Tumbler Design Ideas

Having a custom tumbler to drink from is a special way to enjoy your beverages. A tumbler with your favorite print or color stands it out from what’s regularly sold on the market. For you to have a better and more personal drinking experience, a designed tumbler is your go-to option.

Here we have curated a list of tumbler design ideas. Whether you need a touch of glitter on your favorite tumbler or you want some inspiration for your DIY tumbler design project, this article spoils you with options to choose from.

What are Tumblers?

Tumblers are cups or mugs that have been insulated to retain the temperature of your drink for an extended period. Tumblers are made of different materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Of all three, stainless steel tumblers are prominent due to their ability to control the temperature of your drink.

It is up to you to decide where to go. Whether you are out with your favorite cold drink or you want to keep your early morning brew hot, a tumbler will meet your needs.

Why Not Use Water Bottles?

Although water bottles are great for storing your water on the go, tumblers are dedicated to providing some extra use cases. An average tumbler features a handle and sips lids in addition to maintaining the temperature of your liquids.

For instance, if your tea is hot before transferring it into a tumbler, it will remain hot for as long as the insulation of the tumbler will permit. This is one feature that is absent in water bottles.

If you need a container to hold your liquids and at the same time keep your beverages at the right temperature, tumblers are

What are Custom Tumblers Good For?

Custom tumblers are designed to add extra sturdiness to the container and they are a good option for a custom party like a Halloween party. A designed tumbler is also a good choice for hiking as well as other outdoor activities.

Wherever there’s the risk of shattering glass containers, custom tumblers are the best fit.

Can You Make Custom Tumblers With Cricut?

Of course! You can make custom tumblers from circuits whether you already have a cutting machine or you are trying to purchase one. With circuits, you can easily design a range of tumblers.

Options for Personalizing a Tumbler Design

There are 3 basic ways to personalize a tumbler design. You’ll often have to choose between decals, glitters, and paint. Designing your tumbler with vinyl decals is easy and fun as you may decide to make your decals or purchase pre-made ones. Pre-made decals are more appealing and will give your tumbler a professional look.

Painting your tumbler is another way to design it. When spraying your tumbler with paint, ensure to apply tapes at the bottom and top of the mug to prevent the paint from getting into sensitive areas.

Glitters are used to make beautiful custom tumblers and are a popular option for Do It Yourself projects. A layer of paint is applied on the tumbler before the glitter is added to ensure less glitter is lost and no spot is missed. Without an underlying paint, a few glitter layers will need to be added.

Tumbler Design Inspiration

If you’re on a mission to customize your tumbler and make it stand out, this section of the article will provide you with some tumbler design ideas that can help.

Opal Rainbow Inspired Glitter Tumblers

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Having a glitter tumbler that is inspired by our natural environment is a trend that is already gaining mileage. Think of a gift idea that catches the attention of people in the bright sun, then you have the Opal Rainbow Inspired Glitter Tumblers. There are tons of opal inspiration to draw from this shop as you look forward to customizing your tumbler.

Geode Glitter Tumblers

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What beats a beautiful geode tumbler design inspiration crafted with light-radiating accents? This tumbler design idea helps you make cups and mugs more presentable as a birthday present or as a Christmas gift. If you’re looking for a design idea that brightens up your day, the geode inspiration is a nice pick for tumbler customization.

Neon Beach Glitter

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If you’re a fan of radiance, this glitter tumbler design idea will strike the right cords as a gift. This beach glitter will easily pass for outdoor activities as well as indoor refreshments. Check out this glitter idea to find out more inspirations for your next mug or cup customization.

Butterfly Starbuck Design

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It is interesting to see these cold cups being designed with appealing butterfly layers. The butterfly Starbucks design idea is a fancy touch for coffee fanatics.

Monogram Print

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If you want a tumbler design that passes a lovely message either as a gift or as a personal drinking vessel, a monogram print is the best option to go for. Every coffee lover needs a tumbler that reminds them of important information, and a monogram print idea is a way to go.

What You Need To Customize a Tumbler

Whether you are planning to start the business of selling custom tumblers or you want a personal custom mug to satisfy your morning thirst, it all starts with knowing how to go about it.

Here in this section, you will learn about the basic requirements for designing a custom tumbler for any purpose.

Get Tumblers

The first thing that you need to start customizing your tumbler is to get one. In the case of those who want to start selling custom cups and mugs, you’ll need to get a few more. Stainless steel tumblers are often recommended to begin with because it is durable than plastic and glass tumblers.

Once you’ve gotten the desired tumbler material to design, you can now proceed to fulfill the next requirement.

Glitter Glue and Brite Tone

You will need to get some glitter glue to apply as an underlying layer before using the glitter. Followed by the glitter glue is the brite tone which is used to achieve a shiny and durable glitter finish.


Vinyl is commonly used as a tumbler design material and is embraced in a lot of DIY projects. Some businesses focus solely on vinyl tumbler design, yet they reach a wide audience with them. If you’re just starting with tumbler customization, vinyl is what you’ll appreciate working with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tumbler Businesses Profitable?

Starting a tumbler business is profitable when you follow result-oriented principles. Purchasing pre-made custom tumblers would usually come at the price of $35 to $40. On the other hand, it will cost you roughly $15 to make one yourself. This means that you can make about $20 to $25 profit from selling one unit of the tumbler.

How do I add designs to my Tumbler?

Adding a single design or series of designs to a tumbler starts with having the right design inspiration. You can have vinyl or glitter cut to the shape or font you desire, then start applying it to the side of the tumbler if you want the design to appear.

How do people make custom tumblers?

Custom tumblers are made from plain tumblers. One or more layers of paint, glitter, or vinyl are used to create the design intended.

Does Customization Affect Tumbler Insulation??

Customization does not affect the insulation of the tumbler. A tumbler’s insulation system is independent of any external addition or design.

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