DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

You have a meeting with your client, but unfortunately, you woke up late. You still have to do makeup to make a good impression.

Another problem is coming, your dresser is full of cosmetics, and you can’t find the blush on. You ruin your morning mood by yourself.

Sometimes you don’t realize how many cosmetics you have until your dresser is full of them which makes it hard to find what you need easily.

Organizing those cosmetics with DIY makeup storage will help you a lot. Besides, you can control the new cosmetics and the run-out one.

There are so many outstanding makeup storage ideas below which help you to avoid that kind of moment, above.

Here is a list of the makeup storage ideas that will inspire you to tidy up your cosmetic collections:

Hang It Behind the Door

Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Raise your hand! If your room is so small, but you have tons of cosmetics.

Sometimes, the 50% discount is one of the reasons you have a pile of cosmetics.

To make those cosmetics are collected well, you need makeup storage.

This kind of storage is to fit your needs whose room is small.

So, although you have only a tiny space, it will not make your space even smaller which caused by your pile of cosmetics.

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Use Floating Shelves in the Room Corner

Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

If you don’t want to step on the fallen toothpaste tube on the floor or even the little eyeliner, it means you need makeup storage in your bathroom.

Considering the best material for the storage of your bathroom is so important. Instead of choosing the card box material, you will select wooden material.

To make it cuter, you can also put a small succulent.

The floating storage can save your space and really good for the small bathroom.

DIY Makeup Organizer with Recycled Materials

Makeup Storage Ideas DIY

The weekend is coming! Don’t waste your time and sleeping like a log. Be productive!

There are so many benefits if you can create your makeup storage by yourself. You can use paper towel tubes and stick them to each other.

And if you want to make the pretty one, you can cover them by using the decorative paper of fabric.

The materials you have to collect to make this kind of storage are paper towel tubes, glue, scissors, tape, and decorative paper.

Voila! You already improved your creativity!

Tips: if you want make this for gift, try using these shadow box ideas.

Makeup Storage Vanity Ideas – Use Glass Shelves on the Wall

Makeup Storage Vanity Ideas

You shouldn’t ruin your classy room by letting your cosmetics are scattered.

Your classy room should be completed by the vanity makeup storage.

However, you need to please your eyes which also will please your heart as well.

The organized makeup really helps you to find the essentials you need.

You don’t need to worry anymore about finding your little mascara when you are in a hurry.

Metal Makeup Storage Ideas

Metal Makeup Storage Ideas

Metal still the top option of material for furniture. It doesn’t need any complex maintenance, yet some types of metal define a vintage style.

However, you can polish the old wall-hanging letter holders and turn into the fabulous one which can hold you pallet collections.

Your makeup time will not be boring anymore since the vintage style will inexpensively beautify your room.

Do It Yourself with Plastic Bottle

Makeup Storage Ideas Cheap

Why you have to spend a lot of money when you can have cheap makeup storage?

Well, it’s not about the price, but it’s all about the function itself.

Collecting makeup in one place is really important, indeed. And if you are on a budget, you still can have the cheap one like you can choose the plastic storage.

It’s less expensive than wooden or metal materials. You can have even the cheaper one, by using the old plastic bottle.

Besides you can reuse the waste, you don’t have to spend your money too much.

You have to collect the following materials in advance:

  • Plastic spray bottles in various colors
  • Rubber band
  • Permanent marker
  • Exacto knife
  • Iron

You can follow the complete steps on

Use Small Box – Put It in The Cabinet

Makeup Storage Cabinet Ideas

Either your room is big or small, you still don’t want your beauty room full of the types of furniture. Plus, if you have much stuff in your room.

The cabinet storage is really fit your needs.

And this kind of storage will not show the uninvited view of stuff.

Both pull out and the on-wall cabinet will help you to have a storage cabinet that doesn’t take up your space.

Makeup Storage Organization Ideas with De-clutter Box

Makeup Storage Organization Ideas

Some people hate to see when their beauty collections are messily scattered.

