Flower Bed Ideas

The look of a house with no color is dull and pale. Therefore, creating a flower bed is such an excellent idea. With the right setup, the bed flower will instantly boost the curb appeal of your home.

Upgrading the look of your space will take extra money. Hence, ensure you choose the best one. Don’t worry, even if your budget is tight, you can still create a pretty flower bed where you can enjoy the beauty of the blossoms with the DIY flower bed.

Check out these flower bed ideas to add some beauty to your home.

Raised Flower Bed

Raised Flower Bed Ideas
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Make sure the flowers in your yard grow properly and also look nice. Consider planting it on the raised bed flower. Raised bed flowers are unique in their shape, creating an accent that flourishes in line with the shape of the bed.

The combination of wood, plastic, and fibers creates a durable material. It doesn’t need a certain maintenance, which is perfect if you don’t have enough time to do so.

Flower Bed Deck

Deck Flower Bed Ideas
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Adding some plants to the deck provides color and the fresh of greenery in your deck environment. As a small privacy screen, it can make people less likely to fall from the patio. On the other side, it is also complemented by the deck railing for safety reason.

Opt for the small plants. It looks fantastic on the deck environment, adding a fresh and relaxing touch without adding a thick bushy look.

Trolley Raised Flower Bed

Trolley Raised Flower Bed Ideas

For those who find the traditional flower bed boring, try planting flowers in an old trolley. With this movable trolley, you can move the flower bed wherever you’d like. It has a unique look that makes the plants on it look way more elegant.

It provides you with a fresh ambiance in a practical and stylish way. Plant colorful flowers to enhance the ambiance.

Flower Bed Barrel

Flower Bed Barrel Ideas
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If you have an old barrel in your shed, you can turn it into a cool bed flower rather than throwing it away. It is functional to make your yard look beautiful inexpensively. With its worn-out look, the barrel provides a rustic style that exposes the beauty of nature.

A variety of small flowers fill out this barrel and make it look colorful and charming. Place this flower bed in the corner of your yard.

Mailbox Flower Bed

Mailbox Flower Bed Ideas
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Don’t let your mailbox standing alone in front of your house. With the flower bed arrangement underneath, it adds the different hints that make it look beautiful. You will love how it transforms the mailbox to the next level without even touching it.

Consider growing small flowers and trimming them to prevent them from growing too big and covering the mailbox. Other than that, stack the stones around the flower bed and arrange it as well.

Flower Bed Ideas With Bench

Flower Bed Ideas With Bench

Fill the corner of your yard with flowers and install a bench to give it more versatility.

The greenery accent makes the yard look more alive. During the summer, it can be a great place to relax and breathe fresh air.

Since it is a little bit spacious, you can mix the small plants and the larger ones together. Its wooden accent adds a sense of warmth that makes it more attractive.

Hexagonal Flower Bed

Hexagonal Flower Bed Ideas
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A hexagonal flower bed must be the best choice when square flower beds seem commonplace. Growing flowers in this type of flower bed provides an extraordinary look, making them look elegant.

Sturdy plastic bed with beautiful wooden pattern and UV- and moisture-resistant material, which lasts for decades. The practical flower bed lets you create a raised flower bed that is either short or high according to your preferences.

Flower Bed Beside House

Flower Bed Ideas Beside House
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To prevent your house from looking dry and dull, grow some flowers or even vegetables on the side of your house. Make it look beautiful by arranging it properly.

Create the edge made of stone, then grow the colorful flowers close to the edge. You should use the bigger plants against the wall for a better look. This kind of arrangement exposes the flowers and the curvy edge as well, which will boost the look of your side yard.

Colorful Flower Bed

Colorful Flower Bed Ideas
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To increase the value and the appearance of your home, growing flowers in your yard will be the best option. The flowers should not be grown randomly, as it creates a cluttered appearance. Hence, ensure you trim the flowers frequently and keep the shape looks pretty.

Choosing plants that have a variety of colors and arranging them according to their colors is another useful tip. Planting greens between the vivid flowers adds a breath of fresh air.

Maximize The Small Space

Small Flower Bed Ideas

Needless a spacious area, you can transform your limited space into something that looks gorgeous. Just plant some flowers with different colors, then ensure they grow on a certain spot to create a stunning display.

