9 Toddler Room Ideas Your Child Can Enjoy for Many Years

Chances are high that you have a toddler at home if you’re looking at kid’s room decor online; isn’t that wonderful? The toddler years are incredibly enjoyable for many reasons, including getting some solid shut-eye and seeing your child’s unique character develop before your eyes. Decorating their rooms, however, is not always as simple as it seems. 

Your child should have input into the design of their bedroom but the eyes of your young children will change as they develop, but that happens in the blink of an eye. 

Check out these toddler room ideas that may be easily adapted as your kid gets older, so you won’t have to redecorate their room every few years.


Hold on to the Rainbow Colors

Image Source: Pinterest

When you can have every shade in the spectrum, why settle for the tried-and-true blue and pink? For this young child’s bedroom, you should embrace his or her daring nature by using bright pops of color like orange, teal and lime green. It has a modern vibe without being too trendy.

You may choose from the following options:

  • Add some fun and color to the space. Make it appear like a magical place that infants and toddlers will love. If you want to let your creativity flow, use the walls as a canvas and paint pictures of trees, clouds, and rainbows. Make sure that the room’s primary color is sky blue since it goes well with almost every other color. 
  • We may as well have some fun with this, so feel free to have your sheets painted in a rainbow of hues or patterned like a watercolor painting or a painter’s palette. 
  • Provide your child with an easel, some canvas, and painting space, and he or she may create his or her own rendition of a fantastical locale. 
  • Include a conventional white drawer cabinet for them to put their clothing and personal items in. 
  • Hang fairy or butterfly wings in the selected nook to provide life and beauty to the space. It’s not necessary to use really vivid hues. 
  • Put some lettering on the wall above your bed for a more unique and beautiful design, and add a mint green area rug for a bold statement.


  • Fresh Mint Nursery Decorations

Fresh Mint Nursery Decorations

Image Source: Kids Interiors

Your child will enjoy having their favorite characters or themes take center stage in a room you’ve designed for them with a beautiful and calming color scheme. This is the best middle ground for a toddler’s room if you’re a parent who can’t take bright colors and character faces but feels obligated to give in to your child’s quirkiness.

What follows is a list of possibilities:

  • There is no difference between having a boy and a girl. The most important thing is how you use classic colors like black and white to decorate the whole space. Add visual appeal by giving the furniture a three-dimensional look and adding patterns in these hues. 
  • You may give a room more depth by painting the walls grey and decorating them with green mountains. As a bonus, this also helps the space seem more lighthearted. 
  • It is suggested that you choose a bed that has frameworks on both the top and the bottom to get as close as possible to the original rustic crib concept. 
  • Make the room more practical and visually attractive by pitching a tent next to the bed. Bring along a few of your toddler’s favorite things like blankets, stuffed animals, and books. 
  • If you want to inspire your kid, put up a picture of their idol or anything that inspires them.


  • Fill The Room With Magic 

Fill The Room With Magic 

Image Source: Pinterest 

As the cliche goes, children are only young once. Honor this time in their lives by providing them with an extravagant response to their wildest wishes. In this case, we’re emphasizing a place a prince or princess from the past may have visited.

We’ll give you a few choices:

  • Have the royal outdoor experience without the royal makeover by sporting a retro or 1970s style. Paint beautiful flower scenes on the walls, with intricate vines and captivating petals. 
  • Putting a little tent or canopy bed in one area adds an extra touch of enchantment. Make it white to harmonize with the wall, and because white conveys purity and simplicity. 
  • Put your mind at ease by sleeping in a cage-like structure rather than a conventional cot. 
  • A house-shaped shelf, on the other hand, may serve as a place for you and your child to keep your belongings while adding a sense of rustic charm to the room. 
  • Putting down some wool rugs will make the room seem even more ethereal. This is a lighthearted move that enlivens the space in its own right. 
  • Use flags, photos, and fluffy objects to create a visually interesting space.


  • Children’s Floor Mattress

Children's Floor Mattress

Image Source: Home 4 Dreams

People who have just graduated from their cribs may feel more secure sleeping on a low surface that poses little danger of falling. You may rest easy knowing that your child is making the transition to “big kid” sleeping arrangements with the help of a floor bed, which will make every night seem like a wonderful experience.

