10 Tapestry Room Ideas That Works With Any Interior Home Design

10 Tapestry Room Ideas That Works With Any Interior Home Design

Tapestries have made a bold comeback in interior design in recent years. One explanation is that tapestries have the visual appeal of fine art and the tactile comfort of an area rug. As a result of their adaptability, these wall decorations provide a unique opportunity to showcase one’s individuality in the realm of home décor.

Let’s look at some of the tapestry room ideas that might be the basis for your future room renovation plan. 

  • Tapestry’s Artistic Glow

Tapestry's Artistic Glow

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A floor mandala tapestry hung on the wall of a bedroom is an easy and classic method to add a tapestry to the room. Different mandala tapestries may be found at a variety of budgets, and they are only one option for bringing some color and psychedelia to an otherwise blank wall. 

Helpful tips for you: 

  • Light up the perimeter of the tapestry using strings to make it the focal point of your bedroom. If you’re a college student, this chic, relaxing, and trendy style can do wonders for turning your drab dorm room into a haven of peace and quiet. 
  • Choose muted, neutral hues that will still shine out in the dark, and avoid using too many of them in your tapestry. 
  • You may add further decoration to the walls by hanging portraits. The photographs, however, should fit well with the tapestry’s overall style and subject matter.
  • Make sure your tapestry is the full width of the wall for maximum effect.
  • Headboard To Adore

Headboard to Adore 

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Many individuals like to hang psychedelic tapestries or floor mandalas on the wall behind their headboards. This will not only serve as the focal point of your bedroom but will also be the first thing visitors see when they enter. If your bed doesn’t come with a headboard, you may use this technique to create a lovely headboard that will serve the same purpose. If your bedding complements the colors in the tapestry, you get extra points. 

What you can do are this: 

  • To ensure that your tapestry stands out, step one is to choose a poppy-inspired color scheme. Add the design to your furniture’s upholstery to guarantee it won’t be ignored. 
  • Be sure the tapestry is big enough for the bed. If it’s not, it has to be large enough to be hung on the walls. 
  • Your objective is to portray people in your tapestry, so use muted tones for the walls and flooring. Colors like grey, white, and brown are favored.
  • Find a Paint That Goes With It

Find a Paint That Goes With It

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It’s a personal preference, but some people like it when their wall hangings complement their bedroom wall color. In this case, it would be wise to invest in a tapestry that harmonizes with the shade of your bedroom wall. While the pattern won’t be as eye-catching as solid color tapestries, it will provide cohesion and a sense of fun to the space.

To have this you have to: 

  • Have at least three hues in mind. To convey a sense of calm, use muted tones like the one seen above. Colors like cream, white, and pale pink are recommended. Stick to these tones for your decor and nothing else.
  • Ensure that your headboard will function as a background by hanging a tapestry there. Have designs that shine out against the background color of the tapestry.
  • Bring in some greenery to lighten the mood.
  • Laying In A Bed of Tapestry 

Laying In A Bed of Tapestry 

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Draping your tapestry over your bed is an inventive alternative to hanging it on the wall, especially if your bedroom is cramped due to the presence of other pieces of artwork. Because of its lightweight construction, this bedding is ideal for use during the warmer months or year-round if you reside in a warm area.

Things you need to do: 

  • Choose a color that best suits you. Black is the color of authority and style. Having black-colored patterns on your bed might also make it stand out. 
  • Even though black goes with almost every color scheme, you can’t go wrong with the timeless combination of black and white for your bedroom. 
  • You can use either a contemporary or a traditional lamp. For symmetry, place one bedside table in each side. 
  • Throw in a dream catcher, put a sheer curtain over your bed, and top it all off with a white cushion for a simple yet effective display.
  • Tapestries As Quilts

Tapestries As Quilts

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You may still use tapestries in your bedroom’s decor even if you don’t have enough wall space to hang one and you already have a bedspread you like. Useful items like throw blankets are created by repurposing wall tapestries. 

Tips for you: 

  • Many tapestries are rather huge, measuring seven feet or more across; this makes them ideal for use as a bright and cozy blanket. When not in use, fold it up and place it at the foot of the bed or drape it over the back of a chair to let the color brighten the space.
  • If you really want your tapestry to stand out, you might even choose a vintage theme. There is nothing more beautiful and comforting than remembering the good old days as you drift off to dreamland. 
  • To get a vintage look, your furniture should have a variety of brown tones, but you shouldn’t go crazy with the hue. Instead, pair brown with red, green, black, white, or blue.
  • Tapestries Used As Light Diffusers And Window Decor

Tapestries Used As Light Diffusers And Window Decor

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If the ceiling lights in your bedroom are bright, you may use a tapestry to soften them by hanging one loosely over the obtrusive fixtures. This may not only make the light less bright but also change the color and ambiance of the space. 

