15 Modern Concrete Front Steps Design Ideas

Choosing the right concrete front steps design ideas is crucial if you want them to appeal to people visiting your home. The goal of this is to ensure that your home exterior is fashionable, attractive and trendy. While many concrete front step designs are great for modern architecture, you can adopt a more sophisticated feel.

Irrespective of the style which comes with your home, fixing your walkway with good concrete makes you classy. Here are some great modern concrete front steps design ideas you can use in your building.

Bare concrete front steps with pebble porch

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This is a block of bare concrete with a rough look which complements your house. Despite its harsh look, it is one of the modern design ideas in vogue. The texture is durable and the stone has a natural look. When you match this with a pebble Stone patio, the synchronization looks pleasant together. This is an idea which is used by those who know what a classy design should be.

Make it different by adding bright color elements

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Many don’t understand that white concrete makes your house’s exterior look excellent. This can be done by installing it on the patio floors and the front steps of your building. Even if you come with an anti-mainstream exterior decoration, you can still blend it with some colors.

You can decide to choose neon green, bright red, navy blue or turquoise. This is very flashy and your home exterior will be attractive. However, you will need to take proper care of these steps because the pathways can get dirty regularly.

Flashy concrete steps ideas with yellow lights

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This is a Japanese-styled exterior idea which is trendy these days. You will need to mix wood elements with natural materials, which helps create a flawless blend. There is warm radiation that comes from your house.

If you are the picture type, this is a great place to snap some early morning shots. The calm tone, balanced look and robustness will make you feel confident. You will see how the lights add more drama to the dark marble, isn’t it astonishing?

Develop a three-way concrete step for your courtyard

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When you have an excellent courtyard, you can make your front steps designed in three directions. You will use bare or sealed concrete to create a better and more modern trend. Moreover, adding planters with related material is also a good suggestion for an orifice that refreshing feeling. When your visitors see such a walkway, they will be eager to visit you m

Concrete front steps with step lights

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When you want to transform your house into something unique, your best bet is limestone and concrete. This helps create a Tuscan and Mediterranean-styled design for your home exterior. However, you will need to add the right illumination to make it more captivating. To do that, put a yellow light on the edges of your front steps, to create a heavenly feeling.

Big square concrete steps with layers

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A good concrete for your front steps requires a perfect blend. The best suggestions are natural stone, wood, and glassed materials. This is a great fit for a modern-style house to create an appealing ambience. These elements come with a certain rigidness. To make things smoother, use mixed tones and textures to make it more sophisticated. Because the house is filled with a toned wood panel, you must provide sealed concrete steps.

Front entrance steps around the lawn

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This is concrete from the steps design idea which creates a great feeling. This is done by making an existing walkway on the lawn. When you use a unit with white fiber, it will make your courtyards look fresher and cleaner. Ensure the lawns are cleaned regularly to keep your grasses green m

Concrete Pathway with tropical view

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If you want to make your concrete steps attractive and appealing, unite them with nature. One of the ways to go about this is using a tropical landscape like the one above. The trees around the concrete pathways make your house yard look like a resort.

Tuscan-styled design with concrete steps

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This is a concrete step idea associated with the Tuscan style and it’s simple. This style will make you achieve everything by dominating your house with elements of natural matters. Also, you will need to revitalize your house exterior with blocks of shrubs which are set along the pathway. You can do this by adding shrubs beds with some pop-up colors.

Combining white concrete steps with wood

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As used in high-end houses, wood and concrete blend can create an ideal design idea. Avoid letting the walls show their true wood structure. This can be done by painting that area with white hues. This makes it blend well with your concrete front steps.

Bare concrete pathway to a cottage house

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This design is an easy yet fun idea which makes your home exterior feel nice. Many pathways come with a bland look, however, if you are the stylish type, you will need to add some touch of class. This one has a smooth texture and it is sealed to make it unique. Also, these outdoor steps are made with plants from all sides which makes it exciting.

Concrete front steps with landing

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If you notice, most concrete steps ideas have just a straight line. These same things can be dull. Because of this, it’s nice to go with a concrete design which has a good landing between two steps. This is preferred because it helps give a better visual of your home. Asides from a better visual, you can use it to create a nice scenery where you can hang out in the evening.

Contemporary style with outdoor concrete front steps

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While materials are important when designing the outdoor of your house, sometimes to make your home unique, make a well-designed patio or front steps. When this is done genuinely, you will have an exterior which will impress everyone around you. You can use a white shiplap and great glass doors which makes it inviting and stunning. Additionally, you can add a dark concrete patio to create some form of the spotlight for this place.

Cozy vibes with shiplap

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Styling your house exterior is important because it creates good vibes for your concrete front steps. To do this, provide pattern tiles around the patio flooring and a wreath which hangs around the door. You can also place some orange-flush chairs which add drama to your concrete front steps.

Polished concrete steps for a befitting look

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A pale-looking concrete front step leaves a bad taste on the mouth. It’s ideal to always have a good appearance for your flooring. This will help create a good extrude for your outdoor view. However, homeowners who don’t love that design can select a well-polished concrete step. Unlike the sealed one, a polished concrete step has a brighter surface and is reliable.

Final Thoughts

Your concrete front steps are an important aspect of your house. As a classy homeowner, ensure you use the right design ideas to create an appealing look for your outdoors. Get something that makes you feel proud and comfortable and excludes confidence.


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