DIY Mouse Pad

If you are bored with your mouse pad or you want to custom your own, the DIY mouse pad project is the best answer. Other than that, it is the best way to boost your creativity.

There are so many materials you can use to make the mouse pad you want. Moreover, there are so many alternative ways to make your DIY mouse pad works.

Don’t miss it! Here are the ideas you probably need to consider:

DIY Simple Mouse Pad

DIY Simple Mouse Pad
The Things She Makes

This project shows you how the DIY mouse pad works. Although it is a simple project, yet it gives you a big impact. This great appearance of the mouse pad made out of the corkboard Trivet and the sticky-backed vinyl/plastic.

The color of the corkboard and the texture expose the natural beauty of the wooden-like material.

If it is hard for you to find the corkboard, you can use a foam sheet. Click here for further steps.

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DIY Glowing Mouse Pad

DIY Glowing Mouse Pad
by Xnypher

Upgrading your old mouse pad into the glowing one is a good decision. It can make your mouse pad looks sophisticated and also classy.

You will need the following materials:

  • 10mm thick clear acrylic
  • 4pcs 3v 5mm blue led light
  • 4pcs 47ohms resistor
  • spare USB cable
  • heat shrink
  • electrical tape
  • vinyl sticker
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • polishing compound

You can follow the steps and create your own.

Inexpensive Mouse Pad

Inexpensive Mouse Pad
North Story

The point of this DIY mouse pad project is to minimize the budget on buying the new one. On this project, you only need to prepare the corkboard and cut it into 9″ H x 7″ W.

After all, paint the “Mouse Pad” stencil so that, the corkboard won’t be too plain and boring.

Scrapbook Mouse Pad

Scrapbook Mouse Pad

However, creating a mouse pad by yourself is an opportunity to challenge your creativity. Besides, it is your turn to design it as you wish.

Find these supplies before you start crafting:

  • Round cork circle – at least 7.5″
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

You only need to trace out the rounded cork on the back of the scrapbook you have chosen and stick it on the cork.

Tips: Add the ribbon around the cork to hide the messy scrapbook.

DIY Large Mouse Pad

DIY Big Mouse Pad
Created by Craft Your Happiness

One of the perks of having a decent sized mouse pad is convenient for your working time. It convenient for your working time be a focal point n your computer desk at the same time.

The good news is you can create it by yourself easily. No worries, the materials are easy to find.

You only need the board, material to cover the mouse pad, craft knife, ruler, and marker. Follow the steps and happy crafting!

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DIY Chic Mouse Pad

DIY Chic Mouse Pad
Made by Rachel

The floral pattern and pastel color are perfect together which embrace the chic style. That is why if you want to build the chic style on your room, you can start from the little step.

It can make your working space looks classy. And if the edge of the mouse pad looks messy, you can hide by covering it with the ribbon which makes it looks nicer.

DIY Fabric Mouse Pad

DIY Fabric Mouse Pad

If you are wondering how to add an artsy hint for your working space, you can try to create your mouse pad.

You don’t need to spend more money and time because you can use the old or unused fabric. You can choose either quilting cotton or canvas to cover the mouse pad.

Hint: This project needs your basic sewing skill.

DIY Painted Mouse Pad

DIY Painted Mouse Pad
Created by Audrey

If you care about how your workspace looks like, you can try to create your own mouse pad. It gives a big impact to your workspace.

And this animal painted mouse pad bring out the rock style.

What you will need:

  • An old mousepad
  • cardstock + a printer
  • precision knife
  • mod podge
  • brush/ sponge brush
  • acrylic paint
  • gold marker

Further information and steps.

DIY Girly Mouse Pad

DIY Girly Mouse Pad
Design Improvised

If you are wondering how to decor the teen’s desk, the girly design is the best answer. This cute design mouse pad matches perfectly with the pink wall and the pink flower.

And the pom-poms work best as the focal point of the mouse pad which make it cuter. If you want to make it as a birthday gift for your little sister, that would be amazing.

DIY Leather Mouse Pad

DIY Leather Mouse Pad
Roxy Taghavian

There are so many ways to decorate your desk from the simplest thing to the huge modification. This project shows you how to transform your desk easily.

This 3 in 1 DIY project can be a mouse pad, artsy stuff to decor your desk and a place to keep the pen. Additionally, the leather materials make it looks fancier.

