DIY Shoe Rack

If you are wondering why it is important to have a DIY shoe rack, here is the reasons why.

Doesn’t it frustrating when your house is full of scattered shoes? It causes an uninvited view. Besides, your shoes won’t long last, even causes odor. you need a DIY shoe rack.

A DIY shoe rack is all that you need when you want a personalized rack. Also, it is the answer if you want to improve your skills. 

And if you are wondering how to make your shoes long last, here are the tips:

  • Store your shoes properly

Organizing the shoes properly is one of the simple steps to enhance the life of the shoes. Besides, you have to ensure you clean them regularly to ensure the dust won’t cover them.

Also, you have to ensure that you do not store them near the sunlight directly.

  • Rotate your shoes

Try to change your shoes every day to prevent the cracks. On the other side, changing your shoes every day will help your shoes dry completely, which is also prevent odor.

  • Protect the soles

Protecting the soles can be the best alternatives if you want to extend the life of your shoes. On the other side, they will provide traction on slippery surfaces.

After you have found how to extend the life of your shoes, here are some diy shoe rack ideas you need to consider:

DIY Shoe Rack Under the Bench

DIY Shoe Rack Under the Bench
Project by Trey and Lucy

If you live with other family members, it is important to divide the shoe storage. It simplifies the way you find the shoe you are going to wear.

Also, every family members take responsibility for taking care of their own shoes. On another side, placing the bench over the basket storage is a great decision.

It can a little bit hide the view of the baskets, just in case you put the shoe untidy.

Find more storage ideas: DIY Shelves

DIY Entryway Shoe Storage

DIY Entryway Shoe Storage
by Brad Rodriguez

Placing the DIY shoe rack on the entryway is such a perfect decision, among others moreover if you install a bench over the rack.

You can wear the shoe comfortably, or let your kids sit down while waiting for getting ready on the bench.

Tips: You have to make sure the sunlight doesn’t hit your shoe collections.

DIY Floating Shoe Rack

DIY Floating Shoe Rack
Project by

If you need DIY shoe rack ideas that fit your small space, here is the answer.

The benefits of this kind of shoe storage are it doesn’t need a spacious area to install and also more flexible.

You don’t need to worry about the function of this shoe rack. It doesn’t only easy to install, yet this kind of storage is user-friendly because you can store both women, men, and also kid’s shoes.

Tips: You can place this storage in the hallway of your house.

DIY Shoe Rack PVC-Leather

DIY Shoe Rack PVC-Leather
Project by

One of the benefits, when you are on a budget is that your creativity will increase naturally.
You will use the available materials surrounding instead of buying in the store.

You can use PVC pipes and combine it with the leather. The PVC pipes will work as the frame. Meanwhile, the leather will work as the shoe holder.

Tips: You shouldn’t gluing the joints so that you can dismantle this diy shoe rack easily.

Collect Them In One

DIY Giant Shoe Rack

This giant DIY shoe rack should be on your house if you live with lots of family members or if you have a bunch of shoe collections. It is one of the best alternatives to store your shoe vertically.

If you want to utilize the old stuff, you can repurpose the old pallets. And if you want to free up the floor, you can install this shoe rack on the wall so that you can use the space underneath.

The natural color of the pallets can infuse the rustic vibe, which makes your closet looks prettier.

Industrial Shoe Rack

DIY Easy Industrial Shoe Rack

Accentuating the industrial vibe to your house is no longer a big deal. You can repurpose the galvanized water pipe and the polished wooden plank, which perfect together to make an industrial shoe rack.

Viola! you can get the industrial and sturdy shoe storage in one!

Tips: And if you want a movable rack, you can change the pipe caps with the castors.

Wooden Boot Hanger

DIY Boot Hanger
Get it on

We do agree that you wear a boot during the rainy season or when you are gardening, right?

When rain is coming, you must be wearing the boot often. You have to ensure that they are dry completely so that you can wear them whenever you need to.

To keep your boots dry, you need to hang them

Industrial Pipe Shoe Rack

DIY Industrial Pipe Shoe Rack

If you want to display your shoe collections stylishly, you can utilize the water pipes. You can install the water pipes on the wall, then place your shoe on it.

This DIY shoe rack is also one of the best alternatives if you want to save your space. You can use the space under the storage to store your stuff, or if you want to beautify your room, you put a potted plant.

But it is okay if you want to keep it blank to make your room looks wider.

