How To Design A Timeless English Garden

There is nothing quite as cosy and charming as a true English garden. Classical stories tell us fantastical tales of these gardens featuring tall hedges, a bird bath, and more, but they are far from fantastical, and can easily be attainable in your own backyard. With the right knowledge and skills, you can turn your tired backyard into a proper English garden in no time.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or have an annual project that you want to do something different with, an English garden can become a reality with a little work and creative flair. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to feel like royalty, as long as you follow some simple and easy guidelines.

Continue reading below, to see just how easy it can be to have a proper English garden on your own property.

When you imagine an English garden in your head, one of the first images that typically pop up are rows of roses. Not every type of rose is going to be traditional for this type of garden, but any with an English or French heritage can be used. It is important to understand how to properly care for roses, but the good news is there are plenty of online tutorials to help get you started.

  • Work  With Layers And Structures

One thing that really makes an English garden stand out from other garden types around the world is the amount of structure and layering you will encounter. You can use tall, manicured hedges, walls of different plants, and even various types of fencing to add this feel. These structures can then display a wide variety of different flowering plants and nick-nacks to make your garden uniquely yours.

  • Add Geometric Patterns

Consistency is key with an English garden, and what is more consistent than the shapes and patterns in geometry? Squares, rectangles, triangles, octagons, and more should be the focus when coming up with your overall design. Adding geometry to the mix will ensure that your garden has a regal, rigid feel, while still being the ultimate relaxation spot. The consistency of shapes and patterns will ensure that your garden is always fit for a king.

  • Opt For Evergreen

Evergreens are a hearty species that come in a variety of different types, shapes, and sizes. The most common evergreen to see in an English garden would be a manicured hedge which can add a lot of character and depth to your garden, and they will be particularly carefree to maintain. You don’t want to put too many evergreen varieties throughout your garden, as they do tend to need a bit of room to ensure proper growth and nutrition. Some people have been known to make intricate mazes out of them as well, but it really comes down to how much you want to put into it.

  • Sitting Spots

If your garden doesn’t have at least one spectacular spot to curl up with a good book, then it is not a proper English garden. The number of cosy spaces you have for sitting is going to depend on the size of your garden and personal preference, but you must have at least one. Get a bench or chair that looks rustic, but remains useable, and settle it in with some of the flowers and plants, keeping enough room free to stretch out or add a side table.

  • Keep Things Lush

The traditional English gardens were known for being extremely lush, with walkways that almost feel cramped due to the overflowing of nature. While you do need to keep things trimmed and maintained, go for high, bushy things that will do more to create an atmosphere. You want the young ones to feel like they are in a completely different universe when they visit your garden. Try to use up all of your usable space, and don’t be afraid to have some overgrowth in places.

  • Capture Colour

When planning the types and locations of various plants and flowers, remember to keep colour at the top of the priority list. You want all the colours that will brighten up your day but also want to ensure that everything is properly sorted and not looking out of place. A few pops of colour with furniture and decorations can be great too, just don’t overdo it, as you want to keep things looking as traditional as possible.

Create A Timeless English Garden That You Can Truly Be Proud Of

With a little bit of planning, ingenuity, and hard work, anyone can have an English garden in their backyard. There are no garden police that will enforce some unwritten rules, so do what feels best to you. The whole point of having an English garden is to be able to enjoy it peacefully, and with the right attitude, you will have your very own cosy outdoor space in no time.

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