11 Wicked Witchy Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Eerie Vibes To Your Room

The allure of witchcraft comes not only from the promise of magic, but also from the vitality of its traditions, which have long been infused with an uncanny enchantment from the other side. The days of just donning pointy hats, flying on broomsticks, and brandishing wands in order to pass as a sorceress are long gone. The witchcore movement has made it possible to incorporate an appreciation for the macabre and otherworldly into daily life. 

Using witchcore, anybody may build their own mystery cabin, cottage, or lair out of found objects and natural materials. Experience the visual appeal of witchcore home decor for yourself if you share a like for the quaintness and mystery that characterizes this style. 

We will show you the formula for turning your room into a witch’s lair without the need for any mystical rituals or potions with these witchy bedroom ideas.


Steal Ideas and Accents from Nature as Decoration

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This wall bedroom decor is perfect for you if you’re the sort that likes to tinker with nature while also bringing a sense of magic into their home. It may be a little disorganized, but it’s definitely something to think about using.

Tips you could consider: 

  • Decorating with a green witch motif is a good idea if you find inspiration in the natural world. Use decorative elements like dried flowers, moss, branches, trees, mushrooms, and so on to evoke the atmosphere of a green witch’s home in a magical woodland. 
  • Plants brought inside are another component that may enhance the feeling of an enchanted forest. Ivy, spider plants, monstera, and pothos are just few of the lush plants and vines you may use to fill your house with greenery and make it seem more tropical. 
  • Aesthetic for plants like snake plants, jade, and a string of pearls that don’t require frequent watering if you enjoy the look but aren’t sure you have the time for the care. 
  • Crystals are a great way to add a witchy touch to your home’s furnishings and landscaping.
  • Have your room some rustic and contemporary feel by having a wooden ceiling and a white painted wall. 
  • Put up a hardwood ceiling and paint the walls white for a space that is at once traditional and cutting edge. 


  • Adorn Your Home with Stunning Antiques 

Adorn Your Home with Stunning Antiques 

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Look for Victorian-era bedroom sets and intricately carved furniture from local antique shops to create an eerie atmosphere. You won’t be sorry you made this choice, since you’ll be able to immediately cast a time-travel spell to the past and a magic from the far past to make your chamber more attractive.

Few tips for you: 

  • Antique furniture in the Victorian style, with its elaborate carvings and detailed ornamentation on the bed frame is a great choice for a witchy house that can be enjoyed all year long. 
  • Vintage framed artwork, chandeliers, plush throw cushions, and scholarly black accents will complete the look. 
  • Have wooden ceilings and flooring to complete the appearance of reliability and stability. 
  • Bedding in a bold color like red is a great way to make a statement and feel more powerful. In contrast, if you want your bedroom to seem cohesive, you may use light brown cushions.


  • Shining, Shimmering Splendid Crystals

Shining, Shimmering Splendid Crystals

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Every household might benefit from an infusion of plentiful, happy energy. All of these things are available in crystal form. Most people don’t realize the full extent of a crystal’s power, from the conventional rose quartz to the more unusual amethyst and citrine. Stones should be kept in places where their unique energy can do the best.

Options you could incorporate:

  • It’s recommended that you store crystals like citrine and aventurine, which are linked to financial success, near your workspace or at home. 
  • Crystal balls are a common decorative accessory, especially among occultists, and are often fashioned from clear quartz. 
  • You may have all of your crystals in one location, making it easier to find what you need when you need it if you’re trying to get your life in order. 
  • The addition of lanterns and vintage trinkets to the crystals will give the room a more witchy feel.


  • Candles To Lit Up Your Room 

Candles To Lit Up Your Room 

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Candles may stand for a wide range of emotions, from love and passion to romance and even dread and calmness. However, in a witch’s bedroom, they function as both a magical accent and a source of light, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Suggestions you could go for: 

  • Candles not only smell wonderful, but they also look terrific and provide a sense of ambiance to any room, so place them in strategic places in your bedroom, such as on shelves, altars, and nightstands, to truly get the atmosphere just right. 
  • Try using candleholders with a more ornate or gothic aesthetic for a horror(ific) spin. Candles in a classic candle holder look beautiful next to a fire or on a table. 
  • Use a terrarium to provide visual interest and put your larger candles together.
  • To add to the eerie atmosphere, light the chandelier with candles and direct the light upwards. 
  • Include some glowing accessories and captivating paintings or photographs to enhance the allure and mystery.
  • Painting the space white will give it a look that is both modern and witchy. Silk or velvet curtains, on the other hand, will give off an air of suspicion.
  • Wool bedding with a striped blanket and pillows makes for a homier night’s sleep.


