8 Small Backyard Turf Ideas To Enhance Your Home’s Value

Grass, the predominant color of the house’s façade, stands out. Some are wonderful for huge rooms. The other suggestions for tiny backyard grass areas would work equally well on your limited lot. 

As a result, you may stop making up reasons for why your backyard is barren and unappealing, including a lack of space for grass. 

Moreover, currently, we also have artificial turf grass. These don’t need to be trimmed as often and may last for a long time with little effort on your part. 

We have gathered here 8 small backyard turf ideas that we hope will spark your imagination. They are all very adorable and deserving of forever homes.

Landscape the Pool Area with Grass 

Image Source: Landscaping Network 

This gorgeous backyard is a low-maintenance haven thanks to a rock garden with grass. Substituting artificial plants for succulents is an option for taking this a step further. An elderly person who plans to stay in their current house forever would benefit greatly from this option.

Some tips you can consider:

  • The form of your pool might be a malta or a rectangle, depending on whether you like a classic or a deep pool. 
  • For a balanced and pleasant appearance, maintain modest pathways on both sides. 
  • You may also have a gazebo or a pergola with evenly distributed seats and tables to fill difficult places for relaxing. 
  • Decorate the whole space with an abundance of plants. This will make the place more aesthetically attractive and lively.


  • A Walkway To Eliminate The Dullness Away

  A Walkway To Eliminate The Dullness Away

Image Source: Pinterest

Though aesthetically pleasing, rock gardens are not very practical for strolling.  In order to facilitate movement, paving stones were installed towards an area or a pergola where guests usually relax. 

Here are some pointers:

  • Play with the zigzag, and frame your paths with green zigzags. This is a creative method for enhancing the appearance and dimensions of your garden. 
  • You may use either cement or ceramic pavers for the pathways. These are already extensively used, thus they are suggested for their stability and attractiveness. 
  • Add ferns, succulents, and a variety of other plants to the sides to complement the green hue.


  • Try to Hide Your Garden’s Flaws 

Try to Hide Your Garden's Flaws 

Image Source: Popular Mechanics

Putting up artificial grass might help cover up a number of landscaping issues. This spot might be a bare patch of dirt or the remnant of a once-grand fountain that has since been filled in.

Below are some suggestions to think about:

  • Determine the size of the yard and select a durable and lifelike synthetic lawn. This will enhance the yard’s aesthetic appeal by making the area cleaner. 
  • Additionally, you may put actual plants and flowers for added beauty. Additionally, a garden bed is recommended for added appeal. 
  • Consider placing black medan graphite seats and a small table in the space to increase its functionality. This type of furniture complements the natural appearance as well.

Getting in the best putting mat for your outdoor play area is a great way to provide entertainment while enhancing your putting capabilities. It’s an excellent addition for casual golfers who want to enjoy the game in the comfort of their own backyard, and it can be a pleasant family pastime.

  • Design a Small Backyard Patio with a Bench 

Design a Small Backyard Patio with a Bench 

Image Source: Pinterest 

The lack of space for square grass is a major drawback to apartments with tiny backyards. But don’t let your lack of imagination prevent you from making advantage of the corner’s existing dirt. Plus, if you plant grass here, it will grow into a really special form for your lawn.

These are some suggestions for you:

  • Make your backyard a relaxing space. Consider acquiring an unpainted U-shaped cement bench. This will complement your yard’s unpainted pathways. However, you should also provide wooden seats to ensure that your visitors and family may relax in your yard in comfort. 
  • Do not forget to include a circular or rectangular fireplace to increase warmth and comfort, particularly on chilly nights. 
  • Obtain wooden walls or fences to create a secluded backyard. To alleviate the monotony of the fence, try growing ferns and a variety of other plants and flowers nearby.


  • Miniature Vegetable Garden Design With Raised Beds 

Miniature Vegetable Garden Design With Raised Beds 

Image Source: Savvy Gardening

There is no way to go wrong when showing off your backyard with a green lawn and a raised vegetable bed framed in wood. This type of set up is perfect for homeowners who have green thumbs and would like to exercise their farming skills. 

