Stunning Water Bottle Ideas to inspire you

Water Bottle Design Ideas

Water bottles are in demand. First because there is a need to quench thirst and also because they offer an easy way to do it. From glass to PET bottles, the options available to choose from are inexhaustible with several designs you can adopt.

20 Stunning Water Bottle Ideas to inspire you

Here are 20 impressive designs to make your water bottle stand out

Sony Waterproof MP3 Player Bottle

Famous for their wide range of gadgets, Sony’s beautiful water bottles are a new inclusion. Talking about waterproof MP3s, Sony walked the talk by dipping them in water. This water bottle stands out not because it belongs to tech giant Sony but it also has a stylish look to it. So buyers of the new Sony MP3 get a beautiful water bottle also.

Foldable water bottles

Water bottles do not always have to take up spaces especially when they are empty. These bottles are made of special materials that can be folded and stored when not in use. The bottles are made of durable materials that regain the sturdy bottle shape once filled with water. They come with solid seals so you do not have to worry about leaks. Hikers would find this very useful as you do not have to bother about extra bottles for refilling.

Stainless Steel bottles

Stainless steel bottles are the most durable common options when choosing water bottles. If you are an environmental enthusiast who is thinking of a more sustainable material, you might love this. A reason they are loved by hikers is because they can be easily strapped into bags.

Insulated resistant bottles

They are built with insulations and or gel packs to help keep your drinks at your desired temperature. You do not have to worry about your iced drinks heating up in summer. Heat resistant bottles are perfect especially for summer sports. They also come in several designs, shapes and colors.

Glass water bottles

Yes! Glass water bottles are still in style. While these are very rare, many of these are designed similar to a milk bottle. There are beautiful custom glass water bottles you could choose from. These are more durable than regular glass bottles and could be customized in any design. These are very beautiful but suited for delicate uses

Paper Bottles

Paper bottles are becoming very popular especially among companies with concerns about paper wastes Many of these are designed to be used several times without letting the water seep out Whether you are considering a bottle for water or for other drinks. These beautiful paper water bottles fit nicely.

Customized water bottles

Adding graphics on plastic bottles has become the trend. Instead of going for a bland looking bottle, many people are choosing to customize their bottles, bearing their logos, names or photographs. These customized bottles add a personal touch and help you express yourself.

Multifunctional water bottles

If you are seeking to design water bottles that have several uses, you are not off course. It is not uncommon for people to get products with several uses. You could select different designs or have them customized to your company’s taste.

Graphic Water Bottle

Similar to water bottles customized after brands and personalities, graphic water bottles come with attractive designs. These are usually fun graphics and are a better alternative to bland bottles. Thinking of an appropriate bottle for summer? Consider these ones. The number of designs that can be used on these bottles are limitless.

Water bottles with inspiring message

A common trend in water bottles used by many fitness enthusiasts are those that give an inspiring message. Usually, these have simple and unique designs with a message or have a motivational quote. Many big brands such as Pepsi are on this trend and offer inspiration if you are looking for ideas to make your water bottle stand out.

Try big sized water bottles

Try offering big-sized water bottles for sportsmen. These large sized bottles meet all the water needs on a trip to the gym. Although they are large, they can be created in stylish ways that would not let them lose their charm. Consider including an easy way of holding as shown in the picture.

A time tracker water bottle

Simple, classy and an easy way to motivate people to drink water, these bottles with time trackers are a common option. A common way is selecting a clear bottle and working on including timing as the graphic. You could add an inspiring message to motivate the person on this journey.

Try a unique shaped water bottle

Want something that truly stands out? Choose water bottles with unique designs. Unlike the

common water bottles seen in the market, these flat square-shaped water bottles are unique. These are stylish, could be customized for an appealing look and make amazing gift options.

Kids friendly bottles

If you are making water bottles for kids, try out these bottles that are fitting for them. Many children find difficulty in opening their water bottles. Try fitting your bottles with caps that can be easily opened. These bottles not just ensure a firm close and prevent leaks but have appropriate grip

Studded water bottles

Create a lasting impression with your water bottles by adding sparkles This design reaches several elite customers where the water bottle company collaborates with jewelers to achieve this look This idea was first brought to the market by the collaboration of Bling H2O and the jeweler Swarovski

Filtering water bottles

Drinking water is one way many people fall ill. Try water bottles that come with filters in them for safe and healthy water. This design comes with a filter element inserted in the bottle to solve issues around having unfiltered water. Not only is the water filtered but it also improves the taste of the water.

Water bottles with fruit infuser

While filtering water is good, adding a little flavor to your water is cool. Here, the filter element is replaced with a fruit infuser. Fruit infused water has several health benefits and by using these bottles, you can reap the benefits on the go. The fruit infuser is removable allowing you to add any fruit of your choice.

High-end type water bottles

Consider a sleek design for your water bottles. Bottles of these designs are made of glass and are commonly used in high-end places, hotels and clubs. Many of these are shaped as champagne or wine bottles and have an expensive air around them. These make good ideas if you are looking for ideas for sophisticated bottles not hiking bottles.

Glowing bottles

For hikers that go far, getting a glowing water bottle helps find your way in a dark space, these bottles are built with rechargeable solar batteries that can be charged outside. They also come with a switch that can be turned on when needed. These bottles are lightweight so you do not have to worry about an extra weight

Water bottle Tableware

Talking about multifunctional water bottles, these double as a regular water bottle and as tableware. One beautiful thing about this is that instead of disposing of regular plastic bottles that pollute the environment, they can be reused. By placing the jug-like cover on it, you can readily convert the bottle to a water pitcher.


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