DIY Shoe Rack Cabinet

DIY Shoe Rack Cabinet

It is always a good idea to place your DIY shoe rack under the window to keep them dry without hitting the sunlight directly.

The dry environment of storage will prevent it from fungi that harm your shoes. And if you desire to have a minimalist vibe, you can combine the stained plank and the white cabinet.

Tips: Make both standard size and boot size to ensure your boot also well-storage.

Classy Bedroom Shoe Rack

Classy Bedroom Shoe Rack
By Shani Silver via

Adding shoe storage to your small bedroom is no longer a big deal if you see how this project works. You need to store your shoe vertically in the closet.

If you want to make your room feel spacious, you can choose a light color that perfectly together with the background. Also, you have to avoid the doorless closet so that the unwanted view of your shoe won’t ruin the classy vibe.

Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Simple DIY Shoe Rack
See the tutorial at

If you want simple yet stylish shoe storage, this stylish DIY shoe rack is all that you need. It is perfect stuff if you want to store a few often used shoes.

The less you store on this storage, the tidier it would be. If this kind of storage takes your interest, you can see how to make it at the instructable.

Tips: You can place this shoe storage in the entryway to make it handy.

Easy DIY Shoe Rack

Easy DIY Shoe Rack

Challenge your skills by creating something made out of the pallet. Besides any other materials, you can find pallets easier and also cheaper. Sort the good quality of the pallets, then set it to be a DIY shoe rack.

You only need to sand it down, then store plenty of your shoes on it. The natural color of the pallet brings in the rustic style in the hallway.

DIY Triangular Shoe Rack

DIY Triangular Shoe Rack

This project is for those who want to deal with the small space or maximizing the space they own. Made out of thick cardboard, this DIY shoe rack can hold plenty of your shoes properly.

Unfortunately, this storage size is not boot-friendly. Hence, you have to place another cardboard on the peak of the storage to store your shoes that’s not fit the size.

DIY Shoe Rack Made Out Of Crates

DIY Shoe Rack Made Out Of Crates
By Jamie Dorobek

Instead of tossing away the crates you own, it is way much better if you upcycle it. You can make a flexible storage unit to store your shoes.

As long as you can arrange them well, you can save a lot of space and store your shoes much more.

Tips: You can also keep your boots well-managed on this diy shoe rack by placing the crates vertically.

The materials you will need:

  • 6 large crates
  • Stains or paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Drop cloth

DIY Shoe Rack with Bench

Crates Shoe Rack Bench

It is the best answer if you avoid the clutter caused by the shoe collections. You can store all of your shoe collections on those crates. And if you want to convenient the shoe-ing time, installing a bench over the storage is a good option.

Other than that, the bench over the crates can hide the unwanted view caused by the cluttered shoe collections. You can make it even more aesthetic by painting the bench and the crates in a contrasting color.

Copper Pipe Fitting Shoe Rack

DIY Copper Shoe Rack
Project by

If you are wondering if it is possible to have slender yet sturdy shoe storage, this DIY copper shoe rack is the answer. The hint of the copper of the T fittings and elbow fittings is good together with the pipes.

Tips: The more you put the pipes, you can place the smaller shoes.

You can put this shoe storage in the hallway to keep the shoes of the guess tidy.

Display Them On The Wall

DIY Shoe Rack Display
By Jenna McArthur

If you are planning to display your high heels collection, you can mount it on the wall. You don’t need to worry about how to make it works because you can do it effortlessly.

You only need to paint the unused frame, then fix it to the wall in two rows. Once the paint dries completely, you can hook your heels onto the frames.

If you don’t want to let the space under the DIY shoe rack, you can put a table and some decorative arts.

Classy Cabinet Shoe Storage

Classy Cabinet Shoe Storage

It is your turn if you want to hide your shoe collections tidy. You can store your shoes in the cabinet. Besides keeping your shoes stylishly, this kind of cabinet can store your shoes properly.

To keep it handy, you can place the cabinet in the entryway or under the stairs. Also, placing a padded bench next to the cabinet is a great decision to convenience you.

Note: Aesthetically, it is a good idea to choose the color, which melts with the cabinet, bench, and the stairs.

Floating Shoe Rack Under the Bench

Floating Shoe Rack Under the Bench
by Megan

What should you do with the space on the entryway? Storage is a great option, among others. You can maximize the space in the entryway by storing your shoe collections.

If you want to keep them tidy and hide the unwanted view, you can store your shoes underneath the bench.