DIY Hand-Printed Mouse Pad

DIY Hand-Printed Mouse Pad
Design Sponge

If it is hard for you to find the best mouse pad which suitable with your taste, a DIY project can be the best answer. It is the best part to challenge your creativity.

You will need these materials:

  • One 8” round mouse pad blank
  • 8 1/2 x 11″ Full Sheet Labels
  • Computer and printer
  • Xacto or craft knife and cutting surface
  • Textile acrylic paint and stencil brush (both available at the craft store).
  • Iron and wax paper

After all the steps, you have to ensure that your mouse pad completely dry before you use it.

Chevron Golden Mouse Pad

Golden Mouse Pad

This inexpensive yet classy mouse pad can be the best alternative when you are on a budget. Both chevron shape and the color define the elegance of the mouse pad.

You can play with the tape to make another shape. Although it is an easy way with simple materials, yet the result gives you a big impact.

DIY Wooden Mouse Pad

DIY Wood Mouse Pad

Who doesn’t love the wooden material? If you are one of the wooden material enthusiasts, you have to try this. Beside minimalist, it is easy to make.

You only need to measure and sand it down. If you don’t want to let it plain, give a monochromic accent. After all, you only need to polish it to keep the natural beauty of the wood.

Marble Mouse Pad

Marble Mouse Pad

Marble is one of the classy and most wanted stuff. No wonder, there are lots of people out there who apply marble on their house. If you want to infuse the classy vibe, you can try to apply this to the mouse pad.

You will need the printable marble paper, an old mouse pad, and the scissor. This small accessory can make your computer desk into the classy one.

DIY Mountain Mouse Pad

DIY Mountain Mouse Pad
Created by Gloria

If you want to bring out the outdoor activity vibe to your room, you can start with the simple thing; mouse pad.

This hint can make a big impact on the whole room. You can use the old fabric to cover the mouse pad and shape it to the mountain silhouette.

Tips: To make it more dramatic, add the snow effect on the mountain is the best idea.

DIY Cardboard Mouse Pad

DIY Cardboard Mouse Pad

There will always be new alternatives for upcycling the old cardboard. One of the simple ways is modifying it into a mouse pad.

The materials you will need are available at your house, so you don’t need to worry about it. You can let the natural color of the cardboard. But if you want to give a bright touch, painting can be the best decision.

DIY Cork Mouse Pad

DIY Cork Mouse Pad

It is always interesting to decorate the computer desk. You can start from the simplest thing, create your own mouse pad.

You can choose the best materials and the best design for your mouse pad. If you want to make the classy one, you can use the leather material.

You only need to measure the cork sheet and the leather as you wish and stick it to each other.

Tips: If you want to make it more beneficial, you can create a space to place a pen on the mouse pad.

Free Cutting Sewing Mouse Pad

Free Cutting Sewing Mouse Pad
Ali Express

There is no limit on crafting; that is why this is the best part to improve your creativity. In this part, you can modify the mouse pad and decor it.

You don’t need to shape the mouse pad and also the accessories because it has been shaped and cut. So you only need to sew the mouse pad and stick the accessories.

DIY Geometric Mouse Pad

DIY Geometric Mouse Pad
Delia Creates

As I mentioned, there is no limit on crafting the mouse pad. And if you want to create the extraordinary shape, you can try this geometric shape.

You can upcycle your old mouse pad and cover it with the vinyl or faux leather.

Here is what you need:

  • A scrap of leather
  • Old mouse pad (business advertisement mousepads work great)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Rotary cutter
  • Long ruler or quilter’s ruler
  • Chalk
  • Self-healing mat

Sewed-Pentagon Mouse Pad

Sewed-Pentagon Mouse Pad
Wild Olive

Sewing skill is one of the skills you need to improve, at least on a fair level. If you want to start practicing, this project is worth trying. You have to laminate the batting with the fabric material.

After that, take the strip of binding floral fabric and sew it. This pentagon shape can be the best decoration for your desk since the square shape is too standard.

DIY Rainbow Mouse Pad

DIY Rainbow Mouse Pad
The Crafted Life

What goes best with the white desk? Fortunately, every shape can be the best combination with the white desk. If you want to accentuate the fun vibe, you can create this rainbow mouse pad.

You only need to prepare the oval corkboard and paint with the brush, knife and tape measurer as the tool. You have to dry the mouse pad properly to ensure it is dry completely.

