DIY Closet Organizer

There is nothing happier than opening a closet and knowing the items we need neatly arranged in it. But sometimes it is just hard to keep them neat. Hence you need a closet to store your items to ensure they are neat and well collected.

If you are interested in creating your own closet, you might need the DIY closet ideas. So here are some to consider:

DIY Closet Organizer Systems

DIY Closet Organizer

Visually, it is a tiny space. Functionally, it can be the best place to store your items. You don’t need to worry about the scattered things anymore. Moreover, it can save your up-to-toe items neatly.

You can hang your coats and jackets on the rod. While the small things can be stored on the baskets over the rod. You can hang your bags on the door and keep your shoes underneath the rod.

Hint: So once you open the door of the closet, you will find what you need quickly.

Industrial Wood Closet Organizer Plans

DIY Wood Closet Organizer Plans
Ana White

If you want to feel like you are in a fancy store when you are dressing, installing this kind of closet is the best option. This doorless closet can expose your hanging clothes perfectly. This closet works best if your collections are neatly arranged.

It is a good idea to place the seagrass baskets which match perfectly with the pallet. The key to an industrial appearance is the water pipes. Hence, you have to place them as the hanger of your clothes.

See another idea: Makeup Storage Ideas.

Custom Closet Organizer

Diy Custom Closet Organizer
Found on

If the hanging closet is not your type, then you have to try this kind of closet. A shelving wall is one of the best friends for those who have a small space. It is also a good place to store your small items.

It is going to be cheaper if you use the boards as the materials instead of the wood. You can add the natural rope of each box so that you can pull out the storage easily.

If you want to make it look nicer, add a chalkboard for each box.

Closet Organizer Kit

Diy Closet Organizer Kit

Keeping your cleaning kit into the fancy one is worth trying, especially if your space is small enough. You only need to prepare some baskets to keep the stuff neatly arranged.

On the other side, place the broom holder. Put the stuff according to the types to make it easier to find.

Tips: Place the frequently-used items on the eye level.

Add An Accent

Diy Closet Organizer Walk In

We have to admit the beauty of the hand-dyed patterns fabric. It looks so natural and amazing. It could be a fancy focal point of your closet to store your things.

The materials you will need to make that closet are:

  • A sheet of MDF cut into 14” strips
  • 1″x2″ pine boards to create the shelf supports (two 14” pieces for each shelf)
  • 1″x2″ poplar boards to create a nice thick facing for each cubbie (amount depends on the size of your closet and shelves)
  • Nail gun or hammer and finishing nails
  • Wood filler and caulk
  • Level, tape measure

For further steps, you can see here.

Slender and Simple In One

Simple Diy Closet Organizer
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If you want a slender closet, this industrial-strength steel wire can be the best idea. It doesn’t only give you a sturdy appearance of the steel. On the other side, it makes your room look more spacious.

One of the perks of having the double-rod can help you to store much more. Moreover, each tower contains 5 racks to store your things properly. So if your room is not spacious enough, you need to place this closet to store your items well.

Closet Organizer Walk In

Diy Closet Organizer Walk In

The best closet is the one that can store all your items properly to make it easier to find. This kind of closet contains some parts to store your items according to the types.

The double-rods of the closet help you to keep the clothes hanged-neatly. The smaller shelves are good to place some boxes and store small things.

On the lower part, you can put your shoes. The larger shelves work best to store the stacks of your clothes over the drawer where you can put the private items.

Baby Closet Organizer

Diy Baby Closet Organizer
by Emily

We all know that the baby has lots of stuff. If you want to collect their stuff into one place and are on a budget, you need a DIY Closet Organizer for your baby to keep the stuff neat.

You can create some shelves to store small things. Create a bigger area on the closet to place the storage box of the toy.

You also use the door area to place some hooks and hang the clothes. Add some cute arts to make it look nicer.

