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Skateboarding is one of the trendy games and exercise people engage in for fun and other personal reasons. Before now, skateboards used in this game were regular skateboards without any custom design.

But today, different skateboard designs are available – from custom sketch designs on the board to custom skateboard shapes.

This article is an insight into skateboard design ideas. This post will cover everything regarding skateboards – from the ideal structure of a skateboard to how you can personalize your skateboard, and also some popular skateboard models. Here are some cool ideas you would like!

Seiva skateboards design

Source: Pinterest

Sturdy plywood bonded together firmly is the material for making the seiva skateboards. They come with white tires and strong trucks which hold the tires in place.

Tealer skateboards design

Source: Pinterest

Everything on the tealer skateboard is unique – from the tires to the decks to the smooth finish. The middle of the tealer skateboard is slightly bent to ensure maximum foot comfort for skaters if they wish to squat while skating.

Macrovector white skateboard design

Source: Freepik

White is also a good alternative for a skateboard design. However, it might need extra maintenance to keep it neat. The macrovector white skateboard design is ideal for skaters who love flips and jumps while skateboarding.

Globe skateboard design

Source: Pinterest

Globe skateboards are flat, with one end sharpened while the other retains the typical skateboard shape. The two colors on this skateboard design complements each other. Globe skateboards have robust tires that make stunt performance easier.

Landyachtz cruiser skateboard design

Source: Pinterest

Landyachtz cruiser skateboard design is comfy. The all-black color makes the skateboard aesthetically appealing. The landyachtz cruiser skateboard design packs a sturdy tire with enough surface area for skaters to balance their feet properly while skating.

DTM-M3 JCD racing skateboard design

Source: Etsy

Choosing a simple-colored skateboard design is perfect if you want your skateboard to look fashionable. This skateboard is made for both interior decor and skateboarding. You can play with the colors if white does not appeal to you.

Nirvana skateboard design

Source: Etsy

The two edges of the nirvana skateboard are bent to make performing stunts with the skateboard easier. You can mount this design on the wall for decoration as the surface design is printed in 3D, or you attach the tires and use it for skating.

YH sports skateboard design

Source: Made-in-China

YH sports skateboard design is sturdy. The all-red paint on the maple decks makes the skateboard look appealing to the eyes. The YH sports skateboard design’s tire is tough and sturdy, with a standard surface area that carries the weight of skateboarders while skating.

SambytheShoreDecks lost cause skateboard design

Source: Etsy

The design and finish on the surface of this skateboard design is smooth. This skateboard is a great option if you want to use a deck for interior decoration to add color to a room. Each deck on this skateboard design is hand-painted and coated in resin.

Harry styles’s tattoo handmade skateboard design

Source: Etsy

The design on Harry styles’s tattoo hand-painted skateboard deck is inspired by the tattoos of the singer, Harry Styles. The Skateboard is 7 layers of maple wood painted with high quality spray paint and the pieces of wood are glued in order. You can choose another underlying surface color for this design, but ensure that the color will show the artistic drawings clearly.

Sector 9 kookslams skateboards design

Source: Pinterest

The surface of the sector 9 kookslams skateboard keeps skaters’ feet firm on the deck while they ride the skateboard. The painting underneath the board will add extra beauty to the part of your home where you hang the skateboard.

Marine life skateboard design

Source: Etsy

This is another skateboard design that is befitting for performing stunts while skating. You can coat the top surface with dark-blue paint and design the underneath part as it is in the above picture.

Cooper wilt skateboard design

Source: eBay

The underlying raw material for making the Cooper wilt skateboard are tough plywood glued together with strong bond. They come with white tires and durable trucks which hold the tires in place. These sturdy and durable tires carry the weight of skaters while they ride the skateboard.

Monstera leaf pattern skateboard design

Source: Etsy

Everything on the monstera leaf pattern skateboard design is smooth – from the top surface to the edges to the sides, and under the deck. You can add a styled leaf design to make the skateboard look appealing to the eyes.

Gonex 9-layer maple standard skateboard design

Source: Amazon

As the name implies, the Gonex 9-layer maple standard skateboard design packs 9 layers of plywood which makes the deck sturdy and durable. You can use a black color for the top surface and a black and white design for the underneath.

FlyFlash skateboard design

Source: Amazon

FlyFlash skateboards are tough and rugged. A 9-layer Canadian maple high-density board is the underlying material for producing this flyflash skateboards. These sturdy 9-layer maple decks are durable and water resistant which makes the skateboard last long.

Yocaher skateboard design

Source: 99designs

Yocaher skateboard design by vista is mostly for young kids. The color options on this skateboard are ideal for young teens who love skating, or you can use it to decorate their room. If your kids like an environment with colorful patterns, use this skateboard design to give their room a beautiful look.

Magneto skateboard design

Source: Amazon

The magneto skateboard design looks metallic. It has durable tires and a smooth top that makes it ideal for skaters who only want to ride without performing many flips and jumps.

Samhuo skateboard design

Source: Amazon

Coat your skateboard with a design similar to the one on the Samhuo skateboard design. Use a black paint for the top surface and light and dark blue for the underneath, with an orange and yellow design. The design pattern will give the board a simple and classy look.

Japanese ukiyoe art skateboard design

Source: Zazzle

Consider designing your skateboard with a Japanese art like ukiyoe. This skateboard design is ideal mostly for wall interior decor in homes. Nonetheless, there are openings for the truck tire on the decks. You can still attach the tires and use it for skating.

Vintage Copeland skateboard design

Source: eBay

The vintage Copeland skateboard’s surface is big enough to allow skaters’ balance their feet on the deck while riding the skateboard. The tires are coated with yellow paint to match the underneath surface painted in orange.

Metroller skateboard design

Source: Amazon

The metroller skateboard design is perfect for both professional and beginner skateboarders as it allows users to perform basic tricks and stunts. This skateboard design has a colorful maple deck with beautiful patterns that makes the board stand out. The color design underneath the skateboard is perfect.


How do I personalize my skateboard?

To customize your skateboard to your choice of design, you can repaint the board, print unique drawings on it, or sketch art or designs on it with markers. You can also take the skateboard to an artist to coat custom designs on it for you.

If you want to decorate the skateboard yourself, ensure that the surface does not have any dust or debris. Doing this will help the paint coat properly on the board’s surface.

Which skateboard models are the most popular?

There are many skateboard models available in accessories stores. However, the most prominent skateboard models widely used by skaters are the longboard skateboard, mini cruiser skateboard, and cruiser skateboard.

What’s the ideal structure for a skateboard?

The ideal structure of a skateboard is the twin tip. Twin tip is the typical structure of skateboards used for road and recreational skating. The ideal skateboard has the same shape on the head and rear parts.

Final Words

This article has explained everything you should know about skateboards and their designs. Pick any of these design ideas mentioned in this article if you want to make a customized skateboard for your personal use.

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