34 Luxury Headboard With Lights For Romantic And Warm Room

The bedroom is one room in your home that you should make as comfortable and luxurious for yourself.

Installing lights on the headboard of each bed can transform it into an inviting space where people want to be, which will give them more energy when they come back after long days at work or school.

Get the best headboard with lights ideas down below. Choose the ideas that provide you with the best style that would be perfect for the design of the bedroom without breaking the bank account.

The Blue Light

Headboard With Blue Light
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This blue light installation on the headboard is away from the warm atmosphere, indeed. Yet, it brings an elegant look of the modern style through the blue light.

This headboard is made out of a sturdy frame that is upholstered by soft leather.
When you get bored with the blue light, you can easily change the light using a remote control as you wish. This headboard, along with its feature, makes your bedroom looks elegantly adorable.

DIY Pallet Headboard Light

DIY Pallet Headboard Light
Source ricedesignblog.com

Upgrade your woodworking skill by making a headboard made out of pallets material. Try something different by adding the lights to the headboard.

The unpainted pallets offer you a natural atmosphere that highlighting the natural texture and color of the wood.

The lights are installed on the side part of the headboard. It gives you provides you cozy atmosphere for a night reading or simply gives you a warm ambiance.

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Shiny Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered Headboard With Light
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The fancy atmosphere of this bedroom is formed from the soft gray wall paint. It is combined with the white bedding, along with the silver headboard.

This upholstered headboard is one of the essential things that make the bedroom looks fancy.

It even looks fancier with the light installation on the headboard. With the practical feature, you can change the light as you wish through the remote control. It helps you to create the ambiance as you wish easily.

DIY Curtain Headboard With Lights

DIY Curtain Headboard With Lights
Via thepalettemuse.com

With the limited materials at home, you can transform it into a headboard with light. Upcycle the curtain that will be an adorable shiny headboard. 

What you will need to make the headboard are:

  • Curtain rod
  • Curtain panels and curtain clips
  • 1-2 String of white Christmas lights
  • 3M command hooks
  • Remote control plug adapter

There is nothing to worry about having this kind of headboard because this curtain headboard works both functionally and aesthetically at the same time. 

Artistic Headboard With Light

Artistic Headboard With Light
Follow the instructions on instructables.com

You will love how this headboard updates the beauty of your bedroom in a simple way. The Pythagorean tree fractal detail is the key element of this gorgeous headboard.

The main materials you will need are: 4’x8′ sheet of plywood, Diffusive paper, LED light strip, along with the remote control and power adapter.

If you are scared of the headboard will fall on you, use the metal brackets to wrap around the bed frame and support the headboard.

Simple Headboard Made From Pinewood

Simple Headboard With Light
From lepro.com

If you are looking for a way to liven up your bedroom, an LED installation on the headboard is perfect.

The natural color of this wooden piece blends in perfectly with its surroundings and provides just enough light without being too bright or overpowering.

You can hide it behind so that only half shines through, giving off subtle shadows when watched from different angles (which also creates three-dimensional effects). This warm mood makes any room feel more inviting than before.

DIY Headboard With Light

DIY Headboard With Light
See the tutorial on removeandreplace.com

Light up the bedroom stylishly through the headboard with light must be the best option you need to consider.

It uses MDF material that is attached to the wall with the stud-mounted French cleats and complemented by the string LED lighting that is wired to a dimmer switch.

You don’t need to worry about changing the headboard and remove it without disturbing the lighting. Also, you can get the best lighting through the brightest setting as well.

Pallet Headboard With Light

Pallet Headboard With Light

Upcycle the good quality of unused pallets to make a headboard that will make a statement to the bedroom. The pallets highlight the natural texture of the wood. It is complemented by the natural color of the wood with a simple touch of finishing.

You can even make it looks way more gorgeous by installing the lights on the headboard.

The lights infuse a warm and romantic atmosphere that would be perfect for relaxing. Other than that, it offers you a good spot for a night reading.

Pinewood Headboard

Pinewood Headboard With Light
See details on Etsy

There is nothing you need to worry about having a pinewood headboard. It is sturdy and durable. Also, it has a beautiful appearance, both texture, and color. Hence, you don’t need to spend more money to paint it for a beautiful look.

The yellow lights installation on the headboard makes the headboard looks prettier. Plus, it makes the bedroom feels warmer and cozier. It blends with the wall decorative piece over the headboard.

Farmhouse Headboard With Light

Farmhouse Headboard With Light

The farmhouse style is one of the timeless styles that offers you a cozy ambiance. Bring in this charming look to your bedroom through headboards, as well.

The worn-out finishing and simple details on each item complement perfectly together with light bulbs glowing above them for an inviting night’s sleep.

You’ll love how neutral colors like white bed sheets or creams dress up beautifully against these ornate pieces. It looks so pretty even when all lights are off (and they’re not necessary).

Rustic Headboard With Light

Rustic Headboard With Light
Via Etsy

The best way to have nature as part of your bedroom decor is with a rustic theme. This handmade headboard is coated in Minwax color.

It has lights installed on each corner that will provide you warmth as well an inviting bedside glow when it’s time for sleep or even during nighttime hours.

