8 DIY Entryway Table Ideas That Are Extremely Convenient For Your Home 

In addition to being the focal point of your entrance’s aesthetics, the entryway table also serves as a practical storage and organization hub for a wide variety of items. When looking for the ideal entrance table, we find that popular furniture companies provide a dizzying array of styles and patterns to choose from. Unfortunately, their hefty price tags leave us thinking it’s impossible to have a beautiful and sophisticated foyer table in our homes. 

But why not make your own incredibly fun and useful entrance table out of whatever leftover wood you have sitting around? These 8 DIY Entryway table ideas would definitely help you out. 

DIY entrance table ideas are stunningly beautiful, very affordable, and completely doable by you, the DIY enthusiast!


Custom Entryway Console Table

Image Source: Lehman Lane

You may highlight your foyer and doorway by placing this unique and contemporary built-in table there. Install this lovely wooden entrance table using some of the wood scraps you’ve been saving. 


Some suggestions made for you:

  • In a position of prominence in your foyer or doorway, it may proudly display your artwork, mural frames, and other prized decorative accents. 
  • The white arched legs give off a  combination of a vintage and contemporary look. Having it white also makes up for the simplistic style. This only defines a well-thought out design as it comes with three in one style. 
  • Aside from stuff, you could also charm the tabletop with plants in a vase, artificial fruit displays, and a cute rattan basket. This would eliminate the dullness of the table and have it more presentable. 
  • For a busier type of table, you may want to add some footwear such as boots, slippers, sandals, or shoes underneath. 


  • A Dresser Transformed Into an Entrance Table

A Dresser Transformed Into an Entrance Table

Image Source: Dwelling In Happiness

If you need a cheap yet functional table for your foyer, an old dresser is a perfect option. Use some ingenuity to transform those old dressers into chic foyer furniture.


Additional tips to follow: 

  • There is nothing more intriguing and affordable than repurposing your old cabinet to a table top. Unleash your creativity by putting it on the entryway and putting some candles vases, and artificial or fresh flowers on the table top. 
  • You can also have some rattan baskets for extra storage and for your keys to store. 
  • Of course, given that the table is kinda old, you may want to repaint it. It is advisable to pick a paint that is the same with the wall for uniformity. 


  • Entrance Table Key Throw DIY

Entrance Table Key Throw DIY

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Make your own unique entrance tables by getting creative with some wooden planks. As an excellent illustration, consider this lovely white table that also serves as a functional storage unit.


Suggestions to consider: 

  • To get a look that is equal parts classic and rustic, you may forego drawers in favor of a stacked wooden table that has been painted white.
  • If you’re going for a country look, stock up on rattan baskets, but if you’re more into the contemporary aesthetic, go with some sleek black bowls.
  • You may make your table more utilitarian by adding a flower vase on a tray, some books, and a table light.
  • Wall murals, portraits, and sun figures are great ways to expand the design.


  • Quick and Easy Pallet Console Table

Quick and Easy Pallet Console Table

Image Source: Digs Digs

A stunning handcrafted wooden console table with a faded white and chocolate finish with false drawers. A wooden table with a raised surface and simple storage beneath is ideal for a foyer or doorway. 


More tips for you: 

  • Ash or hemlock wood would be perfect for a classic rustic table.
  • Painting the table legs white will give the table a more polished look. Keep it simple since you don’t want to go overboard with the design and are trying to watch your spending.
  • Put in some decorative touches and items that have personal meaning, such as a plant, a candle, and a stack of miniature black boxes. You may make the table more useful and get rid of the monotony by doing this.
  • You may add extra functionality by giving it a detachable or opening top.


  • Simple and Fast Foyer Table

Simple and Fast Foyer Table

Image Source: Pinterest

You may customize your furniture to meet the specific requirements of every given room.  This entryway table features triangular-shaped legs, and a completely slender construction, making it ideal for use in entryways with limited floor space. 


Consider these suggestions: 

  • Considering the emphasis on geometry in this table design, other decorative elements, such as a wall-mounted wreath, a vase filled with flowers or foliage, a sleek table lamp, and more, will stand out even more.
  • Try to use as many whites, grays, and blacks as you can. It would be best to paint the whole table white so that it doesn’t seem too busy.
  • The classic black-and-white color scheme was partially enacted by the inclusion of black accents and details.


