Shadow Box Ideas

Doesn’t it boring to store your memorable stuff in a common way?

You can put your favorite decorative piece, wedding dress, jersey of your favorite basket player along with the autograph, and any other stuff stylishly on the shadow box.

Get to Know about a Shadow Box

Some people are wondering what is a shadow box. Some of them can not distinguish the difference between a shadow box and a frame.

It can be perfect stuff for displaying your favorite things or precious things. That is why it is usually deeper and more spacious than the frame.

Fill them in!

What to put in a shadow box? Actually, it depends on your needs.

You can put the things that mean the most to you.

It also can be a perfect medium to share your story because the shadow box said it all.

No wonder, people tend to give the shadow box on a special occasion to the person they love.

How to Make a Shadow Box

Making your own shadow box is not a big deal. You can start by building the shadow box, or you can also buy it.

After that, you can put the thing that will be in the shadow box, then decorate it as well. This kind of project requires creative skill, hence it can be a good idea to improve your creativity. Also, you will need some ornaments to make your shadow box looks prettier.

Where to Put Your Shadow Box?

Think twice if you want to hang in the shadow box above your headboard. It’s too dangerous. Consider above a computer desk instead.

Here are some shadow box ideas that followed by the steps and also the tips we have screened through the internet.

Military Uniform Shadow Box

DIY Military Uniform Shadow Box Ideas
Oak wood, V nails, wood screws, fabric, stain, laquer, Plexiglass via Etsy

It is a good idea to pack the military uniform along with the badges on the shadow box.

Saving the uniform on the shadow box doesn’t only help you to deal with the dust that will make the color of the uniform is getting worse as time goes by. On the other side, it will also make the uniform looks classier.

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Wedding Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes Paper Flowers for Wedding
Wedding shadow boxes decoration frame via Etsy

Don’t let your big day feels so plain by bringing in the happy and cheerful vibe of the flowers.

No worries, it shouldn’t be the real flowers when you can turn the paper into the beautiful flowers.

The most important thing is, you still keep your flower and make it as the decorative piece you can put on the desk.

Antique Baby Shadow Box Ideas

Baby Shadow Box Ideas

Are you planning on giving the best gift for your baby?

This antique baby shadow box is one of the best options. You can put their first knitted hat, socks, footprint, and also their picture.

Opt to use the wooden frame with silver paint to make it looks more elegant.

Shadow Box Ideas for Engagement

Engagement Shadow Box with Scrabble Letters
Available at Ebay

Besides a photograph, you can perpetuate your special moment by using a decorative piece. There is nothing much but a crossword puzzle that mentions your name and your fiance, date, place, or any other words you desire.

If it’s still too plain, add some beads. Make sure you choose the right beads that will fit the frame as well to create the perfect shadow box for your engagement day.

Floral Shadow Box

DIY Flower Shadow Box Ideas
See details at Etsy

If you don’t know what to give for your mom on Mother’s day, this kind of shadow box can be one of the best alternatives.

It is a simple artwork, indeed. But everything changes when it is inside of the shadow box, with the additional notes on the acrylic.

It can turn into a perfect gift all of sudden.

Vintage Catholic Shadow Box

Vintage Catholic Shadow Box Ideas
Get the product at Etsy

Place a vintage Catholic shadow box inside of your room that will make your room looks way better. It will be the best focal point in your house.

You can place it on the desk surrounded by the candles another decorative piece to beautify your desk as well. It can also be the praying corner in your house.

It is made out of oak wood, which is sturdy and creates a classic ambiance.

Christmas Ornament Shadow Box Ideas

Christmas Ornament Shadow Box Ideas

Decorate your house with Christmas ornament to accentuate the Christmas vibe as well. Make it looks classier by installing a DIY shadow box and fill the ornament in.

You will need the following supplies:

  • A deep shadow box
  • Bottlebrush trees
  • Tiny car
  • Snow for wintery snow

See further steps here.

Shadow Box Ideas: Keep the Memories Up

Memory Shadow Box Ideas
Get the product at eBay

If you are the type of person who loves to collect the cinema ticket, amusement entrance ticket, train ticket, bus, or even plane ticket, you will need this shadow box to make it looks fabulous.

It is the best way to keep your memories stay. On the other side, you can make sure they are not scattered everywhere that will end up on the trash bag.

Navy Shadow Box Ideas

Navy Shadow Box Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Collect the priceless things inside of the shadow box where it can be a classy showcase to display them.

Just like this navy shadow box, you can place the badges, pictures, and the card in one place, even stylishly.

