DIY TV Stand Ideas

We all know that buying essential furniture for your house requires a lot of investment; after all, it’s handmade by a professional.

But the truth is that not everyone can afford such expensive house essentials, which is why DIY hacks for house décor are trending all over the world.

Every other piece of furniture has its own importance, but a TV Stand tops them all as it generally houses the major sources of entertainment in your house.

Which includes your TV (obviously), gaming consoles, DVD, CD collections, etc.

So, placing a TV on the right furniture that can fit in your house is an important concern, and finding the best DIY techniques for building a TV stand is of utmost importance if you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying a pre-made TV stand.

Let’s begin with some of our super creative DIY ideas for TV stands. If you want to see some ready-made TV decor stands, you can read more about them in our  99 TV Decor Stand Ideas article.

Wooden Chair Leg – Basic but Classy

Retro Style TV Stand with Two Storage Doors, and Solid Wood Legs

There’s something to be said about wooden furniture pieces. They have a timeless appeal to them and whichever space they are kept in, they look good.

This is very similar to the DIY Plant Stand Ideas from this post.

If you live in a small place and you desire to have a nice TV stand that can fit in your house, just use this DIY technique to build a nice looking wooden chair leg DIY TV stand.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Buy 2 thick wooden boards (2×4).
  2. Then sand the wooden boards as much as possible to make them look smooth. It basically helps to smooth out any cracks in the wood.
  3. After that, use a pre-stain wood conditioner over your wooden boards to give them a nice color and let them dry for about an hour.
  4. Then use a mineral spirit for a shiny finish on your wooden bench.
  5. After that, place metal brackets on the wood and drill screws into them to secure them in place.
  6. Now the last step is to fix the legs to the wooden bench. The legs can be of any shape and design according to your choice.

After completing the last step, you get a beautiful wooden chair leg TV stand.

Cable Drum – Make Some Space for the Big and Bold

Pallet Tv Stand From Reclaimed Cable Drum & Pallet Wood

This big and creative cable drum TV stand can change the look of your boring and dull TV lounge.

This cable drum stand looks difficult to make because of its big size, but in reality, it has some easy DIY steps!

Follow these simple steps to create one for your home:

  1. Take a wooden drum and saw it in half
  2. Next, board up one half of it using wooden boards.
  3. Glue the boards to the half-drum by using a Polyurethane adhesive for a strong bond.
  4. When the glue is dry, place your TV on the boards and make sure it’s secure.

Tips: You can use the other half of the drum as a storage space to keep your DVD collection, TV remote or your music CDs.

Wood and Pipe – Two Elements to Create One Sturdy TV Stand

Industrial Pipe TV Stand with Wooden Shelves

This unique wood and pipe DIY TV stand have a rustic appeal to it that will look wonderful as a part of your décor.

We are sure that you will love the idea of having this amazing TV stand in your home.

You can easily build this piece of furniture on your own as it only takes 3 thick hardwood planks, pipeline stands, a threaded floor range, and a drill machine.

Since the design is made up of sections, one section can be used as a place to keep your TV and the others can be used as a bottom hardware shelf for any storage.

DIY Industrial Pipe TV Stand

The wooden planks are drilled from the corners to fix them to the pipes.

This gives the overall TV stand to design a more complete look.

View Project

Farmhouse – A Rustic Beauty in Your TV Lounge

DIY Farmhouse White Oak TV Stand with Beadboard Doors

A farmhouse style TV stand can be a good investment for your home.

By investment, we don’t mean that you have to buy it. Instead, you just need to purchase a few items to build it on your own.

This gorgeous farmhouse TV stand can easily be made with super affordable products at home.

It just requires a little effort and interest to create this rustic beauty.

To build your own farmhouse DIY TV stand, you don’t have to be an expert.

You will just have to buy a few wooden planks, screws and a common board to hold all these things together.

The end result will be a TV stand that doesn’t just impress with its rustic charm, but also with the storage options it provides.

The best part about this shelf is that it has three shelf layers and can be used for multiple purposes.

You can keep books, photo frames, flower pots, a DVD system, or a small biscuit jar on this TV stand.

Wooden Crate – Another Simple DIY Wooden TV Stand Idea

Farmhouse inspired TV stand with hidden storage using wooden crates

You can make gorgeous looking furniture for your home with just wooden crates. The process is simple, and you can have your TV stand made within an hour.

This custom made TV stand can also be used for multiple purposes. You can use it as storage shelves for books, cookies, etc.

To achieve this idea, you just need a few crates of similar size, a hammer, and some screws to secure the crates’ foundation.

And make sure to place it in a room that is a little spacious as this TV stand requires a little more space than most other mentioned on this list.

This adorable looking wooden crate DIY TV stand is easy on the pocket and can be a wonderful addition to your home décor.