Opt For The Farmhouse Style

DIY Farmhouse Closet Organizer
created by Emily

The beauty of the farmhouse style can turn an area into the fancy one. And if you are a farmhouse-style enthusiast, you can apply this style to your closet. The supplies you will need:

  • Wooden crates
  • Natural rope
  • Hole saw
  • Drill
  • Palm sander
  • Paint – I used chalk paint
  • Sealer
  • Paint sprayer

This beautiful DIY closet organizer doesn’t only capable to store your things. It can make your area look adorable.

See more Farmhouse Decor Ideas: Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Cleaning Organizer Setup

Cleaning Organizer Setup
Made by Sarah

Doesn’t it weird when you do not store your cleaning kit properly? If so, let’s arrange them neatly. If you are going to store them stylishly, you take a natural theme.

The wooden baskets are a good idea to store the cleaning liquids. The plastic bins work better to store bulbs, flashlights, and batteries.

Tips: If you want another accent, place the rattan basket to store the linens.

It makes your closet both look neat and beautiful.

Keep Your Purses Tidy

Diy Closet Organizer For Purses
Polished Habitat

If one of your hobbies is collecting the purses, then you have to ensure they are all well-stored. You have to store them properly. And this kind of closet can keep your items properly.

You can hang your clothes on the rods, place the purses on the wall-mounted acrylic, and your bags on the shelves which divide one by one.

And when it comes to dressing time, it will please you as well.

Chic Closet Organizer

Chic Closet Organizer

It is always a good time when coming to the closet and seeing everything is neatly arranged. If you are going to encourage the chic style, you have to apply the stencil wallpaper.

You can also make it look nicer by adding a mirror and a chandelier. This closet is a good place to store your up-to-toe items.

Different Days, Different Outfits

Diy Closet Organizer Drawers

One of the best closet organizers is the drawer closet organizer. It can help you to hide the uninvited view when you can’t keep your items neat.

If you love planning things, you can plan your wardrobe for the whole week. You can write the day’s mark on each box. It will help you to deal with the time.

Hints: There is no more racing on finding the items when you are in a hurry.

DIY PVC Closet Organizer

DIY PVC Closet Organizer
Created by Infarrantly creative

There are so many ways to keep your undies are well stored, whether expensive or not. But as long as you can try the inexpensive one, then it is worth trying.

You will need the following supplies:

  • 3” PVC pipe
  • spray primer
  • spray paint (I used Krylon – Watermelon, Ballet Slipper, and Fairy Tale)
  • chop saw
  • optional: some clamps and a piece of wood to serve as a guide for cutting
  • sanding sponge
  • PVC pipe glue

You can follow the steps above to create a DIY PVC closet organizer.

Wall-mounted Closet Organizer

DIY Wall-mounted Closet Organizer
Pottery Barn

There will always a lot of ideas to deal with the small space. If it comes to a closet, then a wall-mounted closet can be the best option.

The iron rod and frame infuse the rustic appearance. Also, the shelves over the rod can be the best place to put some baskets. You can also place the stack of your clothes on the shelves next to the rod.

Additionally, you can store another item on the space under the hanging clothes.

Rustic Closet Organizer

Rustic Closet Organizer

Do you want to accentuate the rustic style of your home? If so, you need to try to make it through your closet organizer!

It is a good decision to let the wooden shelves unpainted. To make the vibe warmer, you can add a wall-mounted lamp.

And if you want to infuse the natural beauty, put the seagrass baskets and rug. The potted flowers beautifully placed on the shelf and work best as a focal point.

Shoe Closet Organizer

Shoes Closet Organizer

If you are wondering what the best way to store your shoes; storing properly is the best answer. In this case, properly means in a save way and also neatly arranged.

You can collect them in a closet to find them easily. Also, it can keep them look great. In addition, it lasts longer.

Wire Basket Closet Organizer

Wire Basket Closet Organizer
Simply Organized

One of the perks of storing the linens on the wire baskets is the antique appearance. The wire baskets are cheaper, normally. Also, they are easier to clean.

You have to arrange the baskets neatly and sort them according to the types of linen.