  • Barn-Like Sliding Door Console

Barn-Like Sliding Door Console

Image Source: Pinterest

The foyers are large and spacious enough to accommodate a magnificent entry table.  This one was constructed from free scrap wood, and it has sliding doors, which provide even more allure to the piece. 


Ideas to keep in mind: 

  • Sliding barn doors provide a feel of a rural home, so they are a good choice if you’re going for that look.
  • If you’re looking for a classic look without any frills, white paint on the door and trim is the way to go. Black details are a vital for added sophistication, so don’t leave them out.
  • If you wish to show off your belongings, you may leave the sliding doors open. Your favorite plant in a rattan basket with a monogram, books, a clock, and a lantern-style light are all great examples of fresh, individualized items to include in your collection.
  • A tabletop TV, a contemporary white lamp, perfume bottles, and a calendar are just a few examples of the many decorative items that may be displayed there. Essentially anything that would improve the use of the space.


  • Rustic X-Base Sofa Table

Rustic X-Base Sofa Table

Image Source: iNSPIRE Q Furniture

This console table’s design is so good, it can be easily adapted for use as an entrance table. The rustic aesthetic of this table design is universally appealing. 


Other tips to consider: 

  • The table’s three levels of storage and its crisscrossing edges give it a beautiful, rustic appearance. A lot of items might be displayed, stored, and arranged neatly on it.
  • Talking about storage, you can put some vases with grain plants, lamps and candles along with their candle holders. This would charm your guests definitely but make sure that the color should be neutral or close to the table’s overall color. 
  • Since the table is not wall mounted and movable, you can put it anywhere but it is advisable that you put near the entrance either left or right or near the sofa. 
  • The X design on the extended from feet to table top is a clear manifestation that contemporary design are stylish, so you might want to try this instead of opting for vertical legs only. 
  • Handcrafted Wooden Console Table

Handcrafted Wooden Console Table

Image Source: Wooden Twist

This slender and small piece entrance table has been skillfully crafted by hand, drawing inspiration from some historically exquisite furniture. The stain did a fantastic job of giving it a more alluring look. 


Few tips for you: 

  • The stand is useful as a place to stand while getting dressed to go out when a mirror board and some shelves are added to the base.
  • The table’s carved edges and arching legs evoke an ancient French style. An ideal match for a home with a vintage or rustic aesthetic.
  • Remember to visit the past for more inspiration in terms of design. A chalice, some candles, and some candlesticks would look lovely in place of the vases and flowers.
  • For a more drawn-out look and to cover up any unsightly gaps around the table, don’t overlook the painting.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs 

What do you place on an entrance table’s base?

To draw attention to the main attraction, surround it with complementary accessories. To counteract the vertical height of the console table, bulky objects like large woven baskets, wicker boxes, or enormous, fluffy pillows are generally arranged on the bottom portion of the table.


What size table should I get for my foyer?

Entry tables typically stand at a height of 30 inches. Most foyer tables will be this height since it is the standard for the industry. A table of moderate size may serve as a good centerpiece for both big and small rooms. Now, it’s up to you to decide what kind of table best suits your needs.


Why do we need a console table in the foyer?

A console table is a narrow table that is often positioned against the wall in an entrance or against the back of a sofa for extra storage space. It’s a smart strategy for making the most of limited space by serving dual purposes as extra storage and a showcase for your own sense of style.


How might an entrance ideally be utilized?

An entrance serves a role even for individuals who would rather have fewer things to accomplish while entering and leaving a building. One use of an entrance is to serve as a staging area for shoes, keys, and coats. It’s the first thing people see when they visit, so it sets the tone for the whole house.


What color would you recommend for an inviting foyer?

Paint your foyer a cheery, pale yellow for a ray of brightness. This pale color will serve as a balanced, welcoming background for your visitors. Yellow complements a wide range of colors, from neutrals like gray and green to more daring hues like pink and purple.


Final Words 

While working on any of these DIY entryway table projects, you may choose any style, design, and size to create a unique piece that is a perfect fit for your foyer or corridor. 

When you’re working with little square footage, it’s much easier to implement slim and streamlined designs. Additional useful options for your own DIY table include shelves, drawers, and storage cubbies for stowing and displaying your belongings.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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