8 Hair Dryer Storage Ideas That You Should Have In Your Bathroom

You love your curling iron and wouldn’t part with it for the world, yet you probably don’t even keep it in a safe place. More than simply looking better, a well-organized space in which to keep your heated styling equipment can help them live longer by preventing the destruction of cables and the damage caused by accidental drops from the countertop. 

Choose one of the following solutions for storing your hair dryer to prevent damage to your instruments and to add style to your bathroom. We are sure that these hair dryer storage ideas would definitely be a huge help to you!

Integrated Storage Spaces 

Image Source: Docking Drawer


Hair tools that generate heat are among the most difficult to store because of their size and design. To make the most of your bathroom shelving, stock up on heat-resistant containers. 


  • The depth and the built-in drawer divisions make it easy to store even the biggest instruments. Take the measurements of your drawer and get a container of the same size. 
  • Claw hair clips are an easy way to tame the cords of your hair straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer.
  • Put something cylindrical and undermounted in the chamber to act as a filter. It seems better ordered and less difficult to find. 
  • Ashwood, combined with a glossiness mixture, is a classy choice for the compartment’s finish.


  • Simply Attach Hooks

Simply Attach Hooks

Image Source: Single Girl’s DIY

The space behind a vanity door is one of the most wasted spots in a bathroom. It’s a clean slate for all of your cosmetics and hair accessories, no matter how vast they may be.  

Options that you should think about: 

  • You may make your own hair-styling station by hanging a wire shelf unit using hooks that have self-adhesive backing. 
  • Repurposing a kitchen spice rack into a holder for items is yet another alternative to using the space behind the door for storage.
  • Choose a grainy material for the walls. In this manner, you can guarantee a fashionable appearance. In addition, its adaptability is enhanced by a coat of white or ivory paint.


  • Series of Glasses

Series of Glasses
















Image Source: Crazy Organized

Using glass containers allows you to view what you have stored while hiding nothing. They are the perfect size for the shelf or counter top of a bathroom vanity. 

Ideas to help you out:

  • Keep hair accessories like clips, ties, and hairpins in glass jars for quick access. You’ll pick up useful skills like recycling and resourcefulness along the way.
  • Glass bases may be made in a variety of colors to help with visual hierarchy and provide a sense of fun to the overall aesthetic. 
  • Make a style statement by stacking glasses of varying heights. You might, however, keep with tradition and make it the same size.


  • Secret Drawers

Secret Drawers

Image Source: Contemporist

When designing a tiny bathroom, it’s best to go with creative storage solutions. Here, an unused partition has been transformed into discreetly placed drawers.

Options that you should know: 

  • With its many shelves, this hair product organizer makes hiding anything you don’t want to show a breeze. When redecorating your lavatory or powder room, this is a viable option to think about.
  • The drawers must be detachable and slide inward when pulled. In this way, you can store your belongings safely and quickly retrieve them when you need them. 
  • It’s crucial to inject a mod air into your storage spaces. Make sure the cubbies have an ashwood finish. To add shine and vibrancy, fill it with a glossy mixture.


  • Containers that can be stacked

Containers that can be stacked 

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If you have a wide range of unrelated hair care items, this is the best choice for you. Invest in a range of stackable bin sizes and colors, and then use them to categorize and label your items according to their intended use.

Suggestions that you should know:

  • When you want convenience and adaptability, use white plastic containers and storage. In fact, they are sufficient for storing your hair dryers and even some of your other hair accessories. 
  • Place the storage where it will be most useful, such as in nooks and crannies. Another option is to just store it away. Put the compartment at a high or out-of-the-way place so that children cannot reach it. 
  • Stickers or nameplates must be placed at the beginning of each section. You’d be able to quickly find what you’re looking for if you did this.


  • Beyond the Front Door Option

Beyond the Front Door Option

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

You may free up more counter space on your vanity by using this hair-dryer holder. The container not only suspends the instrument but also controls the cable to prevent it from becoming tangled.

Few options to bear in mind:

  • Include a few hooks or containers to provide a perch for the nozzle of the hanging hair dryer. As an added bonus, the wiring you have makes this possible. 
  • White is the most adaptable color for a door, so paint it that way. Also, the uncluttered look allows for more vibrant accessories, wall hangings, and color. 
  • Remember to grab your blow dryer before shutting the door, so it doesn’t get caught on the corners of the door and make it difficult for other family members to open and close it.


  • Used Pots for New Plants 

Used Pots for New Plants 

Image Source: Pinterest

Use pots from your yard as decorative wall hooks to store your hair products and equipment. The looped shape fits neatly over a ladder shelf, giving you easy access to your styling products. 


Some suggestions: 

  • If you don’t have a place to hang your pots on, you may put them on a shelf or in a linen closet.
  • While designing the wall texture, try to emulate the feel of sand. If you put this in the reused pot, it will take on a tropical feel. 
  • If you want to reuse the pot, avoid making it overly fancy. Nevertheless, if you can afford it, a brand new one would look great as well. Have in mind that if you want to carry a lot of hair tools and accessories, it’s best if it’s made out of metal. 
  • We recommend hanging it on a side portion of the wall. You may also hang it in the bathroom if you believe you have enough wall space.


  • Rolling Shelving

Rolling Shelving

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Save money on storage by reusing empty snack containers. Chip containers are the right size for storing round brushes and combs. Decorative paper may be used to add color and design to the bathroom.


These suggestions will definitely help you out: 

  • You may put your ingenuity and thrift to good use while also avoiding spending a ton of cash. Wrapping your food containers with colourful paper is both easy and good for the environment. 
  • Ensure that the snack containers are nice and broad so that you can put the hair dryer inside. 
  • Use no more than two different types of paper with different patterns or designs for the wrapper to ensure consistency. If you’re concerned about the color scheme, a bright yet gentle hue might be ideal. 
  • Make sure the snack containers repurposed into hair dryer containers are in a convenient spot, such as on a shelf where they won’t be in the way.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs


How should one safely keep a hair dryer? 

A hair dryer should be kept out of the direct sunshine, away from dust, and in a cool, dry place. While not in use, a hairdryer may be stored safely in a vanity drawer. 


Where do you put a hairdryer inside a cabinet? 

Hang your hair dryer, flat iron, and curling irons from the wall or the inside of a cupboard in a lovely metal or brightly colored magazine holder that suits your décor. When storing heated styling products in plastic containers, wait until they have cooled completely. 


Where should heated hair equipment be kept? 

Curling irons and other heated hair appliances may be kept on a stylish heat-safe tray if drawer space is too limited for vertical compartments. It’s very pleasing whether displayed on a counter or stored away in a cabinet. 


May I bring my blow dryer with me? 

You may be wondering whether a blow dryer is allowed on an airplane. A hair dryer, like a hair straightener, is permitted in cabin baggage. If you’re not traveling light, your hair dryer may go in your checked baggage. 


What is the hair dryer shelf life? 

Overusing a hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener may create fires and damage your hair, so it’s best to throw it away when it stops working. The typical lifespan of a hot tool is two to seven years. The frequency with which you use the product is a major factor in how long it will last, while product quality is also a consideration.


Final Words

When you’re working with a small bathroom, every square inch counts. With cosmetics and toiletries, that’s not always the case. The bathroom may rapidly get cluttered with various hair styling tools and sprays, night creams and lotions, and nail care items. 

With these suggestions for using a hair dryer, we hope you’ll be able to make more space in your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and want to make the most of the space you have, try using some of our top methods for organizing hair and beauty items.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


Hair Dryer Storage Ideas
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