DIY Soft Mouse Pad

DIY Soft Mouse Pad

However, if you spend more time in front of the computer, you need the soft mouse pad to keep your arm relax and convenient the working time.

You can upcycle your previous mouse pad and cover it with the fabric. It will make it look like a brand new mouse pad.

Furthermore, it can bring out a new vibe, which is more fun.

DIY In Less than 1 Hour Mouse Pad

Less than 1 hour Mouse Pad
Sarah and David

If you don’t have much leisure time to create the DIY mouse pad project, this idea can be the best answer. You can finish this project for less than one hour.

You will need an old mouse pad, fabric, spray adhesive, cutting supplies, and the mod podge. Follow this step to create your own.

  1. Trace the mouse pad with a pencil on the fabric
  2. Cut along the pencil marks
  3. Spray the top of the mouse pad with the spray adhesive and mod podge to seal the edges.

DIY Washi Tape Mouse Pad

DIY Washi Tape Mouse Pad

If you are too lazy to find the proper material to create your mouse pad, you can try to use your cute washi tape. The rounded corkboard can be the best option among others since the finished look is nicer.

You have to cover the edges of the trivet too and fold over the trim so that the appearance is way better.

DIY Rose Gold Mouse Pad

DIY Rose Gold Mouse Pad

We all know that the rose gold color defines a classy style. And if you think it will cost you a lot, well you are wrong. You can bring this kind of mouse pad to your home as well.

You can place this classy mouse pad in your computer desk while you can also infuse the classy vibe. Moreover, this mouse pad is made out of the leather, which makes the classy appearance much more.

Heart-shaped Mouse Pad

Heart-shaped Mouse Pad

If you are wondering what the best gift for your best friends or even your partner is, you can try to give this hearted-shape of a mouse pad.

First, you have to stick the mouse pad and the fabric each other by ironing it. After that, cut it out into the heart template. To ensure the edges are well joined, you can glue the edges.

Black and White Mouse Pad

Black and White Mouse Pad
Lisa Mathewson

The black and white style is one of the timeless styles. If you want your computer desk look more stylish, you can place this mouse pad. This effortless DIY mouse pad project is worth trying.

Before you start crafting, you have to collect the old mouse pad, scissors, black and white fabric, and double-sided tape.
This mouse pad is affordable and also easy to create. That is why you have to try it!

DIY Donut Mouse Pad

DIY Donut Mouse Pad

Either you are love eating or love crafting, this design can be the best alternative to decorate your working space. Moreover, the supplies are usually easy to get. You will need the various color of vinyl, round mouse pad, and a craft knife.

Place the darkest shape of the vinyl then the brighter one. Cut small rounded pill-shaped of various bright colored vinyl and then stick the “sprinkle” vinyl randomly.

DIY Suede Mouse Pad

DIY Suede Mouse Pad
Lovely Indeed

Accentuating the luxury vibe on the working space is not a big deal. You can consider creating a mouse pad by yourself. Moreover, you can create it easily and inexpensively.

What you will need:

  • old mousepad
  • suede or leather
  • spray adhesive
  • pen
  • scissors
  • washi tape
  • gold leaf adhesive
  • gold leaf sheets
  • paintbrushes

If this design fits your needs, you can follow the step and modify your own.

Dotted Mouse Pad

Dotted Mouse Pad
Make and Tell

If you are wondering how to make your painting is beneficial functionally, you can create the dotted mouse pad.

First of all, you have to paint the old mouse pad white. When it dries completely, you can start creating the colorful dots.
Tips: you don’t have to create the perfect dots to keep the artsy appearance.

DIY Mouse Pad Cover

DIY Mouse Pad Cover

Spring is coming! It’s a good time to bring the spring vibe on your workspace. It is also a good decision to boost your creativity by creating a DIY mouse pad.

You will need the old mouse pad, floral fabric, cutting supplies, paintbrush and Mod Podge. This DIY project can be the best focal point on your plain workspace.

DIY Simple Geometric Mouse Pad

DIY Simple Geometric Mouse Pad

There are so many ways to create your DIY mouse pad. And if you are interested in the geometric one, you can try this design.

This design offers you a simple step, but the finished appearance is adorable. That is why you have to try this design. Since the main material is leather, it can make the mouse pad looks fancier.

