11 Modern Western Bedroom Ideas You Will Absolutely Admire

There is no definitive “correct” way to decorate a bedroom. What really counts is what you and your significant other find appealing and agreeable. You can’t go wrong with a Western theme if you’re trying to achieve a classic appearance. Boots, saddles, firearms, and Native American insignia are all fair game. 

Go for a modern look if you want to spruce things up a little without going too far out there. This could include things like graffiti or psychedelic geometric patterns. However you decide to go about it, be sure to combine diverse elements in interesting ways to keep things looking new and exciting. 

To bolster the concepts, we compiled a curated collection of modern western bedroom ideas that you can use to zero in on the perfect design for your space.


Modern with a Dash of Southwestern Flavor 

Image Source: Pinterest 

It’s not necessary to include rural or rustic touches to get a Western look. Indeed, the appropriate mix of furniture, with a wide range of patterns, gives the space more personality.

Some pointers to think about:

  • When combined with modern patterns and motifs, classic black and white remain popular. Those looking for refinement could go for diamond or cross shapes. 
  • Naturally, a contrast or intermediate shade is required to bring out the patterns and motifs. For your comforter, use a neutral gray. 
  • Paintings with geometric patterns may make any space seem chic and up-to-date. Think about picking up a few of them for your walls.   
  • Invest in a wooden bed, wooden nightstands, and a wooden stool for a stylish blend of contemporary and rustic elements. Use it in tandem with a crystal-bodied lamp shade for a classic look. 
  • Don’t forget to add some greenery by placing indoor plants in interesting geometric vases.


  • Master Bedroom with Chevron Wood Walls 

Master Bedroom with Chevron Wood Walls 

Image Source: Pinterest 

The leather headboard, modern nightstands, and wallpapered closet wall all contrast well with the warm, homey vibe created by the chevron-patterned wood feature wall.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re looking for the showpiece of a room, get this. Walls may be carved with elegant curves. It’s important that the colors aren’t all the same size. 
  • You can’t have a western theme without a buffalo skull and other western-themed photographs hanging on the wall. On the other hand, go for a white background decorated with red or blue rural motifs. 
  • For a look that manages to be both classic and cutting-edge. The ceiling should be painted white and framed with wood. 
  • Rustic flooring may also be sturdy and reliable if it’s made of wood. 
  • For a classic and contemporary look in the bedroom, try using black and white bedding. Gray and blue throw pillows would provide a nice contrast. 
  • The headboard might be leather for a southwestern cowboy vibe, but the bed and nightstands should also be made of wood. 
  • Thin, contemporary lights are great, but they should provide a pleasant glow that harmonizes with the room’s other finishes.


  • Contemporary California Bohemian Style 

Contemporary California Bohemian Style 

Image Source: HGTV

Experience the trendy seaside atmosphere of California on your next trip. The white walls and bed linens in this master bedroom create a lovely, light atmosphere.

Things to consider:

  • Embrace the cool and refreshing atmosphere brought about by this bedroom motif. Having wood walls painted white may create a soothing atmosphere. 
  • If you want to unwind, all you need is beautiful artwork. Specifically, choose a beach area. 
  • Your space would seem both sophisticated and up-to-date with the addition of hourglass sconces. Place them on both sides to ensure equality. 
  • It would be appropriate to use white bedding with cushions that are muted and have a tropical design. 
  • Have two wooden nightstands if you need more organization or want to make use of a unique nook.


  • Master Bedroom in a Subdued Southwestern Style  

Master Bedroom in a Subdued Southwestern Style  

Image Source: Houzz 

There’s a general consensus that brown is a safe, earthy hue. This is why people associate the color brown with comfort and ease. When we talk about comfort, let us not forget this lovely bedroom.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you paint the walls white and decorate the space with wood, you may give the room a modern rustic feel. 
  • Thin, candle-lit chandeliers are perfect for creating a rustic, Old West vibe. 
  • Rugs with black-and-white geometric designs also go well with the western aesthetic. 
  • Add some contrast and emphasis by hanging a light blue drape with a contrasting design. 
  • Make sure the bedding is crisp and comfortable by choosing a white color scheme. Pillows with a hint of brown or peanut brown may provide a nice touch of contrast. 
  • Having a fireplace built from brick and painted white is an excellent way to relax. The television and antique design plates that you collect should go above it. 
  • Modern, minimalist lamp shades should be used to create symmetry on bedside tables while also making them practical.


