DIY Simple Small Nightstand

DIY Simple Small Nightstand Ideas

What else takes your interest besides the simple DIY project? Apply this simple nightstand where you can make it by yourself. No worries, this project is simple enough, which is good even if you are a beginner. 

Get help with the following tools:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Biscuit joiner
  • Clamps
  • Combination square
  • Cordless drill
  • Forstner drill bits
  • Hammer
  • Miter saw
  • Orbital sander
  • Safety glasses
  • Table saw

And since the drawer is super tiny, you can store some of your stuff underneath. 

Traditional Chic Look

Traditional Chic Small Nightstand Ideas

Since the nightstand is kind of an essential feature to place in your bedroom, bring this kind of nightstand you can use for storage. It offers you more space to store your book collections or the other stuff you need frequently.

The white finishing of the nightstand looks perfect with the galvanized drawer handles. The simple details on the surface and the bottom bring a classic accent.

It looks even better with some floral on the white vase.

Paint The Floral Patterns

Floral Small Nightstand Ideas

Who doesn’t love the cheerful ambiance that will maintain your mood and boost it as well?

It is simply could come from the floral nightstand in your living space, which will also bring the summer vibe.

Upcycle the old nightstand by painting it as you desire. Choose the light tone to accentuate the joyful vibe, which will bring back your mood. Add the antique decorative pieces to the tabletop. On the other side, you can also store the other stuff on the shelf underneath.

Use The Concrete Blocks

Concentred Blocks Small Nightstand Ideas

This effortless and inexpensive small nightstand must be on your top list for an elegant atmosphere where you don’t need to spend much money. No worries, it could normally work as a nightstand as well.

These concrete blocks have more space, which allows you to place more stuff too. It could be a potted mini succulent or even some of the books you have. On the other side, you can also place the table lamp on this nightstand and add some flowers to the clear vase.

Use The Old Stool

Stool Small Nightstand Ideas

Change the function of the stool in your house and make it more functional. Consider transforming it into a nightstand in the bedroom and place it beside the bed. There is nothing much you need to do to make it works.

It only needs a wooden board, which could be extra storage so that you can place the books on it. Meanwhile, the seat will work as the tabletop to place the table lamp and the fresh touch of flowers.

Mid Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern Nightstand Ideas

The hairpin legs and the plywood combination give you a brand new look and make a statement in your space. The natural texture and color of the plywood looks contrast beautifully work as the best showcase to display the fresh leaves and some of the beautiful stuff. 

If you are wondering about the supplies you will need to create the Mid-century modern nightstand, here are the supplies you will need:

  • Plywood or pine board
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • Hairpin legs
  • nails
  • Screwdriver

Classy Small Nightstand Ideas

Classy Small Nightstand Ideas

Transform the old nightstand in your living space and make it looks up-to-date. This white nightstand offers you a stylish accent. The brass finishing on the leg made out of metal material creates a sturdy and elegant look in one.

Complement the classy hint of the small nightstand with the decorative piece on the tabletop. Consider placing the decorative piece with the glossy finishing to accentuate the classy accent. To keep your nightstand look tidy, place the book collections on the shelf underneath.

IKEA Small Nightstand Ideas

IKEA Small Nightstand Ideas
Find the steps at

Opt for the small nightstand if you have to deal with limited space in your house. This IKEA nightstand is such a great option to fill in the blank space versatilely.

The white paint brings in a brighter ambiance that looks good together with the white bedding and the white wall paint behind.

Avoid the stuffy look by storing your books or even the potted plant on the shelf under the tabletop. Then, put your favorite decorative piece on the tabletop. Your small nightstand would look gorgeous.

Use The Small Ladder

Small Ladder Nightstand Ideas

The ladder would look great to extend the storage in your house. Bring a little ladder to the bedroom and place it beside the bed.

It is a super simple thing you can do to make your bedroom looks great. The natural color of the wood and the simple small ladder offer you a minimalist yet versatile enough at the same time.

The table lamp installation would be great on the ladder. This repurposed ladder must be on your list to make a statement in your living space functionally.

Upcycle The Driftwood

Driftwood Small Nightstand Ideas
See details at

Conjure up the summer vibe to your living space with the touch of a nautical accent. This DIY project will brighten your idea to find a perfect nautical small nightstand. Here are the materials you will need:

  • Small piece of wood
  • Finishing wood
  • Four straightish pieces of driftwood
  • Wood glue
  • Pneumatic nail gun
  • Decoart Chalky Finish paint

Once the nightstand is perfectly made, placing the pieces of stone will help you bring the nautical atmosphere even prettier. Add a fresher touch to the nightstand through the potted plants. 

DIY Small Nightstand Ideas For Kids

DIY Small Nightstand Ideas For Kids

Keep the stuff in your kid’s bedroom properly stored. While some of their stuff is stored in the stuffed animal storage, place the other stuff on the nightstand beside the bed. It helps you to keep the other stuff near and handier.

Keep your kid’s bedroom feels brighter and cheerful. The yellow paint will accentuate the cheerful and bright ambiance. To create your own nightstand, you will need the material below:

  • Crates
  • Paint
  • Scrap wood
  • Flat metal connector pieces
  • Hairpin legs

Choose the white and yellow paint for an eye-catching feature. 

The Chic Look

Chic Small Nightstand Ideas

This chic nightstand is the perfect solution for a small bedroom you need to consider. The beauty of traditional French style with the white paint and pretty details could change the design of your bedroom in a simple touch.

It is a simple project, which upcycling the old nightstand and repaints it in white. Accentuate the details on the front part of the nightstand with grey paint, then change the knob with the sparkly blue glass knobs as well.

After all, beautify the nightstand with the beautiful white tulips and the silver table lamp.

Hang It On The Ceiling

Hanging Small Nightstand Ideas

And if you want to keep the floor feels spacious, this hanging nightstand must be the best option.

Avoid the boring and common nightstand by using the wooden slice. Hang the wood with the natural rope to infuse the beauty of nature’s accent. It also melts with the rustic style of your bedroom seamlessly.

Keep this small hanging nightstand look pretty by placing the small white vases along with the greenery accent. Add a stacked book for a more artistic touch.

It was a list of small nightstand ideas we have compiled through the internet. Choose the best ideas that fit your desire as well. Also, ensure it fits the budget and the size of your room perfectly.

Copper Wood Small Nightstand Ideas
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