12 Concrete and Rectangle Coffee Table Designs to Cosset your Lounge

Concrete coffee tables are all the rage right now, and it’s not hard to see why. Because of its versatility, concrete may complement a wide variety of design aesthetics, from rustic to modern. A high-quality concrete coffee table is also designed to withstand heavy use over many years with minimum degeneration.

Is it possible to get a concrete coffee table at a reasonable price, and where can you purchase one? These and other frequently asked questions concerning concrete coffee tables are addressed here, and a variety of concrete and rectangle coffee table are shown below. 

Traditional Cement Coffee Table

Image Source: Living Spaces

This neat cement circular coffee table is perfect for minimalist or contemporary living rooms. It’s versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor settings. You may leave this table as is; there’s no need to cover it up or paint it. 


Things that you can do:

  • The casual, laid-back vibe created by a rectangular coffee table with a cemented texture is ideal for outdoor get-togethers of any size. 
  • The cemented rectangular coffee table has a tight color and textural match with stainless steel storage. If you’re confident in your ability to carry off this feat, then by all means, do it! 
  • This table may be placed anywhere on the ground and will look just as well next to a footpath and synthetic grass. 


  • Firepit Rectangular Coffee Table

Firepit Rectangular Coffee Table

Image Source: Modern Rattan

These brand-new aluminum gas fire pit coffee tables are an ideal addition to any outdoor setting. You may choose between two different colors, charcoal, and pebble white. 


A few tips for you:

  • A coffee table fire pit is a terrific way to set the tone for a relaxing evening of deep discussion with friends and family. The fire pit makes for a more authentic and relaxing atmosphere. 
  • A wooden table might be great if you’re going for a country look. But if modern is more your style, a glossy white rectangle is also available. 
  • Make sure the fire pit is the same size all around by making it spherical. If you like uniformity, though, you may have it undermounted while keeping its square shape. 
  • Since your ultimate objective is to unwind and bask in the sun or moonlight, a patio is the ideal location for the table. 


  • Curved Concrete Coffee Table With a Built-In Look 

Curved Concrete Coffee Table With a Built-In Look 

Image Source: Concrete Network

This outdoor living room has a touch of elegance thanks to the addition of a concrete coffee table that has been sculpted into smooth, beautiful curves. 

Some tips that you should take note:

  • The coffee table’s unique design has a curved underside in the otherwise flat rectangular table top. You might adjust the arcs to your liking and have it made to order. 
  • If you’re going for a minimalist design, a plain cement table is your best bet. 
  • You may use ashtrays or other practical items as centerpieces. You might go with something simpler, like a white vase with some flowers or a little potted plant. 


  • Cozy Corner Book Table

Cozy Corner Book Table

Image Source: eBay

A concrete coffee table in its raw form has an earthy aesthetic that works well in a variety of settings. Weight is reduced and storage space is added by the hollow inside.

Bear these suggestions in mind:

  • The metallic table legs provide for a more modern and upscale table base. The ideal complement to any home furnishings or commercial office desk. 
  • The wood has a charmingly simplistic rustic appearance. People were clamoring for more of it because they knew they could trust it to hold their necessities. 
  • Having a table with two levels also gives the appearance that your desk or sofa may serve as extra seating. It also creates the impression that the space is much larger than it really is. 


  • Rectangular Coffee Table with Brass Accents

Rectangular Coffee Table with Brass Accents

Image Source: Chairish

This sleek and modern rectangular concrete coffee table has brass inlays for added visual flair. Pebbles, reclaimed glass, colorful aggregate, seashells, and other unusual embedded materials are all great options for making concrete coffee tables really one-of-a-kind.


Few suggestions to help you out:

  • This table’s antique or French design gives off an air of timeless elegance; it would look great next to a couch set in regal or neutral tones like white, scarlet, black, purple, gold, or navy blue. 
  • When visitors come over for coffee, having the frames divided into four is a fantastic approach to give the impression of order and fairness. 
  • You may as well brighten the wood while captivating the whole space with this solid style, as oak wood is a fresh take on rustic with the addition of the sculpted art.


