13 Best Outdoor Coffee Tables You Could Not Help But Fall For

Living spaces outside are sometimes as significant as those inside for those who look forward to bright weather and pleasant breezes on a daily basis. Putting up the ideal patio set is a labor of love that involves finding the sweet spot between robustness, aesthetics, and adaptability. The coffee table may be small, but it plays an essential role. 

This helpful guide lets you choose the ideal spot to set down your book and a cold drink. Here is a list of the top 13 best outdoor coffee tables to suit every space, from little balconies to expansive decks by the pool.


Coffee Table Made of Contemporary Metal 

Image Source: Pinterest

This coffee table’s grey metal sled base has an even thinner profile, making it the ideal complement to modern, unobtrusive chairs. The durability and timeless elegance are guaranteed by the weatherproof coating.


Some ideas you could implement: 

  • Glass adds a touch of class, but you should check that it is strong enough to sustain the table’s decorations and accessories. 
  • The table’s black finish adds sophistication, but the rounded edges take it to the next level. 
  • Instead of using square or pointy feet, you might create a round or rounded rectangle table. 


  • Modern White Outdoor Coffee Table 

Modern White Outdoor Coffee Table 

Image Source: Choice Custom Home & Decor

Very luminous, ultra-modern, and shockingly low-priced. An aluminum core supports the elegant plastic resin exterior of this design. The perforations in the tabletop eliminate the possibility of water collecting there. Choose from several vivid hues to complement your patio furnishings.


Few tips to know:

  • White represents purity and ease. It also connotes tidiness, so only acquire a white table if you’re confident in your ability to keep it spotless and aesthetically beautiful on a regular basis. 
  • A wooden or aluminum table would complement a more rural decor well. If you want to show off your patio to your neighbors, this is the way to do it. 
  • The space will seem more open and useful with a rectangle table. 


  • Black outdoor coffee table with modern design

Black outdoor coffee table with modern design

Image Source: Pinterest

This minimalist sled-base coffee table is made from durable aluminum and finished in a sleek black for a contemporary look that’s perfect for the patio. Fit well in with your preferred modern furniture.


Ideas to mull over: 

  • An elegant setting may be achieved by using a circular table. 
  • If you want your table to serve its purpose, build some drawers into the base. 
  • The table’s legs may be attached to the under-table shelving for easy access. If you’re going for an understated yet refined aesthetic, choose the same color for the table legs and the drawers. 
  • If you find that looking elegant is something you like, then black is the color for you.  


  • Outdoor Coffee Table in Grey and Real Teak 

Outdoor Coffee Table in Grey and Real Teak 

Image Source: Interior Design Ideas

The use of contrast may unlock hitherto unimaginable levels of synergy. This outdoor coffee table is both stylish and functional, with a natural teak wood top and a black metal base. 


Tips you should consider:

  • If you want to keep the top’s original color, treat it with teak oil every so often; otherwise, it will weather beautifully into an elegant silver gray.
  • The table-toe caps are a great way to bring a touch of antique elegance to your outdoor space. 
  • A vase may serve as a centerpiece or you can add a succulent for a breath of fresh air. 


  • Patio Aluminum Coffee Table

Patio Aluminum Coffee Table

Image Source: Patio Furniture & Barbecues at Sun Country

Want to spice up your patio with something more daring? The polished rounded corners and contrasting surface treatments of this metal coffee table are immediately eye-catching. The tabletop has holes as a design that makes it more elegant. 


Other things you can do:

  • They are modern and adaptable because of their spherical shape. If you want something tiny and sophisticated, choose one of round table.  
  • Making the table black makes it seem more elegant and adaptable, allowing you to pair it with other pieces of furniture in case you ever want to switch up your decor. 
  • There’s no need for a centerpiece, but if you want your table to seem a little more alive, try bringing in a few potted plants from outside. Colorless vases are the best option. The room might need a great white vase.


  • An Outdoor Coffee Table Made of Acrylic and Plastic

An Outdoor Coffee Table Made of Acrylic and Plastic

Image Source: Amazon

Boards of dark brown acacia wood are held in place by a white metal framework. This table may be used with both classic wooden patio sets and modern metal and glass patio sets.


Things to think about:

  • A little coffee table might be just the thing for a quick cup of coffee any time of day or night
  • You’d be well served by a tabletop that’s as rustic as your coffee is flavorful. The color brown has also been shown to have a calming effect on people.
  • Make the borders black to match the little amount of black on the brown table top. And although black is certainly not a rare hue, its versatility makes it a good choice for an outdoors table.

  • Round Coffee Table in Ombre Concrete for Outdoor Use 

Round Coffee Table in Ombre Concrete for Outdoor Use 

Image Source: The Design Tap

As this coffee table may be used in a variety of settings and looks great in photos, it regularly appears in magazine articles. Translucent acrylic allows for a lightweight appearance while yet demanding attention.

Things to consider: 

  • Choose a circular coffee table made of white stone for a contemporary look and feel. The rounded shape adds a touch of sophistication. 
  • Since we discussed a chilly vibe, it should be reflected in the shade you choose. A wintry black and white color scheme would work well. 
  • Try a different look by teaming the tables with chairs made of rattan or metal. Do not be afraid to try out different layouts. 
  • You might add some greenery to your space by placing a trio or series of plants. For a more romantic atmosphere, you may also include a candle.


  • Low Storage-Capable Outdoor Coffee Table 

Low Storage-Capable Outdoor Coffee Table 

Image Source: Interior Design Ideas

You may put your feet up on this wicker deck box that serves well as a coffee table. The large inside storage area is perfect for stowing away throw pillows, outdoor games, and other items that could get wet when playing outside.


