Butterfly Decorations

The butterflies are associated with a romantic, lovely, and natural feel. If you want to bring that atmosphere to your space, find the best butterfly decorations to transform your space as well.

Commonly, it is made out of metal materials, wood, paper, vinyl, and any other types of materials. Choose the best materials that fit perfectly with the atmosphere in your space.

Fortunately, we have compiled some ideas for you to consider. Pick the best idea to apply to your space.

Create A Romantic Atmosphere

Candle Butterfly Decorations
From ruffledblog.com

Accentuate the romantic atmosphere to your space through the paper butterfly decorations. Attach it to the candles to lift the value and the look of the candle.

The white and adorable shape of the butterfly looks perfect together, infusing a romantic feel. On the other side, an elegant touch will start appearing when you turn the candle on.

It doesn’t need any other decoration to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere since the butterfly takes a huge part in it.

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Butterfly Decorations For Girl

Butterfly Decorations For Girl
From vertbaudet.com

Decorate your nursery room for your baby girl with butterfly decorations. Paint the wall with white and pink colors. Then, put the pink and patterned butterflies.

The butterflies work to elevate the look of the wall. Besides, it works to make a statement to the entire room as well.

You can also stick the butterflies on the pink storage box. On the other side, choose the book rack with the butterfly accent. It works to complement the beauty of the nursery room.

See how to create a fancy and pretty Geometric Wall Paint

Choose The Wood Material

Wood Craft Butterfly Decorations
Find the product at Etsy

The benefit of having plain wooden butterfly decorations is that you can add some accents to make it looks more adorable. Besides, you can also expose the unpainted wood to accentuate the natural accent.

Since it is made out of premium baltic birch wood, it is sturdy enough to attach. No worries, you can attach or decorate the wood butterflies easily. Both sides of the wood are sanded perfectly to create smooth surfaces.

Elegant Mirror Butterfly Decorations

Elegant Mirror Butterfly Decorations
See details at horchow.com

Accentuate the fancy and elegant touch to your living space with the golden butterfly decorations, rounded mirror. The mirror reflects the light that makes the living space feels more spacious.

Also, the golden butterflies reflect the light and spread the elegant glow to the whole space. This kind of decoration will prevent your space from the boring and blank wall elegantly, which is worth trying.

No worries, the golden butterflies could melt admirably with any kind of
wall paint behind it.

Oversized Butterflies On The Wall

Oversized Metal Butterfly Decorations
Shop at Amazon

Attach the butterfly to your blank wall in your living space. Choose the metal material that will elevate the value of the room and the butterfly itself. It infuses a vintage and fancy style, which is perfect for your living space to create an attractive point.

The durability of this butterfly offers you minimal maintenance. So that you don’t need to spend much money to keep your living space looks artistic.

Hanging Butterflies And The Lanterns

Hanging Butterfly Decorations
Get the product at partycity.com

Enliven your room with decorative pieces that will accentuate the theme admirably. Hang the decorative pieces to beautify your space. Choose the colorful butterfly decorations to infuse a cheerful vibe, then combine them with the pink lanterns.

The golden accent on the butterfly accentuates the shape of the butterfly elegantly. It makes it looks way prettier. The breeze blows the butterflies and the lanterns smoothly that creates a little dramatic touch to your space.

Create A Warm Welcome

Butterfly Decorations Wreath
Source Flickr.com

Welcome your guests with the extraordinary wreath when spring is coming. You can use the available wreath, then add the 3D printable butterfly decorations. But if you want to challenge your DIY skills, you can use the grapevine to create the wreath.

Hang the wreath in the front door with the yellow rope, creating a pop-up color on the white door.
Consider the various shapes of the butterflies with different colors.

Ensure the butterflies are well-attached by sticking them using the hot glue gun.

Butterfly Decorations For Garden Party

Butterfly Decorations Garden Party
Source karaspartyideas.com

Add the butterfly decorations to beautify your hardened party. It accentuates the beauty of nature effortlessly. It is a super simple way that will upgrade and complement your decoration.

Set the seating area, then decorate the table with the driftwood with the greenery accent. Put some flowers to add a colorful accent on the table. Then add some printable butterflies.

Tie knot the colorful ribbon to the chairs, and choose the ribbons that have the same tone as the flowers and the

The Cute Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Toppers Butterfly Decorations
Shop at Etsy

However, the toppers on the cupcake could transform the basic cake into adorable ones. That is why people tend to play with the toppers to accentuate the theme they love.

