Transform Your Bathroom: Remodeling Trends in 2023

Transform Your Bathroom: Remodeling Trends in 2023

Bathroom remodels are more popular than ever, and homeowners are eager to update their spaces with the latest design trends. This year, bathrooms are getting a fresh, stylish makeover with design elements that promote relaxation, vintage charm, eco-consciousness and functionality. From freestanding tubs to penny tile accents, there are many ways to give your bathroom a new modern or classic look. Neutral, earthy color palettes paired with natural materials like stone and wood create a soothing spa-like atmosphere, while patterns like chevron and herringbone add visual interest. Smart storage solutions and high-tech fixtures maximize usefulness and convenience. Whether you prefer a contemporary, traditional or eclectic style, 2023 bathroom trends offer design flexibility for custom home additions. With an endless array of colors, textures, accessories and layouts, bathrooms are getting a stylish facelift. Read on to discover some of the bathroom remodeling trends and transform your home into a relaxing oasis.


Spa-Like Bathrooms

The spa-like bathroom trend focuses on creating a calm, relaxing oasis using natural materials and muted color palettes. Stone surfaces, wood cabinetry, and beige, blue or green paint colors evoke a serene spa vibe. Design elements like freestanding soaking tubs, separate glass showers, vessel sinks, and wooden stools reinforce the spa theme. Strategic lighting like pendant lights, sconces, and natural light from windows help set the tranquil mood. The benefits of a spa-inspired bathroom include increased relaxation, reduced stress, and an escape from the busyness of everyday life. With soft lighting, scented candles, greenery and maybe a little soft music, your bathroom can become a private sanctuary right at home. This trend allows you to save money on expensive spa trips and brings the experience into your own home.


Statement Bathrooms

For those desiring a bold, eye-catching bathroom, the statement bathroom trend is the way to go. Vibrant colors like red, yellow, and black make the fixtures and tiles pop. Geometric, mosaic, Moroccan, and quirky art deco-inspired tile patterns amp up visual interest. Unconventional materials like concrete, copper, or penny tiles create an impressive, artistic look. Unique basin sinks, rainshowers, clawfoot tubs, and unconventional lighting like chandeliers transform basic bathrooms into works of art. The main benefits of a statement bathroom are self-expression and making a lasting impression on guests. With so many ways to customize finishes like tiles, lighting, sinks and hardware, you can create a completely one-of-a-kind bathroom that reflects your personal style. A statement bathroom is truly an investment in creativity and individuality. Make it as bold or eclectic as you desire.


Vintage Bathrooms

The vintage bathroom trend is all about capturing old-world charm and timeless style. Design elements like clawfoot tubs, antique vanities, and floral or toile wallpaper transport you back to earlier eras like the Victorian or Art Deco time periods. Other examples include marble vanities, Persian rugs on floors, ornate light fixtures, and wooden medicine cabinets. Vintage hardware like crystal doorknobs, bronze faucets, and enameled cast iron sinks complete the look. The benefits of a vintage bathroom are undeniable appeal and an elegant, classic aesthetic that always stays in style. Unlike trendy looks that come and go, the vintage style is built to last for generations. A vintage bathroom also tells a story through its use of salvaged and antique pieces, creating a meaningful space with personality. Textural elements like beadboard paneling, scrolled feet, or decorative molding add to the old-fashioned charm. For homeowners who appreciate craftsmanship, quality materials, and tradition, this trend oozes sophistication and nostalgia. A vintage bathroom is truly timeless. 


Sustainable Bathrooms

The sustainable bathroom trend focuses on eco-conscious features to reduce your carbon footprint. Examples include low-flow toilets and faucets, recycled glass tile, reclaimed wood vanities, and LED lighting. Waterless composting toilets eliminate wastewater entirely. Sensor-activated fixtures help conserve resources by preventing waste. Using natural materials like bamboo, stone, and linoleum promotes sustainability. The benefits go beyond environmental friendliness. Sustainable bathrooms can qualify for tax rebates and incentives like LEED certification. They also reduce monthly bills through efficient water and electricity use. For eco-minded homeowners, a green bathroom reflects personal values while benefiting the planet.


Functional Bathrooms

The functional bathroom trend focuses on storage, accessibility, and smart home technology for maximum usability. Examples include built-in cabinets for hidden storage, curbless showers for easy access, adjustable height vanities, and voice activated lighting or temperature controls. The benefits are optimized organization, ease of use for all abilities and ages, and fully customized comfort. With space-saving features like recessed shelving, pull-out drawers, and strategic built-ins, everything has a place. Motion activated lights provide safety and convenience. For busy families or homeowners with mobility needs, a functional bathroom designed for real life is a must. Master bathroom closet ideas like pull-out hampers and adjustable shelves also optimize organization. 



There are many popular bathroom trends to consider when remodeling, from spa-like and vintage designs to eco-friendly and functional layouts. The key is choosing a style that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Those on a budget can still achieve a beautiful new bathroom with smart choices like tile accents, fixture upgrades, or strategic layout changes rather than a total gut renovation. Be sure to work with qualified local contractors for your bathroom remodeling Des Moines. Their expertise will ensure your project stays on time and on budget. Safety issues like ventilation, lighting, and slip resistance should also be addressed. For a stress-free bathroom remodel that maximizes your investment, nothing beats working with a professional like Zenith Design + Build. They offer consultations, so you can discuss your vision for a new master bath, kitchen, or basement.


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