Corner Shelf – Perfect for Places That Are Short on Space

Easy DIY Corner Shelf TV Stand

This exquisite DIY TV stand is the best for a house that has limited space.

This corner shelf DIY TV stand gives a great vibe to your TV lounge, making it look more classy and stylish.

You can use an empty corner of any room to place your TV, and for decoration, you can put flower pots near it to make it look more appealing.

This super simple design looks like a floating shelf, but it is strong and large enough to support your TV.

To build this TV stand, you’ll need:

  • Hardwood plank,
  • A pine treetop,
  • Wall mount TV hanger,
  • Screws,
  • Nails
  • A hammer

And then follow these easy step:

  1. Cover the wooden plank frame with the pine tree top and place it in a rectangular position to adjust it in the corner.
  2. Install a wall mount TV hanger on the top of it with a little distance to provide extra support to your TV.

This DIY TV stand technique is less time consuming than most other DIY methods and is worth trying if you want to spruce up the corner of your room.

Dresser DIY TV Stand – Hit Two Birds with One Stone

Dresser Turned into TV Stand
Beautiful DIY Project by

Dressers as a TV stand?


Well, everything is possible if you use your imagination and creativity.

If you have an old dresser lying around somewhere in your house, you can opt to use it as a TV stand.

If the dresser has the right dimensions and isn’t being used for anything else, then why not?

Spending the extra money on buying a new TV stand is foolish if you can avail a piece of furniture that’s already lying around in your house.

Use paint if needed to make it look pleasing and attractive.

Re-purposing an old dresser as a TV stand can be a big help.

This multi-purpose TV stand can be used as a place to store your DVD’s, gaming consoles, external boards, etc.

To give the old dresser a more updated look, you just need to sand and prime it for a finishing touch.

This DIY technique is super cheap and easy and most importantly, can save you money.

Movable – A TV Stand That’s Always on the Go

DIY Moveable Wooden TV Stand with Wheels

A movable TV stand is a different idea that it is easy to create. The wheels give this TV stand a nice vintage and a rustic appeal that make it look more refined and valuable.

But who would believe that you made it yourself?

This kind of TV stand can be created with 4 large wooden boards, 1 small wooden board, 4 wheels, a few screws, nails, primer, and a hammer.

All of these things are easily available at home.

  1. You start by fixing the large wooden boards to each other in the shape of a box.
  2. After you’ve made your box, fix the smaller wooden board in between the two sideboards as a shelf.
  3. After that, fix wheels at the bottom of the box. You can paint this TV stand or use a primer over it to make it look more appealing.

This TV stand can easily be placed anywhere as it’s movable and compact.

TIPS: Using a rustic brown stain can make give it a vintage appeal that will make your TV stand look store bought.

Tripod – A TV Stand for Low-Maintenance Folks

DIY TV Oak Tripod Stand
John Whittington Engineer

A TV stand shaped like a tripod is as convenient as it’s easy to move and carry.

You can place it in any corner of your house. Building this modern looking DIY TV stand is not as difficult as it seems.

Elegant DIY Tripod TV Stand
Project by Malte Kidde

You only need three long wood pieces of similar length and width, and some nails and screws to assemble them into a tripod shape.

Set up a ledge behind your TV that will help to hold it in place.

And lastly, don’t forget to fix metal brackets under these wooden pieces to help support the foundation of your tripod TV stand.

DIY Tripod TV Stand
OP1 Tv standby Malte Kidde

With this design, you’ll achieve a modern and stylish tripod DIY TV stand.

Patterned Pallet – A TV Stand for More Artsy Folks

Patterned Pallet TV Stand
Image Credit: Kate from White Lane Decor

The image above is not a TV Stand, but I’ll keep it here because of the beautifulness.

A patterned pallet frame DIY TV Stand is a smart idea as it gives an illusion of image frames. This patterned frame TV stand would be game-changing for your house décor.

Patterned Pallet TV Stand

You can make it by following a few simple steps:

  1. The first step is to measure your TV screen
  2. The second step is to find and purchase a pallet board. But the board must be bigger than the size of your TV screen. In this step, the measurement will help you out
  3. After buying a pallet board, you need to cut it from the center to create a room for the TV installation.
  4. After that, mount a metal bracket behind your TV to offer it some support
  5. The next step is to paint the pallet board with nice and appealing color
  6. Then nail and screw the back of your TV to fix it with the metal bracket

Additionally, you can decorate your pallet frame with flowers or other decoration items available to boost the ambiance of its surroundings.

Re-purposed Door – Challenge Your DIY Creativity

DIY Repurposed Door TV Stand
Wood Waves ($2k)

Who knew TV stands could be made out of an old door?

The idea is really creative, but it could be challenging to develop.

If you want to go ahead and make such a TV stand, then you can make use of some old doors lying around your storeroom.

