Owl Decor

Owls symbolize beauty and wisdom even though some cultures believe that owls are heralds of death. Applying the owl decor to infuse the spooky, beautiful, and wisdom look in your space.

It could be any kind of decorative piece. The owl accents won’t ruin the style of your space since they could melt with your current style or even colors.

The common owl decor comes in monochromatic schemes, indeed. Try using the colorful ones to bring in a different ambiance.

Here we created a list of owl decor ideas to uplift and add warmth to your house beautifully.

Wine Cork Holder Owl Decor

Wine Cork Holder Owl Decor
Via christmascentral.com

Who doesn’t love to bring functional decorative pieces to the house? Consider using the old decor wine cork holder made out of blue and copper patina finish.

It is perfect for indoor use even if it is made out of metal material. Place the owl decor on your kitchen or your bar.

You will no longer see the messy wine cork once you bring it home. Head tilts back when you are about to insert the corks, which is easy. Store your wine collections on the DIY wine rack.

Hang The Metal Wind Chime

Owl Decor Wind Chime
Get the product at Etsy

Infuse the soothing atmosphere to the house through the wind chime made out of steel. The wind chimes create comforting music, which makes you feel more relaxed.

The combination of the bigger owl that looks like perching on the wood and the smaller owls look like hanging under the wood. The unfinished metal also could make it looks way more elegant.

Hang the wind chime outside your house, then wait for the soothing sound.

Opt For The Black And White

Owl Decor Resin
Find the product on eBay

Add the patterned owl decor to uplift the design of your living space. It could be a focal point in your house effortlessly. The black and white accent looks perfect on the white spot.

The owl decor is made of resin. It is a versatile material, which is also tough and rigid. The texture of the owl offers you a pretty look, that is good together with the flowers on the clear vase.

Infuse The Gold Accent

Table Lamp Owl Decor
Source bedbathandbeyond.com

Avoid the common table lamp to light up your space. Try upgrading it with the owl decor table lamp. An elegant touch will appear much more when you turn the light on since the light reflects on the gold table lamp.

It makes the tree with an owl perch in one of the branches.

It is complemented with the round linen lampshade, which accentuates it and makes the owl looks way prettier and more elegant. Opt for the yellow light for a warmer hint.

More ideas: cool lamps.

Black Owl Resin Table Lamps

Owl Decor Resin Table Lamps
Source overstock.com

A mysterious hint on the living space comes perfectly from the dark owl decor. It would be an attractive spot between the light ones.

The black owl with the glossy finishing offers you an elegant touch of bohemian and electric style in one, with a simple touch.

Beautify the owl with the bright tone of the linen material, which melts with the tone surrounding it.

The yellow or white light will make the table lamp look perfect while illuminating your living space.

The Pretty Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign Owl Decor
Source Wayfair

Welcome your guests with a cute welcome sign with the cute owls that perch on the wood. It offers you a combination of beauty and mysterious ambiance from the first impression.

The lightweight polyresin material makes the owl durable. You can place it both indoor and outdoor as long as it is under protective roofing.

The brown paint with the hint of colorful paint creates a cute appearance.

Besides, the welcome sign that is crafted on the wood-like plank will uplift the beauty of the welcome sign itself.

Ceramic Statue Owl Decor

Ceramic Statue Owl Decor
See details at novica.com

When it comes to the classic accent, try bringing in the owl statue made out of handcrafted ceramic. It has a turquoise blue paint feather with a distressed accent to accentuate the aged look.

The aged look of this owl decor won’t make your space looks ugly and boring. Yet, it makes your space looks elegantly classic. Place the statue on the white shelf or the natural color of the wood.

Wall Decorative Pieces

Wall Owl Decor
Get the product at Etsy

Hang a wall decorative to your space to fill in the blank space on the wall adorably. Keep your decorative piece look elegantly minimalist. Consider the cute owl with a white background. The natural color of the wood offers you a warm touch.

You can choose the paper as you wish. The thing is, this wall decorative piece will blend perfectly with any kind of wall paint since the tone is neutral.

Owl Metal Cork Holder

Owl Decor Metal Cork Holder
See details at Ace Hardware

Don’t let your bar full with the wine cork. Keep the wine cork well-collected on the owl cork holder.
It is made of weathered metal material, which could accommodate up to 80 corks.

You can simply put the corks through the top part of the cork holder. Also, it is handy stuff.

You can bring it wherever you want and keep your space clean and tidy from the cork when you are having a good time with family or even friends.

