12 Creative Ways to Fit Your Desk in Your Closet

Closet Desk Ideas

Everyone deserves a dedicated and quiet area free from the hustle and bustle of the outside world within our houses where we can adjust and concentrate on our jobs. Such a room is really necessary for those who work from home.

While it is not everyone that has the luxury of an extra room that they can turn into their ideal work-from-home environment, making a desk out of your dresser or under your dining room table is not the solution.

However, if you have a spare closet (or can make one), then you have enough room to set up that very much-needed space that will keep you productive, organized, and prepared to start working. There’s always a closet desk that fits perfectly regardless of the size or design of the closet.

Here’s a look at some 12 Creative ways to fit your desk in your closet that will show you how to furnish the area with furniture, lighting, storage, and more to turn it into a productive workspace:

Pocket Office

Closet Desk Ideas || Pocket Office

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Because they are about half as big as a traditional home office, they are known as pocket offices. They often take the shape of an alcove between the great room and the den or kitchen.

L-Shaped Closet Desk

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The L-shaped closet desk has a long, thin workstation that provides plenty of space for spreading out, a comfortable and relaxed daybed, built-in wall shelves for storage and display, and several windows that let in a lot of natural light.

Room Nook

Closet Desk Ideas|| Room Nook

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This small desk setup demonstrates that you can set up a workspace practically anywhere, even in a converted closet. Install an overhead light, then clear a space on your desk before settling into a comfy office chair.

Boho Style

Closet Desk Ideas || Boho Style

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This is a very good option for those who enjoy plants and who might feel a little lonely while working from home. It is undoubtedly a quieter space than the one you share with your coworkers at the office.


Closet Desk Ideas || Minimalist

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A minimal aesthetic is largely distinguished by its use of few colors and objects. Excessive ornamentation and unnecessary accessories are not permitted here.

Keeping it Personal

Personal Closet Desk Idea

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Usually comes with a customizable, changeable mood board with a white painted frame that can help you stay inspired and motivated without needing to pass the safe-for-work test



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Your closet office should be a location where you are free to surround yourself with personal trinkets, souvenirs, or anything else that inspires you, much like how office workers all over the world may adorn their cubicles with mementos of the outside world or the comforts of home.

Underneath the Stairs

Closet Desk Ideas || Underneath the Stairs

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This type of closet desk is concealed in a tiny space below the landing of a staircase. This type of workstation is perfect in a quiet area of the house or for people who work from home or have the house to themselves during normal business hours.


Closet Desk Ideas || Alcoves

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An alcove allows for easy access and exit, vertical shelving, and a better view of the room.

Face out

Closet Desk Ideas || Face Out

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It’s crucial to have alternatives for controlling light and glare when placing your workstation next to a window, from basic solar shades to curtains depending on your needs and taste.

Wall desk

Closet Desk Ideas || Wall desk

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Although there are many workstations for tiny spaces where you may set up your posh office chair; a wall desk has an additional wall-art-like attraction. A wall-mounted table desk is ideal for working from home because it has multiple shelves and compartments to exhibit all of your stationery or keep it contained and even more, it creates a less congested environment.

Go Professional

Closet Desk Ideas || Go Presonal

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Give your closet office the full standard touch starting with clean lines to a neutral color scheme and the rest of the things that one would expect to see in an office.

How Do You Maximize Your Closet Space?

The essential setup is made up of a work surface, storage, lighting, and a chair or stool, all of which may be conveniently stored in a bedroom closet. Simply lock the closet doors at the end of the day to hide your workspace (if you want) and maintain a clutter-free appearance in your house.

Consider using organizers to provide more storage. With a desktop organizer, you can fill all your tiny objects like staplers, notebooks, and writing supplies, and set them to the side of your desk. By doing so, you can access the objects whenever you need them without your desktop being cluttered.

Make a themed workspace. A theme or color scheme can make the process of designing your office much more fun. Additionally, since your workplace is where you express yourself, it would eventually make you feel better about it.

Instead of painting a commercial office, give wallpaper a shot. Wallpaper may be a good way to give your office some color and texture if you can’t afford to have a plasterer skim the walls but still want them to look nice. The drawback is that wallpaper is difficult to remove later if you change your mind.

If you love nature, you can bring some indoor plants in pots because it’s likely that you are still facing a wall whether you are working in a walk-in or reach-in closet. So to improve the look of your working space and lift your spirits, you can add some plants. Also, it is a modest area in comparison to the large workplace. However, choose potted plants that can survive in the absence of natural lighting.

What Are The Benefits of a Closet Desk?

A closet desk comes into full usage especially when you’re trying to create a closet office in your room. Designing and installing a closet office is typically less expensive than purchasing a huge, separate workstation with all of the organizing and storage space that these cutting-edge designs can provide you.

One advantage of transforming your closet into a freshly repurposed workspace is that there are various storage solutions, lighting options, and design ideas available to you, allowing you to personalize your office to your specific preferences and tastes.

Additionally, a closet office might be helpful for parents who require a control center for running the home or for students who are participating in virtual learning

Keep things simple and modern by concealing your new office behind a sliding barn door or stunning new French doors. Create a secret area that is otherwise concealed from view and keep the current closet door closed to create a private workstation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Murphy Desk?

This kind of desk can be folded or pulled down. It is possible to fold it away when not in use. You get all the advantages of having a dedicated office this way, but without giving up any important living space.

Where Can I Position a Closet Desk?

You can make your desk function in your bedroom whether it’s foldable, L-shaped, or an old table-turned workstation. To make the most of your bedroom, place your desk in the following locations:

  • By the bed
  • Across from the bed
  • In a corner
  • Around the window
  • Tucked behind a wall
  • Stay hidden in the closet

What Is The Ideal Size of a Closet Desk?

The standard height for a desk ranges between 29 and 30 inches (74 to 76 centimeters). Freestanding desks come in a range of sizes, but the standard dimensions are 48, 60, and 72 inches (122, 152, and 183 cm) broad and 24, 30, and 36 inches (61, 76, and 91 cm) deep.

How Do You Light a Closet Office?

Use lamp holders or overhead illumination. Avoid cramming a lamp into a closet office desk since there is little natural illumination and little room for a desk there. This will help to make the space on your workstation more efficient. Also, to give room for little lighting in your closet, remove the header. This will make it look more like a nook than a closet.


Working from home is more and more common for office workers, whether out of need or desire and this is the same for the closet desk.

However, not everybody has a spare room or full basement that may be used as a home office. The good news is that a home office workstation may be located anywhere. Many remote workers may opt to pick up a few contemporary home office ideas and create a dedicated location that helps them get inspired and stay focused rather than hauling a laptop between the sofa and the kitchen table. Working from home gives you the freedom to customize your workspace to reflect your personality and the things that help you feel productive and focused.

It’s not necessary to keep the office decor strictly professional. Instead, you may use all of your self-knowledge to create a workstation that is perfect for just you by customizing your home office space (whether that’s a piece of the bedroom or a full room) to your requirements, likes, whims, and personality. For example, you could use vibrant wallpaper, a lot of plants, ambient lighting, or soft, cozy textures that you wouldn’t typically find in an office environment.

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