The Minwax color coats its surface beautifully so you can appreciate that texture without any worries about staining anything else nearby in sight.

Keep It Beautifully Minimalist

Minimalist Headboard With Light
From eurway.com

The blue light installation on the headboard is a great way to bring in some cool, futuristic vibes into your bedroom. It brings a cool vibe straightforwardly to the white headboard.

You can keep minimalistic and beautiful at once without compromising any of these features. Plus, the simple light installation creates an instant focal point in the bedroom, which is worth having.

Panel Headboard With Light

Panel Headboard With Light
Shop at Wayfair

Giving your bedroom a fresh look is easy with the help of an adjustable headboard. The PU leather wrap on this sturdy frame will provide you comfort as well.

You can change up colors at any time, and depending on what mood strikes. Choose from blue LED light or reds for some excitement in those late nights reading before sleep.

The light installation on the headboard makes it perfect not only function but also aesthetically pleasing.

Headboard With Double Lights

Headboard With Double Light
Via newhomesource.com

A light installation on the headboard is a smart hack if you love a night reading before sleep. The yellow lights create a warm and romantic ambiance that would be perfect for recharge your energy after a rough day.

The modern lighting on the headboard creates an attractive point of view from where it can be seen all around your room. On the other side, the mounted lights will make the bedroom looks more alive.

Versatile Headboard With Lights

Versatile Headboard With Light
Via jagsfurniture.ca

This headboard is made out of solid wood planks that create a rustic style and are durable enough to last for years. This versatile headboard has some functional features that will make your bedroom feels cozier.

You can store some of your books for the night reading, your favorite photographs, or clock on the storage on the headboard. It is also complemented by the lighting. Other than that, it has Bluetooth speakers, so you can set the vibe as you wish.

Headboard With Built-in Lights

Headboard With Built in Light
From withablast.net

The cheerful atmosphere of this bedroom comes from the colorful bedding that works as a focal point in the white bedroom. Make it way warmer through the built-in lighting on the headboard.

This concept is perfect if your bedroom is not too spacious, which needs more light fixtures.

Other than that, the headboard is connected to the floating shelves that display some of your decorative pieces from your own personal collection.

Keep It Affordable

Cheap Headboard with Light

Spend your money on something that will last. You can make the bedroom of your dreams feel inviting, warm and romantic at once with this beautiful headboard made out of radiator MDF sheets.

The gap between the sheet and the wall is the place where the led is installed. It will create the pretty glow that comes through the pattern of the sheet.

Spotlight The Headboard

Rustic Headboard With A Single Light
Source blog.jennasuedesign.com

The beauty of nature can be a good option to make a statement in your bedroom as well. You can upcycle the wooden plank and make a headboard that creates a rustic style.

You need to clean the woods deeply by scrub them with the soapy bleach water mix, sanding them down, and polish them. Arrange them to the wall behind the bed, and install a wall-mounted light that makes the rustic style looks prettier.

Install the light in the center point of the headboard. Also, consider the yellow light that melts with the rustic design.

Acrylic Headboard With Lights

Acrylic Headboard With Light
Via archiexpo.com

The acrylic material will be a perfect solution for those who are looking to add some stylish flair to their bedroom. It looks even more sophisticated with the light installation on the headboard and how seamlessly they blend together.

The geometric shapes formed from the light. It looks amazing against an all-white headboard paired up nicely in front of gray paint colors behind it. The acrylic headboard with light creates an extra interest without being overbearing.

Upcycle The Pallet And Christmas String

Headboard With Christmas Light

Building your bedroom on a budget is no longer the challenge it once was. You can try upcycling the pallet to make a headboard to make it looks warm vibe or even better, yet find some other wood piece from around the house that is still in good condition for another project.

It blends adorably with the concrete wall behind it that creates a natural atmosphere. The warm and lovely ambiance looks even stronger with the string arrangement on the headboard.

Create The 3D Shiny Headboard

Headboard With LED Light

The concrete wall in the bedroom and the gray bedding looks too pale. Add the green accent for a different and fresher touch between the neutral tone of gray.

The rectangular sheets create a fashionable headboard that is complemented by the light installation. The yellow light behind the headboard accentuates the edge of the headboard and makes it looks more energetic. Your bedroom won’t feel the same once you turn the light on.

The Extraordinary Shiny Headboard

DIY Cute Headboard With Lights
Source cosmopolitan.com

A headboard is a must-have for any bedroom. It can be made out of metal material with various shapes or rectangular shapes made out of wood.

This stylish headboard has lights that are tied to the metal headboard. It makes it looks like the actual sun is rising from behind the bed.

The lights on this metal headboard give off a warm, inviting glow that radiates from behind the bed in tones similar to what we see when viewing Earth’s sunrise or sunset – yellow for morning time.

DIY Headboard With LED Lights

DIY Headboard With LED Lights
Follow the instructions on instructables.com

Ever feel like your bedtime reading is not relaxing enough? The solution is simple. Install an LED light on the headboard and get wrapped up in whatever tranquilizes you best.