Sturdy doors that haven’t fallen victim to rot and termites are the best for the task. However, if you don’t have any old door lying around at home, you can purchase one from a carpenter.

Doing this will be less expensive than buying a new one from the market (The images above cost about $2,000).

By creating a re-purposed door DIY TV Stand, you will not only save money, but you will also upgrade the appeal of your house.

Repurposed Door TV Stand
Photo Credit: Ashley from

To build this wonderful TV stand, you need a whole door, nails, screws, metal brackets, and a drill machine.

First, cut the door into four pieces and assemble those pieces with nails and screws.

Also, make sure to cut the pieces in similar sizes and then install metal brackets at the bottom of them.

You can also build extra racks and shelves out of the door for additional storage.

Meuble Pallet – Time to Take Out Your Drilling Machine

Building this DIY TV stand can be a little challenging as each component is constructed individually.

Meuble Pallet TV Stand

The wall of this TV stand is made of large slabs and to support its foundation, a metal base is needed on the top to hold them.

  • After connecting them together with nails and screws, you must move onto the drilling part.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the pallet board to make a pathway for the TV cords.
  • Moreover, build a ledge behind the TV as support. Also, each rack must be readjusted with different designs of your choice.

DIY Pallet TV Stand with Cubby Style Storage

It is advised to start the work from the bottom of the rack for your own ease.

Floating DIY Stand – Think Outside the Box

DIY Floating DIY TV Stand

This convenient and modern TV stand is popular among many households because it saves a lot of space.

Therefore, it’s ideal for small and close spaces.

In this DIY technique, the TV stand is mounted on the wall with a TV that compliments your home’s interior.

DIY Floating TV Stand with Storage

This floating DIY TV stand has a storage space that can facilitate any homeowner.

You just need the right tools and a little bit of creativity to build this DIY TV stand.

It usually requires a drill machine, nails, screws, and wood pieces. These items are usually available in every household.

With this wall mountable TV stand, you will be able to connect your media resources easily with wiring grommets that are present behind the floating stand.

After installing this DIY TV stand, you need to make sure that you clean the dust and dirt away from your TV, possibly every other day.

Using Desk as TV Stand – Another Easy Idea for People Short on Space

Using Desk as TV Stand

Using a desk as a TV stand is the best way to save up some space in your house.

It performs double duty, as its drawers can be used as storage, and the top desk style can be used as a platform to place your television.

Ideally, this desk DIY TV stand is the best way to conserve space in a small home or an apartment.

You can also use this media center as a home office where you can keep your office files, laptop, and books.

You just need to paint and polish your desk for a more professional look.

Cinderblock DIY TV Stand – Cheap Yet Chic

DIY Wood and Cinderblock TV Stand
What a nice DIY by Sofia Clara!

Do you really want an industrial-chic TV stand for your house?

No, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

In fact, you can make it on your own with our amazing DIY TV stand hack.

If you live in a suburban split area, then you can make it in a flash as you can easily find cheap material from the shops nearby.

To make this DIY TV stand, you need to buy some concrete/cinderblocks from the hardware store.

You can even purchase secondhand cinder blocks if they are in a good and reusable condition.

  • Buy a thick wooden board that will be strong enough to hold your TV and good quality adhesive glue.
  • Now, the second step is to stack the concrete blocks and glue the wooden board on top of them, making sure to use the right size of a wooden board.

There you have it, a SoHo style TV stand that costs very little.

Hollow cinderblocks can also be used as storage to house your gaming consoles and CD collections.

To make it look more stylish, add a few decorations for a finishing touch.

Handmade Cubbies – Perfect DIY Stand Idea for Math Enthusiasts

Walnut and Charcoal TV Stand

Before creating this TV stand, you need to measure the exact width, length, and height of the empty space of your room to make your TV stand accordingly.

This is where your mathematical skills come in handy.

  1. Take 3 L-shaped wooden planks and start cutting them in a way that resembles the inside of the cabinet.
  2. After that, start nailing on the edge of each piece of wood.
  3. Now attach the boards according to the design without leaving any gaps in between and seal the top with another piece of wood.
  4. The second last step is to drill a few holes for the TV wires.
  5. And finally, the last step is to give your TV stand a final touch with paint and primer.

Car Tailgate – A DIY TV Stand Perfect for Outdoor Entertainment

Use Car Tailgate as TV Stand

A car tailgate would be a perfect fit for a movie night with several close friends.

But the question is, how can you turn a car tailgate into a TV stand?

For that, you need a proper generator or an electrical connection to run your TV.

  • To fix your TV inside your car’s tailgate, you need a few pieces of plywood bigger than your TV.
  • Cut one of them in a 45-degree angle that will act as a support for your TV and then install hinges and other rear supports.
  • Also, drill small pocket holes for the power cord of your TV.
  • Then mount your TV over the wooden slab and start the generator.