Here are some choices that you may make:

  • If you’re the kind of parent who takes child care seriously, a floor bed surrounded by wooden gates is the way to go. This will safeguard your infant from falling and add to the room’s trendy rustic vibe. 
  • Choose a dark hue and reverse it into a starry one for the overall hue. 
  • Some glow-in-the-dark stars would be perfect for that starry, dreamy atmosphere. Remember the moon and some black paint to round off that solar vibe. 
  • Reduce the room’s monotony by adding some brightly colored plush toys, stickers, and a dimensional cushion. 
  • To stand out, the ceiling should be slanted. Add some rustic feel by using whitewashed woods in the design. 
  • There’s no hard and fast rule on whether or not to paint the floor, but for the sake of visual contrast and harmony with the little bed,  we wouldn’t recommend it.


  • Kid’s Room in Moody Mauve Tones

Kid's Room in Moody Mauve Tones

Image Source: Pinterest

This beautiful boho nursery has everything a little fantasist might want. We find the rich hues and textured fabrics to be quite inspiring for both inspiration and cozying up on a gloomy day.

Here are some options for you:

  • Take note of the room’s multicolored projection of a vintage rustic atmosphere. You may do this by balancing out a color scheme. Paint the walls black, but tone down the dramatic effect by adding some soft, nature-themed murals. 
  • Doll furniture and cuddly animals next to the bed give a playful element. 
  • A neutral, easy-on-the-senses blanket is a need for the bed. Alter it to a creamy color and pair it with a white mattress. Besides the standard white pillows, you may also include a few patterned chestnut-colored pillows for a little of visual contrast. 
  • Drapes or a canopy over your bed may give it a one-of-a-kind, ethereal touch. 
  • Lamps with classic shades and a potted plant will give a dash of natural beauty to your room’s decor. 
  • While a nightstand or a bookshelf is not strictly required, an antique stool adds some much-needed character to the bedroom. 
  • When applied to the walls and the ground. Maintain some design flexibility by painting the ceilings white. Keep the hardwood flooring, since it goes well with the whimsical assortment of hues.


  • Room for Little Surfers in the Past

Room for Little Surfers in the Past

Image Source: Happiest Baby 

If you can’t decide on a central idea, you should study history for clues. This orange, yellow, and brown nursery is sure to give your “big child” a taste of the ’70s with its vintage rainbows and surfer-dude accents.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Select main coastal hues like white, grey, yellow, and brown to create a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere in your home. 
  • The bed frame need not be made of metal. If you’re going for a tropical look, a hardwood bed is the way to go. This adds to the beachy vibe and conveys a sense of stability. The mattresses and pillows at a beach house shouldn’t be too flashy; instead, they should have a wavy design and a color palette inspired by the seaside. 
  • In addition to painting coconut palms on the wall, you may decorate it with a surfboard, a beach towel, and an interesting phrase you found while diving under the sea. 
  • Cloth window coverings should not be used. Use slender bamboo shades to complement your rattan furniture and wooden skateboard. 
  • The bare floors of a bedroom may be complemented by the addition of a rug or left as is.


  • Adorable Pink Nursery for a Toddler

Adorable Pink Nursery for a Toddler

Image Source: Pinterest

Any little girl who loves pink and activity will like a room that is reminiscent of an arcade. Imaginative play and restful nights are guaranteed in a room like this for youngsters.

Here are some possibilities:

  • If you’re able to paint the room pink, that’s great, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other shades in the same family, like lavender or purple. 
  • A crib with a frame in the form of a wagon is a fun way to add some playfulness to the room. White pillows may have bold coloration and patterns added to them. 
  • In order to give the area a more carefree atmosphere, you could also scatter some plush toys about it. 
  • You may hang portraits for added style and to make the area more lovely than before, but don’t go crazy. Just choose a space on the wall where the portraits will look well-spaced apart. 
  • Pink and white curtains, for example, would make a stunning focal point. You may have a white background with a pink accent. Create an airy ambiance by decorating with sheer drapes. 
  • A circular mat may serve the same purpose as a wool rug while also making your space seem more open and welcoming. 
  • Wooden flooring is great because of the classic, robust appeal they exude. 
  • The addition of a traditional uplight chandelier in a frame shaped like a pear is all that is needed to liven up the ceiling. To finish the effect, place some spherical ceiling lights across the ceiling borders.