  • Table Top with Dual Colors

Table Top with Dual Colors

Image Source: ArchiExpo

This concrete tabletop was given its color by incorporating pigments throughout the material and then applying coatings on top in order to provide a warm two-toned look that goes well with the metal foundation.


Consider these suggestions:

  • Adding metal table feet that go all the way to the table top is a classy touch for a cafe. This is a terrific way to elevate any interior space. 
  • Since grey and white are both neutral hues, this table may be relocated to any location in the room should you decide to alter the decor. 
  • A white vase might serve as a focal point for an expanded design scheme or as an extra decorative element. You might also arrange a set of round or slim vases, maybe. 


  • Broader Impacted Concrete Rectangular Coffee Table

Broader Impacted Concrete Rectangular Coffee Table

Image Source: Pinterest

Because of its density and its resilience to the elements, a coffee table made of concrete may be a permanent addition to an outdoor living room in addition to serving as a stunning focus of interest there.


Some options that you could consider:

  • There is no need for table legs. If aesthetics are your primary concern, a single rectangular cement table should do the trick. 
  • The table would be irreparably damaged if painted. For outdoor use, keeping things simple is preferable. You may have the nicest lounge set ever by combining these tables with concrete or wall-mounted chairs. 
  • The ground should have the appearance of grass or a walkway. More naturalness and aesthetic value are added by this. There’s no way around it! 
  • Don’t bother decorating the table any more by placing vases or plants on it; they’ll merely seem out of place against the grass below. 


  • Concrete Table with a Shiny Coating 

Concrete Table with a Shiny Coating 

Image Source: Pinterest

Polishing the surface of concrete coffee tables may give them a beautiful gloss that resembles a mirror’s reflection. During the polishing process, any minor imperfections and blemishes that were caused by the casting process will be removed.


Ideas to mull over:

  • The polished table top elevates the room’s aesthetic. This is a frugal option if you don’t have the time or resources to invest on a tablecloth or other geometric or patterned decor element. For cohesion, you may also like to gloss over the table’s storage top.
  • Put in a vase with a square or pentagon shape. Plants should be rooted in the dirt and placed indoors. The result would be a breath of new air. 
  • You may avoid the monotony by having the table’s edges and other components made with polka dots and a rough appearance. 
  • If you need to move the table to a different room, wheels make it easy to do so. 
  • Coffee Table Made to Store Stuff

Coffee Table Made to Store Stuff

Image Source: Ashley Furniture Blog


To serve several purposes, a simple rectangular concrete table is all that’s required. Put your things away neatly as you relax with a cup of coffee and a chat with loved ones. 


Additional tips for you:


  • If you’re looking for a table with a rustic appearance, hemlock or ash wood is a great choice. 
  • The wood might be grey for uniformity and a modern appearance. And make sure there’s a shiny component to the table that can act as a solid base. 
  • The space beneath the table might benefit from a new design feature: vertical lines. It has a rustic, earthy feel that makes it ideal for outdoor use. 


  • Modern Art Concrete Coffee Table

Modern Art Concrete Coffee Table

Image Source: Wayfair 


Coffee tables made of concrete complement both industrial and mid-century modern furnishings. This table’s layout and color palette were inspired by the wallpaper in the backdrop.


Few tips that you should be considering:


  • Having a work of art as your table top can save you time, money, and energy in your search for the perfect table top. Only creative expression will suffice. The artwork might be either abstract or solid. 
  • If you decide to relocate this table, its metal black legs would look great in a modern setting or an industrial-style space. 
  • You could assume that art would look well with any color scheme, but that’s not the case. To avoid making the space seem garish or out of place, it is important to stick to the room’s established color scheme. 


