Stairway Lighting

The stairway lighting is not being installed only to illuminate the stairway and keeps your family safe and protects them from a stumble. Other than that, it works to increase the aesthetical point of your space as well.

It doesn’t easy to choose the best stairway lighting ideas, indeed. You have to choose the material, the types, the price, and the finishing look.

We have compiled the best inspirations to help you find what you need without spending much time.

See the best stairway lighting below and see how magical the light to upgrade the look of your space.

Simple Wall-Mounted Light

Simple Wall-Mounted Stairway Lighting
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Be careful when choosing the stairway lighting. Ensure it infuse the light as you wish, which will also make a statement to the stairway.

The light installation looks adorable on the wall. It melts perfectly with the modern design of the stairway. It is a small wall-mounted light that is attached over the railing, on the white wall.

The white wall paint is such a smart point to brighten the stairway.

String Railing Light

String Railing Stairway Lighting

The string light is common to bring in a little dramatic accent. It would be a good choice to attach the string light to the railing.

For safety and security reasons, consider attaching to the wood material instead of the metal material.

The light string will light up the stairway, it melts seamlessly with the natural color of the wood and infusing a delightful appearance. When the night comes, passing the stair won’t be that boring as before.

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SPotlight The Decorative Pieces

Artistic Stairway Lighting

The artistic addition on the stairway looks admirable that must be on your consideration. The thing is, it is a super simple project that will take part to uplift the beauty of the stairway.

Install the spotlight on the wall to highlight the decorative pieces on the wall. The lights do not only highlight the decorative pieces. On the other side, it brightens the stairway to show every single step of the stairway.

You can also add the other light on the lower part of the wall to expose the stairway as well.

Elegant And Classic

Elegant Classic Stairway Lighting

It doesn’t need lots of things to make a curvy stairway look gorgeous. The stripes of light on each level accentuates an elegant touch, which is melting with the wood material. Ensure you use the yellow light instead of the white ones.

And if it still doesn’t have enough, you can add the stairway lighting on the ceiling. It would elevate the elegant look of the stairway lighting underneath. The light on the stair reflects on the wooden railway, which also takes parts to elevate the beauty of the stairway.

Minimalist Spots

Minimalist Spots Stairway Lighting

The minimalist style is one of the everlasting designs, which is one of the favorite styles among others. It exposes simplicity to infuse elegance.

Decorate your stairway with minimalist lightings. It is a tiny square white light, which is attached to the wall beside the stair. The lights shine adorably on the stairway that will protect you from falling from the stair.

Measure it well to ensure you attach them as well. The lights melt with the knob that fastens the glass railing to each level of the stair.

Long Edge Stairway Lighting

Long Edge Stairway Lighting

Light up your stairway aesthetically with the long stairway light installation on the edge of the stair.

It creates a little appealing look, which also works to protect you from falling from not seeing the level. It looks like there is a light source under the stairway. It makes you look like flying way up high.

The light doesn’t only exposing the red brick on the wall. Consider choosing the yellow light. It looks way better than the white ones. The yellow light creates an elegant touch.

LED Stairway Lighting

LED Stairways Lighting
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Installing the LED light under the level is a good option. Moreover, if you choose the wooden material with the glossy finishing. The glossy finishing offers you a perfect reflection. The white light will make the stairway looks futuristic.

It melts with the light wooden tone and the silver railing. You can install the other light on the ceiling for a brighter stairway.

The light on the edge of the ceiling also takes part to elevate the appearance of the stairway. It blends with the exposed concrete wall as well.

Luxury Stairway Pendant Light

Luxury Stairway Lighting Pendant

This stairway lighting is not installed on the stairway directly. But, it takes a huge part to light up and decorate the space in your house.

The chandelier looks gorgeous hanging over the stair. It infuses a glamorous look and spreading an elegant glow perfectly.

And if it is still too dark, you can install the other lights so that they will brighten the space as well. For this kind of chandelier, you can choose both yellow and white light. Both of them are perfect for an elegant space.

