30 most trending car wrap designs

Beyond the need for fancy cover for your car, your car wrap designs go a long way to telling about your personality as the owner. It also tells your friends and even those that might be meeting for the first time about your sense of color and drive for creativity.

Are you one of those who aren’t very good at describing their car wrapping designs but when left on their own, or you simply just get confused when confronted with a barrage of designs at the car wrapping site? Well, you are not alone in this. In situations like this, it is best to dealwith your design choice at home first and then simply go with it. This is why we take the delight of providing our clients with some of the trendy car wrap designs to be able to choose from and get exactly what they want.

In this article, we are going to provide you with 30 most trending car wrap designs for you to both choose from and help your families and friends in their choice of one.

Plain and solid

Plain and solid Car Wrapping design

Source: Pinterest

Plain and solid is the best fit for you if you are the kind that doesn’t value several colors being splashed on your car. Plain and solid is simple and smart. It sums you up in just one glance. You can get this in all colors of your choice such as blue, black, red, whine and so on. You can find your solid plain on many other ideas such as:

Love red

love red Car Wrap design

Source: Pinterest

If your personality reflects love, this solid plain red tells the story better.

Metallic designs

mettalic details Car Wrapping design

Source: Pinterest

The metallic car wrap design gives your car a polished look. Do you want your car shining and giving off that evernew look at all times? Go for this car wrap design.

All in one or rainbow

rainbow Car Wrapping design

Source: Pinterest

Do you want all the colors on your car? It is called the all-in-one or the rainbow car wrap design. It’s fanciful and gives you something quite unusual, something not simple enough to be summed off at just a glance. Your rainbow car wrap design can come in different ideas. Checkout the following ideas for your car:

Rainbow splash

Rainbow splash Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

This will make your rainbow color appear as though it was splashed creatively on your car.

Rainbow stripe

Rainbow stripe Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

Go for this if you need your rainbow color drawn out like stripes on your car.

Rainbow map

Rainbow map Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

If you want to visualize your car in a rainbow drawn out like maps, then try this unique idea.

Camo Design

Camo Design

Source: Pinterest

Are you in love with the military outlook? Have you always dreamt of having your car appear in camouflage either for fashion or some personal reasons? The camo design allows you to conceal your car whenever security is necessary. It is unique and seen as mature by most people.

Spotted vinyl camo

Spotted vinyl camo Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

This will not only provide you with a camouflage outlook, it will equally create a reflection because of the vinyl.

Stripe camo

Stripe camo Car Wrapping Desig

Source Pinterest

Your cameo can come in stripes like the one above. You can choose the dominant background color of your choice depending on your car, but white and brown are very common and popular.

Valentine spotted camo

Valentine spotted camo Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

Some touch of red on your camouflage wrap will give it a mellow outlook. You will succeed at taking away the little fear associated with deep military camos.

Hides/animal print

With this car wrap design, you can get the animal print of your choice as your car wrap.

Zebra design

Zebra design Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

No matter the kind of car, you can get it designed in zebra color like this one above. Your kids will most definitely like this.

Cheetah design

Cheetah design Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

Do you trust that your car will run as fast? Get the color of the world’s fastest animal on it and tell the world how you feel about your car strength.

Snake is equally beautiful

Snake Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

If the rainbow is too much color for you, the snake design can go. It is very rare and you will always have the attention you deserve with this design on your car.

Character print

Unique Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

If you are in love with any popular character or phenomenon such as Disney, Spiderman, kitty, galaxy, you can reproduce your character choice on your car and show the world how much you love it.

Cinderella beast

Cinderella beast Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

This gives you that spotted rainbow look with your Cinderella seated right in front and sideways of your car. It’s one of the ways to get your kids elated once you are home from work. Your kids would like this on their car as well.

Custom/brand wraps

Custom/brand wraps

Source: Pinterest

Going for custom designs enables you to carry your business brand on your car. Go for this car wrap design if you are a business person with your own brand.

Coral chameleon

Coral chameleon Car Wrapping Design

Source: Pinterest

One thing about the coral chameleon is its ability to reflect and take shape of the color around it. It goes calm around a calm environment and loud around a loud environment. You just need to keep it clean at all times and you will definitely love it.

