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White houses are common today because of how white color blends with the color of other construction materials installed in the building. Like other buildings, roofs on most white houses are slant, and this shape makes it possible for rainwater that falls on rooftops to flow to the roof edges. Gutters underneath the roof edge collect this rainwater and direct it down the drain.

If you want to construct a white-paint house with black gutters but do not have any design in mind, this article is for you. As you read, you will learn all there is to know about a white house with black gutters and also see some white house black gutters designs you can choose from.

What are gutters in a white house?

Gutters are horizontally-set materials (mostly aluminum) positioned along a white house roof’s corners to collect rainwater and channel it down through a pipe. Gutters are one of the component structures in a house’s water drainage system used to channel rainwater to the drain.

What happens if there are no gutters installed in your white house?

If you do not install gutters on your white house and rainwater constantly pours down from your rooftop, it will wash away the paint on your house’s exterior and the uppermost soil in your home premises whenever it rains. When this happens, your house foundation might start to crack and your home topography will start to dwindle.

Types of Gutter for a white house

The raw materials for producing gutters for white houses are mostly aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and vinyl. The three main types of gutters for a white house are as follows:

K-shaped gutter

The K-style gutter is the most common gutter style used in modern houses. They usually come in 5′′ and 6′′; 5′′ k-style gutters are the standard, while 6′′ k-style gutters are suitable for places with high rainfall. K-shaped gutters are more sturdy than other types of gutters due to the dips and twists in the metal, which is the raw material for producing them.

Half-round gutter

Half-round gutters are used more often on historic and older buildings. They have the shape of the bottom half of a round pipe, with the upper half open for water collection. They have a distinct earth-like look and tarnish over time because they contain copper. Notwithstanding, you can also get them in aluminum, galvanized steel, or vinyl materials. Just like the K-shaped gutters, they are available in 5′′ and 6′′ sizes.

Box-style gutters

Although box-style gutters’ regular sizes are 7″ and 8″, there are also bigger sizes like the 10″ used on commercial and industrial buildings. These bigger gutter sizes are suitable for bigger roof sizes that experience high water flow.

White House With Black Gutters Ideas

White farmhouse black gutter design

Source: Pinterest

The white farmhouse with black gutters design looks appealing to the eyes. The gutter’s black color blends well with the black-colored roof. Build the house to be a small and comfy building to get that fantastic look of a farmhouse.

White cottage black gutter design

Source: Pinterest

This design is ideal if you want a cottage with black windows and a roof that will complement the gutter’s black color. The greenish scenery and surrounding give the design extra touch of freshness.

Modern white house black gutter design

Source: Pinterest

As the name implies, the modern white house black gutter design has the aesthetics of a contemporary home. You can use black paint on the window borders and paint the roof black to make the design look more appealing.

Light-grey roof house black gutter design

Source: Pinterest

Light-grey roof blends well with the white color on a house’s exterior. Adding black gutters to the mix gives a modern, fashionable house design. You can also use brown color on the garage door to avoid color contrasts, like the one above.

Green-yard white house with black gutter design

Source: Pinterest

This modern white house with black gutters design is ideal if you want to build the house in a greenish environment. Like in the image above, the black gutters will suitably mix with the roof’s color, the white paint on the exterior, and the greenish environment. Many luxury home lovers use this design because it complements their status as VIP realtors mentioned.


Should the entire white house roof have black gutters?

The number of slopes that divide your building and the size of the building will determine whether you will place gutters around your white house. When you put rain gutters correctly, you won’t have to fix them around the entire building because they will still collect rainwater effectively.

Which gutter color is better on a white house?

The standard gutter colors that blend well with a white house are conventional colors like black and white. Black is a convenient choice of gutter color. Putting black-colored gutters in your white house will make it blend perfectly, especially if the outer trim and roof are black.

Final Words

This article has explained all there is to the white house with black gutters. Apply any of the designs listed in this article to your home to make it look appealing to the eye.

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