14 Kids Desk Organizer Ideas that will help your kids focus

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Kids desk organizer ideas that will help your kids focus and be more productive.


Your kid’s desk space should be an area where they can be creative and productive without distractions or restrictions. Ineffective workspaces can hinder a child’s output and even discourage them from using a desk entirely. 

Consider some of these helpful tips before you run out and purchase a different desk because the one you have for your child isn’t useful. 

Thankfully, these 14 kids’ desk organizer ideas can provide the perfect area they will love to use, no matter what desk style you currently have. 

1) Remove the Clutter 

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The first thing you can do to help organize your kid’s desk is to remove any clutter. 

Too many unnecessary items can be visually overwhelming and keep your child from working at their desk. Remove anything that does not belong there or interferes with your child’s productivity. 


2)Use a Cork Board 

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Cork boards are terrific tools to use in a desk area and are inexpensive. 

They provide a space to hang up pictures, notes, or other items your child needs or finds essential. They also help keep loose papers off the desktop and make important information easy to find.

3) Add a Rolling Cart 

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If your child has a small desk without a drawer, adding a rolling cart to the side can be a helpful addition. 

These products can aid in extending the valuable desk space by organizing items into drawers separate from the desk but still keeping everything together. 

Even desks with built-in drawers can still benefit from using more with a rolling cart, especially if your child uses a lot of supplies. 

4) Include Desk Shelves 

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Desk shelves are a terrific way to organize a kid’s workspace. There are various styles and types to choose from, so you can find the perfect setup for your kid’s desk. 

From column shelves that sit on the side of a desk to ones that position over the monitor of a computer, desk shelves can provide more real estate to use for their items. 

5)Add Storage Cubbies 

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Storage cubbies are excellent for keeping items that your kid does not use every day but will still need close at hand. 

From extra art paper to painting supplies and even their stack of coloring books, storage cubbies are easy to install and do not take a lot from your budget. 

6)Use the Open Wall Space 

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The wall space around your kid’s desk is helpful in many ways. You can hang a calendar with their daily activities to keep them focused on each day. 

Try hanging baskets or shelves to get items like markers and artwork off the desk and into their own designated area. 

7) Gather Cables and Wires 

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If your child has a lamp, computer monitor, or other electronic items on their desk, you will need some form of cable and wire organization.

Keeping them together with ties, clips, or other things will ensure that your child does not trip on them, accidentally pull them out, or knock a device on the floor. 

8)Buy a Monitor Stand 

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To better use a kid’s desk space, you can buy a monitor stand. This trick will raise the monitor and provide extra storage underneath it for other necessary items. 

Using a stand can also help your child maintain proper ergonomic posture and prevent long-term back or neck problems. 

9)Purchase Desk Trays and Baskets 

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To help your child get more organized, you can purchase desk trays and baskets for keeping loose items together. 

Desk trays are ideal for paper and books, while baskets are perfect for pens, pencils, and markers. Therefore, your kid will know exactly where to find a pencil when they need one. 

10) Add a Side Rail 

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Do not forget about the side of the desk when looking for more organizational ideas. A side rail can provide extra space for all sorts of supplies. 

Items like headphones or staplers to glue sticks and paintbrushes will rest perfectly in a side rail and keep their space clutter-free. 

11) Install a Keyboard Tray 

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Another way to organize your kid’s desk is to get the keyboard off the desktop. This trick will free up space and keep it less cluttered. 

In addition, installing a keyboard tray will help ensure any cables are out of sight and not in your child’s way while they work. 

12) Include Drawer Dividers 

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If their desk has built-in drawers, your child may fill them with all sorts of items. Instead, keep their drawers more organized by including dividers. 

This way, you avoid having your child dump everything in a drawer, leading to a mad search (and a huge mess) the next time they search for a long-lost trinket. 

For example, dividers can separate pens, pencils, paperclips, magnets, and other necessary items. 

13) Use the Space Underneath 

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The space underneath a desk can be ideal for helping to keep the area organized. You can include storage baskets below for less popular or extra supplies. 

Additionally, items too large to have on the desktop, like a backpack, can fit perfectly underneath.

14) Have a Place for Everything 

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The only way to keep your kid’s desk organized and stay that way is to have a place for everything.

So often, desk spaces will collect random items and objects that have nowhere else to go, so you must have a designated area for all their supplies. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about kid’s desk organization tips to explore. 

Is organizing a kid’s desk expensive? 

Thankfully no, there are many ways to organize your kid’s desk without spending a lot of money on expensive shelving units or additions. Many dollar stores and discount markets have baskets, trays, and other invaluable items to inexpensively organize a kid’s desk space.  

Is it possible to organize a desk that doesn’t have drawers or shelves? 

Yes, you can still provide organized desk space for your kid with a simple desk that does not have drawers or shelves. There are several ways to help keep this area organized and clutter-free, from adding cubbies and side rails to hanging up cork boards. 

introductory post for kids desk organizer ideas
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