Galaxy designs

 Car Wrapping Design: Galaxy designs

Source: Pinterest

Do you love what you see when you look up at the sky? The galaxy is such a beautiful place and you can replicate the idea as your car wrap design.

LED lights

 Car Wrapping Design: LED lights

Source: Pinterest

This design allows your car to emit lights when flashed or hit by light sources such as fluorescent lights. It is a light emitting diode design.

Holographic white rainbow chrome

 Car Wrapping Design: Holographic white rainbow chrome

Source: Pinterest

This design combines your plain white with the metallic design and reveals many colors underneath as it shines. It is unique and rare.

Chrome rose gold

 Car Wrapping Design: Chrome rose gold

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most unique car designs you can think of. It is shiny, glossy and golden. It resists stains and keeps your car as neat and clean as possible.

Solid psychedelic wraps

 Car Wrapping Design: Solid psychedelic wraps

Source: Pinterest

It is called psychedelic because it excites an uncommon feeling. If you love your wrap solid and plain but unique at sight, then this is the wrap you need to distinguish your car.

Matte chrome

Car Wrapping Design: Matte chrome

Source: Pinterest

It is calm, reflexive, unique and beautiful. You won’t find it all out there as you will with the plain designs.

Vinyl designs

Vinyls come in different wrap design ideas that will make your car look incredible. The incredible thing about vinyl designs is that they are reflective. Check out the following.

Car Wrapping Design: Vinyl designs

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Get funny and wide with your car wrap design

Are you still unable to find your favorite car wrap designs from the above samples, then it is time to get wide and funny with your imagination. You can actually design your own car wrap just the way you imagine it. Be creative and let it come alive on papers and ink and it would be realized on your car. A few samples are here for you.

Animal imitations

What is that animal that you so much love that you would like to replicate it on your car? Just come alive with it, let it provide you an idea and you will get it rocking.

Frog design

Car Wrapping Design: Frog design

Source: Pinterest

Yes, it might look a bit scary, but it is very creative to replicate the eyes and shape of the frog on your car. This goes so we’ll when your car is a bit lower to the ground.

Vampire design is bae

Car Wrapping Design: Vampire design

Source: Pinterest

Do not let those vampire movies you like seeing all the time pass your glimpse even when you aren’t at home. Excite your kids and remind people how much you love those characters by getting this over your car.


Dragon Car Wrapping Design:

Source: Pinterest

Dragon gives your car that magical outlook, that strength, that uniqueness that will tell how different your car is from the rest.

Leopard design

Car Wrapping Design: Leopard design

Source: Pinterest

Leopard is that one car wrap design that you would rarely find around. It gives your beautiful car the unique stripes of the leopard that gets kids jumping and appreciating your car each time it makes an appearance.

Bee is bae

Car Wrapping Design: Bee

Source: Pinterest

Much like your camo, the color of the bee can be replicated on your car, getting the bee right on your burnet and boot. This car wrap design is best suited for spring. It has a way of resonating with the beautiful environment, and new vegetation.

Frat wrap

Car Wrapping Design: Frat wrap

Source: Pinterest

This gives your car that look of warning to ward off strangers.

Reflective rainbow

 Car Wrapping Design: Reflective rainbow

Source: Pinterest

This combines the vinyl, rainbow shines and the frog dentition to give you that funny look that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Spider beast

 Car Wrapping Design: Spider beast

Source: Pinterest

Spider beast combines that spiderman look with the spotted camo to give you that Wilde look.

Blue dragon

Car Wrapping Design: Blue dragon

Source: Pinterest

Rocket stripe

Source: Pinterest

Passing those white stripes on your deep darkened car gives it a wide outlook. Try it out and get distinguished.

Rainbow fire

 Car Wrapping Design: Rainbow fire

Source: Pinterest

Seems real, right? The rainbow fire covers both sides of your car in a 3-D fashion and brings out that spider outlook you need to distinguish your car. It might be expensive but it is worth the try.


The car wrap designs you choose for your car defines not your car but even you yourself as the owner. Choosing a unique car wrap design distinguishes you and your car. We have taken you through several car wrap designs from which you can make your choices in order to make that unique colour you crave.

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