And organizing them is the only solution. One of the best materials to organize your makeup is acrylic.

However, organizing them will have so many advantages; it will beautify your place.

Other than that, it’s easy to clean, separate, and retrieve any type of makeup at any given time.

It will also keep your makeup safe in the right place.

Makeup Storage Ideas for Drawer

Makeup Storage Drawer Ideas

There are few satisfying things than well-organized makeup. Yet, it is pretty hard to keep it in the right place neatly after you use it.

If you are wondering how to keep neatly placed after you use it, the drawer is the answer.

And when your drawer is not divided yet, you can just add some boxes as the divider like the various size of acrylics.

If you want to create it by yourself, you can use phone boxes or shoe boxes. Cut those boxes into the same height, put it in your drawer and they are ready to store your beauty collections.

Floating Shelf for Large Makeup Storage

Large Makeup Storage Ideas

Large makeup storage is what makeup enthusiasts and beauty junkies need. No wonder, their collections are sometimes like a beauty store.

They have almost every shade of lipsticks, blush on, and eyeshadows. Besides, their types of equipment are more than complete.

That’s why they need the big makeup storage. So their collections are well organized.

There is no worry about losing their collections if only they put their collections in the right place.

Makeup Wall Storage

Makeup Wall Storage Ideas

Wall-mounted storage is the best decision if you don’t have any spacious room. No worries, you can also store your beauty collections on it when you have limited space in your room.

On another side, this kind of storage can beautify your room as the art wall with various of your makeup collections.

To make it more beautiful, of course, you have to keep it neatly placed.

Besides, you can add some accent like a small cute cactus, lights, or any other lovely accent.

Hide Them Under Your Table – Clever Ideas

Clever Makeup Storage Ideas

There are so many ways to make your cosmetics well-collected, like clever storage.

On a budget shouldn’t be a reason your beauty room is messy with your stuff are scattered everywhere. You still can make it at least well-collected.

You can store your makeup collections in a genius way; using folding makeup storage.

You can use the upper part as a desk for work or study when you fold it. On the other side, you can store your collections under the folding.

This clever idea really helps you to deal with the tiny space.

Movable Shelf Storage Ideas

Makeup Shelf Storage Ideas

Shelf storage is one of the best storage for any function. Plus, there are so many ways to make it works.

For those whose room is small, installing the shelf storage on the wall can be the best option. So it will not take up your space. Also, it can be another kind of wall art.

The on wheel shelf makeup storage also can be an option if you want to simplify your makeup time, you can move it easily.

Collect Them In One

Makeup and Jewelry Storage Ideas

Are you a necklace collector? If so, seeing the untidy necklace will “hurt” your eyes. That’s why you need to make a jewelry organizer.

On another side, you need to store your makeup as well. No worries, you can store them in one place in style.

Plus, if you don’t have any spacious room, this mounted cabinet is all that you need.

You can store your pieces of jewelry; earrings, bracelets, necklace on one side. On the other side, you can store your makeup safely.

Acrylic Material for the Storage

Makeup Collection Storage Ideas

Spending much money to buy makeup is satisfying for beauty junkies and also makeup enthusiast. They can explore their passion through makeup as well.

They have to take good care of their makeup so that they can ensure that the cosmetics are worth using.

Using the acrylic material to store the makeup collections is the best decision. Its transparent material can help to find what they need quickly.

If it’s impossible to store in one storage, placing them on a wall-mounted shelf is a good idea where you can collect them based on the types of cosmetics.

Other than that, they also look tidy and pleasing.

Makeup Room Storage – DIY makeup storage idea for small spaces

Makeup Room Storage Ideas

Some people are dreaming about having their own beauty room. It’s like having a magical place where they can treat themself look like a celebrity. So do you, right?

A perfect makeup room should have at least a mirror, whether the big mirror or the small one, or even both of them.

Stools or bench are also should be added to the makeup room. You don’t want to stand up all along the makeup time, don’t you?

Don’t forget the storage space, where you can find every single thing you need i.e your beauty collections and the equipment, clothes, jewelry, and many more.