Tips: If it is needed, you can add some tags on each basket.

So when you are not home, everyone can find what they need easily.

Closet Organizer Bedroom

Closet Organizer Bedroom

Some people think it is weird to place the closet outside the bedroom so that they keep it inside.

It is a good decision, indeed. But one thing you have to remember that you need to keep your items in the closet neat. You don’t want to see the messy closet right after you open your eyes in the morning, right?

The lower part is the best place to store your shoes. And on the top of the closet is the best place to store the linen or some infrequently used stuff.

Closet Organizer IKEA

DIY Closet Organizer IKEA
Product by IKEA

Your wardrobe needs this closet organizer to keep them neat. The longer part is the best place to store long dresses or coats.

You can store small things on the drawer and the shoes or bags on the lowest part. It fits your need to place a closet in a small space.

Small Closet Organizer

Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör

In order to deal with the small area, this small closet organizer should be applied in your room. This small space allows you to store your clothes, bags, hats, and shoes on the shelves.

And if you need the extra storage, you can use the pallets.

Cute Closet Organizer

Cute Closet Organizer
The Organised Housewife

One of the best ways to tidy their wardrobe is by decorating their closet. And this cute closet is good for them. The lower rod and the drawers allow them to take their clothes easily.

You can follow the steps and see the supplies you will need here.

Hanging Closet Organizer

Hanging Closet Organizer

This hanging closet organizer really fits your needs when your area is not spacious. It can be placed on the rod so that you can place your stack of clothes, bags, and shoes that are well-stored.

Also, since it is a portable closet, you can move it wherever you want.

Linen Closet Organizer

Linen Closet Organizer
Dear Lillie

Placing those white linens on the gray cabinet is never goes wrong. It gives you an elegant appearance. But the stencil gives more interest and make it look more beautiful.

It looks more adorable when you add the natural baskets, wire baskets, and jars.

Diy Utility Closet Organizer

Diy Utility Closet Organizer

You might be boring with the standard closet. In order to have a storage space, the door can be the answer to store your items.You only need to hang a wall rack on the door, and voila! The closet is ready to use!

Hats Closet Organizer

Hats Closet Organizer

When you don’t have any specific place to store your hats, this hack can help you to keep your hats well-collected.

You only need to attach ropes to the wall with the hooks. After that, you can attach hats to the ropes with the clips.

DIY Easy Closet Organizer

DIY Easy Closet Organizer
Created by Kristi

However, the point of the DIY project is mostly easy and cheap. This easy closet organizer is one of the projects that worth trying.

It is a good custom closet that contains many shelves to store your items. That is why, if you have lots of stuff and willing to find further steps and materials, follow the steps.

DIY Plywood Closet Organizer

DIY Plywood Closet Organizer
Two Feet First

Due to the budget, it’s a good decision to choose plywood material for the closet. You can create a big closet to store every stuff you have.

It is a great idea to place a standing mirror in front of the closet. The mirror is beneficial to ensure whether your outfit matches.

DIY Shelves Closet Organizer

DIY Shelves Closet Organizer

If you don’t have any left space to store your items, it is your time to create shelves organizer. You can place the new shelves over the existing one so that, all of your items are well stored.

You can see here and see how the shelves are made of.

Industrial Closet Organizer

Industrial Closer Organizer
by Haven Builders Inc on Houzz

Are you looking for the idea of applying the industrial look of the closet?

Placing a barn door on the closet is one of the best alternatives. Moreover, it is way much better if you do not paint the wooden drawers.

The wooden floor is good together with the unpainted drawers and infuses the warm vibe. Later, the wall-mounted lamp can make it warmer.

Closet Organizer for Hats and Socks

Closet Organizer for Hats and Socks

If you have plenty of socks, ties, and hats, then it is time to create a closet to store them properly.

You don’t need to spend a significant amount of money to make it works.

You can hang the ties, belts, and hats on the hooks while socks are on the wire basket. For further steps, you can see here.

