15 Small Bakery Shop Interior Design ideas

When it comes to interior design, looks are everything. While good dishes are important in retaining customers, a perfect bakery interior will not only create a promising first impression in their minds but also give them a reason to always return. This is to say that perfect interior and expertise in baking skills are all you need to take over the baking business in town.

Small Bakery Shop Interior Design Options

When it comes to interior design, looks are everything. While good dishes are important in retaining customers, a perfect bakery interior will not only create a promising first impression in their minds but also give them a reason to always return. This is to say that perfect interior and expertise in baking skills are all you need to take over the baking business in town.

There are numerous design options that you could choose from to glam up your bakery. If you intend to start up a new bakery or rejuvenate your old one, go through the list below, and select an option that best catches your fancy.

While some of these small bakery shop interior design options can be done without the help of a pro, it is always best to get the help of a professional interior decorator. You can’t possibly beat or even match the perfect touch and perfect finish that an expert will give.

Aesthetic lighting


Aesthetic lighting will not only capture the interest of your customers but also creates a mental impact that leaves a sense of mental ease on them. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The essence of the outdoor lighting is mainly to capture their interest.

The indoor lighting is meant to leave them in awe. A professional decorator will help you decide the best color combos to get for your bakery. Aesthetic lighting is a perfect choice for your bakery, regardless of the size.


And, often, you do not need to change any old decor. The lights can be added to amplify the existing beauty of the room. Regardless, aesthetic lighting is perfect if the room was painted in white or any light shade.

Traditional decor

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The traditional interior decor is a popular style that dates back to 1900. It is an ideal style if most of your patrons are old folks. This design is a subtle blend of classy, warm, conventional, and comforting.

Most European bakeries have this setting because their ancestors were the originators of the decor.

If you’re wondering how to decorate your bakery traditionally, simply include carved wood, lamp stands, drawers(if need be) upholstered chairs, and of course, your walls should be donned with landscape portraits.

Also, the walls must be a neutral color and nothing fancy or over the top. A professional decorator can help you with more ideas that would keep your customers fascinated.

Classic Vintage


The Vintage style is similar to traditional decor, only in the sense that they are both retro designs. The type of retro fashion you could create depends on your location.

French retro varies from Scotland’s; Finland’s varies from Denmark’s and so on.

Get a collection of furniture, accessories, antiques, credenza, headboards, and color pallets that were used in an earlier period. Then, add a few crafts and create the fanciest retro look for your bakery. Rest assured, your major patrons would be old folks and all who want a feel of the earlier times.

Black and white magic


A black and white interior has this soothing effect that is unmatched. It is also a perfect choice for a small bakery because it enhances the look and makes the space look bigger.

Black and white design don’t necessarily have to be plain, you could create fancy patterns on your walls that would tempt your customers to come with crayons next time they visit.

A black and white decor is both exquisite and timeless, it never goes out of vogue. If you’re going with this design, do well to include natural elements such as kitchen stools, rustic tables, wooden floors, and leather chairs in your bakery. This would enhance the organic allure of the setting.

Scandinavian/minimalist decor

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Scandinavian decor entails the utilization of natural lighting, ornaments, modern furniture, and wood elements to create a classy and minimalistic decor. The motto of the Scandinavian decor is ‘little is much.

You could include a few metal touches and warm colors. But, the most important aspect is natural lighting, so ensure your windows are big enough. For a more refined outlook, arrange your chairs in a banquet manner.

Patterned floors

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Patterned flooring seems to be a new trend in 2022. You can either create these patterns with vinyl or tiles. You can create patterns on even wood or concrete. Floor patterns are exciting and interesting. The appeal of the room is enhanced and it creates a luxurious look for the setting.

Furthermore, it is cheap to create a pattern on your floors. You do not have to take out the existing floor boards or tiles and fix the patterned ones. You could simply contact home improvement experts to create these beautiful patterns.

Soft colors

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Nothing says warm and cozy like creamy white, moody green, mustard yellow, gray, tangerine, rich red, and honey tones. You can create a warm interior for your bakery by using only these soft colors. They work well to create a traditional, yet elegant and refreshed interior for your customers.

Industrial decor


Industrial decor is perfect if you’re converting an old building into a bakery. You could also switch your old bakery’s internal decor to an industrial demeanor.

When we talk about industrial decor, what you should picture are bare bricks, metals, wooden tables and chairs, and a few recycled elements. All of this sounds rusty, but trust me, your bakery would be transformed into an all-time customer magnet because of the thrilling internal decor.

Eclectic pattern


Eclectic Decor entails combining elements from different patterns of interior decor to create a unique and exciting theme. You must hire a professional for this, else, you could end up creating an eye-sore.

With their experience, they would know what element can be matched, and which should be left out of the mix. Eclectic decor can be utterly aesthetic and sensational if done right.

Wall Art


Wall art is among the most accessible forms of interior decor. Even a graffiti artist can transform your bakery into an exhilarating scenery. If you cannot afford a wall artist, wall stickers are likely to be more affordable. Plus, they are available in a range of color and design options.

Wall artists, however, would create a more sensational pattern than stickers would. They could even make customized paintings with deep meanings that would thrill your customers and leave them in awe. You must ensure that you hire a highly-skilled artist, else, your wall would be left in a mess.

Floral decor

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Everyone loves flowers unless you’re allergic. Now, you do not want to chase your allergic customers away, so what do you do? Get synthetic flowers instead.

Greenery doesn’t have to be with natural elements. Contact a floral shop to get you a full supply of nature’s resources and use it to transform your bakery into the garden of Eden.

However, you must be careful not to overdo it, else your bakery would look like the inside of a glass dome.

Glass showcases


Glass is quite diverse and sophisticated. It can be used to create a translucent outlook for the setting. Glass would also make your space appear bigger than it originally is, so it is ideal for small shops.

Have you noticed how thrilling the glass ceiling looks? With glass, you can also enjoy the benefits of natural lighting which makes the room brilliant. Simply put, the artistic effect that glass has is unmatched.

Coastal Decor


It doesn’t matter if your bakery is by the beach or not. In fact, it would be perfect if there was no beach in town and your bakery is the place residents go when they want a feel of the sea and beach pleasure.

A beach-themed bakery should be cozy, bright, and possible. There should be maximum natural air. And, ensure to use enough blue, white, and beige hues to give off as many beach vibes as possible.

Bohemian Art

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The bohemian design is common to people who are keen on art and culture. This design encompasses various aspects of nature, from greenery to sunlight and a natural breeze to create a thrilling spectacle.

For a Bohemian outlook, your bakery should include antique and nomadic entities such as animal hide, rich wood, and metallic accents. Make sure to mix eye-catching colors and patterns, if you can’t do it on your own, hire a pro.

The Chic Look

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A chic interior includes all forms of feminine design; pink is the predominant color in this scene. Some people argue that this design is too exclusive.

The colors are pale and delicate. The floors are usually whitewashed. Every aspect of the indoors would ooze elegance, glamour and of course, feminism.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 12 amazing small bakery shop design options to transform your bakery into a customer magnet. Some of them can be combined with others, while some are best used as a single staple. Unless you’re a professional decor artist yourself, it would be best if you let the professionals come to do their job.


Bakery Shop Interior Design ideas
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