  • Dark Hues And Clues

Dark Hues And Clues

Image Source: Medium 

There is a widespread misconception that dark colors evoke feelings of melancholy and despair, yet this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When used properly, darker hues may really help. When used correctly, these hues can make a space seem both dramatic and inviting.

Things you can do:

  • Throws, pillows, decorations, and the like with varying textures and contrasting colors may help diffuse the color.
  • Hardwood walls, ceiling, and floor enhance the room’s robust, old-fashioned vibe, which is appropriate for the witchy motif. 
  • Rather than wiring in a standard light switch, you might instead opt for a massive lantern to dangle from the ceiling. To complete the “casting a spell” atmosphere, you may place traditional containers, a dream catcher, books, nest-like hangings, and candles along it. 
  • Do not be afraid to go all out and give your bedroom a goth and black-humor vibe by using dark beddings and a rug. 
  • An unframed bed piled high with pillows in shades of brown, gold, and grey conveys a homey, offbeat vibe that’s ideal for a surreal bedroom.


  • Astrological Skull Tapestry 

Astrological Skull Tapestry 

Image Source: Etsy

Incorporate some frightening artwork into your interior design scheme. You need not surround your bedroom with cobwebs, skulls, bats, or gravestones if you don’t want to. There is a plethora of both traditional and modern Halloween tapestries ready to be put on your wall.

Things you can consider doing: 

  • Color your walls white for a modern, minimalist look. You may customize the whole room, down to the walls, furnishings, and linens. 
  • You should put up a tapestry on your wall that has a lot of scary artwork and astrological symbols. If you’re short on time or cash, this is a terrific way to convey the spirit of the season while still being spooky. 
  • It’s not always the norm to see a bed that doesn’t have a frame. So, if you want to add to the witchy atmosphere, this is the bed for you. 
  • A duvet or comforter is preferable to a regular blanket because it provides more insulation and may be patterned. 
  • Wooden floors in a light shade of brown may successfully bridge the gap between rustic and contemporary decor.


  • Crawling Vines Decorations

Crawling Vines Decorations

Image Source: Pinterest

Being witchy is not a bad thing. In fact, it adds a certain flair to your sleeping quarters. The key is to pick the proper pieces of furniture and figure out how to leverage the wall patterns to make something like these vines the focal point of the space.

Few suggestions to keep in mind: 

  • Fill the space with fake vines instead of real ones to ensure its longevity. By doing so, you may create the impression of an abandoned but fully functioning space in your home. 
  • Wooden flooring, walls, and furniture accentuate the outdoorsy atmosphere while also giving off a solid, durable impression. 
  • The bed frame and sheets should be white for minimalism’s sake, but you may spice things up with a vibrant quilt and a single accent pillow.
  • Make sure the walls are well-lit so that your furnishings can shine. The best way to achieve the desired witchcore aesthetic atmosphere is to use warm lighting. 
  • Hang some artwork on the wall; it might be a single huge piece or a grouping of smaller ones. It’s important to take precautions while placing spiritual symbols in your holy area so as to avoid inviting negative energy.


  • Lay in the Bed of Creepiness

Lay in the Bed of Creepiness

Image Source: Roometry

Isn’t it comforting to sleep on a bed made of your own thoughts and convictions? That’s not impossible to do, to be sure. There is no need that it to be Halloween for you to enjoy and learn about the dark vibe. 

Consider these helpful suggestions:

  • Invest in the classic black and white color scheme for a bedroom for a look that is both understated and chic. 
  • Keep to shades of black due to their creepy air and adaptability. You may decorate your bed with anything you choose, including astrological or witchcraft-themed linens and cushions. Two white pillows on the bed would be nice to counteract the other colors. 
  • In order to complete the look of your bed, invest in a black fur rug. 
  • Having a plant and a bedside table for your personal belongings will create an inviting and practical space.


  • A Sacred Area For Spell And Relaxation

A Sacred Area For Spell And Relaxation

Image Source: Pinterest 

These tent apexes are simple to erect and may be moved about or altered to suit your needs. It’s cheap, fits well with a witchy motif, and can do wonders for your bedroom.