Things you can consider doing: 

  • In order to get a dreamy effect, add color, and filter dimmer light into your home, you can also hang tapestries in front of the windows.
  • Choose a tapestry with designs instead of a plain one since plain ones might become dull. 
  • Make sure the color of the bed matches the tapestry’s dominant hue. Make the tapestry red or white if the sheets are green. You may use more colors if the sheets are white.
  • Seal Your Ceiling With Tapestry

Seal Your Ceiling With Tapestry

Image Source: Top Rated Living

A tapestry that is hung from the ceiling may conceal ugly blemishes and add style and intrigue to your space.  Positive energy and pleasant feelings will be reflected from the tapestry to the surroundings. When we hang tapestries from the ceiling, the room seems larger and airier. The enormous scale of the tapestry also enhances the attractiveness and coolness of the dorm environment.

Few tips for you: 

  • If you want to explore additional patterns and symmetry, hang a bohemian tapestry in your favorite color that complements your own style. 
  • To make the tapestry or the whole bedroom more attractive, use a mix of bold and neutral hues. 
  • Use as many designs as you want to make it more artistic, but keep in mind that the art needs a simple setting to stand out, so don’t forget the white bedding and wall.
  • To finish the design and take the dullness out of the wall color, you may also install miniature shelves, artwork, and photographs.


  • Get A Chair And A Tapestry

Get a Chair and a Tapestry

Image Source: Easy Life 

You may breathe new life into your shabby couch by draping a beautiful wall tapestry over it. It’s always a good idea to switch up the style of your couch, whether you have an old or new tapestry. A pricey sofa can’t be thrown away and replaced every few years. The addition of a fresh sheet will instantly transform its appearance.

Guidelines to follow: 

  • Make sure there is a wide range of expression possible within the tapestry’s layout. There are many meanings attached to each hue, and various patterns provide visual attractiveness. 
  • Maintain visual coherence. Have it both ways; if the tapestry is dark and dramatic, keep the colors as they are. 
  • Wood or cement should be used for the flooring and walls, respectively. It seems like the rustic and the contemporary are a nice fit.
  • Exhibit Those Pretty Cushions 

Exhibit Those Pretty Cushions 

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New pillows are a need for every home. The addition of pillows may completely transform the appearance of your bed. Tapestry is a fantastic fabric to play around with if you’re a fan of do-it-yourself projects. Create a whole new level of comfort in your house with the help of a wall tapestry and some stylish pillows you sew yourself.

Few tips to consider: 

  • Enough with that boho-themed tapestry. Another option is to go with something completely different. Attempt to emulate the “one with nature feeling” for a more relaxing appearance. 
  • Be careful that the green you apply to the pillows doesn’t end up looking sloppy. Ideally, your couch would be white or cream in color. Don’t go crazy with patterns; they’ll only get in the way. 
  • More plants or pictures may be added to the area for a more designed look.
  • Reliable Furniture Covers 

Reliable Furniture Covers 

















Image Source: Multimate Collection

By draping the magnificent tapestry over your existing furniture, you may instantly elevate it to the status of a rare collectible. If your furniture is worn and scuffed, a creative fabric may transform it into a work of art.

To achieve this you have to: 

  • Pay attention to color. More ideas for patterns or designs won’t help. It’s not a good idea to have wildly clashing colors. 
  • Make sure the majority of the colors in the tapestry are white or very subdued so that it stands out. 
  • Depending on your taste and the aesthetic of the area, you may frame the tapestry with anything from paintings and plants to portraits and bookcases. 
  • You can also put some lights to illuminate the area or have a DIY design if you desire. 

Multiple Varieties of Tapestries 

As a kind of textile art, wall tapestries are a testament to the artist’s handiwork since they are often woven by a skilled craftsperson using a loom. 

Weaving the weft (horizontal threads) over and under the warp (vertical threads) repeatedly, then tamping the horizontal threads down to make them extremely close together, fully conceals the warp. Woven using organic warp thread like linen, wool, or cotton, it will be the focal point of any room.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

If you have a tapestry, where should you hang it? 

You may use a baseboard to hang a tapestry in a bedroom or other private area. Installing a baseboard or headboard at the head of your bed, which you can do yourself or hire a professional to do, is the finest method to anchor the tapestry to the wall.

Why is it significant to use tapestry in any way? 

Tapestries are far more convenient to travel than framed paintings because their flexible fiber construction allows them to be rolled up and stored compactly. Royalty, nobles, church authorities, and the affluent could all take their tapestries on the road with them because to this adaptability.

When hanging a tapestry, what should one use? 

Thumbtacks or Nails. This is the conventional means of suspending a tapestry. If your wall hanging isn’t too heavy and has a sufficiently big weave (to avoid poking holes in it), this is a fantastic option. Tapestry drapes beautifully when pins or nails are inserted into the upper corners.

Does dust settle on tapestries? 

Because they are woven from organic materials, tapestries gradually gather dust and grime over time.

How frequently do you recommend washing a tapestry? 

Tapestries only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. If you care about keeping your tapestry in pristine condition, you should dry clean it once every four years. Regular cleaning becomes much more important if the tapestry is in a smoke-filled room.

Final Words

Although it may seem simple to just hang or spread a tapestry over a piece of furniture, this task may be rather challenging since it requires careful attention to the use of complementary patterns and colors. 

If you’re still not convinced of its creative potential, just try one of the aforementioned methods and see how dramatically your home’s aesthetic is altered.

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