Simple Line Stairway Lighting

Simple Line Stairway Lighting
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The glowing line beside the stair looks perfect to prevent them from the boring and plain look of the stairway. And if you want to accentuate a simple and elegant touch, you can consider choosing neutral tones.

The white wall paint must be the best option to make the house feels way more spacious and cleaner. Combine it with a light wood tone.

Attach the light stripe to the wall. It sharpens the edge of the stair elegantly.

Decorate And Light It Up

Wall-mounted Stairway Lighting

Don’t let your decorative piece just be a decorative piece. Ensure you choose the best decorative piece, which is also functional at the same time.

Choose the wall-mounted decorative light you can attach to the wall of the stairway.

The metal hooks hold the hanging light exposing black and white. It looks good together with the white paint and the black lining on the railing.

The yellow light offers you a warm atmosphere.

Add an oversized hanging light to infuse more light and accentuates an elegant accent.

The Shiny Hand Railing

Railing Stairway Lighting

The unpainted wood on the stairway looks great to combine with any other design, indeed. The unpainted wood also could make a statement to your space.

Combine it with a white wall with the floating railing that is attached to the wall. Install the light under the railing that will create a pretty touch, which spotlight the treat.

The warm atmosphere would beautify the stairway as well. Functionally it helps you to protect yourself from falling on the stairway.

Simple Stairways Lighting

Simple Stairways Lighting
From Finesse Built

No need to worry about the beauty of simplicity. It works the same way in any kind of design, like the stairway lighting. The simple line that illuminates the stairway makes the stair look great.

The floating stair with the glass screen looks way fancier only with a simple touch of the light under the tread. On the other side, it creates beautiful reflections on the wall under the stair.

Yellow Lighting

Yellow Strip Stairway Lighting
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Attaching the yellow light strip between the riser and the tread creates a little bit dramatic look to the whole stairway. The combination of the white riser and the polished wood tread also makes the stairway look gorgeous when you attach the light.

The polished natural color of the handrail made out of wood melts with the tread, which is good together with the white balusters.

It offers you an alluring walking time whenever you are going upstairs or downstairs on the shiny stair.

Contemporary Shiny Stair

Contemporary Stairway Lighting
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The beautiful stairway doesn’t have to be so extra on decoration. You can simply decorate your stairway with stairway lighting.

The contemporary stair is constructed from the combination of the light and dark tones of the wood. It looks even way prettier when you attach the light to the stair. The light freshens the space and increases the value and elegance of the stair, even the whole house.

Besides, the metal railing that is attached to the wall works both aesthetically and functionally.

Exclusive Stairway Lighting

Exclusive Stairway Lighting

The natural color of the wood application in the house is kind of popular lately. It could make any kind of statement when it is combined with any other accent as well.

The wood stair that is constructed on the metal frame melts perfectly together. Make it looks more exclusive with the pendant’s light. The glass pendant lights infuse an elegant glow into the stairway. On the other side, it also takes part to brighten the whole area surrounding it elegantly.

Pretty Glam Lighting

Pretty Glam Stairway Lighting

Such everyone desires to have a glam house. Hence, decorating the stairway and make it looks even way more glam is by playing with the light.

The light could take part to make a statement to the stairway. The stairway light that is installed to the wall string looks perfect to highlight the tread.

On the other side, you will also need a glam hanging light you can attach to the ceiling. It doesn’t only infuse the light to the stairway.

Starry Lighting

Starry Stairway Lighting

The ceiling light over the stair will light up the stairway, and also the space surrounding it as well.
But you still can add the light source on the wall between the wall-mounted handrailing and the stair itself.

Choose the tiny light with the starry effect. The wall-mounted lights would be a functional decorative piece in your stairway.

It complements the elegant stairway constructed by polished wood with the metal railing and the curvy hand railing.

Small Stairway Lighting

Small Stairway Lighting

The small stairway lighting infuses a minimal yet adorable light to light up the stair. The light reflects on the polished wooden stair. It also could reflect on the wall-mounted handrailing.

