7 Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas That Meets Your Budget

Now that your kid is old enough to pay attention to and enjoy her environment, you may be looking forward to decorating her room like the one from your favorite childhood book. 

With the current cost of living crisis, it’s hard to even afford to change your toddler’s sheets, much alone purchase a bed-fort in the shape of a princess’s castle. 

We’ve rounded up some beautiful toddler girl bedroom ideas that are ideal for parents trying to juggle a tight budget without sacrificing their child’s comfort.


Balloon Lagoon

Image Source: Wallmur 

Pink, the girl’s favorite hue, can be used to create hot air balloons that can be painted or hung in the room. It has so much character and energy, and it will enrich the holiday experience.

Some options for you to take note:

  • Create a visually attractive space by bringing your child to a tranquil location. In addition to hot air balloons, consider cherry blossoms as a design element for the wallpaper, since they complement the pink color. Add other designs, such as airplanes. 
  • For simplicity, design your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets with simple patterns and conventional colors, such as black and white. 
  • Wooden flooring, bed frames, and bedside tables are recommended. Some of them should be painted white for a contemporary rustic appearance. 
  • Include extra color and increase the area’s interactivity by placing colored cartolinas in a well-designed, recyclable bin. 
  • Remember to include a lampshade of average size and a nightlight to illuminate the whole room. Make it pink or white.


  • Keep It Bright 

Keep It Bright 

Image Source: Pinterest

Your inner artist will be stoked by this vivid pattern if your princess has a passion for fiery and vibrant colors. Take a look at how many different things you can pair together!

Here are a few choices to consider:

  • Choose bold hues and paint your furnishings that way. It would inject some vitality and levity into the environment. The bed is the most prominent piece of furniture, so decorate it with bright, eye-catching colors and patterns in orange, yellow, pink, white, mint green, and beyond. 
  • You may save money, time, and effort by placing a conventional white bed next to the bigger bed for a charming appearance or if your daughter is sharing a room with her younger sister. Make sure some of the bed linens stand out by using a little of color contrast. 
  • Place a stool and a drum-shaped lampshade in the space between the beds to give the room a more modern feel. 
  • Rocking chairs, vivid paintings, and little rugs are all great decor additions.


  • That Wonderful Nighttime Tale 

That Wonderful Nighttime Tale 

Image Source: Pinterest

Making your sweetheart’s room seem like something out of a fairy tale is as easy as writing a few words on the wall. This area has a more contemporary feel and is full of playful touches.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You can get by with simply a hardwood floor, a nice mattress with patterns and neutral colors, and no crib or bedframe at all. 
  • Get pillowcases with cartoon characters or simply get one of those who has volumized figures to add a whimsical touch. 
  • Shelving doesn’t have to be elaborate though; a collection of simple wooden shelves is perfect for displaying books for nighttime reading. Put colorful portraits and statement posters, stickers, flags next or on the shelves for added visual appeal. 
  • With a rattan basket as the plant’s container, you may create a soothing and calming environment within your girl’s room. 


  • Vintage For The Young Age 

Vintage For The Young Age 

Image Source: Pinterest 

Why not write a classic fairy tale for the young lady in your life who exudes an aura of refined sophistication? You could go back in time, and the area would have a new, revitalized vibe in no time.

A few possibilities you could consider:

  • A zen garden wallpaper with large, bold blossoms may create a fantastical and enchanted atmosphere. Adding a touch of gold to certain vines will give the scene a fantasy air. 
  • A bed frame made of metal is both attractive and economical. You may get your exercise in by using the sheets as a workout surface. Use a slim mattress and plenty of fun pillows on it. 
  • Canopies and drapes are essential for creating a more regal and enchanted atmosphere. However, it should be subdued since the vibrant wallpaper might be jarring to the eyes. 
  • Choose a dollhouse and turn it into a fun learning experience for your young child. Remember to stick to the approved color scheme. 
  • To round off the vintage vibe, add a rug in ash or brown with a ton of patterns. 
  • The rustic look is incomplete without a wooden, mint green-painted nightstand. Complement it with a cutting-edge wardrobe, where you may safely keep your cherished infant’s clothing.


  • A Girl’s Stylish Bedroom

A Girl's Stylish Bedroom

Image Source: The House of Hood Blog

A girl’s bedroom may be decorated in a contemporary design even if you don’t live in a modern property. Surely, her environment will be chicer than that of any of her classmates.