Helpful tips just for you:

  • Plants of all kinds, including trees, vines, succulents, ferns, and others, should be thrown into the space to give it a haunting, untidy feel. 
  • You may use star-shaped LED lights and candles to illuminate the whole space; just make sure the light is cozy. 
  • To get a style that is both modern and terrifying, a fur or wool rectangle rug is the way to go. 
  • If you’re looking for an antique mirror for your bedroom, think about picking up a circular mirror because of how rare it is. 
  • If you want to create an aura of mysticism, a canopy tent or chair is all you need. White, yellow, and gold draperies are said to exude the most pleasant vibes. The visual value of the canopy may be increased by using pillows with several designs that fit the theme.


  • Give Your Ceiling A Mysterious Meaning

Give Your Ceiling A Mysterious Meaning

Image Source: Tapestry Girls

As you spend time in this bedroom you will like the atmosphere created by the colors and design. This bedroom set up makes sure to distribute the lights and darks in a balanced manner. For sure, you’ll never be afraid of staying in this room. 

A few pointers created for you:

  • In case you are not the kind to like cluttered aesthetics, a bedroom furnished with modern pieces should do the trick. The bed set-up should include white pillows with simple designs, a black blanket, and a rusty yet stylish bed frame. 
  • Cover the whole floor with the rug, but choose one with some kind of enchantment related item—a rose, for example—on it. 
  • Drapes made of linen are timeless and give off a chic vibe. If you want your room to be darker and cozier, by all means, add more of these. 
  • Having built-in shelves or cabinets, especially those hidden behind a curtain or door, may provide a sense of mystique to a room. 
  • Have a conventional sofa and desk set up in your own nook so you have a place to relax, get some work done, and enjoy a cup of coffee. 
  • The focal point of any room should be its ceiling; for a witchy, spooky effect, paint it black and let those orbs glow. 


  • Wooden Shelves For Your Witchcraft Stuff

Wooden Shelves For Your Witchcraft Stuff

Image Source: Wattpad 

Shelves, either freestanding or floating, are a necessary component of every bedroom. It’s important to decide between open and closed shelves in your bedroom depending on how much stuff you want to show off. 

Acquire this layout by: 

  • The witchcore aesthetic pairs nicely with wooden shelving because wood’s natural brown tones complement the style. They are perfect for showcasing your collection of books, candles, houseplants, and other small decorative items.
  • Discuss the spectrum of black humor and its many shades. You may get a conventional and traditional atmosphere by decorating with navy blue bedding and light blue draperies. 
  • Floors made of wood are great since they are sturdy and give off a natural, homey vibe. 
  • One option is to leave the doorway unhindered and cover it with a linen curtain. This gives  hideout or a place of intrigue feel. 
  • The room would feel more contemporary with white walls, ceiling, and curtains. If you feel that this would go in well with a witchy theme, then by all means, do so. 
  • Place a white fur or wool rug in the room for a modern and eerie feel.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What are some ways I can put my stamp on my sleeping quarters? 

Add Some Softness and Texture 

Pillows, blankets, baskets, and rugs are all great ways to add texture to a room. You may show off your own style and have fun with color combinations. The beauty of incorporating textures into a space is that you can keep things feeling warm and inviting while using a minimal color palette. 


How can I give my space a heavenly feel? 

The easiest method to give your space an ethereal feel is to stick to a very light and subdued color palette with some luxurious touches, like crystals and gold. 


How can I incorporate the fairy grunge style into my bedroom? 

The walls of your bedroom are the blank canvas onto which the rest of your grunge-inspired design will be hung, so it’s crucial to give them some love. You may use items like album covers, vintage albums, polaroid photos, music posters, magazine collages, ivy garlands, and fairy lights. 


How can one arrange a space such that it radiates happiness? 

Nothing should stand in the way of a door’s free swing; that would be like restricting the flow of positive energy and clean air. Maintain a consistent level of tidiness in the bedroom. As opposed to the uplifting impact of a clean and organized space, the draining influence of a messy and disorganized one is clear and present as you enter. 


Which color is best for a restful night’s sleep? 

When you want to unwind and get some shut-eye, try decorating with purples and violets. Pink The color pink also represents the Feng Shui element of fire. If you’re having trouble sleeping, a light pink bedroom wall paint job may help. The presence of pink instantly elevates mood.


Final Words

The process of making a room seem spooky doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. The option to upcycle or purchase previously owned items is available for a wide variety of items, including vintage candlesticks and old-fashioned furniture. 

It’s okay to try out some new things, like wall art and witchy photography. Always keep in mind that you have the power to make your area really magical.

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