Choose the blue background of the shadow box, which fits the navy theme. It can be a decorative piece where you can also show your pride. Attach it on the desk or mount it to the wall.

Cute Shadow Box Frame Ideas

Cute Shadow Box Frame Ideas

Accentuate the joyous vibe in your nursery room by placing a cute shadow box on the desk.

You can make an initial letter of your kiddo name and decorate it with the soft painting.

You can also add the name under the initial. To make sure that it matches well, you can choose the white shadow box.

Combine it with the cute ornament. It is also can be a great gift option you can give to your family or friends.

Coastal Shadow Box

Coastal Shadow Box Display Ideas

The coastal decoration is a good option to infuse a peaceful vibe. You can collect the seashells from the beach you have been visited and place them in one place so-called a shadow box.

Add the sea sand inside, then fill the seashell in. Make it more beautiful by adding a phrase on the glass cover.

After that, place it on the desk and add the other ornaments surrounding.

Cricut Shadow Box for Mom

Cricut Shadow Box Ideas
Project by

You don’t need to worry when you are on a budget, and it is your mom’s birthday. You can challenge your creativity by making a gift for your mom by yourself.

You can make a cricut shadow box. Choose your mom’s favorite flowers or color to put on the shadow box.

After that, make it prettier by attaching the Mom monogram or any other words you’d love to. If it still looks plain, you can also paint the shadow box.

Make sure you choose the right color that fits the flowers.

Graduation Shadow Box

Simple Graduation Shadow Box Ideas

We have to admit that graduation is the most wanted moments of the students. Don’t let the graduation attire hang in the closet.

Make it more memorable by packing it on the shadow box. The shadow box said it all instead of the hanging attire in the closet.

Opt to use a black or white shadow box along with the background to make it looks elegant. You can also add your name inside if you want to.

Army Shadow Box

Army Shadow Box Ideas
Project by

Keep the army uniform and the stuff well-collected in one place where it can also be displayed. It can be the best thing to conjure up the memories during their tenure.

No worries, displaying this kind of shadow box doesn’t mean you are overproud of the Army. That’s how you show that you love the job as well.

Add the Army word or even your name inside of the shadow box would be a good option.

Tips: Be careful while choosing the background.

Air Force Shadow Box Ideas

Air Force Shadow Box Ideas
Find the product at Etsy

Keeping all of the badges of the Air force during the term of office in one place is a good option.

Moreover, it would be a great decorative piece if you store them in a shadow box.

You can carve your name, work period, even the symbol on the wood frame.

Baseball Shadow Box Ideas

Cool Baseball Jersey Shadow Box Ideas
Get the product at Etsy

Raise your hand if you are the baseball enthusiast. You must be having a favorite player.

You will need a big baseball shadow box so that you can put the jersey, picture with the autograph, balls, and also the stick.

And if you are not into baseball, you can give it to your friends or people you love. 

Sweet Shadow Box Ideas for Boyfriend

Shadow Box Ideas for Boyfriend
Project by

Here comes a piece of good news if you want to give your boyfriend a sweet thing.

A shadow box for your boyfriend on your anniversary must be sweet. You can print out the best moment with your boyfriend.

After that, decorate it with some love signs, the initials, or any other ornaments that will make the shadow box looks perfect.

Beach Shadow Box Ideas

Beach Shadow Box Ideas
Beach theme shadow box via

Create a favorite corner in your house with the beach shadow box. It is made out of the wooden frame.

You only need to choose the white wooden frame and blue painting for the background.

After that, fill the shadow box with the sea sand and seashells. Attach it on the wall.

You need to add the other ornaments surrounding like dried starfish and a candle holder made out of dried branches.

Sporty Shadow Box Ideas

Medal Sports Shadow Box Ideas

For those who is an athlete, are sure you don’t need this kind of “mini-museum”?

It can be a good option to collect your medals. This shadow box can create a great story.

Decorate it with your lucky number and your initial, your picture during the match. You can only polish the frame instead of paint it to make it look classy.

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Basketball Shadow Box: I’m a Big Fan

Jersey Basketball Shadow Box Ideas
Via ebay

You are the real fan if you collect one of your favorites player jerseys. And it is impossible to let them stack in the closet.

So putting it on the shadow box is the best decision. You can place it in your bedroom or whenever you wish.

Tips: You only need to hang the jersey inside of the shadow box. It looks great, tho.

Simple Shadow Box Ideas for Babies

Cool Shadow Box Ideas for Babies
Inspired by

Create the best story for your children by documenting their growth and put them on the shadow box for your babies.

You can start with the ultrasound photos, their first picture, their first footprint or handprint, everything.