On the other side, you can store your artsy collections to make your entryway looks more adorable. The hooks on the wall are a good place to store your coats or bag with a bouquet inside.

Keep It Cool

DIY Scrap Wood Shoe Rack
By Bethany SY

You can beautify your house with a cabinet that is functional at the same time. Functionally, the cabinet works as shoe storage.

On the other side, you can store your bags over the cabinet or put potted flowers. Besides, you can make the cabinet the focal point of your room by painting it with a light color, which contrasts with the floor.

Tips: You can add the natural touch by adding a mother in law plant on the natural basket.

Mudroom Bench With Shoe Rack

Mudroom Bench With Shoe Rack

If you want a super simple thing to store your shoes properly, you can maximize the space under the bench as well.

You can add the rods under the bench to hold your shoes if you want to repurpose the available bench.

But if you want to start from the beginning, you can see how to make the bench, which also works as the DIY shoe rack here. So, you can avoid the clutter shoes and collect your stuff on your mudroom tidy.

Simple Ladder Shoe Rack

Simple Leaning Ladder Shoe Rack
Inspired by

If you want to maximize the space in your hallway, this leaning ladder should be on your to-do list. This slender storage can hold plenty of your shoes smartly without taking the space.

The vertical storing is all that you need if you have to deal with the limited space. And the natural color of the oak can be an attractive focal point of your room.

It is going to be more attractive if you put a potted plant on the top of the ladder to infuse the natural vibe.

Simple Paint Can Shoe Rack

Simple Paint Can Shoe Rack
Paint Can Shoe Rack via

If you still wondering what to do with your paint cans, this DIY shoe rack project will show you how to upcycle the paint cans.

First of all, you have to ensure that the cans are clean both inside and outside. You can spray-paint the cans if you want to make it a little bit colorful, which also can beautify your blank wall.

You don’t need to do many things, because you only need to screw them into the wall.

DIY Shoe Rack Garage

DIY Shoe Rack Garage

It is such a challenge to play with the garage where you stash your household, even the unused stuff. Hence you have to find the best DIY shoe rack ideas so that you can store your shoes properly.

But if you want to make the simple one, you can use the wooden plank and make a simple rack.

Before you follow the tutorial, you need to count your shoe collections so that you can measure the wood you will need and the size of the rack.

DIY Shoe Rack for High Heels

DIY Shoe Rack for High Heels
Smart Idea by Caroline

This very thin shoe storage is the answer if you are struggling in finding the best heel storage ideas.

You will need a Gridwall mesh display panel to hold and display your heels by leaning it on the wall.

And if you want to bring the minimalist style to your house, this thin yet sturdy storage is all that you need. You can place a plant to make it more attractive so that it can be a focal point of the space.

DIY Skateboard Shoe Rack on Wall

DIY Skateboard Shoe Rack on Wall

Shout out to the skateboard enthusiast!

It is your turn to upcycling your skateboard collections and create something brilliant. 

You will need the following materials:

  • 2 corner braces 
  • 2 screws per brace   
  • 2 flat head machine screws with hex nuts 
  • Level 
  • Screwdriver  
  • Chalk or pencil 
  • Old skateboard

You can install the skateboards and set them on the wall, then place your shoe collections on it. This smart way of storing shoes, which worth trying. Also, it is way cheaper than buying the new one. 

Space Saver Shoe Rack

Space Saver Shoe Rack
Get the product on Amazon

When you live in a small area or if you want to maximize the space as well, the shoe tree can be the best alternative.

The benefits of using this kind of shoe storage are: you can store your flat shoes, sneakers, or even sandals.

Also, this vertical storage system of this rack helps you to maximize the space you own. On another side, this storage can keep your shoes much more and collect them in one place.

Fill In Your Corner

DIY Corner Shoe Rack

Maximize the space in your house by filling the corner with a functional shoe corner, which works as the bench at the same time. It is made out of wood. Paint white the shoe rack, then let the top part unpainted.

Create different sizes of the rack so that it could fit from the flip-flop to the boots. And if you don’t want to use it as the bench, place some decorative pieces or even potted plants to infuse a fresher atmosphere.

The Multifunction Shoe Rack

DIY Multifunction Shoe Rack

This kind of shoe rack will work perfectly if you place it in your front door to keep your shoe collections stay in place and tidy. 