Beautify your cupcakes with butterfly toppers. The pink and the purple colors offer you a girly and pretty look.

The golden touch infuses a fancy hint with a simple touch. It looks stunning together with the cup. Set the cupcakes on the tiered wooden cupcake stand. It would be an attractive dessert corner at your party.

Paper Butterfly Decorations

Paper Butterfly Decorations
Find at Amazon

The paper butterfly decorations must be the favorite item to decorate your party. It is budget-friendly and normally easy to apply.

Set the white table and add the wood slices to hold the cake and the cupcakes. Bring in the natural touch through the leaves and the flowers on the glass vase.

Put the soft color of the butterflies on the cake and the cupcakes. Then, put the other ones on the glass. The patterns on the glass and the plates match perfectly with the decoration.

Box Butterfly Decorations

Box Butterfly Decorations
From jordanseasyentertaining.com

Create a little surprise for your guests at your party with a simple box. Avoid the basic and boring box by using the box with the butterfly on top of the box.

You can simply insert a cupcake, brownie, or even cookie inside of the box as the welcome snack.

Choose the soft pink box for a cute and pretty feel. For an elegant display, avoid the patterned plate, and choose the white plate with the golden hint instead.

Framed Wall Butterfly Decorations

Framed Wall Butterfly Decorations
Via Houzz

The framed butterfly decorations work to create a focal point in your bedroom. It makes your space looks like a museum.

Choose the printable butterflies with various soft colors. Print them on white paper that will accentuate the butterflies as well. Put them on the frames with the light tone of the unpainted wood.

Attach them to the wall over your desk. And if you are a painter, you can display your paintings.

Note: It could also be a smart way to challenge your painting skill.

Elegant Hanging Butterfly

Elegant Hanging Butterfly Decorations
From karaspartyideas.com

Set your party like on the fairy tale that creates an elegant and glam feel with a simple touch.

Set the long dining table and decorate it with pink, white, and coral roses. It looks perfect for an elegant ambiance.

The golden hint on the wine glass and the plate infuse a glam feel, which is complemented by the hanging faux pearls over the dining table. Add the gold and pink butterflies to infuse a fancy look.

Metal Butterfly Decorations

Metal Butterfly Decorations
See the product at wayfair.com

If you are wondering what kind of wall decorative piece, which provides you an elegant look effortlessly, choose the butterfly wall decorations. The metal material offers you a durable decorative piece with an exclusive look.

Other than that, the flowers and the leaves elevate the beauty of the decorative pieces.

Attach them over your side table in your bedroom. Luckily, these decorations will fit with any kind of style in your space.

White Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake Butterfly Decorations
Source cakesdecor.com

Make your dream wedding cake come true. If you love the beauty of elegance and fancy style, choose the white wedding cake.

Decorate it with white decorations. It accentuates the elegance and fancy appearance.

Put some white roses made from wafer paper on the cake to symbolize everlasting love. Then add the smaller flowers and butterfly decorations to perfect the beauty of your cake.

No worries, they are all edible. The smaller decorations are made from the gum paste. Also, this gorgeous wedding cake fits perfectly with any kind of theme you desire too.

Butterfly Decorations Terrarium

Butterfly Decorations Terrarium
Via houseofjadeinteriors.com

Upcycle the unused mason jar in your kitchen and turn it into a cool terrarium. It is simply crafted from the mason jar, preserved sheet moss, styrofoam balls, and artificial feather butterflies.

Cut the foam ball in half, then cover it with the sheet moss. Hot glue the moss and ensure it covers the whole styrofoam ball half, and let it set perfectly. Put the covered ball to the lid of the mason jar.

Attach the butterflies to the wire, then stick them to the foam ball. After all, tighten the lid and put it in your favorite place.

Butterfly Decorations Classroom

Butterfly Decorations Classroom
Source bing.com

The wall decoration in the classroom takes part to avoid the boring and plain room. Find the board and cover it with plain decorative paper.

Pain the opened book on the board. Then, put the butterflies made out of patterned paper to the whole space of the board.

The butterflies provide a cheerful look, which blends with the lilac background as well. Then, accentuate the board with the gold accent on the edge of the board, which reflects the glow and spread it to the whole space.

Decorate Your Library

Butterfly Decorations For Library

Here is one of the simple yet effective ideas to create an attractive point to the library. Decorate it with the opened book wall art.

Then, beautify it with the butterflies. Set the butterflies and attach them to the wall. Then, separate them according to the tone.