You will no longer need to worry about falling from the stair when the lighting works properly. On the other side, you will own an elegant stairway by adding a super simple touch of light.

Install the light on the wall as well. Add the same gap on each light for a better look.

Pop Up And Minimalist

Pop Up Minimalist Stairway Lighting
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The light tone of the wall must be the best choice if you want a spacious area when yours is limited.
It works the same way if you want to make the stairway looks stunning. Paint soft mint on the wall, combine it with the white and wood color stair.

It still doesn’t enough. You can add the small wall-mounted light. It adds a pop-up appearance to the wall admirably. The lights accentuate a stylish look, which also functions in the same way.

Purple Glow Stairway Lighting

Purple Glow Stairway Lighting

Add a little bit of metallic appearance to the small stairway to avoid the narrow feel. The closure stairway with the dark tone of the stair creates a narrow feel.

You can prevent it by installing the light on the edge of the stair. It sharpens the edge of the stair along the way beautifully.

Try using a soft purple light instead of white or yellow light.

The stairway lighting looks way more gorgeous with the soft purple ones. At the landing of the stair, install the ceiling light to brighten the entire stairway.

Wall-mounted Modern Lights

Wall-mounted Modern Lighting

If you are wondering what goes best with the darkroom without ruining the touch of a modern and mysterious accent, apply the wall-mounted light.

The rectangular light that exposing the wood material and the white lights look appealing in the dark space.

It lights up the stairway elegantly without ruining the mysterious feel. It could be the best decorative piece you can consider. The natural cherry gives the beauty of nature. Also, the combination of metal, acryl, and wood material offers you a perfect material to apply.

Multifunction Pendant Light

Pendant Stairway Lighting

The pendant light that hanging on the stairway offers you an impressive look. The light is made out of metal and plastic material.

Even when you turn the light off, it still looks gorgeous. And when you turn it on, it offers you an elegant glow that will make the stairway and even the room look adorable. You don’t have to install the light on the step to light up the stair.

Outdoor Installation

Outdoor Stairway Lighting

Since an outdoor stairway is mostly dark, you have to ensure that the source of light is enough to light up every step.

The light also creates a dramatic touch. The good arrangement of the light also makes the stairway lighting look awesome.

Install the light on the wall string. The half-closed wall-mounted light spread the light on the edge of the stair. Since the light is exposed, you have to ensure you clean it regularly so that the lights shine clearly.

Copper Wall-Mounted Stairway Lighting

Copper Wall-Mounted Stairway Lighting
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Try exposing the unpainted wood to your house to bring the beauty of nature to the house. Complement it with the copper decorative piece, which is functions to light up the stairway.

When it is getting dark, the light in the room sometimes doesn’t enough to brighten the stairway. Hence, stairway lighting is such a crucial thing you need to consider.

The copper lights melt seamlessly with the rough wood material. It could also create a rustic style to beautify your house as well.

Fantastic Classic

Classic Stairway Lighting
Via Houzz

The best way to decorate your stairway is by choosing the stairway lighting. When you apply the black and white stair, ensure you choose the best light, which melts adorably with the stair.

The chandelier that is attached to the ceiling over the stair looks perfectly melt. The black chandelier made out of metal material will always be the best choice.

Complement it with the light, which looks like the candles. It would be great to perfect the room.

Hanging Copper Lighting

Hanging Copper Stairway Lighting

Installing the brass material pendant light beside the stairway functional to light up both stairway and the space surrounding it. The hanging light melts with the white carved baluster and the polished wooden steps.

You don’t need to install the light on the step of the stair. Even so, the hanging light looks perfect both functionally and aesthetically to elevate your house. The simple work of the light installation could create the elegant style of the farmhouse design.

Middle Installation

Middle Installation Stairway Lighting

The best idea to complement the dark grey staircase is by installing a small rectangular light on the stair. It would light up the dark stair, which is exposing every step of the stair.