Closet Sliding Pants Organizer

Closet Sliding Pants Organizer

It is weird when you see plenty of the folds on your pants when you stack them on the closet. That is why you need this idea to make your pants neat.
The materials you will need:

  • 1 1″ x 2″ x 8′ piece of wood.
  • 3 1/2″ x 48″ wooden dowel.
  • 1 set of drawer slides.

Also, it is simple to take the pant you need because you only have to pull the sliders out.

Fancy Closet Organizer

Fancy Closet Organizer
Get the product on Amazon
This fancy closet can be the best option for your limited space. And as you may notice, this closet is made out of solid wood. Hence, the appearance is fancier.

Functionally, it is beneficial. It allows you to hang your clothes on rods and keep them neat.

Later, you can store your private items on the drawers and the shoes and bags on the shelves.

Closet Organizer Shelves

Closet Organizer Shelves
DIY Danielle

Storing your stuff on the shelves can be the best option, especially when your area is limited.

Since it is a simple closet, it doesn’t even contain drawers. You can place a tiny drawer on it to store your personal item.

To convenient your dressing time, it is a good idea to place a seating area that comes up with the storage.

DIY Closet Organizer Under $100

DIY Closet Organizer Under $100
Monica Wants It

If you are wondering if it is possible to create a closet for under $100, here is the answer. Besides inexpensive, it is also easy to install. Also, the white wire shelves allow you to store your items easily. Placing a natural basket is one of the best ways to create a focal point of the closet.

Collect Them In One Place

Family Closet Organizer

Placing the wardrobe of the whole family in one place sometimes is a good idea. Of course, you only need a big area to make it works.

Instead of storing the clothes by hanging them, stack them on the shelves is way tidier. That is why this idea is the best option for storing lots of items.

Wood Painted Closet Organizer

Wood Painted Closet Organizer

There are so many ways to keep your old closet stays in your room, yet it goes better. The most important thing is it should be inexpensive.

You only need to sand down the closet and paint it white. After that, cover the backing of the closet with wallpapers.

Adding a wooden box is one of the best ideas to make them as a focal point.

Barn Door Closet Organizer with Mirror

Barn Door Closet Organizer with Mirror

There was an industrial style of a closet which use a barn door above. In this project, it is a wooden barn door and comes up with a mirror.

This tiny place doesn’t allow you to store lots of clothes, indeed. But you still can hang some clothes on the rod. The shelf over the rod is a good place to store your shoe boxes. And it also a great idea to place a hanging lamp.

On the lowest part, you can store your shoes on the wire rack.

Pinky Linen Closet Organizer

Pinky Linen Closet Organizer

It is a good idea for those who love pink color. In the other side, it is also a good idea for those who want to decor the closet inexpensively.

To create this kind of closet, you will need:

  • Bins/baskets
  • Labels
  • Shelving paper
  • Invisible tape

The labeled-bins help you to find what you need easily. Also, the pink wallpaper matches perfectly with the white bins and white linens.

Invisible Shoe Closet Organizers

Invisible Shoes Closet Organizer

One of the reasons why you should store your shoes properly is to keep them last. You can keep your shoes from dust, water, and sunlight.

Tips: Before you put your shoes to the storage, you have to clean it a little.

In the other side, placing a standing mirror in the walk-in closet is always a good idea. Moreover, you can make it look more adorable by adding some wall arts.

DIY Linen Closet and Wrapping Storage

DIY Linen Closet and Wrapping Storage
by DIY Decor Mom

Looking for the best idea to decor your linen storage, yet it is also beneficial?

You need to repaint the melamine shelves and install the wallpaper. Place the white rattan basket to store the linens. After that, install the gift wrap over the door.

Labeling each basket is the best way to knowing where the things you need.
The colorful wrapping station makes the closet look more adorable and cute.

Closet Organizer for Him

Closet Organizer for Him

We all know that some man tends to have less stuff. This closet is the right option for them.

It contains a bunch of hooks to store ties and belts. Additionally,
the shelves are a perfect place to store the shoes and some clothes.