Crystal Owl

Crystal Owl Decor
Shop at Walmart

Create a classy style for your house only with the simple touch only with owl decor. This classy touch would be the best thing to impress your guests. Place the owl LED lighted tabletop decor.
The crystal will create classy reflections.

This owl decoration is made out of the acrylic clear and blue diamond cut. Place it on the desk entrance to welcome your guests elegantly and impress them. Besides, it also takes part to enliven your special day.

Put The Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket Owl Decor
Via crateandbarrel.com

The nursery room is common with lots of stuff. Avoid the scattered stuff on the floor and start keeping the stuff in the storage. The rattan storage with the owl shape will add an attractive point to your space as well.

You will no longer see a messy room. Instead a stylish and tidy room.

The lid of the basket offers you to keep hiding the unwanted view. It looks good together with the natural rope on the wall over the crib.

Sisal Wood Material

Sisal Wood Owl Decor
From Overstock

Bring in the natural accent to your house with the sisal wood material for your decorative piece. The owl decor would look much better when it is made out of sisal wood that makes it looks like the real one.

The rustic, farmhouse, even bohemian style would match perfectly with the sisal wood owl decor.

The combination of light and dark sisal wood makes the owl decor look organic and natural.

Colorful Metal Owl Decoration

Colorful Owl Decor On the Moon
Via windandweather.com

Add the colorful touch to your blank wall with the owl decor. If the plain decoration is too common and usual, consider the colorful owl.

This owl decor is made out of metal material with patine-like finishes. The colorful sunflowers, swirly vines, and bright green leaves while the owl is a veritable rainbow of colors.

The bright colorful accents will upgrade the look of the owl and make it looks creative. You can attach this decorative piece both indoor and outdoor.

Classic Wooden Mirror

Wooden Mirror Owl Decor
Source Novica.com

Don’t let your mirror be held by the plain frame if you want to make it looks attractive. Add the carves on the wooden frame with the owl to accentuate the classic look elegantly.

It is also could be the best way to uplift the style in your house. The dark wooden tone with the glossy finishing brings the owl to the next level. Also, the red, green, and yellow hints will prevent the frame looks pale.

The Cute Bedding

Owl Decor For Bedroom
From allthingsthrifty.com

Enliven your kid’s bedroom with the cute owl decor. When the owl is related to the mysterious ambiance, try using the shocking pink hint to transform the owl into the cute one.

Install the wooden wall decorative piece over the headboard. Upcycle the window frame to make a wall decorative piece with a shocking pink hint.

Complement it with the owl bedding. Choose the same tone as the wall decorative piece. The seamless combination would be a focal point in the bedroom.

3D Owl Mirror

3D Owl Decor Mirror
Get the product at Aliexpress

The oversized 3D owl mirror installation creates a luxurious hint in your house effortlessly. The silver accent could reflect the light and make the room feels brighter and fancier.

It is made out of waterproof acrylic material that can be stuck easily on smooth and flat surfaces. Installing it on the wall stair could prevent a boring look. It melts seamlessly with the floating black stair.

Besides bringing the luxurious hint, the owl decor brings in a modern touch, which is worth trying.

Umbrella Holder

Umbrella Holder Owl Decor
Via Flickr

When the rainy season is coming, you need to ensure your umbrella is stored properly in the right place. Opt for storing the umbrella on the owl umbrella holder.

It doesn’t only keep your stuff well-organized. On the other side, it could bring in an aesthetical accent as well.

The white owl decor could be on your consideration. But, you have to ensure to clean it regularly to keep the beauty of the white owl umbrella holder. Place it on the entrance so that you can reach the umbrella easily.

Outdoor Owl Decor

Outdoor Owl Decor
See details at AliExpress

Decorate your garden with the owl decor to make your garden looks more alive. The owl could be an attractive point, which will impress your guests from first sight.

It is made out of resin material, which uses solar energy that will light up your garden beautifully. No worries, it is a waterproof design. Even when the rain or snow is coming, it still works properly. Other than that, the brown and white finishing allows you to see the beautiful owls during days.

Owl Ceramic Succulent Planters

Owl Decor Planters
Get the product at Amazon

Plant your succulent on the cute and admirable owl succulent planters that will upgrade your succulent to the next level. The ceramic material takes part to infuse an elegant touch.

Other than that, the cartoon design brings in a cute touch. Just like a normal planter, this owl planter is complemented by the draining hole at the bottom.