On the other side, the modern and aesthetic look will start appearing once you turn the light on. Install the light in the middle of the riser if it doesn’t have any wall riser that makes the stair looks fancier.

Arrange the installation as well. Create a single gap between the light installation. It works to limit light usage. Still, it works properly.

Infuse The Nautical Vibe

Nautical Stairway Lighting

Adding the nautical hint to your space with a simple touch, which takes a huge part to accentuate the nautical atmosphere as well. It doesn’t have to be something big or even pricey to make it works.

The small light that is attached to the wall string takes part to accentuate the nautical atmosphere of the house as well. It melts with the white wall paint, and the polished wooden step, which is covered with the brown rug.

Warm And Natural Stairway Lighting

Step Stairway Lighting

It looks like you own a floating stair when it doesn’t mount to the wall. Install the light between the wall and the stair. The appealing atmosphere would be yours all of a sudden.

The natural color of the wood on the wall and the steps melt adorably, complemented by the light between them.

No worries, even though the stair is not mounted to the wall, the metal frame holds every single step on the stair sturdily. Consider the yellow light that looks good together with the wood appliance.

Small And Futuristic Stair

Futuristic Stairway Lighting

The futuristic design is known for the silver and shiny appliance. It works the same way for the stair with the light effect surrounding it. The stair on the closure stairway might look narrow.

But if you install the light underneath, then let the light appear on the side part of the stair, it creates an admirable appearance of the stairway. It even elevates the look of the stairway to the next levels.

Opt for the white paint of the wall. It helps to create a spacious atmosphere to the stairway.

Minimalist Light For An Artistic Stair

Minimalist Wall-Mounted Stairway Lighting

Complete the beauty of the artistic red staircase with a minimalist light for a perfect look.

The screen railing on the stair has beautifully carved details, which creates beautiful holes. It helps to keep the source of the light in the stairway. Still, it needs additional light. Consider the minimalist light to attach to the wall.

Some random installation on the wall work to light up the stairway as well. The white lights infuse a creative, artistic, and elegant style in a simple touch.

Outdoor Spotlight

Outdoor Spotlight Stairway Lighting

Choose the outdoor stairway lighting smartly. It must be working efficiently so that you can save your money and keep the light works properly. Choose the oversized light you can attach to the wall or even attach it to the pole, then face it to the stairway.

It doesn’t have to highlight the whole stair. You only need to ensure that it simply lights up the stair to prevent the people from falling. Also, ensure you choose the right size so that the light won’t hurt people’s eyes.

Stairway Lighting Line

Stairway Lighting Line

Here is the other idea to light up the dark stairway and make it looks fabulous with a simple step. When it comes to the dark atmosphere, white light must be the best option.

Do not ruin the cool and mysterious atmosphere by installing random lights. Opt for the light line you can install in the middle of the thick step.

The light line offers you a cool and mysterious atmosphere. No worries. You won’t run out of light since it has no riser so that you can enjoy the light from the different areas in your house.

Make It Looks Modern And Sophisticated

Modern Stairway Lighting

The modern and sleek style of the stairway comes from the metal material stair with the light installation surrounding it. The metal appliance on the riser reflects the light, which makes it way shinier.

It is complemented by the small wall-mounted light installation on the wall string to accentuate the steps. On the other side, install the wall-mounted lights all along the way on the wall, with the brighter light. It is the key element of the light reflections on the stair.

You can also install the penny tile to the stair to create an artistic accent.

Under The Hand Railing Installation

Under Railing Stairway Lighting

There are so many ways to light up the stairway so that you can see every single step.

When it is usually installed on the stair itself, or the wall string, try a different step to light up the stairway with the light installation under the wall-mounted handrailing.

It would brighten the frameless black stair that is attached to the wall. The hand railing installation is attached to the wall between the dark and light paint on the wall, which creates a little artistic accent. No worries, it works properly to light up the steps as well.

These are the stairway lighting ideas that will brighten your inspiration before you run out of ideas.

Choose the best idea that fits with the design of the house and the stair itself.

Modern Stairway Lighting
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