It looks like the butterflies are flying out of the books when the book is opening. The random yet organized butterflies look perfect to lift up the beauty of the library.

Simple And Stylish

Wood Light Butterfly Decorations
Get the product at Etsy

Lift up the look of your living space and brighten it stylishly. Opt for the wooden material and let it be unpainted to expose the beauty of natural wood.

The glowing antennas take a huge part to make the butterfly looks different.You don’t need to worry about the clutter of the cable to light up the antenna because it is operated by the battery.

It looks perfect when you turn off the light and turn this butterfly on. Also, this butterfly is practical enough, which you can bring it everywhere you want.

Butterfly Decorations Bedroom

Butterfly Decorations Bedroom

Challenge your creativity and create an artistic touch over your headboard. Choose the white paper butterflies that look perfect with the white rectangular headboard. It melts with the grey wall and the furniture surrounding it. Also, create the various size of the butterflies for a prettier look.

Accentuate the artistic look through the scattered butterflies’ attachment. Other than that, create a rounded shape formed from the butterflies. It looks like the butterflies are flying from the same point.

The Rainbow

Origami Butterfly Decorations
See the instructions at cool2bkids.com

Maximize your leisure time to create the butterfly origami. It doesn’t only good for challenging your creativity. On the other side, it is perfect if you are on a budget because you don’t have to spend lots of money to make it works.

Choose the colorful and plain paper. Then, set rainbow butterflies to the blank white wall. The curvy shape of the butterflies is arranged perfectly on the wall. For a better look, consider installing the light facing the butterflies.

Make It Looks Contrast

Butterfly Decorations Wallpaper

The butterfly wallpaper is the best effortless way to beautify your space. It is practical and inexpensive since you only need to stick it to the wall. Stick the soft grey wallpaper on the darker wall.

Complement it with the silver appliance surrounding it like the side tables. It could accentuate the butterflies as well, moreover when you turn the standing lamp on. It also melts with the white bedding and the white standing lamp.

Flower Bouquet With Butterfly Decorations

Flower Bouquet With Butterfly Decorations
Via projectnursery.com

Infuse a little dramatic touch to your bouquet by adding the butterfly decorations. The butterflies will elevate the value of the bouquet. Attach the 3D butterflies to the wire, then stick the wires to the styrofoam under the flowers.

The combination of the pink and pink flowers look perfect together with the pink and the purple butterflies. Set them on the white planter to make it looks elegant. It would be a great spring decoration that will enliven your living space amazingly.

The Pink Wall

Pink Wall Butterfly Decorations

The pink decoration is associated with the girly and feminine style. It must be on your list to decorate your princess. Consider bringing in the butterflies accent to the bedroom. For an effortless step with a perfect look, choose the pink butterfly wallpaper instead.

Complement it with the white and pink bedding with the butterfly patterns on it. On the other side, hang the white curtain with the butterfly touch.

Lantern Butterfly

Lantern Butterfly Decorations
Source lilblueboo.com

Don’t let the hanging lanterns for your garden party looks too plain and dull, even when you choose the bright color.

The 3D butterfly decorations take a huge part with a super simple touch and transform the lanterns into adorable ones. The butterflies on the white lanterns look contrast beautifully, so do the purple lantern.

It looks perfect when the night comes, and you turn the lanterns on. Other than that, put some butterflies under the lanterns on the dried twig, over the faux grass.

The Beauty Of Rustic

Rustic Butterfly Decorations

Rustic style is one of the most wanted styles, which exposes the beauty of nature and warm ambiance.

Add the butterfly decorations to beautify your rustic style. It is made out of unpainted wood, then beautify it with the burlap fabric with a hint of lace on the wings.

Then, add a mini ribbon in the middle of the butterfly. After that, glue the small hemp rope to create the antennas on each butterfly. Glue the butterfly to the clip to make it more practical.

Pink Ceiling Butterfly Pink Ceiling Butterfly Decorations

Via potterybarnkids.comConsider applying the relaxing atmosphere to the bedroom that could be the best place to recharge your energy. Combine the pink and white wall paint and the stuff surrounding it.

Decorate the bedroom with the ceiling butterflies and attach them over the bed. It is crafted from the rounded wire, then hang the butterflies that have been attached to the yarn.

It looks perfect, infusing the sweet and pretty look to the bedroom. The butterflies would fly beautifully when you let the breeze come through the opened window.