  • The Most Advanced Table of Geometry

The Most Advanced Table of Geometry

Image Source: Amazon


This white concrete coffee table is really made up of four individual parts that can be adjusted to create a variety of unique looks and configurations.


Few options that you should be aware of:


  • If the geometric design is used as the frame between the legs on both sides of the table, it creates a very chic and modern aesthetic. 
  • The most sophisticated color combinations are gold and white. This kind of table would work well with a couch set whose arched gold edges complement the white cushions. 
  • Although the storage levels aren’t uniform in height, this is still one of the most creative and interesting table layouts out there. 
  • Having a glossy design like marble for your table tops and storage tops may bring a touch of style and a cool atmosphere to your space. 


  • Table With Branching Out Style 

Table With Branching Out Style 

Image Source: Mountain Laurel Handrail

This brown concrete coffee table was given its rough appearance with the use of a hand trowel, and it has an inlay of an ash tree branch that had been planed down to a flawless smoothness.


Check out these additional options:

  • The glass top or frame adds a touch of modern elegance to an otherwise classic table. The pattern under the table would be more easily seen this way as well.
  • Use a vine-like branch structure in place of sharp angles or metal legs. You may use this method to create a one-of-a-kind look for your shelving or table bases. In addition, it lasts a long time.
  • A strong akasa wood should be used for the table’s perimeter. This would have the appearance of strength and rustic allure.
  • Putting vases and other items on the table will just make the branches beneath seem less interesting, so you may as well stop worrying about that if you want the table to look nice.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs


Do Concrete Tables Heavy?

Traditional normal-weight concrete may make for a heavy coffee table, but many manufacturers choose glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) instead since it is not only lighter (by as much as 75%) but also more crack-resistant. For bigger pieces of concrete furniture, craftsmen may employ lightweight cores or unique reinforcing techniques to cut down on the overall weight.

A heavier table built from solid concrete might be a benefit if you want to use it outside as a coffee table. This is because it will not be blown over or turned into a lethal projectile, even in strong winds.


Do these coffee tables hold up well against water and stains?

Similar to concrete countertops, a concrete coffee table has to be sealed to prevent stains and water absorption. In addition to making the concrete less porous, a good water-based penetrating sealer will also prevent most typical food and beverage stains from setting in and making the concrete simpler to clean.


Will these types of tables chip or crack?

Hairline fractures in a concrete coffee table are not structural and may actually add to the table’s aesthetic value over time. Concrete coffee tables produced by GFRC are far less prone to break, so you may relax about that worry. A hefty item is usually required to chip the corners or edges of a concrete coffee table. Thankfully, cracks in concrete are simple to fix. (learn how).


Are they simple and easy to maintain? 

A well-sealed concrete coffee table is essentially waterproof and can be easily cleaned with light detergent and water, unlike a wooden coffee table. Aside from being easy to clean, most concrete coffee tables have few or no seams.

Maintaining the water and stain resistance of your concrete coffee table is as simple as spending a few minutes every few months waxing the table with food-grade beeswax. Acidic substances, such as wine or lemon juice, left unattended for long periods of time may discolor a concrete table, even if it has been sealed. If stains do occur, you may choose from a variety of efficient solutions. (See these stain removal tips.)


Do these tables stand up to the weather?

Absolutely! You can leave your concrete coffee table outside all year long without worrying about damage from water exposure, harsh sunlight, or freeze-thaw conditions because it is just as weather-resistant as a concrete sidewalk, patio, or other exterior concrete. An additional layer of defense against the elements may be achieved by using a penetrating acrylic sealer.


Final Words 

With any luck, you’ll get some ideas from this article regarding concrete coffee tables. As an overview, concrete is an excellent material for coffee tables since it can be made by combining cement, aggregate, and water. 

The sleek, contemporary style they provide to a home’s interior and exterior is undeniable. Since many of them are low to the ground, your coffee table accessories will be the center of attention in your living area.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo 


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