15 Massage Rooms Design Ideas

As one running a spa, it is important to know that the massage experience is a lot more than those professional strokes. Both consciously and subconsciously, the massage room designs contribute to the massage experience.

Speaking of creating the right massage atmosphere, this article will shed light on some massage room design ideas. You should pay keen attention to them as some of them may come in handy for you.

Things that Influence the Design of Your Massage Room

There are a couple of things that should influence the design of your massage rooms. Some of them include:

The Available Space

The design ideas that would be implemented is largely determined by how much space you have available. Without sufficient space, you might be forced to choose a minimalist design. So, it is suggested that you get somewhere with enough space to implement those amazing massage room ideas.

The Room’s Location

Is the room situated in the interiors with very little or no access to natural light, or right in the open? These specifics matter and would determine the move you make as regards designing the room.

The reason is that you can make the most of the room’s features. For example, for a room with access to natural lighting, you can design the room in such a manner that natural lighting would not be obstructed.

Some Designs for Massage Rooms

A variety of design ideas will be shared here because of the various design needs. So, follow through and figure out which one will suit your massage room best.

Magnify the Room with the Right Color

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For starters, you should get or use a room with ample space. But there is a way to go about this in case it is not possible. One of what can be done is to paint the room with the right color.

We are talking about colors that make small rooms seem bigger. Some shades of white such as off-white and clean white would do the trick.

However, it is not unusual to have people detest the idea of using white, especially because maintaining it can be difficult. If for whatever reason you are not fine with white, you can try out – dark gray, light green, pale blues, sea green, earthly ochre, and dark blue.

The Floor Should not be Left as It Is

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There is a huge question mark on your design if the floor is not taken care of. So, you should do something about it.

Whether it is vinyl, wood, or any similar such; make sure it is properly polished and that it is stylish.

However, make sure it complements the general décor. For floors such as granite, marble, and concrete, you can consider painting. This is especially with colors that would make the place seem bigger.

Do Not Kill the Natural Lightening

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This design idea would not work for every massage room. It is for those with their massage room(s) having access to natural lighting. You can make the most of natural light rather than shut it off.

You just have to be creative about it. For example, introduce the right curtains and blinds that would guarantee privacy, which is equally important.

Be Creative with Your Storage Space

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How about seeing storage spaces in the massage room as more than a place for clients to store personal belongings? In addition to this, you can add aesthetic appeal to the room with the choice of storage made available.

For example, storage spaces made with bamboo canes can be used. To complement it, there can be a few decorations made with bamboo canes hanging on the walls.

Have the Changing Section in the Massage Room

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This interior design tip for massage rooms is especially good for the sake of functionality. This is because clients will not have to walk long distances to get changed.

The good thing is that you can even do this on a low budget. For example, good-looking retractable privacy screens can be used for this reason.

And if you want to go all the way, you can have the place remodeled for this purpose. Whichever way you would have it, just know it pays to have the changing section right inside the massage room.

Use Multiple Shades of Light

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Proper lighting is important for the massage experience. This is whether it is natural or artificial. It could even be a great blend of both depending on the location of the massage room.

For artificial lighting, you can engage multiple shades – Blue, pink, white, green, and/or several others. Just make sure the shades that you use add aesthetic appeal to the massage room. A rule of thumb for selecting the right shade is considering the wall paints.

A Little Bit of Carpet will Do

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Even with your floor all set, a little bit of carpet will do. It adds something special to the massage room as long as the right one is used. The tail end of the bed is a good place to position your carpet. You can even decide to have the entire room covered in carpet.

Candles Still Do the Trick

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Candles can be positioned in strategic locations. They add positively to the ambiance and you can make the most of them. However, it is a lot better in darker rooms.

Use Home Plants

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Many of your clients will love the space better with home plants stationed in the right places. So, using home plants is a good idea. Just make sure you use the right ones. Some of the options you can consider include Rosemary, Lucky Bamboo, Moss, Aloe Vera, and Snake Plants.

Maximize Your Massage Room with Beds and Privacy Screens

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It can be cost-effective having many beds in the same room. This is also because some people prefer to have their massage sessions with other people around. But even those that like their space uninterrupted would not mind if privacy screens are properly used.

Use Pebbles for Decorative Purposes

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They look great in the massage room if used. Just make sure they are stationed in the right places. For example, the storage space area is a good place to position these pebbles. You can also make use of pebbles of different colors.

Artworks Can Make a Huge Difference

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Use artworks for enhanced looks of the massage room. You can use the kinds that would be hung on the wall as well as stationary artworks.

Use Matching Seats and Massage Beds

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For starters, there should be a seating arrangement. This would serve clients before the commencement of their massage session and the people that accompany them. One design idea would be using seats and massage beds that match each other. Their complementary features could be their color, material, and even structural design.

A Mirror Would Not be Out of Place

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Some design tips are unusual. Including a mirror(s) is one of the unusual design tips. However, it would not be out of place to have one that fits in. Just make sure it has a befitting frame.

Make Good Use of Chandelier

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You can give your massage room that exotic look with the use of a chandelier(s). The good thing about this tip is that it is not just about aesthetic appeal but functionality as well. This is as the chandelier will stylishly brighten up the place.

Final Thoughts

We have shared some design tips for those that have or plan to have massage rooms. The tips that you implement would be determined by factors such as the massage room’s size and its features as explained above. So, make sure you make use of the right design ideas.


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