Place the planters on the wall-mounted shelf or place them on the desk to add a fresher atmosphere elegantly.

Wooden Wall Clock Owl

Wall Clock Owl Decor
Shop at Etsy

The owl hint on the wall comes from the wall clock made out of sustainable and sturdy 3ply bamboo.

The natural oil creates an appealing finishing you can consider attaching to the wall. Combine the white hour and minutes hands with gold second hand. The holes create an adorable owl’ shape along with the clock number.

It would be an attractive point that filling in the blank space beautifully, which matches with any kind of style.

Wall Mounted White Owl

Wall Mounted Owl Decor
Shop at Amazon

The white owl wall-mounted lamp takes part to bring in an attractive spot in your house effortlessly.

It provides an elegant glow that will illuminate your house through the eyes. The metal finish that coating the resin material makes the light wall look more elegant.

It would be a perfect decorative piece you can consider to complement and beautify the design in your house.

This owl wall clock would be perfect together with the minimalist style, Scandinavian, and modern style.

Oversized Coin OwlCoin Owl Decor

Via interiorhomescapes.comComplement your space with the owl decor that could transform your space into an exclusive one. This decorative piece combines the traditional and contemporary style in one.

It is made out of the iron cast, which interpreting the Roman coin, which used as currency in the Roman Empire.

No worries, this coin is way bigger than the coin of the Roman Empire. The unique, exclusive, and elegant atmosphere will be yours.

DIY Owl Decor

DIY Owl Decor
See details at amelieshouse.blogspot.com

For those who love DIY-ing, try challenging your skill and create the owl decor crafted from cupcake cases. The materials you will need to make the DIY owl decor are:

  • A toilet roll tube
  • Papercraft
  • Tape
  • Cupcake cases

Create the tummy of the owl using the cupcake cases. Cut the papers to create the eyes and the nose, then create the wings from the brown papercraft. But if you want to make the snowy owl, opt for the white cupcake cases. Create the ears and the head made out of the toilet roll tube.

Vintage Ceramic Lantern

Owl Decor Vintage Ceramic Lantern
Source the product at Etsy

Infuse an elegant glow into your house that could be a beautiful point on your desk. And if you want to make it as a wall decorative piece, hang it on the wall through the chain behind the body.

It is made out of ceramic with glossy finishing that creates vintage or retro style. The light could come from the tummy and the eyes. You can combine it with any kind of decorative piece or even leave it alone.

Black Owl For Halloween Party

Black Owl Decor For Halloween Party

When it comes to Halloween decorations, the black owl should be on your top list. Try considering the board material to create the black owls.

Create the feathers to make the owls look like real owls. Then, create the circle eyes as well. Place the owls on the railing.

The various size of the owls makes the railing. It looks like the owls are perching on the railing, which accentuates the Halloween decoration.

Sit Stylishly Here

Owl Decor Stool
From interiorhomescapes.com

Placing a stool on the porch could be the best option to make a cozy space in your house, which also beautiful at the same time.

Choose the owl shape and coat it with your favorite paint so that it could an attractive point on your porch.

Opt for the clay material, then coat it with glaze. The stool provides you a unique accent and creates an exclusive and elegant atmosphere effortlessly.

Minimalist Wooden Decoration

Minimalist Wooden Owl Decor
Via us.hem.com

Add an elegant touch that comes from the wooden material, which brings in a minimalist style as well. The wooden material could transform the oak and maple wood combination turn into an appealing decorative piece.

Choose the owl decor shape. It offers you a stylish accent with a natural touch that would be a unique spot between your decorative collections.

Also, this wooden owl is neutral enough. You can put it in the nursery room or even the living room.

Owl Bookends

Owl Decor Bookends
Shop at Amazon

Some people tend to arrange the book collections horizontally instead of stacking them vertically since it is easier to take them.

And to keep your book stands in place properly, consider using the owl bookends. It doesn’t only work to hold the book collections. On the other side, it offers you an aesthetical hint on your bookshelf.

Choose the resin material with the oil rubbed finishing. The classic touch will start appearing once you put them beside your books.

Owl Flower Vase

Owl Decor Flower Vase
Via AliExpress

The fresh flower and plant is the best hint to freshen the space in your house. Ensure you place your favorite plant or flower on the perfect vase or planters. It takes part to make a statement to your space effortlessly.

This owl vase is made out of the glass with manual blow molding technology. Place this vase on a desk or shelf, then put your favorite flowers on it.