To make it more beautiful, you can paint it with the acrylic paint and design it as you wish.

DIY Monogrammed Mouse Pad

DIY Monogrammed Mouse Pad

However, spending more time in front of your computer is boring. And if you want to embrace the fun vibe on your workspace from the simplest thing, you can create a yellow DIY mouse pad.
You will need:

Piece of scrap leather

  • sharp scissors
  • pen
  • old mousepad
  • glue gun
  • embossing powder
  • stamps
  • clear ink
  • embossing heat tool

You can follow the step here.

DIY Classy Leather Mouse Pad

DIY Classy Leather Mouse Pad

If the leather stuff is well-known as the pricey stuff, you can say no more because you can even create it by yourself. You can start from the simple thing; DIY mouse pad.

If you want to create a high quality of mouse pad, you have to be smart to choose the high quality of the materials. If this one is taking your interest, you can see the step here.

Make Over the Old Mouse Pad

Make Over the Old Mouse Pad

One of the perks of using a mouse pad is to keep your desk from scratch on the surface. In the other side,  it convenient your working time and beautify your workspace.

You can upcycle your old mouse pad and make it like a brand new mouse pad. Fortunately, this DIY mouse pad doesn’t need a significant amount of your money. So you can save money yet your mouse pad is more beautiful.

DIY Thermo-adhesive Fabric Mouse Pad

DIY Thermo-adhesive Fabric Mouse Pad
Pop Shop America

If you want to embrace the relaxing vibe, you can try to apply this DIY mouse pad project.

The green leaves pattern of the thermo-adhesive fabric can be the best artsy stuff on your computer desk to comfort.

In the other side, it can make the appearance of your working area looks adorable. For further details of the materials and steps, you can see here.

DIY Cute Mouse Pad for Children

DIY Cute Mouse Pad for Children
Craft by Courtney

The first day of school is coming! If you are wondering what to give to your beloved ones, you can consider giving this kind of mouse pad. Or, you can ask your children or your sibling to do that together because this DIY mouse pad is easy to create.

You only need to choose the proper stencil and paint it over the foam sheet or your old mouse pad. Wait until it dries completely, and after all, you can use it.

Upcycling Old Mouse Pad

Upcycling old Mouse Pad

One of the points of doing a DIY project is to reuse and upcycle the old stuff. That is why you don’t need to toss your old stuff and buy the new one. You can create from the simplest and the easiest way to the hard one.

This project offers you the simplest way. Also, the materials must be on your desk as well so that you don’t have to buy it. So, what are you waiting for?

DIY Wool Felt Mouse Pad

DIY Wool Felt Mouse Pad
Wonderful DIY

There are so many items made out of the wool felt. If you are curious enough, how does it works, let’s get started!

You can make a mouse pad from this wool felt. One of the best design is the monogrammed felt mouse pad. It is easy to create and doesn’t need any “hard to find” materials.

Tips: Use the spray adhesive to keep it clean.

Super Easy Leather Mouse Pad

Super Easy Leather Mouse Pad

It is always a good idea to create the effortless project, which results in the adorable stuff.

If you are going to try that way, you can try to create this super easy DIY mouse pad made out of leather.

You can make a circle mark on the paper, then trace it out on the leather. Cut out the circle and voila! You have finished your project.

DIY Leopard Mouse Pad Cover

DIY Leopard Mouse Pad Cover

Placing a leopard mouse pad can be the easiest and the cheapest way to embrace the funky style.

You only need a mouse pad, leopard-patterned fabric. Stick the mouse pad and the fabric with the spray adhesive. Find the complete steps and materials here.

DIY Charming Mouse Pad

DIY Charming Mouse Pad
Cindy Roy

The DIY mouse pad can be the best decision to modify your boring mouse pad into the charming one. You don’t need to spend more money to modify the old mouse pad since you can try to create it yourself.

Also, you can choose your favorite material or the pattern as you wish easily.

DIY Painted Cork Mouse Pad

DIY Painted Cork Mouse Pad

The natural beauty of wooden material is one of the relaxing shade. When you want to embrace the natural shade, you can apply this shade on your room.

The mouse pad is one of the small things which can give a big impact to the room. That is why there are so many DIY mouse pad ideas to consider. And this painted cork mouse pad can be one of the amazing ideas you can try.

So that are the ideas we have been collected to inspire you in creating the mousepads. Happy crafting!

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