10 Fantastic Grey and Purple Bedroom Ideas You Can Easily Implement In Your Home

This color scheme creates an expensive and opulent ambiance in the bedroom. Not to mention that the purple hue in the combination adds a mysterious air to the space. 

If you are interested in all of that and are seeking a bedroom color scheme that will provide you with all of the benefits described earlier, this purple and grey theme is one to consider. 

Following are the ten most beautiful grey and purple bedroom ideas that you surely will like.

Bedroom in Basic Purple and Grey 

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The use of grey and purple in a bedroom space is ideal for creating a contemporary impression. However, you should be aware that in some conditions, the combination might be great for creating a classic look.

Things you can consider doing:

  • If you are a traditionalist or like to focus on the bedding rather than the frame, a basic bed frame will serve. 
  • You won’t have to limit yourself to just basic purple or grey bedding. You might use symmetrical designs to draw attention to the bedding. 
  • For the cushions, go for a contrast by selecting grey ones alongside neutral hues for added depth. 
  • Shelves do not have to be enormous. You may keep it basic by placing personal items and photographs in it. 
  • If you believe you can boost the ante, consider a round or oval mirror with an antique frame, a vintage chandelier, and a classy fireplace. 
  • Choose neutral hues for your walls and flooring, such as dingy white and grey.


  • Purple and Grey Scheme for a Female Adolescent’s Room

Purple and Grey Scheme for a Female Adolescent's Room

Image Source: Pinterest

A teen’s bedroom might also look great with a purple and grey color scheme. The choice of purple tone, however, requires special care in this kind of area. Teenagers should have a room that is bright and cheery. Given this, a more muted shade of purple might be appropriate.

Here are some options to think about:

  • Choose a bedspread that allows grey and purple to coexist in a unique way. You might choose flowers with vines interwoven, with purple shadings within, and a grey or white backdrop. 
  • A sequined cushion and a standard black pillow would be a lovely touch to the bedding’s aesthetic attractiveness. 
  • You may add additional originality by hanging fashion photos since they are connected to design and provide beauty to the space. 
  • Don’t forget the bookshelf and bedside table to fill in the gaps and make your room practical. For style consistency, certain furniture components may steal the pattern from your beddings.


  • A Man’s Purple and Grey Bedroom

A Man's Purple and Grey Bedroom

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While many people still consider purple to be a color reserved for females, this concept demonstrates that the same shade works well in a man’s bedroom. The use of varying tones of purple and grey in this scheme is more conducive to achieving a masculine aesthetic.

Some options to ponder:

  • In this case, keeping things simple is essential. You should repaint the walls in purple and grey and avoid adding too many decorative elements. 
  • In terms of windows, classic white casement windows are the way to go. Identify a space beside the window where you can sit and think about things. 
  • Grey bedding is a striking statement of masculinity. For contrast and grandeur, try using white and purple pillows.  
  • A simple drawer chest will serve your storage needs just fine. 
  • Rugs may be placed in front of or beneath the bed. If you want to add some more style and attractiveness to the space, you may select between a standard one and a wool one. 
  • If the owner has a penchant for glitz, a pendant with crystal accents will be the finishing touch to their extravagant ensemble.


  • Soft Purple Grey Bedding and a Fluff

Soft Purple Grey Bedding and a Fluff

Image Source: Jimenez Photo

The softness of your soft furnishings may increase the relaxing atmosphere of your grey and purple bedroom. As a result, the next plan of action is to simply fill the space with soft furnishings.

The following are some options for you to consider:

  • A good ash wood would be the key to attaining an ordinary but current rustic style, so include it in your walls and floorings. To provide some contrast, paint the wall white or grey and leave the floor alone. 
  • Sliding windows with shades may provide a basic but contemporary appearance. 
  • Bedframes might be black, but bedding should be white or dark purple. This will add a level of complexity. 
  • Don’t forget to make other items of furniture, such as carpets, chairs, and vases, stand out by making them puffy. 
  • The lamp’s body should have some geometric or crystalline designs, and the painting should be a wonderful landscape for elegance and relaxation.


