Radiator Shelf

The radiator is one of the important things in your house moreover when the weather is cooling down. It is a good idea to expose the radiator in your house when some people tend to hide it.

Consider installing the radiator shelf over the radiator. It could reduce heat loss, which happens when you cover it.

On the other side, the radiator installation will add an attractive point when you place some potted plants or even some decorative pieces. Find the best radiator shelf ideas down below to inspire you and learn how to decorate the area around the radiator and make it looks adorably chic.

White Radiator Shelf

White Radiator Shelf
Via dunelm.com

Wood material will never fail to make a great radiator shelf. The white paint of the fin and the white shelf are perfectly together with the white wall.

It brings in the modern touch to your space. Functionally, it will help deflects the heat back into the room rather than escaping up the wall. Place a faux potted plant that will accentuate the fresher atmosphere of the house.

Tip: If you are not sure what design to choose, why don’t just cover up the radiator?

Create An Attractive Point

Black and White Radiator Shelf
Via mastershelf.co.uk

Create an attractive point in your space by using the black accent between the white paint. The shelf is made out of wood with a glossy finishing. It is thick enough, which is more durable so that you can place some of your stuff on it.

You will no longer need to worry about the heat that starts rising since the shelf could block the heat stylishly. It is a super simple shelf you can install easily. You only need to screw the bracket into the shelf.

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Bathroom Radiator Shelf

Bathroom Radiator Shelf

The radiator in the bathroom is one of the crucial things to provide a warm atmosphere. Upgrade the function of the radiator by installing the radiator shelf on top of the radiator.

The shelf will hold your toiletries and make everything way much handier. The toiletries would be much tidier and easy to find. Choose the wooden material and install it as well.

The heat will flow directly to the bathroom.

Paint white everything in the bathroom to create a clean, relaxing, and spacious atmosphere.

The Sturdy Oakwood

Oak Radiator Shelf
From easylife.co.uk

Who doesn’t love using oakwood material to ensure that the furniture is durable and dense enough and perfect to be placed over the radiator?

The natural texture and color of the wood, work as a natural hint in your living space between the white wall paint.

Functionally, the shelf helps deflect the heat back into the room. Make it looks more fabulous by placing the faux potted plants or the decorative pieces. But if it makes your space looks stuffy, leave it blank.

Console Shelf

Console Radiator Shelf
Get the product at Etsy

Build an industrial style for your space, which is also functional at the same time. Install the radiator shelf on top of the fin to create an aesthetic touch in a simple way.

It is crafted from oak wood with a dark finishing and attached to the wall with the galvanized brackets.

The brackets melt with the fin together infusing the industrial style beautifully. The decorative pieces additions on the shelf and around the shelf create a great look.

DIY Farmhouse Shelf

DIY Farmhouse Radiator Shelf
Via oldhousetonewhome.net

The farmhouse style, which is created from unpainted wood with a medium tone attached sturdily over the radiator. 

The shelf offers you an additional space to display the decorative collections. 

It melts gorgeously with the white radiator and the touch of beautiful details, which elevating the farmhouse style.

Find the following materials to make it works:

  • Wood
  • Wood glue
  • Stain
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Sandpaper

Once you attach the shelf to the wall, start decorating it with the potted plants or even your favorite photograph. 

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Use The Minimal Material

Minimalist Radiator Shelf
Via oakstoredirect.com

The minimalist style is one of the timeless styles. It is also one of the most favorite styles, among others. Apply the minimalist style to the radiator shelf.

Opt for the oakwood with the natural light oak finishing. It creates a warm touch of minimalist style between the white paint.

The shelf is beautified with the wound edges and corners. Install the wooden shelf over the radiator using the small brackets to make it looks like the shelf is floating. Keep it minimalist by choosing the white decorative pieces with the touch of wood material.

Easy Installation Radiator Shelf

Easy Installation Radiator Shelf
See details at theheritagecollection.co.uk

The wooden shelf with round edges and corner is elegant enough to upgrade the look of the radiator in your house. It doesn’t only work to upgrade the space around the radiator if you tend to expose the radiator.

The radiator shelf will help you to create additional space in your house without taking more space. Choose the wood material without painting it to expose the natural color of the wood. The medium tone of the wooden shelf melts with the wooden flooring.

IKEA radiator Shelf

IKEA radiator Shelf
From ikeahackers.net

Upgrade your woodworking skills by creating your own radiator shelf with a cover under it. 

The DIY radiator shelf could be the best option if you are on a budget, which also upgrading your skills in one. 

You will need the materials below:

  • WKBY shelf
  • HEJNE storage
  • Post
  • Screws

Assemble the HEJNE shelf on the side part of the EKBY shelf, then screw them together. 

Using the 35mm screws helps the shelf be way more stable. After all, you can start to install it over the radiator and get ready for the decorating part.

Create It Effortlessly

Simple Radiator Shelf

The elegance of simplicity must be on your consideration if you want to decorate your space. It is a straightforward project you can make without needs lots of material to make it works.