The supply materials you will need are:

  • 1 x 12
  • 1 x 10
  • 1 x 3
  • 1 x 2
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Mint paint
  • Clear coat for sealing

Create a shelf where you could put and keep your shoes tidy. Then, the space under the shelf is spacious enough, which means you can also keep your shoes properly. 

Unfortunately, the shelf is not high enough so that you have to put the boots next to the shoe storage as well. 

Pop It Up

DIY Pop Out Shoe Rack

If you don’t have enough space to keep your shoes collect in place properly, consider the pop-up type of storage.

It could keep your shoe collections from the dust that will damage your shoes. It also avoid them from scattered all around the floor.

Stick a cushion on the top of the shoe rack where you could use your shoe comfortably. Consider painting it with white paint, then choose the grey cushion that melts with the vibe of the room perfectly.

Modern Shoe Rack

DIY Modern Shoe Rack
Get the product at Amazon

This shoe rack is going to be perfect to upgrade the beauty of your room with a simple touch. The combination of the wood and the alloy steel offers you a unique look. It has three steel tiers, which could hold your shoes much more.

Also, you don’t need to worry about your shoe rack will easily slip since it is designed with the angled cuts on the top half to flush with any type of wall. Besides, it has non-slip rubber pads on the feet.

DIY Wood Spinning Shoe Rack

DIY Wood Spinning Shoe Rack
See details at Etsy

This spinning shoe rack offers you a practical way of choosing your shoes when you have a lot of shoe collections and also have to deal with limited space.

This shoe rack contains one spinning base with six tiers racks with several spaces on each tier. Leave it unpainted if you are planning to expose the beauty of nature. And if you want a little colorful touch, consider painting it as you wish that fits your space.

DIY Sturdy Shoe Rack

DIY Sturdy Shoe Rack

If you are planning on creating a sturdy shoe rack in your house, which exposing the rough appearance, here is the project that will inspire you. This kind of shoe rack is made out of water pipes with solid wood boards.

Consider measuring the height that fits your boots so that it could store all of your shoe collections properly. Polish the board to sharpen the color and the texture of your board.

Functional Shoe Rack

DIY Functional Shoe Rack
A Project by

Maximize the function of the shoe rack as well. It is made out of the painted wood combined with the unpainted one on the top part of the shoe rack. Create some shelves that fit your heels, flat shoes, and flip flop.

On the other side, create the higher so that you can put your boot collections.
Decorate your shoe rack with the metal can along with the orchid. Add a mirror that helps your space looks way more spacious.

The Inexpensive Project: DIY Big PVC Shoe Rack

DIY Big PVC Shoe Rack
A smart project by

If you are on a budget, yet you are planning to try to keep your shoe collections stay in place to avoid the messy room. Try using the big PVC pipe to organize your shoes inexpensively and stylishly at the same time.

Cut the pipe into ten 12″, then wash it. After that, sand down the edge of the holes to ensure it won’t damage your shoe collections.

Add a touch of a little artistic hint by painting it with brown acrylic paint. Stick each PVC log using the PVC glue and clamp in place. Let it dries completely.

DIY Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

DIY Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

The copper pipe simply adds an elegant touch to the wall. 

The supplies you will need:

  • 3-floor flanges 
  • 3 copper
  • 1 – 90 degree angle adaptor
  • 1 “T” adaptor
  • 2 – 3′ lengths of copper pipe + 2 copper pipe pieces sized to the depth of the shelf
  • Wall anchors

Measure the distance between the copper from the wall and the distance between the two lengths of copper. It helps you to ensure that it fits your shoes as well. 

Wire Shoe Rack

DIY Wire Shoe Rack

Storing your shoes in a customized wire basket is such a smart choice. It doesn’t only work to store your shoes. Placing your outdoor activities on the shoe rack is also could be a good idea.

Paint differently each basket and add the number or any other stuff to distinguish it easily. Attach the wire basket with some rope on the hooks.

These multifunction shoe racks will upgrade the look of your hallway and also functional in one.

DIY Horse Shoe Rack

DIY Horse Shoe Rack
See details at Etsy

If you are looking for the proper horse shoes, boot storage, try considering this kind of rack made out of steel. It can keep the shape of the boots and the horse shoes in good condition.

Place this shoe rack in your front door where it is way handier. Besides, it is one of the smart ways to keep your house tidier.

Keep the rough look of the steel material that blends admirably with the shoe collections, which define masculinity as well.

That’s all! So, which idea is your favorite and takes your interest?

DIY Easy Industrial Shoe Rack
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