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Breaking norms in 2022

Small bathroom ideas, YOU NEVER THOUGHT COULD WORK!!!

Ah, the bathroom… the place where we spend our ‘me time’ in between our crazy schedules. For some of us going to the bathroom or taking a bath or shower is generally the only ‘break’ we get in our day. So, style up your small bathroom with these inspirational ideas on styles, storage solutions, bath ideas, shower ideas, space-saving ideas, and lots more, to make your ‘me time’ more enjoyable.

Let’s talk about size and space,

Whether it’s your personal bathroom or the guest bathroom there is so much you can do with a small space. Never let dimensions interfere with designing a stylish and beautiful home bathroom. The following styles, ideas, and graphics will help you understand how to make the most out of the unused areas in the bathroom, how to trick the concept into making the space look bigger, and a few clever storage solutions that you probably didn’t think of before.

Keep reading and we have no doubt that you will have some direction for your new small bathroom design by the end.

Before anything we need to decide on the style that we want from our small bathroom.

Contemporary styles for your small bathroom

white and gold small bathroom ideas


white and grey marble bathroom with double glass door shower with gold elements

This beautiful white and grey marble with gold elements style is ideal because of its luxuriousness, and clean look and it makes a small bathroom look double its size.

Using white in a small bathroom is an excellent way to make the bathroom look clean and fresh. More than that, it’s not heavy so your small bathroom won’t feel cramped.

The marble adds some sophistication to the design and breaks the plain white look.

This design has a subtle hint of gold which is trending in 2022 for its elegance and luxury feel.

When working with a small space we need to be clever in terms of how we use the space in our design because every bathroom has its essentials regardless of the size- shower, toilet, basin, and storage cabinets and or shelves.

In this design they built a double shower at the back of the room and used glass doors, the transparency of the shower makes the bathroom look bigger because you still see the entirety of the room, and it’s not blocked off.


white and gold small bathroom with grey cabinet and large mirror

When building a shower in a small bathroom it’s best to place it in the corner of the room next to the toilet so that the focus is on one side of the room, giving you enough space to comfortably walk around and giving your small bathroom and open feel. This idea is one of two possible options. Here they have installed a flexible glass door that can be pushed inwards when not using the shower, which saves space. there is no need to completely block off the shower either, you can have a mop handy to dry the floors after your shower and the water will be drained.

You could also just design the bathroom as a wetroom in which you can install the showerhead and drain, you don’t need doors, just use the mop to dry up afterward. This is budget-friendly and saves space and breaks the rules of bathroom design. Perfect for an open floor plan bathroom which makes the room feel bigger.

Use the space above the toilet for storage.

In this idea, they have made storage indents in the walls and sink which are elegant and trending in 2022. Ideal for storing shower products, towels, tissue boxes, or even plants for decoration above the toilet and toiletries below the sink. This trick is not only incredibly modern and elegant but saves you money as there is no need to purchase cabinets.

The large frameless mirror above the sink is crucial as it reflects the room.

Black and White small bathroom ideas


moody black and white small bathroom with patterned lower wall and floor with contemporary bath tub

Complex elegance!


This well-thought-out small bathroom design is incredibly stylish and pretty straightforward to pull off.

Black and white bathrooms are timeless and a contemporary classic, the design is flexible and adaptable. You can’t go wrong with this color combination and it’s a safe option especially if you are redesigning before selling your home.

If you are painting your wall black make sure to install large windows or a skylight that will allow for the sunlight to stream in. Remember- black attacks sunlight!

Using white for the bathtub, sink, fixtures, cabinets, and toilet helps to balance out the space through contrast.

The stand-alone bathtub has come back and is trending in 2022, it creates the perfect focal point in a small bathroom – drawing the eye’s attention. Shop for your stand-alone bathtub on Amazon.

Long statement light fixtures are extremely popular at the moment and are a good choice for a sophisticated style such as this one.

Pattern floors can be risky but if done right they are very stylish and when paralleled with a ceiling framed with cornices, the eyes look up and down creating a feeling of a bigger space.

White and Turquoise small bathroom ideas


white and turquoise small bathroom with patterned shower curtain, flower art and oval mirror


This contemporary small bathroom style is neutral, simple, and elegant all in one.

This year vintage meets modern!

When using colors in the bathroom, implement them into the basins, towels, shower curtains, and blinds.  Bright colors are stunning in any small bathroom design because the eye focuses on the color scheme rather than the size of the space.

