Top 8 Podcast Studio Design Ideas

Choosing the right podcast studio design is important for high-quality recording. It can affect how you organize content creation and get great sound.

This is because a good podcast studio has all the essential equipment that enhances the quality of sound.

However, you have to choose carefully when it comes to picking podcast designs. You will need to be careful of elements that can cause reverberation and how to avoid them, among others.

This article will help you with organizing your podcast studio by giving you the best podcast studio ideas.

Let’s dive in immediately. Here are some beautiful and amazing podcast designs that you’ll love.

Top 8 Podcast Studio Design Ideas

1. The Simple Studio Space

Simple Studio Space

Source: Pinterest

This podcast studio is just simple with the essentials and proper lighting. The room is well-lighted and allows an inflow of air for ventilation.

It is well known that to get good podcast sound and prevent reverberation, you need to avoid large spaces that bounce sound. Still, you’ll need a room where you’ll be very comfortable and not be in a hurry to get out.

With this kind of room, you can avoid large air systems like air purifiers, cooling fans, or conditioning units.

2. Dark Is Beautiful

Dark Podcast Studio

Source: Pinterest

For lovers of dark decor, this room is the perfect fit. Why not embrace this space and make it the perfect podcasting area?

The dark rugs accentuate the walls and the brown finished wood in the middle makes a perfect interior design item. The mirror also reflects light in the right way so the room doesn’t feel too dark and moody. More like the light that the mirror reflects sets the mood.

This room creates intimacy between you and your podcasting, making the whole process seem cozy and enjoyable.

3. The Mixed Color Design

Mixed Color Design Podcast Studio

Source: Pinterest

Are you bored with simple studio designs? Looking for a way to spice up your studio and enjoy podcasting more? This is the perfect idea for color mixture and combination.

This is the type of working space you can refer to as “serious fun”. The linear light combination can engage your five major senses drawing you in to feel yourself and enjoy your work more.

If you’re looking for something away from the regular microphone studio, and you need your space to be a little bit edgy, this is just perfect!

4. A Mix of Contemporary

Contemporary Podcast Studio

Source: Pinterest

Several kinds of interior decor have been getting that modern and contemporary touch, and even the podcast studio design is not left out.

This room feels so cozy like you’re talking to someone or an audience from the comfort of your living room. The lighting, sunray, rugs, and flowers all accentuate the space.

This is also a very good idea if you don’t have a ready-made studio and you’re looking to turn an empty room in your traditional home into a podcast studio.

5. Neon Style

Neon Style Podcast Studio Design

Source: Pinterest

This is the perfect idea for a podcast studio if you want yours to come in neon design.

The white flowery walls will add a spark to any room. Because white is also a good reflector of light, you would not be needing too much artificial light as the color will act as a natural enhancer.

The warm tone of the chairs also has the same effect and sets a happy mood in the room. If you love this design but you’re looking to opt for other colors, pale dusty pastels will fit as well.

6. Basement Room

Podcast Studio Designc - Basement Room

Source: Pinterest

Do you have an unfinished basement and are wondering what to do with it? Well, you can convert it to the perfect podcast studio. The design is epic and converting your basement saves you cost.

This studio design mixes finished and polished spaces with open storage. The ceilings are open and the floors are concrete. The green plant also complements the monochrome color scheme and tends to balance the room perfectly.

7. Cinematic Style Podcast Studio Design

Cinematic Style Podcast Studio Design

Source: Pinterest

This studio design features a dark space that sparks the cinematic feel and includes the sense of visuals in your show. While the furniture is dark, you have multiple furniture color options, from light to neutral.

You’ll be able to switch up from set to set to fit the messages you want to pass across. It also looks good and works well for a professional photography studio.

8. Santa Cruz Idea

Santa Cruz Podcast Studio Design

Source: Pinterest

What is most pleasing about this design idea is the placement of lights. They are arranged asymmetrically in such a way that they light up the room from different angles.

If you’re a podcaster and you’re a fan of dark spaces, this is one of your very good options. You can switch up your design idea by using white lights instead, or a combination of neon and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Decorate My Podcast Studio?

There are several ways to decorate your podcast studio. Whichever way you choose, ensure that the designs do not support echo and you do not use any decor item that supports reverberation. Here are a few ideas:

Find a Good Space

You can make use of any good space. If possible, find a room that has no windows. Unparalleled walls and ceilings will make the room better for podcasting.

Use a Lot of Furniture

No matter the design you choose, ensure that you are using a lot of furniture in your podcasting studio. Try out sofas and armchairs as they absorb sound excellently. You can also include your old bookshelves and place them close to the wall to reduce the echo.

Use a Lot of Decor for Large Spaces

If the studio space is large, you’ll need to use lots of decors to fill in. You can use rugs on the floor and the walls, thick cotton, and large plants, among others to keep the space together.

Ensure you avoid dishes or decor that rattle because they encourage reverberation.

What Do You Need for a Podcasting Studio?

Some of the essential items you need for a podcast studio include a computer, a good microphone, microphone stands, and cables. You also need headphones, mixers, acoustic treatments, and a good audio interface.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up a Podcast Studio?

The amount of money it costs to set up a studio varies. It can be anywhere between $500 and $20,000 or more, depending on the type of studio setup you want.

If you are a starter, you can use a laptop and a few microphones. But if you’d like to go pro, you might need to invest and go all out for synthesizers and soundboards.


A podcast studio is simply a room specially designed for recording podcasts. One benefit of a studio is that it is equipped with high-quality equipment that enhances the quality of sound.

There are several designs that you can use for your podcast studio, ranging from color to decor items.

The type of design you choose for your podcast studio depends on your choice and preference. But one thing is important, they must reduce echo and sound reverberation.

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