DIY Wooden Owl Decor

DIY Wooden Owl Decor
Follow the instructions at diyncrafts.com

When it comes to a decorative piece try bringing in the natural accent through the wooden material.

The thing is, you can upgrade your skill by creating a decorative piece. Here are the materials you will need:

  • Wood
  • Large wooden slices for the base
  • Medium wooden slices for the head
  • Smaller wooden slices for eyes
  • Buttons
  • Dyed feathers
  • Sticks
  • Acorns
  • Rubber bands
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

Make the owl decor stand properly by sticking a wooden slice to the large branch. 

Owl-Shaped Cushions

Owl Decor Cushion

Bring in the cute accent to your space through the owl-shaped cushions. The soft cushion with the soft tone offers you a cute hint that will infuse the beautiful and cute atmosphere. It could be the best option to decorate your nursery room or kids’ bedroom.

Besides, it is functional enough to be their toys or even their pillow in one. Choose the best material where you can clean it easily.

Keep Your Stationary Stay In Place Elegantly

Desk Organizer Owl Office Decor
Get the product at Etsy

Keep your stationery in your working space stay in place tidy and stylishly with the wooden organizer. It is complemented by a perpetual calendar.

The exclusive appearance comes from plywood. Paint it with the stain to accentuate the natural texture of the wood.

Add a decorative hint from the owl to make the pen organizer looks exclusive and elegantly unique at the same time. The calendar and the owl look good together with the light tone, which contrasts beautifully together.

Decorate Your Study Room

Study Room Owl Decor
From society6.com

Decorate the study room with the oversized wall decorative piece to add a fresh of colorful accent. Opt for the owl accent that offers you a simple classy style.

The combination of yellow, brown, and the blue feather offer you a soft tone. It melts with the white tone of your study room, to create a relaxing and fresh ambiance, which is perfect for your study time. Besides, the black lining of the frame accentuates the owl as well.

Reading Corner Owl Decoration

Owl Decor For Classroom

Owl is also related to smartness. Hence, it is such a great option to bring the owl decor to the classroom.

Create a cozy reading corner with a padded bench and the book station underneath. Create a tree-like in the corner of the space, then decorate it with the owls, which perch on the branches.

If it still doesn’t enough, try adding the owl cushions. It will create a cozy and cheerful atmosphere, which is good to relax.

Owl Macrame

Macrame Owl Decor
Via alibaba.com

Upgrade the space in your house with a classic and creative decorative piece, which comes from the macrame. Make it looks different by creating an owl shape macrame, then hang it on the wall.

It would fill in the blank space in your living space fashionably. Besides, the neutral tone of the macrame blends easily with any kind of wall paint and also the atmosphere. No wonder it works as one of the most favorite decorative pieces, among others.

Cute Owl Lighting

Kids Lighting Room Owl Decor
Shop at takeluckhome.com

The owl decor could take your space into a smart, elegant, mysterious, and even cute atmosphere. Try using the decorative light in your kid’s bedroom.

The cute owl lights that perch on the circle offer you a cute glow that lights up the room beautifully. It is perfect to infuse a cute atmosphere. Hang it in the center point of the ceiling, then choose the brown, beige, and white combination.

Owl Decor Party

Owl Decor Party
From aliexpress.com

Enliven your kid’s birthday party with the cute hints created by the owl decorative pieces. The owl decors are made out of paper material. The honeycomb accent on the hanging decorative piece makes the banner look gorgeous.

The “Happy birthday” sign with the color of the soft hints provides you a cute atmosphere. The combination of the cute owl, rabbit, deer, fox, koala, bear melts adorably with the happy birthday sign.

Owl Decor For Baby Shower

Owl Decor For Baby Shower
Via Catch My Party

The excitement of having a baby could be represented with the baby shower. Try using a blue decorative piece for a neutral tone. Make it looks cute by bringing in the owl decor.

You can decorate the cake with edible owl figures you can also apply to the cupcake. Combine it with the rustic style backdrop made out of wood to install the stary string light, baby shower sign, and balloons. On the other side, decorate the birdcage with the owl.

Snowy Christmas Owl Decoration

Snowy Christmas Owl Decor

When it comes to the Christmas decoration, the snowy owl decor must be on your consideration. The snowy owl decor looks good together with the Christmas ambiance. The soft faux fur makes the owl looks real, which is perfect to beautify your living space.

It will infuse a splendid atmosphere and bring your house to the next level. On the other side, it makes your space look cool. Complement it with the red and white decorative pieces and the Christmas tree as well.