Some suggestions: 

  • A coffee table that doubles as storage space, like a treasure chest or an old trunk, is a great option for those who need somewhere to stash occasional furnishings or extra items. 
  • Coffee tables may be decorated as you wish; just make sure the vases have a vintage vibe to them. Adding a modern flower container might detract from the overall look. 
  • Choose a single, unified color scheme, and stick with brown since it is the classic hue associated with the rustic design style. Have the textured wood, naturally. 


  • Metal Patio Coffee Table with a Delicate Frilly Top

Metal Patio Coffee Table with a Delicate Frilly Top

Image Source: Walmart

You can see that this item is a contemporary update on classic café seating. It will look great with both traditional and modern ensembles.

Few tips: 

  • When there is artificial grass and walkways, a rectangular metal patio coffee table looks and functions well.
  • Adding some decorative vases to the coffee table is an easy way to liven it up and make it more functional. You may add a touch of class by making it see-through. 
  • The coffee table, chairs, and other pieces of furniture should all coordinate with one another. However, if doing so would be too expensive, we recommend choosing a color that is close to the one in question. 


  • Coffee table made of welded wire for the patio

Coffee table made of welded wire for the patio

Image Source: Interior Design Ideas

This spherical outdoor coffee table has a unique geometric quality thanks to its inventively patterned wire construction. You may choose from a wide range of surface treatments, including shiny metallics and flat hues.

Options that you should consider: 

  • If you want your outdoor environment to be airy and relaxing, try including a wired coffee table. 
  • You may add more pattern to your table and ensure that it won’t be as boring as you fear by placing outside miniature plants in a rectangle vase. 
  • You shouldn’t use a tablecloth of any color to avoid drawing attention away from the table’s unique design. Show off those geometric prints with pride. 


  • Outdoor Coffee Table Constructed With Man-Made Stone Composite 

Outdoor Coffee Table Constructed With Man-Made Stone Composite 

Image Source: Arhaus

Remember when you see this type of table in a resort or in an event place? This round coffee table is perfect for the living room or other social spaces where the sitting arrangement may alter on a daily basis.


Some options for you: 

  • The elegant and practical table has a vintage-finished wrought-metal base that supports a strong stone composite top.
  • The combination of black and gray is the quintessential color scheme for a wintry outdoor adventure. There is no need for a tablecloth since the table itself exudes class. 
  • The seats should also be neutral colors like white or grey. Whether you choose with a Windsor or a foldable chair, you can’t go wrong. 


  • Patio Coffee Table with a Contemporary Marble Mosaic Design

Patio Coffee Table with a Contemporary Marble Mosaic Design

Image Source: Pinterest

Add some visual drama to your living room with this sculptural coffee table. This exquisite piece of workmanship is reminiscent of a cut gem in its hexagonal top and triangular base. The marble mosaic top is set in a wood base.


Consider these suggestions:

  • One of the most cutting-edge artistic movements ever is mosaic. The harmonious symmetry of its equal and no-space patterns is both eerie and stunning. 
  • If you’re going for a classic, adaptable appearance, white is the way to go. But if you want to liven things up a little, you could always add some additional neutral hues to the mix. 
  • Add some outside plants for extra style, but keep them modest so they don’t seem out of place. You may also place vases on the table, but make sure they are simple so they don’t detract from the décor. 
  • The legs of the table may be whatever color you choose, but I think black would look great with a metallic finish. 


  • The BeBop Outdoor Round Metal Coffee Table

The BeBop Outdoor Round Metal Coffee Table

Image Source: Archiproducts

The BeBop table is a fun addition to any patio because of its bright color and even more striking design. It comes in two different sizes and a wide variety of 24 different colors, so you can choose the right match for your patio furniture and other outdoor accessories.


Tips to keep in mind: 

  • Bebop Round Tables are often seen at playgrounds, thus they are probably suitable for children. You should think about putting one of these in your kid’s backyard if you have children. 
  • Choose bright hues for the outside space, as they will stand out to children and be enjoyable to the eye. 
  • No need for a deck if you’re wondering where to set up one of these tables; just place it in the ground or grass outdoors. 


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs


What should one place on a coffee table outside? 

Use decorative containers like pots and vases to liven up a bland outdoor coffee table. You may put anything from cut flowers and potted plants to shells and stones in them for display. The potential outcomes are limitless. Just choose a pattern that coordinates well with the look of your existing patio set. 


How big of a coffee table top do you need for an outside setting? 

Rule of Thirds

The coffee table should be around two-thirds as long as your outdoor couch for aesthetic purposes. 


Do you have some tips for sprucing up an outdoor coffee table?

Embellishing the table with candles of varying heights. Cluster succulent planters along the middle of the table. Put in a pitcher of flowers you just picked from the garden. Add some character to the desk by placing a terrarium, figurine made of cast iron, or wooden bird feeder on the table. 


What’s the best height for a coffee table? 

The ideal height of a coffee table is between 18 and 24 inches. The ideal height is between 1 and 2 inches above the couch’s seat. Coffee tables between 16 and 18 inches in height work nicely with most sofas. If you have a taller couch, you’ll want a table that’s at least 20 or 21 inches tall. 


Do you know whether there’s a way to construct a table that can withstand the elements? 

If you want to protect your dining room table from the elements, sand it down to bare wood and scrape off any old paint. Finally, after sanding it to the desired smoothness, cover it with outdoor wood paint and at least three coats of sealer such as polyurethane.


Final Words

Longer days and warmer weather mean it’s time to replace your patio furniture. The attractive outdoor coffee tables we’ve shown you here are perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere this summer, whether you’re having a leisurely weekend breakfast, hosting a family game night, or just relaxing with a drink after a swim in the pool.

We have more suggestions for you, so if you feel like taking on a little bit of a reading challenge, here you go: 

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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