This bathroom is vintage and modern. while many are refraining from shower curtains in their contemporary bathroom designs, there are still others who like the security and privacy aspect of shower curtains, So if this is you, that’s ok, just bring the style of the curtain into your overall design. The curtain in the picture blends into the overall look because it is the same color scheme and has a floral pattern to complement the floral art above the toilet.

The toilet is your thrown, so decorate the space above with ornaments and wall art.

Floral small bathroom idea


floral wall paper and shiplap bathroom walls

” The floral wallpaper in this bathroom renovation pairs perfectly with Signature Hardware’s Morris vanity and matte black Rotunda faucet. This transformation shows us that incorporating fun colors and patterns is a great way to bring life to any space!”- Signature Hardware

Read this article on Architectualdigest to better understand the dos and donts of using wallpaper in the bathroom.

complement this look by adding a rustic cabinet sink, vintage frames mirror, and statement wall lamps on each side of the mirror to draw attention.

floral is also just so pretty and who doesn’t love pretty?

Polkadot small bathroom ideas


small guest bathroom stall with gold polka dot wall
small bathroom with marble polka dot wall with round mirror and wooden vanity

Transform a boring small bathroom into a fun small bathroom with polka dots! Polka dots make the space feel fresh and even more than that they are traditional, contemporary, and timeless keeping your style choice classic for years to come.

Using polka dots on one central wall of the bathroom creates a subtle statement and adds some flavor to your small home bathroom.

Risks were taken here by using dual patterns in a small space, but it works perfectly because the diamond tiles complement and match the diamond pattern in the marble behind the vanity.

Modern rustic small bathroom ideas


Mountain Style Bathroom With White Tub And Stone Wall
Photo by Faure Halvorsen Architects https://backsplash.com/rustic-bathroom-ideas
modern rustic wooden small home bathroom

There are so many incredible ways to pull off a modern rustic small home bathroom.

Modern Rustic is a wonderful choice of style for your home bathroom because of its warm and natural qualities.

The use of a stone wall with a built-in fireplace that is secured next to the bathtub is ideal for the cold winter months when you want to take a warm and relaxing bath with the natural smell of burning wood. If you are designing bathrooms for an inn in the mountains this is a really good idea that your guests would love. For bathroom-approved fireplaces shop at efireplacestore. 

Both of the styles above have slanted wooden ceilings which give height and depth to your small bathroom.

In the second design, there is a wall-length counter vanity made from concrete. Instead of installing double sinks, only one was installed and the rest of the space is used to place toiletries and other bathroom supplies. To keep the look clean and organized they placed woven baskets on the shelves of the vanity for storage, the baskets are also an added element of decor to the overall rustic look and feel. Another genius storage idea is the alcoves in the wall next to the mirror where they stored cotton balls in jars which also adds to the decoration of the design.

The concrete flow between the walls, floor, and vanity is incredibly modern and gives a sense of flow, and creates a seamless feel for the eyes to move around the room without any disruptions.

Lighting depends on your preference, the first style has a large window that brings in sunlight and the second style has a more dim light to add to the calm rustic cabin feel.

The hashtag-style wooden mirror with lights is stunning and is a perfect statement to finish off the modern rustic look.

Boho chic small bathroom ideas


boho chic bathroom with natural wood, natural light, greenery and textiles

Boho chic has entered 2022 in style!

This look is clean and natural with homey textiles and hints of greenery. The large wall-to-wall white shower with transparent glass doors at the back has a window that brings in natural sunlight, which enhances the clean white look of the shower, and further makes the bathroom look larger.

The blends of natural wood and brass rose gold lights, shower head, door handles, and taps create a seamless flow and symmetry in the small bathroom.

Adding greenery is typical of the boho-chic style because the burst of green creates a statement and enhances the overall look.

Be daring and use homey textiles such as this patterned rug rather than your typical bathroom matt which is boring.

For storage use wooden ladder-style shelves to complete the look.

shop on Etsy for all your boho-chic bathroom decorations and wall art

Coastal small bathroom ideas


blue and white shiplap and patterned wall small bathroom


This coastal small bathroom is designed to perfection and in such a clever and daring way.

When you are limited with space you need to find clever ways to use the extra space we wouldn’t normally use, such as above and next to the toilet. In this small bathroom design, they creatively built a floating tree-cut wood vanity which you can DIY with the correct machinery between the toilet and shower and below the window. They simply installed a stand-alone marble bowl basin which is very modern.

The vase of white flowers is a cheap and effective way to add some freshness and decor to your bathroom. Change up the flowers each week for a constant new feel and look.

In this design they made the bathroom feel bigger by making it look taller by tricking the eye. They used shiplap walling going up more than half of the wall and covered the rest of the wall with patterned wallpaper in blue and white, on the wall behind the toilet they did the same thing to frame the window  The design then flows directly into the white tiles of the shower wall.