The Blue Owl Cake

Owl Decor Cake
Source spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

When you usually see the mysterious atmosphere on the owls, you will see the cute owl appearance when you paint it with a soft color. It works the same way when you decorate your birthday cake with a blue color.

Combine the blue color with the green and white color. It doesn’t only offer you a cute appearance. On the other side, it creates a fresher ambiance. Accentuate the decoration with the white owl vase to hold the balloons to keep them stay in place stylishly.

Baby Shower Decoration

Owl Decor Baby Shower
From Creative Mommas via Project Nursery

The baby shower decoration is common with the blue and pink ambiance. And if you want to create a different ambiance, consider the brown tone and combine it with the blue color.

The brown and white owl cake looks perfect together, which melts with the decoration surrounding it.

On the other side, create a “baby boy” sign on the front part of the table. Choose the blue and white color and add the owl touch.

Simple Rustic Decorative Piece

Rustic Owl Decor
Via abnormalcreations2.com

The simple owl decor that is combined with the rustic style would be an eye-catching point in your space. It is simply the owls that perch on the branches, which are handpainted on the wooden slice.

Create a hole on the wooden slice where you can attach the rope so that you can hang it as well. Add the “Owl love you forever” sign under the owl paints that would infuse a beautiful accent to complement the owl.

Retro Owl Decor

Retro Owl Decor

The retro-style could be beautified by the owl decorative piece made out of resin. The resin material offers you perfect details, which is perfect to create a decorative piece.

The combination of the light and dark brown tone creates a beautiful appearance, with a hint of red nails and nose.

Ensure you create a flat back so that you can glue the magnet or attach the holder so that you can attach it to the wall as well.

The Cute Owl Baubles

Owl Decor For Christmas
Via notonthehighstreet.com

When people tend to use the golden and silver Christmas bauble, consider the cute Christmas decoration to enliven the Christmas day prettily.

The soft pink bauble with the handprinted owl offers you a delightful appearance and atmosphere.

It is complemented by the small golden ribbon, which creates a classy and elegant touch. The bauble is made out of ceramic that allows you to paint it as well. Hang it on your Christmas tree or place it around the tree. On the other side, it could be a perfect gift for the people you love.

Complement The BeddingOwl Decor Baby Girl

Create a cute atmosphere that will beautify your baby girl bedroom with a combination of blue, green, and white paint. It creates a fresh ambiance to the room.

The pretty owl comes from the bedding, cushions, curtain, and even the wall decorative pieces. It blends with the white wall, light tone wooden flooring, and the dark tone of the wooden furniture.

The Fresh Teal Accent

Teal Owl Decor
Via sagebrookhome.com

Choose the owl decorative piece that would be an attractive point on your desk. The owl decorative piece is made out of ceramic with a glossy finishing.

You will get an elegant and refreshing decorative piece that will elevate the design of your space. When you place the owl decorative piece all alone, it would be an eyecatching point. No worries, it works the same way when you complement it with the potted plants surrounding it.

Store Your Stuff Stylishly

Owl Decor For Kitchen
See details at Walmart

Even your kitchen will need a decorative piece to upgrade the design of the kitchen. One of the best options to decorate your kitchen is by using owl decor. It is neutral enough to combine with any kind of style.

And if you want functional decorative pieces, opt for the whimsical owl canister made out of ceramic. The red, yellow, and green color make your countertop looks more colorful and artistic. You can keep them stay in place stylishly on the metal tray.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Owl Decor Bathroom

Don’t let your bathroom looks ugly by decorating it as well. It doesn’t only the design that will bring your bathroom to the next level. The decorative piece also takes part to upgrade the design of your space.

The owl container must be on your list to place and beautify your bathroom. You can place your toiletries stylishly on the owl container. The white color will infuse an elegant touch as well. Complement it with the elegant tile as well.

Find the best penny tile ideas here.

Fabric Material

Fabric Owl Decor
Shop at Walmart

The owl decoration is commonly made out of resin, wood, and also ceramic. And if you want to bring in a different touch, then the fabric owl decor is the best option.

The owls are complemented by the buttons on the front to make them look perfect. If you want to keep this decorative clean, ensure it is placed safely on the shelf, then clean it with a dry cloth. Besides, it would easily be cleaned if your children do not play it.

These are the owl decor ideas that would infuse an artistic and pretty touch to your house effortlessly. Ensure you choose the best material that fits perfectly with the place you are going to place it.

Colorful Owl Decor On the Moon
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