River Rock Landscaping

Decorate your garden and turn it into a natural look by adding the river rock landscaping. It works to add the natural hint of the rock.

On the other side, it can hide the uninvited view of the dirt, which makes your garden looks cleaner and prettier.

You have to find the best kind of rock to beautify your garden, indeed. But you also need to figure out the rock landscaping cost. It helps you to manage your budget as well.

There will be some ideas related to river rock landscaping. You can see how to maintain it, the DIY river rock landscaping to decorate your garden, and any other ideas. You must be so curious, huh?

Let’s figure it out and see them down below:

The Big Rock

Large Rock Landscaping Ideas
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Make your garden looks more natural by adding the large river rock landscaping.

It is perfect if you can add the real river rock. But if it is hard to find the real one, you can add the artificial rock.

No worries, this kind of rock still working at its best to make your garden looks beautiful.
It is made out of stone, bronze, fiberglass. Still, it can create a similar look at the real stone.

Raised Garden Rock Landscaping

Flower Bed Rock Landscaping
Via familyhandyman.com

Who doesn’t love to beautify a garden with a raised garden bed?

It is one of the smart ways to make a garden look more dramatic. Try considering the river rock landscaping for your raised garden bed. Assemble the stones and elevate your plants.

Functionally, these stacked stones can be a smart hack to seat if you want to enjoy the fresh air in your garden.

You can assemble it by yourself. First, ensure you make the right plan. Consider the shape, size, and how to maintain it as well.

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The Natural Pool

Rock Landscaping for The Pool

It is always a good idea to cooling down your body when summer is coming in your own pool.
What’s better? When the vibe of the pool is also refreshing.

Consider the natural pool made out of river rock landscaping. It will make your pool feels more admirable. It feels like you are soaking in nature.

Also, grow some plants around the pool to accentuate the natural vibe, which can provide more oxygen for fresher air.

The Beautiful Border

River Rock Border

Bring in the natural look to your garden with the river rock border on the edge of your garden.

It can be the border of the grass and the growing plants. You can even make it looks prettier by growing some colorful flowers.

Try considering the big river rock for the edge, then fill in the gravel between the big rocks. Last, you can add the garden lamp to highlight the river rocks when the dark is coming.

Upgrade Your Skill

DIY Rock Landscaping Ideas
Source rcpblock.com

Upgrade your skill by trying to assemble the stones for your flooring. Consider installing the flagstone.

It works to make your garden, and your patio looks way prettier. The flagstone is a flat piece of stone and usually has a big size.

Hence, people tend to use this kind of stone on the floor. Plus, this DIY river rock landscaping is worth building.

Terraced Rock Landscaping

Terraced Rock Landscaping

If you are wondering how to deal with the sloping land, here is the best option. There is nothing to worry about. You can make the sloping land looks adorable.

Put the river rock landscaping for the edge of the terraced garden. It can be a highlight of the natural garden.

You can make it looks more beautiful by growing some types of plants for greenery tough. And voila! The slope river rock is all yours.

Rock Landscaping Ideas for the Patio

Rock Landscaping Ideas for the Patio

Even the patio needs the beauty of natural touch by installing the river rock landscaping for the patio.

Consider the gravel to make the edge of the patio. Make it stays by putting the gravel on the concrete.

On the other side, cover the lower part of the pillars of the patio with the stacked stones. Then, you can also install the stone fire pit to bring in the warm vibe during your quality time on the patio.

Of course, you can choose to apply a perfect pergola plans for this.

Be Up-To-Date

Modern Rock Landscaping Ideas

The lovely garden comes from the beautiful and refreshing vibe of the garden. No worries, you can even keep your garden looks up-to-date.

Choose the modern river rock landscaping like the white gravel for your yard. Combine it with the big stones for the border.

Then, you can add the greenery hint among the white gravel. It is a smart hack to make the garden looks admirable and elegant. Besides, add the light for a better look when the night is coming.

The Gravel Pathway

Gravel Rock Landscaping

What goes best for your entrance? Yap! The gravel pathway would be way more adorable with the white gravel among the stepping stones.

Adding the gravel river rocks make the stepping stones feel like floating up in the air. Also, it can cover the dirt underneath.

So you don’t need to worry about walking on the stepping stone when it is raining outside. The gravel river rock landscaping keeps the stepping stone clean as well.

Desert River Rock Landscaping

Desert River Rock Landscaping

If you think it is pretty hard to decorate your garden with the desert vibe, say no more.
Decorate your garden with the stunning desert vibe with the river rock landscaping.

It works to add the vibe of the desert. Choose the small white gravel for the lower part. Then, attach the darker stone for the border.

You can add the bigger white gravel for the upper part. Then accentuate the desert vibe by growing some cacti or any other kind of desert plants.

Leave The Footprint

Foot Print River Rock Landscaping

Try creating the footprint on your entrance made out of the river rocks. It needs a little bit of precision and a longer time to make, indeed. But this kind of creation will bring you to the next level of creativity.

You have to choose the right size for each part of the footprint, especially the toes. No worries, this kind of art is worth making to elevate your house as well.

Beauty Of Flowers

Floral River Rock Landscaping

Decorate your garden with the beauty of nature, made out of the river rock landscaping. You can create lots of things from the rocks.

One of the simple ways yet gives you the adorable result is the colorful flower made out of the river rocks.

Choose colorful stones. Then assemble them into the stone shapes. You can combine the colors as you wish, but you have to make sure you choose the right size for each flower.

It is one of the best alternative ways to prevent boring lands.

Water Feature River Rocks

Water Feature River Rocks

Attaching the water feature to your garden will always be the best choice that brings in the shooting ambiance. But it can be a big deal if you want to keep your garden dry.