DIY Framed Butterfly

DIY Framed Butterfly Decorations
Source stampingville.blogspot.com

Avoid the blank and plain wall that makes the whole space looks boring. Hence, consider attaching the wall decorative piece to add an artistic touch. Other than that, the wall decorative piece also could make a statement.

Glue a piece of paper to the cardboard. Then, put the various size of the butterflies. Choose the different colors with the different patterns of the butterflies.

It looks contrast beautifully with the background. Add the white lace to accentuate the creative look.

Fits For All Design

Chic Butterfly Decorations

Upcycle the old books and transform them into an artistic decorative piece. Print the various size of the butterflies, then trace them on the papers.

Stack the piece of the butterfly according to the size. Collect them using the yarn. You can add a mini jingle bell on it.

After all, hang the butterfly decorations. Put it next to the window. It will ring when the breeze hits the jingle bell. On the other side, it can complement the vintage, chic, or rustic style as you wish.

Hang Them On The Wreath

Butterfly Decorations Mobile
From withjoycarey.blogspot.com

Hang a decorative piece in your space to add a gorgeous artistic touch. 

It could upgrade your DIY skills beneficially. 

Find the following materials to make it works:

  • Wreath
  • Fishing line
  • Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Greenery
  • Scissors
  • Die-cut shapes
  • Double-sided tape

Wrap wreath with the greenery and the ribbon. Cut the small and medium die cut butterflies. Attach the butterflies to the long fishing line and glue the body with double-sided tape.

Add the decorative piece made out of tulle poms. Attach them to the other fishing line along with the ribbon. Last, attach the fishing lines to the wreath, then hang it on the ceiling. 

The 3D Sparkling Butterflies

Glitter Butterfly Decorations
Follow the steps at craftymarie.com

Upgrade your space and make it looks fancier only with a simple touch. Challenge your crafting skill by creating the 3D butterflies made out of paper. 

Supplies you will need are:

  • Twine
  • Decorative paper
  • Glitter
  • Glue pen adhesive
  • Glue gun
  • Craft tidy tray

Cut the papers and create the butterfly shapes. Put the glitters on the edge of the glued butterflies. For a perfect glitter, use the glue pen adhesive. Let them set perfectly.

Attach the antennas to the first butterfly. Glue the body and stack the other butterflies to create the 3D butterfly. 

Add The Gemstones

Purple Butterfly Decorations
See details at masjidnuc.com

We have to admit the magical power of the sprinkle on the decorative pieces. It could elevate the value and the look of the decorative pieces. Besides, it could upgrade the whole room as well.

Choose the purple sprinkle to coat the butterfly. Make it looks way fancier and more elegant. Add the gemstones on the body and the wings for a perfect look. Moreover, when the light hits the butterfly.

You can attach it to the Christmas tree or even display it on the frame beside of the christmas centerpieces.

Infuse The Elegant Glows

Ceiling Butterfly Decorations
Via ebay.com

Supply an elegant glow to your bedroom to accentuate an elegant vibe without needed lots of effort. Attach the butterfly chandelier to the bedroom. Consider using the yellow lights for a warmer and elegant ambiance.

Other than that, it is made out of acrylic and hardware. That will also make it looks adorable even when you turn the light off.

The good news is, you can adjust the brightness. It will fit the atmosphere you desire practically.

Upgrade Your Wine Glass

Butterfly Glass Wine Decorations
Via hanginglanterns.co.uk

Enliven your wedding party inexpensively with the butterfly glass decorations. It is a simple step to create an attractive point and welcome your beloved guests.

Choose the white and ivory butterfly that looks perfect, adding a luxurious appearance. Put the butterfly on the rim or the stem. It also melts admirably with the stuff surrounding it.

On the other side, ensure you choose the best material. You can let your guests take the butterfly home once you use the best material.

The Blue Quinceanera Decorations

Butterfly Quinceanera Decorations
From joyfuleventsstore.com

Ensure the Quinceanera goes well. Hence, you have to pay attention to the details of the party.
Choose the perfect decorative piece to create an attractive look.

The blue color must be the best idea to apply. Then, add the centerpiece crafted from the magnolias and the lilies. Add the blue butterflies to the centerpiece for a perfect look.

Supplies you will need are:

  • Glass cylinder vase
  • Decorating mesh trim
  • Latex magnolia and calla lily flowers
  • Jelly beads
  • Butterfly decorations
  • Glittered curly willow bunch

These are the butterfly decorations ideas we have compiled to inspire you to find the best ideas. Add an artistic touch to your space, which could accentuate the style you are applying with the butterflies.

Framed Wall Butterfly Decorations
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