  • The Coziest Purple and Grey Bedroom Ever 

The Coziest Purple and Grey Bedroom Ever 

Image Source: Decor Pad

An inviting ambiance may be created in a space that is mostly purple and grey. It’s true that the palette of warm-looking colors is quite limited here. Avoid the temptation to use any noticeable amounts of vivid purple; doing so will disrupt the harmony of the other hues.

Things that you should think about doing:

  • Aside from soft grey and soft purple, you may have a color that is similar to both of them, which is pink and black. The walls and lampshades are pink, while the artworks are black. This simply implies that experimenting with different tones may provide you with the needed beauty. 
  • Make the draperies the focal point of the room by using natural designs. Choose flowers in various pastel hues. 
  • Of course, don’t forget the pillow coverings; include some pastel designs as well. You might use some of the drapery patterns for design consistency. Other bedding may be a basic purple or white hue, but make sure it is not too strong. 
  • Don’t forget to put a cream-white rug to cover the flooring. This will make the place more appealing and lovely. 
  • Bedside tables not only provide balance but also serve as storage for personal items, so have two in your room. 
  • Luxury Feminine Purple and Grey Bedroom

Image Source: Interior Design Ideas 

Our next suggestion is for the mature lady who longs for a bedroom befitting her feminine nature. There are a number of crucial aspects of this concept that need your whole focus, from the most minute to the most monumental.

Consider some of the following options:

  • Many people believe that diamonds are for royalty, therefore if you want a wealthy atmosphere, purchase a dark purple diamond tufted headboard for your bed. 
  • Make the area more sophisticated by purchasing linen fabric bedding that reaches all the way to the floor. Maintain consistency in the fabric and apply it to your pillow covers as well. Make the colors soft and subdued. 
  • Mix grey, white, and purple curtains and make them unevenly opulent. 
  • A vanity with a contemporary French antique desk would add to the refinement. 
  • Don’t forget about the seats. Choose a backless sofa for a one-of-a-kind look. In addition, there should be a circular stool with a nice purple cushion. 
  • Patterns on the walls and ceilings should be used to complete the beautiful design. The finest one so far is an octagon within a rectangle. 
  • Include the crystal chandelier for the finishing touch of grandeur.


  • Artistic Mural Across a Purple And Grey Room

Artistic Mural Across a Purple And Grey Room

Image Source: Etsy

The addition of a mural is a great way to liven up an otherwise drab purple and gray space. Wall murals are a great space-saving décor that can completely transform the look of a bedroom. There is a wide variety of murals to choose from. Pick something that appeals to your sense of style or that is appropriate for your age range.

Things you might want to do:

  • Let your imagination run wild and decorate your room with beautiful flowers and vines of varying colors and textures that are expertly intertwined. The presence of such a setting enhances the impression of beauty and ease. 
  • Experiment with the various color combinations and pattern layouts. Your dark bed frame can be complemented by a grey quilt, grey sheets, and black, grey, and white patterned pillows. Colors of purple should not be overlooked either. The sophisticated playfulness of these patterns is striking. 
  • You can save money and space by using a stool as a bedside table instead of buying a conventional square or rectangle-shaped piece of wood. A vase of plastic or fresh flowers would look nice on top of it. The result is a voluminous and alluring look.


  • An Inky Purple Wall Highlights 

An Inky Purple Wall Highlights 

Image Source: Pinterest

There are others who find that they sleep better in a room with dark walls rather than a light one. If you’re the same way, a bedroom painted in deep purple could be just the thing for you.

Consider the following measures:


  • You can’t go wrong with a white table and walls whether you’re just getting started or like a minimalist aesthetic. 
  • Gray, purple, and white are beautiful trio that would look great on the walls. Nonetheless, uniformity and equilibrium may be maintained by placing furniture near walls that are the same color. 
  • Large windows provide a breeze and early sunshine. It may be made even more attractive by installing blinds. 
  • Just get yourself a cool pentagon light stand to satisfy your need for elegance and style. 
  • Remember other staples of interior design like the ceiling fan: a vanity, a cream-colored rug, and your initials written in cursive.