That is why it is the best hack if you want to add a refreshing vibe, yet you can keep it dry. Choose the white gravel to beautify your garden.

Assemble it like the gravels are the floating water from the bucket.

Drip Edge River Rock Landscaping

Drip Edge River Rock Landscaping

If you want to make your garden looks unique, try this idea.

Divide your yard into two parts. Choose the greyish thin river rocks on one side, then choose the white gravel on the other side.

You can put some white pots and grow the same plant on each pot. Then, on the other side, try growing some plants directly on the land.

It creates a unique appearance and elegant at the same time. Also, the river rocks on both sides are good together with the pot and the wall.

River Rock Landscaping For Indoor Garden

Low Maintenance River Rock For Indoor Garden

One of the benefits of the river rock landscaping is to bring in the natural look on your house. It works for both inside and outside your house.

Put some gravel to your indoor garden to make it looks adorably beautiful. You can also make it looks way better by combining it with the fake grass. It works to accentuate the natural look to your house.

Tips: Consider the clear roof to make sure your indoor garden gets a sufficient amount of sunlight.

Small River Rock Landscaping Backyard

Small River Rock Landscaping Backyard

You don’t need to own a spacious area to make a pretty backyard. You can even turn the small space of your backyard into the adorable ones.

Consider the circle shape for a better look. Then, grow some different plants on the circle.

Cover the dirt with the grey small river rock landscaping, and combine it with the light color of the bigger ones. Create the rectangle part made out of the bigger river rock. It sourced from the bigger stacked stones.

Mountainside River Rock

Mountainside River Rock
From Houzz

Bring in the refreshing atmosphere to your backyard, where you can reduce the stress inexpensively.

Create the mountainside vibe made out of the river rocks. You can combine some of the types of stones, which have different sizes and functions.

Choose the flat and big type for the pathway. Then, you can choose the bigger one for the stepping stones. You can also use this kind of stone for the edge of the mini waterfall and the pool.

Use the smaller size of the river rock to fill in the gap of the bigger size and the pool. Don’t forget to grow some plants surrounding it, and put the light on the waterfall.

DIY River Rock Stepping Stone

DIY River Rock Stepping Stone
By familyhandyman.com

Challenge your creativity by making your own stepping stone made out of river rock. 

Supply materials you will need:

  • 1-1/4-in. wood screws
  • 3/4-in. plywood
  • Cement pigment
  • Muriatic acid
  • Smooth stones
  • Stone sealer
  • Type S mortar

First, you have to collect the sorted stones to make it looks precise and beautiful. 

Then, you have to build the stepping stone mold. Choose the size that fits your needs. 

Put the plastic to the mold, then pour the concrete. Assemble the stone, then let it set. When it dries completely, sprinkle water the completed stepping stone. Last, remove the mold. 

Large Rock Retaining Wall

Large Rock Retaining Wall

Create a retaining wall is always a good option. It works to strengthen your slope. On the other side, it can add the natural touch to the slope made out od large river rock and make it looks admirable.

It might look boring if you let it. Hence you have to add some different accents for a better look. Consider growing some plants under the wall. You can also create a grass rug for a fresher look.

DIY River Rock Landscaping

DIY River Rock Landscaping
From doityourself.com

Here is another DIY river rock landscaping to beautify your garden.

The river rock is not only beneficial for the appearance of your garden. It works to enhance moisture retention that is good for your plants. 

Here is the step you need to follow to make a better yard:

  1. Remove the debris and the grass.
  2. Cut the landscape fabric that fits the size of the area you intend to place the river rock.
  3. Cut slits in the fabric if you are planning to plant the small flowers and plants
  4. Place your plants
  5. Last, place the paver and river rock.

River Rock Patio

River Rock Patio

Prevent the boring look of the concrete flooring of the patio by decorating it with the various type of river rock. The different size of the stones makes the appearance looks stunning.

Consider the colorful stone and make a unique shape. The unique shape can transform the plain flooring into the beautiful ones. Grow some plants around the patio to add the natural touch.

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Colorful Stepping Stones River Rock

Colorful Stepping Stones River Rock

Impress your guests by installing the pathway on your way home from the entrance. This kind of pathway will elevate your house into the next level.

Choose the circle stepping stone with a touch of leaves painting on each stone. Beautify the pathway with the white pea gravel surrounding.

The white pea gravel can be the highlight of the pathway. Attach the garden light to make it warm and looks adorably stylish.

River Rock Edging

River Rock Edging
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Create a mini garden in the corner of your backyard by growing some flowers and the other plants.

Plan the size of the mini garden, then clean the grass in the area where you are going to make a mini garden. Grow the flower in the area. Put some river rock on the edge of the mini garden.

Choose the river rocks that have a similar shape and size for a better look. And if you want the precise size and shape, consider the fake river rock.

Natural Drainage

River Rock Drainage

Try installing the natural drainage by placing the river rock. It is the smart solution to keep the stormwater roof run-off from splashing dirt on their home siding. Besides, it can prevent the water from scattered.

On the other side, you can put the gravel in the bottom of flower pots to create a drainage foundation for the plants.

Stone Deck

River Rock Deck

If you want to have a different accent of the deck, consider building the deck made out of the river rock. It is not only sturdy. On the other side, it makes your deck looks refreshing.

Create the foundation by using the concrete, then put the stone on the edge of the deck.

Choose the random size and shape of the stone. But you have to choose the same size for the top of the deck and the mini stair.

You can apply this to the above ground pool with a deck as well.

That’s all the ideas we have showed to brighten your inspiration. Find the best one that fits your needs, and of course, fits your budget as well. Make sure you have picked the best ones.

River Rock Edging
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