  • Trendy Log Cabin in the Countryside 

Trendy Log Cabin in the Countryside 

Image Source: Pinterest 

Western and Southern influences come together in this room. If you wanted to transform an old barn into a contemporary farmhouse for yourself or your customer, this is one of the greatest ideas.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You can’t go wrong with a cottage-style bedroom if you’re going for that “western vacation” feel. Begin with a hardwood floor, then add geometric sculpted walls and an abstract rug in subdued colors. 
  • A trendy and warm touch might be achieved by installing a little fireplace in the blank area of the wall. Put some pictures, flowers, and candles on top of it for decoration. 
  • The pillows, blankets, and mattresses in a bedroom should all be different colors. Choose gentle tones like pink, brown, grey, and white. 
  • Lightweight curtains in soothing colors let in a breeze. 
  • A chandelier illuminated by candlelight would be the epitome of western charm. 


  • Baby Room with a Gypsy Flair 

Baby Room with a Gypsy Flair 

Image Source: Pinterest 

The decor in this baby’s room would be at home in any adult’s bedroom, it’s that chic. We’ve moved beyond the fashion for juvenile antics. Make an effort to provide your kid with a more modern room.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Give your baby the comfort they deserve with a classic white crib. It would be more common and aesthetically pleasing if you used a mattress with earth tones and floral or animal motifs. Throw in a little cushion for good measure. 
  • Hangable pictures should continue the natural theme. When it comes to walls, a fresh coat of white paint can do wonders for their aesthetic value. 
  • In addition to portraits, you can also hang rattan patterns, dreamcatchers, and geometric wooden figurines to give the area a more natural, but still aesthetically pleasing, vibe. 
  • In particular, a pink swivel arm chair exudes an impression of sophisticated cool. 
  • Put a skinny floor lamp and a basket there for flair. This will never go out of style and may be used to conceal unsightly areas. 
  • The flooring should be made of wood with a variety of tones. Polypropylene and wool carpets, for example, may be used together to create a sophisticated and inviting space.


  • Black and White Modern Western Bed Chamber

Black and White Modern Western Bed Chamber

Image Source: HGTV

While the pattern is named after the Western mammal, the buffalo check pattern has its roots in the East. Some Westerners think that sleeping under a black and white buffalo check duvet has curative properties, and the pattern adds a touch of tradition to this room.

Some points to remember:

  • To a certain extent, black and white do dominate as the primary hues of minimalism and contemporary design. It is necessary, though, to look at the deeper colours at times. 
  • The duvet, in traditional black and white buffalo check, is paired with a wire longhorn sculpture and a leather cap for a Western flair. 
  • The hanging hammock chair is reminiscent of the California bohemian aesthetic. 
  • Make your pillows blue and ash brown for a contrasting yet still pleasing style. Make sure there’s enough of contrast between the various design patterns. 
  • It’s hard to go wrong with the classic color scheme of black and white, and a thick blanket with a flannel pattern is the perfect way to show it off. 
  • Place a stool with storage space beneath it to make the most of your space for reading materials and other items. To add a touch of contemporary elegance, try having the stool and leather cushions black. 
  • Both the flooring and the bed may benefit from a rustic aesthetic. Whitewashing the unevenly high wooden headboard would go well with the drum lampshade on the ash-brown wooden nightstand. 
  • Adding a flower vase or some houseplants may instantly revitalize the room.


  • Float With Bedroom Geometry 

Float With Bedroom Geometry 

Image Source: COWGIRL Magazine

The geometric wall art in this contemporary minimalist bedroom provides the unifying design element. A floating bedroom also conveys a sense of modernism and magic, making it an excellent choice for individuals who want a luxurious place to unwind.

A few tips for you:

  • If you prefer minimalism over bold, flashy decor, a basic bed will suit you well. But if you want to make something simple into something special and cutting-edge, consider floating it. 
  • Southwestern contemporary western bedrooms benefit from the addition of a brown geometric artwork or portrait over the bed. 
  • It would be wonderful to install downlighting black shuttered sconces on each side. Let them dangle if you want to give the impression of space. 
  • Don’t forget your floating shelf-style bedside tables, where you may store your books, vases, plants, and other treasured possessions. 
  • When designing a bedroom, one of the most important elements to consider is how the bedding and walls will look together. If you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic, go with white. 
  • A rug made of polypyrene black placed on a floor of ash brown wood has an impressively contemporary air about it.