DIY Makeup Storage Box Ideas

DIY Makeup Storage Box Ideas
Watch the detailed tutorial by Hacks Land

Seeing your makeup collections and also its tools are well organized is satisfying.

Somehow it looks hard to do, but if you start doing it, there are always good ways to organize them. The thing is, you can do that start from the easiest way to the complicated one.

How to create a simple makeup storage box

You can both dress up the shoebox and keep your makeup and the tools tidy and neat.

You only need to prepare:

  • Shoebox
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper decorations
  • Cardbox

After that, you can create the makeup storage box as you want.

Makeup Storage Ideas for Bedroom

Makeup Storage Dressing Table
A great example by Emily Loula

Commonly people are keeping their makeup in their bedroom.

If you don’t have a spacious bedroom, you can cleverly make makeup storage which doesn’t take up space.

Makeup vanity in the corner of your bedroom should be a perfect place where you can beautify yourself.

You only need to install a wall-mounted vanity table and put a close-up mirror. Besides, you can add a basket to store your beauty tools which used frequently. It will simplify your makeup time as well. This kind of makeup storage is also will make your room look classy.

Makeup Table Storage Ideas

Makeup Storage Dressing Table Ideas

Who doesn’t desire a fancy beauty table?

There is no more satisfying thing than seeing a tidy makeup table while you are doing makeup. The well-organized beauty collections do not only please your eyes, but it also can simplify your makeup time.

How to create it?

You can put a small vanity table in the corner of your room and put a close-up mirror on it. You can also set a small acrylic drawer on the top of the table to store your lipstick collections, so it won’t make your table looks too bare.

To make your beauty space looks more gorgeous, you can set a faux fur stool.

Copper Cups

Copper Cups Makeup Storage Ideas
A Beautiful Mess

If a small room and the messy makeup collections are your issues, no need to worry about it.

Actually, you don’t need to have a spacious place to make an incredible makeup table in your room to store your beauty collections and keeps them tidy and neat as well.

The small space in your room could turn the whole place into the fancy one if you did the right ways.

Adding a tiny wall-mounted table can help you to deal with the small space. Also, you can add a small drawer under the table to make sure your beauty collections are safe from the sunlight.

The small basket on the top of the table can be added to place your brushes. Besides, you can add some accents to make your beauty table look pretty.

Don’t forget to put a chair, so your makeup time more convenient.

Magnetic Board – Creative Yet Simple

Magnetic Board Wall Makeup Storage Ideas

When you are on a budget, sometimes it can boost your creativity, and it can challenge you to create something. It also works to make cheap DIY makeup storage.

You can get the material simply. Also, the steps are easy to follow.

This wall-mounted board of magnetic storage is another way to keep your beauty collections are collected in one place. On the other side, this can be your unique wall art.

You have to prepare the materials before you are starting to create it, like:

  • Sheet metal
  • Light magnets
  • Strong magnets
  • Tall bins
  • Short bins
  • Scissors
  • Magnetic tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Frame

For the complete steps, you can see on the page.

See? Although you don’t have to spend a lot of money you still can make great makeup storage, right?

Easy Makeup Storage Ideas with Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

Feeling guilty about throwing your old glass jars? Yes, you should. Because there are so many things, you can do with them than throwing it to the recycling bin.

You can make it as makeup storage like lipstick collections, eyeliners, mascara, and also brushes.

The materials you will need to make super easy makeup storage are:

  • Glass Jar
  • Paint
  • Hose clamps
  • Wood
  • Wood stain
  • Picture hanging kit
  • Hammer
  • Rag
  • Drill
  • Titanium drill bits
  • Screw

For further and the details steps, you can see on the page, which will guide you to make super easy and simple makeup storage.

Simple DIY Vanity

Simple DIY Vanity

The wall-mounted vanity is one of the everlasting storage.

It is more than a simple DIY vanity, creating this kind of vanity doesn’t need a lot of materials and also a spacious place.