The white headboard contains some squares where you install the LED on the edges. Then, cover it with plexiglass. This LED has a different setting so that you can choose different patterns to enjoy your favorite book while falling asleep in comfort.

If you have to deal with limited space, bring the Mirror Headboard for a spacious feel.

DIY Headboard With Wording Lights

DIY Headboard With Wording Lights
A Project by A Beautiful Mess

Don’t let your wooden headboard looks boring and pale. This simple work will update your plain headboard into something adorable. Add the wording to the headboard by tracing it, then paint it black.

Create the holes that will accentuate the “Sleepover” wording before you paint it black.

Once you have finished painting and installed the Christmas light behind the headboard, your headboard will look stylish and fancy. This accent also can be a focal point that contrasts beautifully with the natural color of the wood.

Traditional Chic Headboard With Lights

Traditional Chic Headboard With Lights

The beauty of the chic traditional design shines through in this bedroom. It is accentuated by a white headboard, with pretty details on it, including little lights that highlight its classic style.

The warm atmosphere spread adorably to the entire bedroom. It melts seamlessly with the white bedding that represents the traditional chic style. It is perfect if you’re looking to create more depth within your room.

Long Headboard With Lights

Long Headboard With Lights
Via Behance

This fancy bedroom is dominated by the medium tone. The warm hint that comes from the headboard plays a role in making it look fabulous.

It looks even better with the light installation on top of the headboard, which gives off an awesome shape for your bed size.

The warmth coming from the headboard makes it feel inviting and comfortable, with an added bonus for those who love to sleep under indirect lighting.

Painted Headboard With Light

Painted Headboard With Light

The black paneling on the wall provides a dramatic contrast while highlights the artwork hung over it that works functionally as a headboard.

It looks better with bright shelves to the right for emphasis. This room demonstrates how lighting features can add incomparable spice to a minimalistic space.

The tree illustration of the artwork melts beautifully with the black paneling that makes the bedroom looks elegant without lots of works to do.

Geometric Headboard With Lights

Geometric Headboard With Lights

Do you have a rectangular headboard in your stylish bedroom? Say no more. Light up your bedroom with an elegant glow that creates a geometric shape behind the bed.

Whether it will be warm or cool ambiance-yellow lights are always on-trend for years to come. The warm ambiance infused adorably to the bedroom makes it feels way cozier any time.

It will be the best spot to bring back your energy and provides plenty of warmth for those cold winter nights when friends are over or just lounging around reading books before bedtime.

Padded Headboard With Lights

Padded Headboard With Lights
From Houzz

Even the padded headboard needs light to make the bed looks inviting. The headboard with lights in this bedroom is the key element that creates a desirable bedroom, which inspires a blissful night’s sleep.

The soft gray padded headboard looks perfect with the touch of yellow lights. It represents the beauty of minimalist style that offers an elegant look. It will impress those who enter through the door or even if they don’t get inside right away.

Nautical Headboard With Lights

Nautical Headboard With Lights

The nautical atmosphere is one of the most wanted styles that provides you with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, which is good for a bedroom.

Add the lights to the white shiplap headboard that will make a perfect ambiance with a touch of warmth.

The white color also works well when painting over blue walls as it will make both themes come together even stronger creating this maritime vibe we all crave so much here.

Modern Headboard With Lights

Modern Headboard With Lights

One of the advantages of using a headboard is that it can create an impressive statement in your bedroom.

It has an exposed gray wood tone, which is the key element of modern accents without any dramatic look.

It is supported by two lamps. One table lamp on top to light up those eyes in need of sleep and another wall-mounted version near its side so you can enjoy reading before retiring at night.

Make It Looks Cool

Gray Headboard With Lights
Roman Movliaiko via Behance

You will love how the light installation on the headboard makes your bedroom looks cool. It is a super simple work that takes part to make the bedroom elegant and simple at the same time.

The combination of the soft gray, white, and natural wood flooring creates an effortless minimalist mood. It becomes more than decoration through its contribution as indirect lighting. No one will be able to resist the allure of your bedroom when they walk in.

Wooden Headboard With Lights

Wooden Headboard With Lights

The natural color of the wood and its warm atmosphere create a calming and homey feeling in this bedroom. It is formed from beautifully crafted wooden panels.

The eye-catching wood tones are not only awe-inspiring from afar but also provide balance when looking up close. The gap between the panels creates an elegant glow.

On the other side, the earthy hues of the flooring matched perfectly with the headboard that makes this bedroom looks natural and elegant.

Concrete Headboard With Lights

Concrete Headboard With Lights

Exposing the wall concrete is such a good idea that looks stunning with the wooden flooring. It creates a soothing and natural atmosphere in the bedroom.

The tiled wall panels are a sleek, modern design that can be used in any room of your house. When they are combined with clever lighting, the effect is even more dramatic.

Integrated lights in this design give you an illusion that concrete becomes woven like baskets, which makes them appear both beautiful and functional as headboards too.

The list of the headboard with lights ideas above is compiled to inspire you while finding the best headboard to update your bedroom. Your bedroom won’t look the same once you turn the light on.

Pallet Headboard With Light
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