You will need a wooden board and assemble it as well. Make a little space between the radiator and the radiator shelf. Paint white the wooden shelf, then put some terracotta pots along with the plants. The shelf infuses a beautiful accent effortlessly.

Modern Wooden Radiator Shelf

Modern Wooden Radiator Shelf
From cocolapinedesign.com

The modern sign of this radiator shelf comes from the wooden slats arrangement over the radiator.

The polished wood makes the shelf look contrasts beautifully with the white radiator itself and the wall paint. The wooden flooring also could be the best option to complement the shelf.

Avoid the blank look by placing the decorative pieces on the shelf. With this adorable shelf, the not-so-good look of the radiator will fade away and turns into a pretty spot in your house.

The Epic Rustic

Rustic Radiator Shelf
Instagram @kerrylockwood

One of the smart ways to decorate your house is by choosing the stuff, which works functionally and aesthetically at the same time.

It works for the shelf that is installed over the radiator. When you are decorating your space with a rustic style, the shelf will complement the rustic style and upgrade the look of the radiator.

Once you place some of the best decorations on the shelf, it would be a spotlight in your space. The natural wood accent of the shelf is such a smart point in your house.

Choose The Slim Ones

Slender Radiator Shelf
From dekkobird.com

When it comes to the limited space in your house, ensure you choose the slender shelf you can install over the radiator.

It is simply made out of the MOSSLANDA IKEA shelf, which is slender enough and fits perfectly with the radiator.

To avoid the stuffy and narrow wood, place a simple and minimalist style of the decorative piece. And since it is installed in the hallway, you can put some storage to store the keys and keep them stays in place and handier.

Keep The Toiletries In Place

Simple Bathroom Radiator Shelf
Via missmustardseed.com

For the sake of security and safety reasons, some people cover the radiator in the house. If you do the same way, try complementing the home radiator with the shelf.

It could be installed both on the side part and on the covers’ top. The tidy toiletries would be yours. Besides, it keeps the stuff within your reach.

To ensure it won’t bother the design of the bathroom, paint white the shelves that melt with the clean and tidy atmosphere of the bathroom.

Hallway Adorable Radiator Shelf

Hallway Radiator Shelf
Source imperfectinteriors.co.uk

If you are not into covering the radiator and plan to expose it, install the shelf over the radiator to create a pretty accent with a simple touch.

It is a wooden board installed over the radiator and held by the metal posts for a sturdier shelf. The adorable shelf in the hallway will welcome the people that come into the house stylishly.

You can make it as the drop zone where you can store the keys, sunglasses, or even watch on the tray. On the other side, plenty of additional decorative pieces will complete the shelf.

Window Sill Shelf

Window Sill Radiator Shelf

Fill in the blank space under the window where you install the radiator to provide a warm atmosphere to the living space.

Add a functional space over the radiator if you want to maximize the space in your house. It could bring both functional and aesthetical points at the same time.

When you finished attach the shelf on the wall, place a potted plant and some of the art collections.

Elegant And Simple Shelf

Elegant Radiator Shelf
Instagram @diymom.ca

To ensure the home radiator is safe enough for your family member, cover it fashionably. It is covered with rattan sheeting. The medium tone of the rattan melts with the unpainted wood flooring.

Add the shelves on each side of the radiator cover that store some of your book collections and some of your collections.

The little circle patterns of the sheeting infuse a classic style. It is complemented by the simple shelves surrounding it. Don’t let the surface too plain by placing some pretty stuff for a prettier look.

Upcycle The Pallet

Pallet Radiator Shelf

When you are on a budget, ensure it doesn’t limit your creativity. You can create an affordable project without spending much money.

Substitute the material into the inexpensive one. It must be sturdy enough to install over the radiator that would work to hold some of the decorations.

The radiator shelf made out of pallet material should be on your consideration when you are on a budget. No need to worry about it since the good quality of the pallet would work properly.

Kitchen Radiator Shelf

Kitchen Radiator Shelf
From cocolapinedesign.com

Even your kitchen needs a radiator to provide a warmer atmosphere when the weather is getting cold. And since the kitchen is small, the small radiator is enough.

Install the radiator under the window, then complement it with the shelf over it. It is a great idea to install the radiator shelf if you are not planning to cover the radiator.

Make the small kitchen feels way more spacious by using white paint and the light tone of the wood.

The open kitchen shelving ideas must be on your consideration.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Big

Small Radiator Shelf

Create a delightful mealtime even when winter is coming. You will need a radiator that offers you heat to comfort when it is cold.

It is a small radiator that can place under the window. Add a single shelf over the radiator so that it could extend the space so that you can place the potted plants to bring in a fresher hint.

The wood shelf is one of the best materials you need to consider. It is cheap, easy to make, and easy to maintain.

Expose The Beauty Of Nature

Natural Wood Radiator Shelf

Install the wooden shelf over the brass radiator to enhance the space in your house. The brass material creates a classic touch you can complement with the wooden shelf over the radiator.