So, it is really fit for you if you live in a small apartment or if your bedroom is too small.

Installing this makeup storage near the window can boost your mood when you do makeup because you can get the natural light and also the breeze.

You need to put a mansion jar to store your brushes, acrylics storage to keep your lipsticks, and also a small drawer to store your glasses or other makeup collections.

The transparent chair will make your beauty dresser look pretty. And the roped basket under the table will make it looks more adorable.

If you are curious enough to see the details, you can find it on

Cute DIY Brush Storage Ideas

DIY Makeup Brush Storage
Creativity never goes out of style – domestic ingenuity

Sometimes it is too dull to store your makeup brush in a jar.

There are so many ways to make your makeup brush storage look different, even totally different if you add some ornament which makes it a cute makeup brush storage, elegant, classy, junky, etc.

To make the jar look cute, you can paint it white and put the bees stickers on it. Also, you can another ornament like a natural rope on the neck of the jar.

Other than that, you can also add coffee, sand, small plastic pearls, etc.

Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bag
I Heart Beauty

Traveling is not a good reason to leave your beauty kit. It’s vital to look fleek while traveling. That’s why makeup storage for traveling should be on your luggage.

To ensure you bring every cosmetics, you have to put them on the travel size bottle. If it is impossible, you can choose the right storage, which has so many pockets.

Besides, you have to bring the multifunctions brush.

Tips: You have to make sure your makeup storage doesn’t take a lot of space. So it won’t affect your belonging.

Ikea Makeup Storage Ideas

Cool Makeup Storage Ideas

Are you waking up in the morning with a messy desk full of scattered cosmetics? No! It would ruin your mood all day long.

There is nothing you can do but store them well. The perfect desk to store your makeup should contain several drawers for brushes, lipsticks, mascara, etc.

A mirror is a crucial thing on a desk, whether it’s a close-up mirror or the full-body one.
The chair should be there to convenient your makeup time.

Tips: A tiny succulent or cactus can turn your desk look outstanding.

Makeup Storage Ideas for Dorm

Wooden Makeup Storage Ideas

Does anyone live in a dorm? And how to deal with your makeup collections?

Makeup storage for dorm such a big deal, because you have to divide well where to store your belonging, makeup, study, closet, etc in a small room.

However, those who live in a dorm should arrange well before deciding where to place makeup storage.

Small stack storage is one of the best storages among others. The little drawer can store your makeup; you can also put a mirror and a stool there.

If you don’t want your space too bare, a small plant should be on the top of them.

This wooden touch will turn your tiny space look spacious. This corner can be a multifunction space.

Old Dinnerware – Unusual Makeup Organizer

Old Dinnerware Makeup Organizer

No matter how many your cosmetics are, simple makeup storage is the best option.

Although it is simple storage, it has its own magical thing.

The transparent shoe hanging storage can help you to separate your cosmetics collections based on their function.

Adding a label for each function will help you take them back to their place, so they always stored in the same place.

Old Candle – Super Simple Makeup Organizer

Old Candle Makeup Organizer

Keeping your hair makeup in their box sometimes takes space in your room. On the other side, you also have lots of stuff to store.

To keep your makeup hair tidy yet it doesn’t take space, you can save it on the shoe hanging organizer.

You can put your combs hair, hairdryer, hair curling, and hair spray on it.
This storage can help you to make your room look tidy and neat.

The most important thing is you can ensure that the cables of these tools are stored properly.

Unique Makeup Storage Ideas

Rose Gold Makeup Storage Ideas

If you are a type of a unique person, this kind of makeup storage fits you.

Keeping your makeup is crucial. You have to make sure your cosmetics are appropriately stored.

These makeups should be stored in a dry place, not exposed under the sunlight directly, etc. Of course, you can keep it with style.

The hexagonal shape of the container, the candle holders, and also the metal pot with the rose gold touch will make your dresser look stunning.

What do you think about those incredible ideas? Do you have any suggestions to make the storing time more enjoyable?

Rose Gold Makeup Storage Ideas
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