6 Tips To Pack A Bedroom For Moving

Planning to leave your old apartment or house behind in favour of a new one?

It’s no secret that the process of moving homes can be overwhelming, but with the right attitude and discipline, it’s more than possible to move houses without major setbacks.

That said, it can be nerve-wracking at the start. As you initiate the moving process, you and countless others are likely overwhelmed with the neverending list of obligations that need to be done. The time constraint is just the cherry on top!

Moving is best approached in chunks. So before you mindlessly pack the kitchen appliances and living room decor in a single cardboard box, let’s start with something small, intimate, and approachable—your bedroom.

To help you facilitate the process, here are some tips to help you pack up your bedroom for moving.

1) Declutter Your Wardrobe

Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated countless pieces of apparel of varying colours and styles. Some of these clothes you probably never want to use again, while a few others are a significant part of your daily rotation.

Instead of taking along all these articles of clothing, make sure to sort through your wardrobe and determine which pieces you want to bring along with you. Spend an afternoon sifting your clothes in three piles: must-brings, maybe-brings, and items to discard. On another day, reevaluate the “maybe” pile until there’s nothing left. The fewer clothes you bring, the easier it’ll be to pack and unpack.

Ideally, all the clothes you plan on bringing should fit in one large cardboard box (or 2 small luggage bags). For the rest that is either too old, too worn-out, or too outgrown, you’re free to remove them from your life for good. You can either sell them, donate them, or bin them—up to you.

2) Arm Yourself With Packing Supplies

Nothing beats having the right packing supplies on hand to help you move smoothly. While you can certainly get by with just your luggage and some cardboard boxes, having the entire gamut of supplies can give you peace of mind knowing that your items are well-protected and out of harm’s way.

If you’re unsure what to bring, here’s a list of things you should ideally have before you begin packing your items:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubblewrap and film protection
  • Duct tape or masking tape
  • Markers or pens
  • Paper
  • Garbage bags
  • Furniture blankets
  • An assortment of tools

By having these items, you can guarantee a smooth and successful move. Granted, you follow the rest of the tips, of course!

3) Know What To Pack

With all your moving equipment ready, list down all the items you want to bring along with you in your new home. You might have a shelf filled with books, for instance, but do you really want to bring all of them?

Weigh the pros and cons of bringing all your items, and make a final decision from there. As always, take into account the space you’re moving into if it can accommodate all your stuff.

As you go through each item you want to bring with you, take inventory of them too. This way, you’ll not forget a single item in the midst of all your packing and moving chaos. You can list them down on a piece of paper and then tape the paper into the moving box that contains the said contents.

4) Pay Special Attention To Fragile Items

Fragile items, such as china sets and trophies, need extra consideration during the packing process. Unlike clothes or books, even tiny shifts during transit can cause these items to be knocked down and get damaged.

As such, when packing them up for transport, make sure you wrap them with adequate packing material to prevent any potential damage. Bubble wrap is a good wrapping material since it breaks the falls of most fragile items. If you don’t have bubble wrap, you can fill up any empty space in the box with newspaper or paper towels to ensure a snug fit.

Packing fragile items can be daunting—it’ll only take one mistake to have everything topple down after all. As such, it might be worth looking for expert assistance from local removalists Muval offers in their marketplace.

5) Keep Essentials in A Carry-on Bag

Let’s face it, no one wants to sift through piles of clothing and items to find their toothbrush or sleeping mask. That’s why it’s important to plan accordingly and bring a separate bag that holds all the essentials you’ll need on day one of your new lodging quarters.

While most of your bedroom items will be brought in a moving truck, these essentials should be with you at all times. This way, you can easily access them whenever you need them.

Some essentials to consider putting in your carry-on bag include:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and other hygiene products
  • A few sets of clothes
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Medications
  • Chargers for phones, laptops, and other electronics
  • Important documents
  • Jewellery box

If you live with kids, encourage them to have a separate essentials bag as well. This way, you won’t be overly stressed unpacking items and trying to locate the items they need.

6) Wrap Your Mattress and Pillows

No one wants to sleep in a dust-ridden bed. However, moving homes can expose these bedroom items to the fumes and dust of the outside world, making sleep time a little less serene.

To protect the cleanliness of the bed, cover your mattress and pillows with a blanket and a bedsheet. Once you arrive in your new home, put that blanket in the laundry and replace the mattress’s bedsheet with a fresh sheet. You’ll have the coolest bed in town!

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