Nice Country House Ideas

Choosing the perfect country house can pose a difficulty. This is because a country house is different from a townhouse. When it comes to picking this type of home, you have to choose carefully to ensure that it’s perfect, and with our ideas, you’re sure to choose the right ones.

Should you choose a big grandiose country home or a simple one? Sometimes a country house aims to reflect your rural origins and it’s important that you properly portray where you come from.

For these reasons, this post is about nice country house ideas and every other important associated information.

Here are some beautiful and amazing country house ideas that you’ll love.

1. Perfect Southern Home with Accentuating Lights

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This country house is breathtaking. If you love a farmhouse kind of country house with a perfect design, here is one that perfectly depicts your preference.

The house has a serene environment and beautiful scenery that makes it magnificent. The house is equally spacious, typical of a family home and can take in many people at once.

2. Try the Old Traditional Way

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This is a traditional cottage country house. The proximity to nature, serenity, nice scenery, and beautiful lawns makes it an appeal to the eyes.

If you love a house that combines the rustic sensibilities of countryside living and a little addition of modernization, this is cool for you. What you gain is a liveable space that prioritizes your comfort.

3. Full Modern Style Country Home

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This is another farmhouse-style dwelling that is nothing short of amazing. The house looks compact and simply sprawls out before you. The home is surrounded by manicured gardens that make it even more majestic.

If you’re in need of a country house that speaks contemporary, this is ideal for you. To create a sense of farmhouse style, you can surround it with gardens that give it an adorning look.

4. Rusty Is Equally Superb

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A beautiful rustic country house with great architecture surrounded by nature. If you are looking for the perfect country house with beautiful architecture, land mass, and closeness to the natural environment, this is a wonderful idea.

The perfect lawn and the white color scheme gives it a cool look. The rusty look of the roof makes it appear even more enchanting.

5. English Country Cottage

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This is a 3 bedroom and 2 cottage country house with large living space. The large windows allow for cross ventilation, airy space, and inflow of natural light.

If you are looking for a 1600s house with a touch of modernization, this is a good option. The ivy growing on walls, country garden surrounding it, and stone pathways gives the feel of a modern day rustic charm home.

6. Old Cottage With Contemporary Design

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Here is another well lighted southern style 3 bedroom country house. The stone walls help create a warm look and feel, achieving a mixture of traditional and contemporary look.

If you are looking for a luxury country house in traditional style, this southern house is a good idea. You’ll also love living in it if you want to be close to the environment and enjoy green living and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Names Can Be Substituted For a Country House?

Other names that can be used in place of a country house include manor house, palatial, fermion, mansion, and farmhouse.

What Is a Country Style House?

A country-style house is a house that comprises style, construction, and design, that is majorly based on farmhouse styles. Some of the features that define this style include distressed looks, natural colors, simple decor, contemporary pieces, and a touch of the traditional aspect.

How Do I Achieve the Look of a Country Home?

You can do so in many ways including:

  • Try out different textures
  • Use natural color schemes
  • Incorporate patterns in your design
  • Choose natural materials
  • Make your kitchen authentic

What Color Shades Are Country House Style Shades?

Examples of country house style shade colors are: red, white, light blue, beige, and yellow. All these can create a country look and feel. It is usually best to incorporate white especially when you’re trying to achieve a mixture of contemporary and traditional.


A country house is simply a house in the countryside. It offers so many benefits including closeness to nature, serenity, and peace, a unique kind of lifestyle, and enhanced private life among others. You can also enjoy a healthier life when you live in a country house.

There are several colors you can use to achieve the country house look including yellow, beige, and white. White is however most preferable especially if you’re trying to combine modern and contemporary.

What kind of country house should you live in? Well, it depends on your taste and style.

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