Some options for you to remember:

  • Use calming, neutral tones to create a calming, dreamlike atmosphere in your space. Choose a white wallpaper as the focal point and add some painted landscape scenes to liven up your space. 
  • Put a floral crown on the head of the bed for a touch of decoration. Invest in a white modern bed for a clean look. Pink bedding is essential for a feminine bedroom. 
  • The photos, stickers, posters, and lavish chandelier would complement the shelves where you may display toys and books for learning. 
  • Rugs may be as simple and elaborate as you choose. A pink rug with more volume and a filthy white rug layer is perfect for a kid’s room. 
  • An antique bedside table and lamp are also recommended because of the air of refinement they exude.


  • Feels Like Royal

Feels Like Royal

Image Source: Pinterest 

​​Surely there isn’t a single young girl who hasn’t fantasized of becoming a princess at some point in her life. Not surprisingly, this occurs most often during the toddler years, and the magical powers of this chamber help make every wish come true.

Consider the following choices:

  • Paint the walls pink so your lady may enjoy all the feminism she wants. Put it in a larger, white, ornate frame and display some photos of royalty beside it. 
  • Become a do-it-yourself monarch by securing a small cloth over the central light and using sidewall sconces to illuminate your crown. Maintain the silence of the cloth and the boldness of the wood and metal in your furniture. 
  • Similarly, a modern timber bed in white would be fit for a king. To improve the room’s look, throw in a few striped throw pillows, comforters, and a mattress. 
  • Stability is best achieved with a hardwood floor; paint it white to match the bed. A pink, childlike rug of middling quality may be added as well. 
  • Finish off the room with a vintage-looking glass closet to keep your belongings safe. Dress up the room’s decor with a sumptuous gown and plush toys.


  • Beachy Vibes

Beachy Vibes

Image Source: Pinterest 

When your baby girl is ready to graduate from her crib to a day bed, it’s time to transform her nursery into a big girl bedroom. Polka dots and cool blues will provide an air of the sea to your decor.

Several alternatives to consider:

  • Use several shades of blue and green. If you want to create a soothing atmosphere, white walls with painted beach scenes are a good choice. 
  • It would be nice if you could continue the color scheme from the walls onto the bed as well. Throw in a teddy bear and some fish-shaped cushions for extra coziness. 
  • Additional accessories that go in well with the tropical motif are brown and mustard-colored throw pillows, rattan baskets, and a ceiling umbrella. 
  • Make sure you furnish your bedroom with a classic white nightstand, perfect for holding your personal items, and a drum lamp shade. The space takes on an air of practicality as a result. 
  • Lastly, to round off the beachy feel, hang some beach-themed images and quotes.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Is it okay to place a child’s bed up against the wall? 

Once your child is old enough for a toddler bed or a kid-size bed with bed rails, it is imperative that you not put the bed in a corner or against a wall. 


Which wall colors help youngsters relax? 

Your youngster will find it much easier to unwind in their own room if you paint it in soothing tones. Colors like blue, green, pink, yellow, and orange are ideal for decorating a child’s bedroom since they are soothing and won’t keep him or her awake at night. 


What should a girl’s bedroom have? 

All good girls’ rooms should have these necessities. Additions, Furnishings, Furniture, Bed, Nightstand, Dresser, Extra Storage, Decorations. Accessories such as lamps, candles, pictures, mirrors, rugs, comforters, duvet covers, sheets, pillows, and games are needed too.


What elements contribute to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in a child’s bedroom? 

Light up the room with some fairy lights or an alternative source of ambiance, and dress it up with some colorful throw pillows, wall hangings, and other decorative accents.

As we indicated, if your kid is comfortable in their bedroom, they are far more likely to go to bed and sleep well, and this is another area in which they may take the lead with their imagination.


Is there anything more you can recommend as far as toddler girl décor goes? 

The décor of a toddler’s room has a significant impact on their development and safety. Make sure everything you buy for decorations is not harmful if it were to get into their hands or mouths. No usage of small or easily broken parts is recommended.


Final Words

Decorating a child’s bedroom might be the most exciting part of interior design. The customer, be it your sister, daughter, or niece, should always be pleased with the final product since there are so many entertaining ideas and themes from which to pick. That is, you shouldn’t make decisions based just on your own tastes; in addition to doing research, simply asking them is a useful tactic. 

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo


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