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Your accommodation is the main place in your life, where family and friends meet together and spend quality time. When moving to another country, you need to obtain a home to feel comfortable and safe. AX Capital, a commercial real estate agency in Dubai, provides foreigners with exceptional property for personal use. Buyers with tight budgets can purchase inexpensive housing and do cheap and high-quality repairs to introduce an atmosphere of love and quiet. 

In this article, we will offer you 5 effective home improvement ideas that will help you save money and make repairs at a high level.


Use inexpensive materials

When choosing materials for repairs, it is worth giving preference to inexpensive options. For example, you can use laminate instead of wood flooring, or inexpensive ceramic tiles instead of marble slabs. In addition, you should give preference to materials that do not require frequent replacement. Also, you can use quality items bought at discount or sale stores.

However, do not try to save too much money on materials. Pay more attention to their quality and durability and correlate their costs with your financial abilities. 


Do it yourself

If you know how to use tools and have basic skills with materials, you can make repairs to your home yourself. In this case, you won’t have to pay workers for their work, and you can do all the work yourself. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to invite professionals to work, but it is possible to negotiate a discount if you will participate in the work and help them.

Some homeowners prefer to create their own unique designs and use an individual approach. In such a way, they strive to make the interior trendy but suitable for their preferences. 


Concentrate on the main problems

Instead of doing all the repairs, focus on the main problems. For example, replace a door that squeaks instead of replacing doors throughout the house, and replace windows that leak wind instead of replacing windows throughout the house. This will help you make repairs faster and make them more efficient.

Develop a plan of repairs. You can compile a list of annoying features of an apartment or a villa and determine the ways of their change. As a rule, all properties in Dubai are made of high-quality materials and built according to international building standards, so no huge repairs are required. But, as an owner, you have the right to follow your personal view. 


Use simple but effective solutions

Sometimes efficiency doesn’t depend on the cost of materials. For example, you can use an LED strip instead of an expensive chandelier. It will not only illuminate the room but also create a cozy atmosphere in it. In addition, you can use simple solutions, for example, paint the walls and then glue different patterns or stickers on it, you can also use fabric instead of wallpaper in some rooms.

Express your creativity and do not be afraid of changes. 


Hire only trusted professionals

If you do decide to hire professionals, be sure to check their qualifications and reputation. It is better to hire professionals who have been recommended by your friends and acquaintances, or who have good reviews on the Internet.

Some companies offer too cheap service. Monitor the market and determine the average price. If the cost of their service is extremely low, you are likely dealing with scammers or unprofessional repair specialists. 


Things you cannot skimp on 

Saving money on repairs is a desire of most homeowners. However, austerity is not always justified. In the end, it can even lead to additional costs. 

There are several things you cannot skimp on when repairing your accommodation: 

  1. Rough work.
  2. Electrical, gas and water supply
  3. Sewerage.
  4. Heating and ventilation. 
  5. Plumbing equipment.
  6. Windows and doors. 

The above-mentioned options are not only troublesome and expensive to redo and reinstall, they are also a matter of comfort and safety. Failed equipment can lead to fires, flooding, etc. If as a result of a breakdown, in addition to yours, the neighboring apartments will also suffer, the repair will cost many times more.



Implementing the above-mentioned ideas you will be able to give your apartment a makeover without breaking the bank. There are many stores and companies in Dubai that offer various interior design and renovation options at affordable prices. You can choose a stylish design that fits your budget. You can also try to find a local repairman who can offer more economical repair options. 

In case you want to move into an already finished, inviting, and welcoming space, go to the website Ax Capital. A wide range of ready-made housing options are available for sale. Buyers can choose cozy apartments with modern designs and large villas with branded interiors. Follow your desires and make the most of the available resources to get the perfect accommodation in Dubai. 


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