  • Bedroom Wall Decals for Toddlers

Black, white, and yellow graphic toddler bedroom.

Image Source: Happiest Baby

Your hip child should welcome the transition from the crib to the big kid’s bed. Your child’s kid cave will be the envy of the neighborhood with the addition of monochromatic touches, subtle superhero features, and graphic walls.

Few options for you:

  • There is a wide range of tones and hues in this bedroom design. Put in some daring hues, some neutral ones, and some bright ones, and play with with the combinations until you get the aesthetic you’re after. Keep things balanced by painting a triangle on each wall a mustardy yellow; after that’s dry, paint the walls white and put up some black fabric. 
  • A bed frame made from ash wood would be a good way to maintain objectivity. There’s no need to cover it up with paint. 
  • Symmetry in bedding is essential. Black and white abstract designs look great up top; you could even use this motif on throw cushions. The bottom half was a mustard color. 
  • Adding a single sofa next to the bed is all you need if your child has the “bossy affect.” If you want to convey a classic, timeless feel, go to black and white. 
  • Books, sketches, portraits, paintings, indoor plants, toys, and quotes are just few examples of the kind of things that may be added to a space to make it more engaging, modern, and intellectual. 
  • Drapes and rugs in a dirty white or black color scheme create an understated, minimalistic atmosphere.


  • Fun Zone for Young Athletes

A Fun Zone for Young Athletes

Image Source: Happiest Baby

A child’s bedroom decorated in the spirit of sports doesn’t have to be tacky. Kid-friendly and parent-approved, this room has a stylish monogram in team colors, amusing basketball accents, and comfortable bedding.

Here are some pointers: 

  • The walls don’t have to be dark and foreboding all the time; they might be white with carved parallel pattern motifs instead. A representation of ease of living, to be sure. 
  • Hanging a logo of your child’s favorite sport or a logo of his or her favorite sports theme is a simple way to liven up an otherwise boring wall. 
  • Create a bed that is both timeless and elegant. Sleep on a classic bed with just a side rail for support. It should also be white. Pick up some nice greys for the bed linens and you’ll have a nice neutral palette. If you really want to make a statement, however, all you need is a white mattress with orange polka dots. 
  • Anyone going for a spare, uncluttered aesthetic would do well to round up their bedroom with a classic rug, window, and nightstand.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What colors would be best for toddlers? 

Use soothing hues like blue, green, or purple to help your kids get a good night’s rest. By simulating the cool, soothing tones of the sky or the ocean, they may help transform your child’s bedroom into a peaceful oasis.

Dark, chilly hues should be avoided when decorating your child’s bedroom since they might evoke thoughts of doom and gloom, like a rainy day. 


What is the main effect of having toys in a toddler’s bedroom?

Focus is improved and self-actualization is aided by these exercises. Some of the child’s toys, especially the ones that are special to them, should be kept in the child’s bedroom. Toys in the common area, such as the living room or a playroom, are accessible to everyone. 


What shouldn’t you keep in a baby’s room? 

It is not safe to put soft items like pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, plush animals, etc. in a crib. Such objects have been the cause of infant deaths in the crib. Make sure the mobile is safely secured to the crib’s side rails, the wall, or the ceiling. 


When decorating a kid’s room, where is the best spot for the bed? 

Your child’s bed should be in a dark, quiet spot far from the entrance and windows. Second, the bed shouldn’t be in the “coffin position,” with the person’s feet pointing toward the door. And make sure they don’t sleep with their head pointed north.


Final Words

Toddlers go through a significant developmental milestone when they make the change to a big kid’s bed. They’re probably only now settling into their first real bedroom after making the transition from a crib. 

There are many factors to consider when decorating a kid’s bedroom, from color scheme to lighting, and we hope that the following suggestions will help you make the best choices for your child.

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