The combination of the purple and the lime color creates a fresh and elegant look in one. You will impress your guests instantly with this adorable look.

Flower Bed Landscaping

Flower Bed Landscaping Ideas
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The colorful flowers and green grass in your yard are such a lovely sight that both pleases your eyes and those who come over to your house. Grow the flowers according to the colors and create a certain shape through the grass.

Trim the flowers regularly to keep the pretty look of the flowers bed in your yard. If you add a bench, this would be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Built In Flower Bed

Built In Flower Bed Ideas

It’s not difficult to add a greenery accent to the concreted flooring in your backyard and make it look attractive. You only need to leave some space to grow the plants.

If the white flowers are too plain and boring, consider adding the touch of a different hint by growing some lavenders and the yellow hint. This is the perfect backyard decoration that provides you a fresh ambiance with the beautiful flower beds.

Side Yard Flower Bed

Side Yard Flower Bed Ideas
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Growing plants on the sides of the house not only provides a fresh atmosphere but also helps to clean the air. On the other side, it gives you an aesthetically pleasing look that will boost the value of your house.

The shade of the lush looks so lovely together with the stones that work to sharpen the edge of this flower bed, accentuating the natural look as well.

Birch Log Flower Bed

Birch Log Flower Bed Ideas
Via cheapseeds.com

When it comes to beautifying your yard, having a limited budget shouldn’t be an issue. Using birch logs as a flower bed will allow you to upcycle them and make them functional.

Cut the birch logs with the same height, then create a natural fence for the flowers. Pack the planter well and ensure that as much of the planter is buried as possible. Create a focal point in the middle of the flower bed with the sharp-edges plant.

Consider The Space-Save Planter

DIY Vertical Flower Bed Ideas
From theidearoom.net

If you love an extraordinary thing, you will love the vertical flower bed ideas. Consider creating it yourself to challenge both your gardening and woodworking skills, which you can do during your leisure time.

Pick small colorful flowers that will grow well in this vertical flower bed. You can choose a random arrangement if you want an artistic look. However, if you like tidiness, you can grow flowers according to their colors.

Log Flower Bed

Log Flower Bed Ideas
Source vwcampervan-aldridge.tumblr.com

It’s a smart decision to upcycle the log into a flower bed. It highlights the natural ambiance through the combination of the log and the flowers as well. Other than that, it is also an environment-friendly project, which is worth trying.

The colorful flowers bring in a cheerful atmosphere that will welcome you and the people who are coming over. This flower bed will be a focal point in your yard.

Classic Flower Bed

Classic Flower Bed Ideas

The blue pebbles will add a vibrant touch to your garden, as well as brightening up the entire area. On the other side, it also works to separate the bed flower from the yard. A perfect shape is also created, making the flower bed look beautiful.

Grow various types of plants with different shapes and sizes like aloe and agave plants, ornamental grasses, sedges and a rosemary plant. To keep it looking beautiful, this kind of flower bed needs to be trimmed frequently.

Repurposed Trolley Flower Bed

Repurposed Trolley Flower Bed Ideas

You will always find a way to decorate your space inexpensively and also affordably in one. Try upcycling the old and unused trolley and make it work functionally as a flower bed.

You will get an amazing look that combines both an antique and natural look. However, it also gives the impression of rustic style accented with colorful flowers and a fresh atmosphere.

Repurposed The Tires

Repurposed Tires Flower Bed Ideas

Recycling items like unused tires might be a wise hack worth trying. The stacked tires in the garden will be a raised flower bed points up the flowers uniquely. It will make your garden look admirable with the combination of black tires, orange flowers, and the greenery.

The tires will hold the flowers firmly in place and help them grow properly. Still, you need to trim it as well. This will help you maintain the appearance of this flower bed.

Rocks Flower Bed

Rocks Flower Bed Ideas
From thriftydecorchick.com

The exposed brick wall of your house is such an essential part that creates a natural hint. Make the natural ambiance feel even better by pairing it with a hint of greenery and some flowers.

Azaleas are the key element of this garden bed that makes it look remarkable from a distance. It melts with the petunias on the wall-mounted planter above.

On the other side, the stones make this flower bed look more elegant and tidy.