The blue marble pebble floor design complements the walls and ceiling and forces the eyes to work their way upwards creating a seamless flow in the overall design.

The floating mirror and bamboo blind help to balance the colors and style.

This design is simple, complex, geometrical, fresh, and clean all in one small bathroom.


Deep blue floral



deep blue floral painitng bathroom

This deep blue floral style is out-of-the-box originality, it is both minimalistic and sophisticated and the look as a whole creates a statement.

If you enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone and like to be daring we encourage you to mix hues, patterns, and styles.

This design consists of multiple elements but the flow is created by the contrast in patterns and colors.

Geometric tiles are original and are used in this design to create a seamless flow of the eyes from the floor and all the way up behind the bath where it then forms the base of the bath ledge. It beautifully frames the bathtub making the tub a focus point for the eyes.

Include gold outlines and elements, like the golden ball chandelier, to a deep blue bathroom to make it feel luxurious and look elegant.

A clever way to balance out heavy colors is to paint half the wall white and hang a painting in similar colors to the style color palette. This vivid floral design is stunning and eye-catching and the colors in the painting subtly add texture and form a bold statement.

Norms were broken here in the design of the blinds chosen, and it works! instead of full blinds, they used short slated blinds in navy blue which is unique and makes the whole room full more open.

The overall look is minimalistic in that all the elements that create a statement are in the same space and side of the bathroom, that way it catches the eyes and the floor drags the eyes to the rest of the bathroom which is lighter and has fewer details which make it feel less overwhelming.

To purchase your geometric floor tiles go to – Homedepot or The tile shop 


What is trending in bathroom 2022?

So much is trending in bathroom interior design in 2022, there are new ideas as well as comebacks.

many people who are re-designing their bathrooms in 2022 are choosing to use stand-alone bathtubs which are a modern version comeback of your victorian day bathtubs, these serve as a focal point for the eye. Its become increasingly popular to add elements of gold and brass metals to your design. You may also want to look into a wall-length transparent shower as one of the top trends this year.

For other shower ideas trending in 2022 read our article on Modern showers.

Modern Shower

What Colour is in for bathrooms 2022?

Many colors are trending in 2022: black and white, turquoise, teal, white, and gold, and the most popular are neutral colors such as light shades of wood together with white and a splash of greenery.

How can I decorate my bathroom 2022?

Decorate your bathroom in 2022 with wallpaper, statement light fixtures, stools, green plants, flowers, mirrors, Woven baskets, luxury sets of bath towels, warm textiles, and wall art.

How can I make my small bathroom more attractive?

You can make your small bathroom more attractive by keeping it organized with clever storage solutions such as shower and vanity niches, using glass jars to store cotton ball and earbuds which also serves as decorations, use the space above the toilet to add shelves to stack toilet paper, magazines, plants. You could also use ladder shelves which are trending in 2022 and neatly fold your towels on the shelves. Be creative in your choice of tiles and walling (patterns, shiplap, paint, wallpaper, pebble tiles, painted cement, wood).

For more bathroom ideas read our following article

Bathroom Ideas

How can I add personality to a small bathroom?

Add personality to your small bathroom by picking a theme that reflects your own personality which will enable you to connect to the overall feel. Take risks such as using bold colors in your small bathroom and matching patterns. pick a timeless style and modernize it to give it character.

What Colours make a bathroom feel warmer?

Make your bathroom feel warmer by using neutral shades or darker shades of browns such as in a modern rustic or country-style bathroom. Another option is using yellow light rather than led light in your light fixtures. Choose dark blinds that can be raised when you want sunlight.

How do you style a small bathroom?

Style your small bathroom with our top 10 style inspirational ideas for small bathrooms trending in 2022

10 small bathroom ideas popular in 2022


How can I freshen my bathroom on a budget?

Freshen your bathroom on a budget with bright monochrome paint colors such as blush blue, clean white minimalistic bathroom design with wall art from Etsy  

Flowers and green plants are an easy and budget-friendly way to keep your bathroom feeling fresh and colorful.

What can I use to decorate my bathroom walls?

You can use large mirrors, shelves and wall hanging lamps, and wall art to decorate your bathroom walls.

How do you maximize storage in a small bathroom?

To maximize storage space by creating indents in the walls to form storage niches in the shower and vanity, use the area above your toilet to place shelves and a rail for your hand towel, and utilize woven functional storage baskets as well as using glass jars.
introduction graphic to top 10 inspirational ideas for small bathrooms
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