  • Cacti Motif In Your Bedroom 

Cacti Motif In Your Bedroom 

Image Source: Pinterest 

Put away the skull and the old buffalo paintings; cactus prints are the solution to a casual and fun bedroom. It’s also got a touch of respect for the fashion about it.

Acquire this design by:

  • White sheets are the standard for a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic. Obviously, you don’t want to go with the bare minimum, so add some flair to your bed with some classic pillows in a rainbow of hues. Brown furry pillows and a comforter provide an air of sophisticated maturity to any room. You may add a wool blanket to the mix for balance. 
  • It’s usual to paint the walls white. The design shouldn’t be overanalyzed. A tapestry of brightly colored cacti is all that’s needed to create a rustic cattle rock atmosphere. 
  • Warm up the room with some spherical LED lights and add some actual life with a nice plant or succulent beside the window. 
  • The dark brown floor would look great with a white and brown crocheted rug.


  • Muted Chic Country Bedroom

Muted Chic Country Bedroom

Image Source: Allie Falcon

Subdued hues may be used with almost any color scheme. Not only do they give off an air of tranquility and elegance, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. 

Several things to consider:

  • For a little natural light and airiness, it’s a good idea to install a broad, human-sized, white window with thin, muted curtains. The result will be a space that seems cleaner than ever. 
  • Cowboy hats would look great displayed on the clean, white wall of a modern home. Putting items to good use while adding a bit of rustic charm, is a great idea. Portraits with a rustic feel should be hung to round out the decor. 
  • Pile on the blankets in varying shades of the same dull hue. Choose any combination of pink, vanilla, and white. Choose one with starry designs if you want to unwind in bed at night. 
  • Create a mix of neutral and country-inspired throw pillows by using white and brown hues. 
  • Buy a wooden side table and install hardwood flooring to give the space a more natural, earthy feel.


  • Layer Everything With Prints and Colors 

Layer Everything With Prints and Colors 

Image Source: Wild West Living

The gorgeous hues of Western bedding are a point of praise, as they work well with a wide variety of decor options. Additional designs need not be laboriously deliberated about, as one only just indulge their sense of humor.

Some suggestions made for you:

  • Put in some brown tones. Get a brown hardwood floor, a brown leather-upholstered headboard, and a brown mattress. There would be a definite country and western feel to this. 
  • Don’t just stick with brown; spice up the design with some contrast. Sheets and cushions should be adorned in vibrant hues like orange, crimson, blue, yellow, and gold. 
  • Having nowhere to lean when sitting, a circular stool is a relic from the past. Complete the retro appearance with a white and brown rug. 
  • Have an interesting and useful alternative to a traditional nightstand to store your belongings. Simply said, stacked briefcases would be more practical if they contained individual items. 
  • Since it is so near to the rustic and modern brown and white hues, painting the walls of your room a creamy color will give it a well-rounded appearance. 
  • Adding a sextant design to a circular glass panel would be perfect for creating that old-world charm.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What best defines a Western Bedroom?

It is common for Western houses to have a bedroom styled like the Western model. A huge bed and western art or décor adorn the walls of this room style. Though the room’s décor may be altered to suit the tastes of the homeowners, it is often furnished with Western-style furniture. 


Why Do People Adore the Western Bed so Much? 

One of the best-known movements in interior design is the rise of the Western bedroom. Many people find that the combination of modern lines and earthy tones is irresistible. This style’s rise to prominence may be attributed to a variety of factors, not the least of which is the fact that it can instantly improve the ambiance of any space.


Can you define Western decor for me? 

Decorating in a Western-style basically boils down to using staples from the Western hemisphere. This, according to Sunset, entails things like wooden floors, exposed beams, woven baskets, and a rich, earthy color palette. 


Which hues best enhance a space’s sense of openness and luminosity? 

Lighter paint colors like off-whites, light neutrals, pale, and pastels create the sense of bigger, brighter spaces. 


What should one do initially while preparing to decorate a room? 

Discovering your goals is the first step. You’ll need a strategy if you want to do this. Start by looking at pictures of rooms furnished with items, textures, and materials that you like. Create a folder or Pinterest board to save all of your materials in one central location. 

Final Words 

To help you relax and fall asleep after a hard day, a well-designed bedroom is a must. We get that you want some Western influences in your life. However, updating it adds complexity. 

Yes, your bedroom is a place to express yourself, from the color scheme you choose for the walls to the pieces of furniture you choose to place in there. There is a lot to think about in terms of design, but as always, we’re here to provide some guidance and ideas. Review these modern western bedroom ideas at your leisure.

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