Some suggestions you might consider:

  • In lieu of making your backyard cozier, you may be as productive as you want by creating a succession of garden beds in which your seedlings can flourish. 
  • To remove awkwardness and make it seem more natural, wooden-framed garden beds may be placed on either artificial or natural grass. 
  • In addition, do not forget to install a wooden, vinyl, or metal fence to protect your beds from wandering animals that might harm your crops.


  • Pebbles over mulch backyard lawn

Pebbles over mulch backyard lawn

Image Source: Artificial Grass Liquidators 

The greatest way to continue adding texture to your slim backyard is to lay down wide grass area on one side and extended concrete pavers on the other. Along the border of a little lawn, you should put some shrubs and flowers. To make the area around the tree seem neater and more aesthetically pleasing, you could cover the mulch with gravel.

Several suggestions to consider:

  • Consider adding a sloping patch of green grass to your yard to give it additional depth and a more natural appearance. 
  • As an extension of your design and for a bit of enticing contrast, you also have another curved space on the sides filled with white stones to cover the soil in which you have put small plants, ferns, and succulents. 
  • Of course, in addition to pebbles, you can also add boulders to enhance the appearance and provide visual appeal. Place these rocks around the perimeter of your two-tiered retaining wall.


  • Composite Decking with Shrubs for Small Backyard Turf

Composite Decking with Shrubs for Small Backyard Turf

Image Source: NORD Architecture

Composite decking is just one more option for sprucing up your little patch of greenery. Anyone looking to decorate their outside in a Japanese fashion would do well to choose a plan like the one shown above. 

Things you can consider doing: 

  • The combination of the lush grass and sturdy wood construction will create a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere in your garden.
  • You may paint your walls white or grey for an additional contrasting but attractive look. Make it cemented for a more modern appearance. In addition, you may put a metallic fence above for an airy feel. 
  • Between the planted trees, you may place flowerbeds and stones to provide a sense of fun and beauty.
  • Playful Area With Green Touches

Playful Area With Green Touches

Image Source: Pinterest 

Any kind of outdoor activity, from games to kid-friendly movies, would work well on this grass area in the backyard. Enjoy time outside with your kids in a space that is neat, green, and relaxing.

Consider the following tips:

  • You will not need to completely cover the space with natural or synthetic grass. Create depth and dimension by emphasizing the place where the majority of people play and relax, possibly the swing and slide. 
  • Plant some shrubs with small flowers around the space to make it more calm and colorful. 
  • A lounging area is sufficient for an area where adults may rest. Ensure that, while the chairs are constructed of wood, they are complemented with basic white cushions for a modern appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What is the definition of artificial turf? 

In place of real grass, artificial turf is a synthetic surface that attempts to simulate the look of natural grass. Due of its resilience, it is frequently used in sports venues. However, in recent years, homeowners have begun to use it in various rooms across the house. 

It works well in places where grass won’t grow or where it would be very difficult to keep grass alive and well. It may be shaped in many ways, is environmentally friendly, and has many other advantages.

How small can grass be before it becomes unusable? 

Unless otherwise approved by the Committee, the minimum area for a single panel of artificial turf is 60 square feet, with no dimension less than 6 feet on a side.

How much does the least expensive grass cost? 

Pricing for polypropylene runs from $2 to $6 per square foot, making it the least expensive but also lowest quality option. Polyethylene turf costs between $2.50 and $4 per square foot, has a more natural look, and is softer to the touch. Most affordable synthetic grass material is nylon, costing between $5 and $6 per square foot.


How can I get fake grass for the least amount of money? 

To do this, just use nails and plenty of them. Although it’s not nearly as secure, this seaming procedure is just fine for certain applications. As nails tend to loosen with time and with sufficient foot activity, this approach is only recommended if your grass won’t be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.


What’s the quickest you can lay turf? 

The turf should be installed as soon as possible after it is delivered, preferably the same day. Grass should be placed the day it is delivered if possible, but no later than the day after. Follow the following guidelines and never leave rolled up grass for longer than this.


Final Words 

Turfing one’s backyard is hardly a novel idea anymore, thanks to its meteoric rise in popularity among homeowners. It doesn’t break the home’s continuity and it complements the property’s surroundings well. 

A rear grass patch increases the home’s potential gathering space. It provides a usable surface for water features and seats and may serve as a venue for extra leisure activities. 

We may state that backyard grass is a wonderful home improvement investment on any given day since it is both adaptable and unique.

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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo and Rachel Tate


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