  • Luminous Purple and Grey Chamber

Luminous Purple and Grey Chamber

Image Source: Pinterest 

In the same way that a room painted in purple and grey might seem airy with the correct color scheme, the opposite is also true. Warm greys and gentle purples are ideal for this setting.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • The space will seem more expansive if the walls and ceiling are not perfectly square. Alternating the patterns of the colors’ warm tones is another way to play around with them. 
  • You should definitely think about getting either a wool rug or a classic white rug for that extra touch of class that the space needs. 
  • Go with the standard, broad windows. This will not only make the area more practical and spacious, but will also look great against the wall design. 
  • The space in front of the window is suitable for setting up a desk and several seats. A ray of sunlight is the best way to get you energized and focused on your task. 
  • You can’t go wrong with a drawer, a closet, a bedside table, and a special light in the same color palette as the rest of the room. These decorative accents may do more than just add visual interest to a room; they can also help to fill in any unwanted blank spots.
  • Purple and Grey Bedroom Decorated in Black Details

Purple and Grey Bedroom Decorated in Black Details

Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking to add a little bit more color to your grey and purple bedroom, feel free to throw in some black accessories as well. The finest part is that this will give the place a daringly charming appearance. This style is another piece of evidence that the color scheme is great for a teen’s bedroom.

Acquire the design by:

  • Keep everything looking harmonious by painting half the walls black and the other half grey. These contrasting colors work well together. In order to avoid creating the impression of a foreboding or gloomy bedroom, a grey ceiling paint color might be used. 
  • Make sure your black and white bedding has a pattern to set it apart. Purple blankets are a great way to maintain a suitable air of grandeur in your home. 
  • Pink pillows are great since it is close to purple, but use just a little amount of pink because it is an accent hue. 
  • Rattan stools are a great way to make a statement. Yes, the novelty of the unusual amid the rustic aesthetics adds to the overall appeal. 
  • Additional room-enhancing furnishings may include a lamp with an ornate body, a bedside table, and a desk with a huge bulletin board.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Is purple an acceptable color for a bedroom? 

Periwinkle may be Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2022, but that doesn’t mean it is not on the trend list this year. Create an intimate, moody space by painting the walls a deep purple. Contrastingly, light purple will be soothing and kind. Each is a desirable quality in a bedroom. 


To what should I match my purple bedroom walls? 

When designing a bedroom, don’t forget that purple looks stunning when paired with white and gray. 


What do the purple and gray hues represent? 

Purple stands for dignity and pride, while grey symbolizes the wisdom that comes with middle age. 


Which color scheme works best with a grey bedroom? 

Greys that lean toward the warm end of the spectrum go well with whites, mustards, and bright yellows, while cooler grays look great and set against cooler blues, purples, and pinks. Incorporating color schemes into a space, even if just for accent pieces or patterns, can make a huge difference in how it makes you feel, whether you’re there to work or relax. 


If your bedroom walls are purple, what does it say about you? 

Purple. If you like the color purple for your decor, it’s probably because you’re a sensitive, caring person. The people closest to you would probably characterize you as an imaginative person who sometimes displays a wild side while generally maintaining a cautious demeanor.


What does it say about you if you have a grey bedroom? 

Grey is the most neutral bedroom hue, giving people who are happy with stability a feeling of safety and security. A preference for grey in the bedroom might also indicate a certain degree of adaptability, even if you value stability and security.

Final Words

Numerous options exist for accessorizing a purple and gray bedroom. It doesn’t matter which of the two basic tones you like, since they both have their uses. 

That’s the kind of soothing atmosphere that belongs in a bedroom. You will always enjoy a restful night’s sleep, and you will get to bask in the glory of their harmonious color scheme. 

So, which of them do you like best? Well, just in case you’re having trouble settling on a choice, we have compiled a list of articles that may be of use to you.


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