Leave it plain to display the beauty of unpainted wood. Attach it to the wall using the wooden brackets. No need to worry about the strength of the shelf since it is held by the L brackets. After that, move the decorative pieces to the shelf to create an artistic accent.

Inespensive Timber Shelf

Timber Radiator Shelf
Source marklewisinteriordesign.com

It is okay not to cover the radiator as long as you can ensure that it is safe enough for the family member in your house.

And if you don’t want to make it looks too plain, install the radiator shelf made out of timber, which is good for insulating properties.

The beveled edge detail avoids the sharp edge that creates a smart and stylish look with the dark finishing. It blends with the black radiator underneath. Arrange the book collections and hold them with the bookend and the flowers.

Wooden Board Floating Shelf

Wooden Board Radiator Shelf
Via anysizeshelf.co.uk

The wooden shelf could be on your consideration to install over the radiator. That would be an extending space to display your decorative piece collections.

Other than that, installing the shelf over the radiator will help circulate the rising warm air out into the entire room as well.

The shelf is installed on the wall with small metal brackets to make your shelf way sturdier. In turn, the shelf looks like floating over the radiator.

Hairpin Stand Radiator Shelf

Hairpin Stand Radiator Shelf
From thegrownupedit.com

Hold the wooden shelf over the radiator with the hairpin leg metal material. The hairpin leg looks good to prevent the stuffy and narrow look beside the radiator.

If you want to make it by yourself, here are the materials you will need:

  • Timber
  • Hairpin leg
  • Screw
  • Wall brackets

Polish the timber with a dark tone to make it looks way sturdier.

It would be a great option when you want to expose the radiator. Add the beautiful ornament on the shelf to infuse the creative touch.

Opt For The Durable Material

Thick Radiator Shelf

The thicker the shelf, the sturdier your shelf will be. Hence, it could be on your consideration if you want a durable and sturdy radiator shelf.

It blends perfectly with the window sill, infusing the warm atmosphere between the white paint.

The shelf would be a perfect extending place to put your books. Besides, it could be an essential thing that will direct the heat to flow to the room properly. No worries, you can even put a potted plant on the shelf without worrying about being too hot.

Oversized Shelf

Oversized Radiator Shelf

When you have a spacious area doesn’t mean you will need lots of shelves. It would make your space even look stuffy and narrow.

Integrate the radiator and the shelves to maximize the available space in your house. Install the radiator in the corner of your room, then install the shelves vertically over the radiator.

The details on the shelves’ top create a different side of the beauty and artistic touch. Paint it with the same color as the wall so that it could expose the decorative pieces much more.

Radiator Shelf By The Window

Radiator Shelf By The Window
See details at Etsy

To ensure the radiator installation is safe enough for your family member, try installing it by the window. Add a single shelf over the radiator that will reduce the heat loss and direct the heat to the entire room as well.

The drawer installation beside the radiator work to hold the shelf sturdily. Paint dark brown on the shelf to make it looks contrasts beautifully.

You can enjoy hot tea when the weather is getting cold while sitting on the chair in front of the window.

Keep It Stylish

Stylish Radiator Shelf

Create a stylish statement without spending much money to create a stylish radiator shelf. It is simply built from the wood material, which exposing the texture of the wood.

The shelf is integrated with the cover that will protect your family from the hot radiator. Also, it could hide the ugly radiator and make it looks way more fabulous.

Polish the wood with a dark tone so that you can still expose the texture of the wood. Then, install them differently to create a fashionable appearance.

Wall-Mounted Shelf

Wall-Mounted Radiator Shelf

Complete the blank space over the radiator with a wooden board mount on the wall. It is attached to the wall using the brackets that will hold sturdily the board along with the book collections.

Paint white wooden board that will create a pretty look. You can expose the decorative pieces and make them an attractive point.

The shelf also will reduce the heat loss beautifully. Paint white the brackets so that it melts with the wall paint and the shelf itself.

Thin Metal Radiator Shelf

Thin Metal Radiator Shelf
See details at refinery29.com

If you are wondering if it is possible to create a sturdy shelf made out of thin and small material, metal sheeting is the best option. The radiator is not only providing heat to the room when the weather is cooling down.

The shelf over the red radiator brings in the beauty of classic and vintage style with a simple touch. Choose the small decorative piece to avoid the narrow and stuffy look on the shelf.

Firewood Station Shelf

Firewood Station Radiator Shelf

Enjoy your family time in the living space when the weather is getting cold. You will need the heat source to ensure your time feels more intimate and cozier. Install the radiator and the fireplace on the same side of your space.

To simplify your activities, install the shelf beside the radiator. The shelf could be the firewood station, which is handier. Then, place some of the decorative pieces on top of the cover to give an artistic touch to your space.

These are the radiator shelf ideas to extend the space in your house and place some of your decorative collections.

Black and White Radiator Shelf
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