Repurposed Tree Stump Flower Bed

Repurposed Tree Stump Flower Bed Ideas

The old stump, however, is quite difficult to remove. The thing is, it makes your garden look ugly. Creating the flower bed on this tree stump is not a big deal. You can even grow the flowers on top of the stump.

The little bush around this stump works to update the stump into the next level.

In the center of the stump’s top, arrange a purple pelargonium surrounded by a nasturtium with variegated leaves of orange and gold. Then, grow the pelargonium, bellflowers and ornamental grass around the roots for a perfect balance.

Side Pool Vertical Flower Bed

Side Pool Vertical Flower Bed Ideas
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Without spending a lot of money, it’s easy to relax by the pool and enjoy the summer vibe.

Decorate your pool side with some flowers to create a pleasing look. And if the space at the poolside is too small, this vertical planter with a small footprint may be all you need.

The begonia flowers would be the best option to grow on this vertical flower bed because this kind of flower loves humidity, which is perfect on your poolside.

Roses Flower Bed

Roses Flower Bed Ideas
Source howardrice.co.uk

If you want a romantic and relaxing ambiance in the garden, consider growing the lavender and roses. This kind of combination works to create a romantic ambiance, especially after it has been showered. At the very edge of the bed, place the zinnias and impatiens to create different accents.

Additionally, it is beautifully complemented by the grass that grows evenly against the flower bed to highlight the natural shape of the flower bed. This flower bed is not only look aesthetically pleasing. It also creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Minimalist Raised Flower Bed Ideas

Minimalist Raised Flower Bed Ideas

Trees and flowers are the best way to hide the wall in your backyard, naturally.

If you are planning to cover your wall beautifully, opt for the small trees. They are easier to maintain and also won’t make your garden look narrow. Then, make it look prettier by growing a little lush of flowers for a cheerful accent.

The floral elements, such as lavender, white chrysanthemum, and also the orange daisy, will brighten up your yard beautifully. It will make your mealtime feel way warmer and lovely, especially during summer.

Natural Flower Bed

Natural Flower Bed Ideas

Create a water feature in your garden that will make a relaxing and soothing vibe. To add an additional hint, you may decide to plant some flowers around it. You will love the way this spot looks with some floral accents.

Ensure you grow the small flowers so that it won’t cover the water feature. Other than that, complement the flower bed with the gravels that create a rounded shape.

Decorate The Corner of The Yard

Small Backyard Flower Bed Ideas

With some flowers, you can transform an ugly corner into a beautiful spot in your yard.

The back part of your flower bed can be decorated with sunflowers, then followed by some white, magenta, and purple flowers to create a beautiful contrast.

You will love how this colorful corner boosts your mood. Ensure you maintain this flower bed as well, to keep the adorable look.

Wood Raised Flower Bed

Wood Raised Flower Bed Ideas
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An attractive raised bed in your garden is a smart option that is worth experimenting with. If you want to add a touch of natural warmth, think about using timber blocks.

It highlights the flower bed with the plants and the touch of red flowers. Adding white pebbles around this raised flower bed adds beauty to the garden and creates a lovely and relaxing atmosphere.

Backyard Flower Bed

Backyard Flower Bed Ideas

It’s time to add a little color to the green grass in the backyard. One of the things that contributes to your backyard looking beautiful is the warmth of the wooden privacy screen. You can even make it look prettier with the flower bed under the privacy screen.

A further hint of color comes from the pink flowers under the cherry tree that melt perfectly together. Enjoying the summer breeze on the seating area in your backyard would be way cozier.

Neutral Plants Flower Bed

Neutral Plants Flower Bed Ideas

This neutral tone of the flower bed must be the best option if you wish to emphasize the minimalist style of your home. Additionally, it instantly freshens up your space with an elegant look.

Your garden will look so much better with this flower bed. The white and soft green hydrangeas and the white lupins create an elegant accent between the shrub. Arrange the flowers as you desire.

Add an Eye-Catching Spot

Oval Flower Bed Ideas

With the arrangement of these flowers, your garden will sparkle naturally. Create the ovale shape, then grow the dusty miller to sharpen the shape.

The silver-white foliage of this dusty miller makes it look perfect to create an oval shape. Fill in the ovale shape with the yellow primroses, which creates an eye-catching point in your yard.