This hack will is guaranteed to take your outdoor cinematic experience to another level!

Plywood Shelf– Back to Basics

DIY Plywood Shelves TV Stand
Watch the video from HomeMadeModern

To achieve this plywood TV stand, you will need a sheet of plywood, a saw, a cordless drill, and some screws.

Learn how to build a modern media console out of plywood with this easy-to-follow guide
View Guide or Watch the Video

You can also have a countersink if you want to use it.

  1. First, plan the complete design before cutting the plywood into pieces.
  2. Make sure to wear safety gloves before using the saw.
  3. After the first step, assemble the parts of plywood to make shelves for extra storage.
  4. Lastly, stand it up to place your TV on it.

X-leg Style – Keep it Simple, Keep it Classy


Country Style Rustic Oak TV Stand
Image Credit: Amazon

This modern and clean looking furniture can add a classy and modern look to your home’s interior.

Building this unique piece is not that hard; you just need to have a little power to complete it within a few hours.

  1. First things first, buy a few pieces of wood.
  2. Then, the next step is to cut them and drill small pocket holes into them so that they easily get attached to the top console.
  3. Now, the next step is to assemble the wooden legs together and fix the other wooden pieces in between in the form of an X.
  4. After that, attach the finished legs to each other and fix the complete assembled part to the top console.
  5. Now, add a wooden board at the bottom that will function as a shelf.
  6. And lastly, paint your X-leg styled TV stand with and seal it with polyurethane.

Before building this amazing looking X-leg style DIY TV stand, make sure you measure the space in your room so that it will fit in the exact space smoothly.

Upcycled Door

Simple DIY TV Stand
A project by

Place your TV on the TV stand to make it looks stand stylishly in your room as well.
The TV stand is made out of the old door.

The classic and authentic hint infuses an elegant appearance to the whole space in the room. Also, the wheels offer you a flexible move so that you can move it easily.

It could be the best option if you are on a budget. You don’t need to spend much money to buy the brand new TV stand since it could work adorably to hold your TV and store some stuff as well.

Hairpin Leg – The Slender And Modern Look
Get the product at Wayfair

The hairpin Leg TV stand brings in an attractive look, which good together with the modern style of the room.

Choosing the hairpin leg also could be the best way to avoid the stuffy look, yet it is sturdy enough to hold.

Combine the metal material of the legs with wood. Consider the dark wood and the unpainted wood material, which exposes the beauty of natural wood color and texture.

This TV stand also has some space to store, so that you can place some frequently-used stuff here to make it way handier.

Pannel TV Stand Connected To The Railing

Pannel DIY TV Stand Ideas

It must be a little bit tricky when you have to decorate your limited space to ensure it well-decorated and avoid the narrow and stuffy feel.

Utilize the panel to hold your TV, which also functional to store some books or the other stuff.

You can place it next to the railing, and it looks way better if you connect it to the railing to deal with space. It must be at the same height so that it works both as the TV stand and the railing as well.

Barn Door  TV Stand

Barn Door Console DIY TV Stand Ideas
Source Ana White

Having functional stuff that also has an attractive look is always be a great combo. Try challenging your woodworking skills by creating the TV stand by yourself. 

The materials you will need are:

  • 8′ Barn door console
  • Furring strips
  • Pine boards
  • Plywoods
  • 1-¼” coarse Kreg Pocket Hole Screws
  • 1-¼” brad nails
  • ¾” brad nails
  • 8’ barn door mini kit

Opt for the white paint and the black barn door console. It is neutral enough and blends seamlessly with the wall and the flooring.

Other than that, place a fake potted plant inside of the cabinet. Placing a natural basket is a good idea to infuse an aesthetical hint to the storage. 

Wall-Mounted TV Stand Ideas – Keep It Classy

Wall-Mounted DIY TV Stand Ideas

One of the best ways to avoid the stuffy and narrow look is by installing a wall-mounted TV stand.

Paint black the wood material that would be an eyecatching and elegant point on the wall. Create the covered and open storage on the TV stand so that you can collect your stuff in one.

The free space under the TV stand creates a spacious and clean look that could be the best option if you have a small area. Also, the panel behind the TV makes the TV stand way sturdier and beautiful at the same time.

Pottery Barn TV Stand – Opt For The Authentic

Pottery Barn DIY TV Stand Ideas
A project by Shanty 2 Chic

Infuse the authentic look to your space through the TV stand made out of the wood. It is also could be an efficient thing if you combine it with the dresser. Hence, you can maximize the space in your area smartly.

Consider exposing the natural color and the texture of the wood to infuse an aesthetical touch to the room.

On the other side, you can place the natural baskets under the dresser where you can put some things properly. Also, it blends with the beauty of the dresser adorably.

There are several ways to create your own TV stand.

Choose one of these creative ideas according to your personal style and build a stylish and unique TV stand for your home.

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