Don’t let it looks so common. Add some cute stuff like adding some flowers, initial, or any other things to make it looks cute.

Military Retirement Shadow Box Ideas

Military Retirement Shadow Box Ideas
Link: Etsy

Fill the military retirement shadow box with the certificate, the badges, the flag, and the best picture to make one of the precious moments in life well-storage.

You can also custom the name and put in inside of the shadow box if you want to. After that, hang it on the wall that will be a decorative piece in your room.

Police Shadow Box: Best Give for Father’s Day

Police Shadow Box Ideas
Project by

If your father is a retired policeman, try to ask your mom where is all of his stuff and gather them.

You can decorate the stuff inside of the police shadow box.

You don’t need to be so extra while decorating it because you only need to keep them tidy and pleasing.

Marine Corps Shadow Box Ideas

Marine Corps Shadow Box Ideas

Keeping every stuff while being a marine corp must be a good idea to keep them tidy and stored properly.

Other than that, you can display it in the room where it can be a focal point of the room.

Make sure you place every single stuff properly so that it creates a perfect appearance.

Pet Memorial Shadow Box Ideas

Pet Memorial Shadow Box Ideas

Preserve your dog’s love by creating a shadow box for your dog that has been gone.

A simple decoration of the picture, footprint, your picture together, and also the dog straps is a good option.

Other than that, put their name on it. It can be one of the precious decorative pieces in your house.

Newborn Shadow Box Ideas

Newborn Shadow Box Ideas

Welcoming your children’s arrival with the cute shadow box is one of the cutest things you can do.

There is nothing much to do but assemble the precious moment pictures, a name banner, clothes, hospital bracelets, and the other decorative pieces in the shadow box.

Other than that, it can be a perfect gift for their birthday later.

Wall Travel Shadow Box Ideas

Wall Shadow Box Ideas
Project by

Some people keep their tickets during the journey while they are traveling on a scrapbook. It needs much effort.

And if you want to do the same effortlessly, you can just collect them in a travel shadow box.

You will need a shadow box with a small hole above where you can put the tickets. Don’t let your shadow box looks boring by adding the vinyl quote.

Cub Scout Shadow Box Ideas

Cub Scout Shadow Box Ideas

If you are wondering what to give to your children when they are an active member of a scout, a Cub scout shadow box must be a good option.

Assemble the badges they have got along with the flag inside of the shadow box.

Opt to use the sturdy wood so that you don’t need to worry about the broken shadow box as time goes by.

Football Shadow Box Ideas

Football Shadow Box Ideas

Having a jersey of your favorite football player along with the autographs is a rare opportunity.

That is why some of them who own this they usually keep it on the shadow box.

You can also custom the symbol of your favorite football club on the frame of the shadow box. After all, install it in the bedroom.

Shadow Box Ideas for Your Dog

Pet Shadow Box Ideas

Create a shadow box for your lovely dog that will be a good decorative piece you can install in the living room.

It doesn’t need many things to put inside of the shadow box. It only needs the best photograph of your dog and also the footprint.

Besides simple, it can be classy wall art.

Shadow Box For Flag and Certificate

Shadow Box For Flag and Certificate
Available at Etsy

A shadow box for flag and certificate will be a good option to store your certificate and flag elegantly. That will be a precious decorative piece for your family members.

Opt to use the oak wood and glass to make sure it creates a classy and elegant appearance for your room.

Relic wood Shadow Box

Relic wood Shadow Box

Relic wood shadow box must be the most wanted classy gift you have to choose for your father retirements gift.

You can custom to put all of the badges he has got. Also, you can custom to carve the name, the logo, or the number that you want.

After all, place it on the desk in your father’s room.

Spiderman Shadow Box Ideas

Spiderman Shadow Box Ideas
Find more details at

If you are a big fan of Spiderman or planning to give a simple yet beautiful gift for someone, the spiderman shadow box must be a good idea.

You can just print out the picture that you love, then put it inside of the shadow box.

And if you want the better one, opt to use vinyl. It looks way better. Other than that, it lasts longer.

Succulent Shadow Box Ideas

Succulent Shadow Box
Project by

For those who want to bring in a natural vibe to the house, a succulent shadow box must be the best item, among others. Succulent is one of the easiest plants to grow, yet create an elegant look.

Assemble the succulent in a shadow box must be a good project that worth making. You can see the instructions on how to make a succulent shadow box here.

Those are the shadow box ideas that we have compiled you can consider. If you have to choose only one idea, which one is the best option?

Please kindly share your opinion and your experience in the comment section below.

Happy DIY-ing!