It is important to maintain and keep the appearance of this flower bed by trimming it regularly.

Chic Raised Flower Bed

Chic Raised Flower Bed Ideas

Creating an aesthetically pleasing spot is not difficult, even if your garden space is limited. Try filling in the raised flower beds by growing the purple flowers may be an ideal way.

The white color and the peach accent made out of metal material highlight the chic style with a simple touch.

It perfectly complements the purple flowers, creating a soothing look. Also, this raised garden bed can be moved according to your needs, so that the space in your yard is easily decorated.

Update The Pathway

Pathway Flower Bed Ideas
Via bumgardnerslandscape.com

The perks of growing the tulips all along the pathway is to create a beautiful mark. This pathway gives your mood a boost as well as giving an admirable aesthetic appeal through the flowers surrounding it.

You will feel refreshed walking along this pathway, and this will boost your mood as well. You will never feel the same walking on this kind of a pathway as you do on the common ones.

Surround The Tree Beautifully

Small Rounded Flower Ideas

Decorate your yard with colorful flowers surrounding the tree in the middle, creating a rounded flower bed.

Select yellow tulips that grow close to the stump, then surround it with purple, white, and yellow pansies.

With this small rounded flower bed, you can see that you don’t always need a lot of space in order to make a beautiful flower bed.

Tulips Flower Bed

Tulips Flower Bed Ideas

A tulip’s beauty is always apparent, whether it’s grown indoors or outdoors. An arrangement of tulips in your yard would be a brilliant choice if you are considering beautifying your garden with the natural accent.

Organize them in any way you like, using the color of your choice. If the tulips are not enough, complement it with other flowers in smaller sizes.

Grow The Shrubs

Shrub Flower Bed Ideas

With the right setup, the shrub in your yard will create a pleasing look. Create flower beds out of different flowers. The purple flowers grow as well as an attractive point. You can make your yard look wider by creating a few spaces between the shrubs.

The mulch brings in a unique touch that contrasts beautifully with the grass, which gives it a curvilinear shape. You should always plant the smaller shrubs in front of the bigger ones.

Make It Look Elegant

Elegant Flower Bed Ideas
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There is an adorable look to these flower beds that will update the value of the house with purple and white accents. By using this kind of lush, it makes a beautiful accent that will be the focal point to impress passers-by, which could inspire them as well.

It complements the minimalist path on the garden and adds to the elegance of this garden without much effort.

Colorful Roses Flower Bed Ideas

Colorful Roses Flower Bed Ideas

Adding the beauty of roses to the yard is a smart option that creates an elegant and lovely decoration that will never fail.

There is something enticing about the sight of these white, yellow, purple, and red roses when they are blooming.

Grow the same colors on one spot, then surround it with the raised flower bed made out of grass. The rose bed will look adorable with the surrounding grass.

Entryway Flower Bed

Entryway Flower Bed Ideas

Once the flower beds are created, strolling in the backyard’s entryway will be much more pleasant. Beautifully covering the edge of the way, it blends adorably with the flower bed behind it.

Combine purple flowers, lilac, and a touch of white to create a balanced look that takes you to the pool aesthetically. Maintain this flower bed by trimming it frequently to prevent it from looking narrow and messy.

Repurposed Wood Raised Flower Bed

Repurposed Wood Raised Flower Bed Ideas
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If you have unused wooden material in your shed, you can use it to make a versatile and good-looking raised bed. Put your favorite colorful flowers into your raised bed to brighten it up.

It is beautiful to see the pansies adorn the wooden raised bed with their beauty. The yellow, purple, white, and the red pansies melt seamlessly adds an extra dose of visual interest.

Marigold Flower Bed

Marigold Flower Bed Ideas

Adding a marigold flower bed to the garden will certainly make it more attractive. Seeing how neatly they are planted, it looks like a carpet of marigold flowers in the garden. Make this flowerbed even more interesting with the touch of red, which provides a touch of shade in some areas.

With the curvy shape, this flower bed is far from a boring look, which worth making. Plus, maintaining the marigolds is easy.

It was a list of flower bed ideas we have compiled to brighten your inspiration on finding the best style that fits your space and desire.

Flower Bed Ideas Beside House
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