You can also store the pants on the rod to avoid the uninvited fold which comes when you stack them on the shelves.

Walk-in Closet for Small Space

Walk-in Closet for Small Space
House of Handmade

If you are wondering what to do with the small closet, you need to try to transform it so that you can collect your items in one.

You can play with the wall-mounted storage.

  1. Place some hooks to store the hats collection.
  2. Add some wooden pads to place your heels.
  3. Install some cloth bags to store flat shoes and sneakers.

On the other side, you can place your clothes on the rod and the shelves.

Black and White Closet Organizer

Black and White Closet Organizer
This Is Our Bliss

The black and white closet organizer is one of the best ideas that worth trying. It can store your items way much more. On the other side, it can please you.

You can use fabric baskets with patterns to store small items on the top of the closet. To make it beautiful, adding wall art is a good opt.

Hints: You can also place the natural baskets to give a different accent among the monochrome vibe.

Upcycle The Cardboard

DIY Cardboard Closet Organizer
Jane and Sonja

No wonder, when you are in a budget, you can be more creative than before. It is your opportunity to modify your closet organizer.

In this case, you can use the cardboards as the object. The materials you will need are:

  • Cardboard box (measured 8 ½” high x 9” wide x 16” long)
  • Elmer’s Fabric Spray Adhesive
  • Woven Fabric, lightweight cotton, printed or solid; 36” long x 60” wide
  • Extra-large black Ric Rac trim
  • Chalkboard Labels
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Newspaper (to protect working area)

The following steps can help you further to upcycle the cardboard.

Mudroom Closet Organizer

DIY Mudroom Closet Organizer

Decorating a tiny mudroom in a closet is always a good decision. Although it is only 3″ x 3 3/4″, when you can arrange it smartly, you can make it works.

The small yet beneficial shoe organizer is a nice place to put the artsy stuff. In the other side, the shelf works best to put the baskets to store everything.

You can install the wall-mounted wire basket to store documents and sunglasses. Placing a stool, rug, and a mirror can be the best idea to make the mudroom look nicer.

White Closet Organizer

White Closet Organizer

If you want to embrace the elegant style of your room, you can install a white closet organizer. Besides, it can match with any other color of your room.

It is going to be more stylish and also more beautiful when you store the black stuff in the closet.

On the other side, this closet contains numerous amount of storage. That is why it is perfect for your tons of stuff.

Nursery Closet Organizer

Nursery Closet Organizer
Elizabeth Pullman

When it comes to children’s stuff, it is going to take the space of your room since their stuff is much more. But if you can arrange the stuff smartly, it can save space.

You can hang the clothes on the rod. On the other side, you can store other stuff in natural baskets.

Hint: Aesthetically, it is pleasing. Moreover, it works best to store your children’s stuff.

DIY Custom Closet Organizer

DIY Custom Closet Organizer

If you are wondering how to modify your closet which full of thing, here is the answer how.

One thing you have to remember, your closet should contain some shelves shelf and drawers instead of wire basket shelves.

It will help you to divide while you are storing your items. Also, it will help you to find them easily.

Tips: To hide the messy small items, you can store them in the box.

Closet Organizer with Basket

Closet Organizer with Basket

Storing your small items on the baskets and some box can be the best idea. Moreover, when you label or add the tag on every box and also baskets, you can find them quickly once you open the closet door.

That is why you need this custom organizer to store your items and keep them tidy. Moreover, the white baskets are perfect together with the blue ribbon of the tag, and so do the box.

Wire Basket Linen Closet Organizer

Wire Basket Linen Closet Organizer

Storing the linens are better on the wire basket. It will let the linen breathe and avoid the odor.

Other than that, it is easier to maintain the wire basket. Instead of letting them stack on the shelves, placing them on the wire basket also help the linens more organized.

You can also store the liquid tidier on the wire basket, which makes it looks nicer. You can see the steps here for further information.

Black and White Closet Organizer
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