30 Boat Painting Design Ideas

30 Boat Painting Design Ideas

Coming up with the perfect boat painting design ideas can be a bit of a hassle. It involves selecting the right paint that can withstand the waters without wearing out quickly. The next step would be deciding on a suitable design, which will play a big part in your boat’s overall appearance.

Choosing can take time with so many designs and your creative juices running. We’ll be sharing some design ideas to get you started.

1. Abstract Paint Ideas

Boat Painting Design Idea: Abstract Paint

Source: Pinterest

One can hardly go wrong with abstract paint designs on any surface, and your boat is no exception. Create brilliant abstract works off the top of your head and give your boat this unique look.

2. Turquoise Blue Paint Idea

 Boat Painting Design Idea: Turquoise Blue Paint Idea

Source: Pinterest

Trying to do a quick and easy makeover of your old boat? Try giving it an all-turquoise Blue paint design. It’s easy, and you wouldn’t have to break the bank.

3. Sky Blue Paint Idea

 Boat Painting Design Idea:  Boat Painting Design Idea:

Source: Pinterest

If you love the blue and white colors of the skies like most people do (why else is stargazing a thing), you can replicate the look on your boat. Using sky blue for designs has always been a beautiful go-to paint design idea. It gives everything a cheerful and fresher look and would do the same for your boat. Add a touch of a darker shade of blue at the edges and kick up the serene look.

4. Rainbow Colors Paint Idea

Rainbow Colors Paint Idea

Source: Pinterest

If you’re not afraid to play around with lots of colors on your vessel, consider painting your boat rainbow colors. Although it will require purchasing different colors, it’ll be worth it once you’re done with the project and gazing at the finished job. It doesn’t hurt that it’ll give your boat a unique look to make it stand out.

5. Fish Paint Idea

 Boat Painting Design Idea: Fish Paint Idea

Source: Pinterest

Making a fish design on your boat may be a bit common, but it doesn’t make it redundant. You can still create unique fish designs for your boat by making a few minor adjustments here and there. Try using a color different from the fish’s natural color to give it a different look.

6. Silver and Red Paint Idea

Silver and Red Paint Idea design for your boat

Source: Pinterest

If you own a speed boat or any boat, making beautiful designs on the boat is a great way to go. However, red and silver are colors that will give your boat a fantastic look when paired together.

7. Aquatic Life Paint Ideas

Aquatic Life Paint Ideas

Source: Pinterest

It’s common to see various fish paint designs on boats. Choosing to make a design of other sea animals can be exciting and would definitely stand out. You can design an octopus, and if you love mystical underwater creatures, you can be daring enough to paint a fictional mermaid To spice things up.

8. White and Blue Paint Ideas

 Boat Painting Design Idea: White and Blue

Source: Pinterest

White can be paired with multiple colors to create brilliant designs, and one of those colors is blue. Play around with any shade of blue that you love to create a magnificent silver and Blue design on your boat.

9. All White Paint Ideas

All White Paint Ideas design for boat

Source: Pinterest

If you are not a fan of many colors, you can simply paint your boat all white and save yourself the stress of figuring out what colors you should use. A simple graphic boat sticker can be attached to both sides to add a bit of fancy to the whole get-up.

10. Lettering Paint Ideas

Lettering Paint Ideas design for boats

Source: Pinterest

Would you like to alter the appearance of your boat without going all out and changing the color? Do a quick lettering work with some paint. You can paint on your favorite word or quote to add a difference. You can also use the lettering to give your boat a name.

11. Pirates Paint Ideas

Pirates Paint Ideas design

Source: Pinterest

Pirates have been long associated with sailing on the waters, and it’s common practice to see boat owners with pirates’ skulls painted on their boats. It is a little unconventional, but sometimes it is what you need for a change. Search for interesting painted pirates on boat ideas.

12. Flag Paint Ideas

flag painted boat

Source: Pinterest

For anyone feeling patriotic, you can paint on your country’s flag or even your organization’s flag if that is permitted. There are many flag boat paint designs to inspire your design project.

13. Boat Bottom Paint Ideas

 designed Boat Bottom

Source: Pinterest

You can do bottom-side painting if you prefer the other color maintained on the top. If your boat is in the water, more often than not, choose water-friendly paints and colors. You can use white paint for the bottom.

14. Boat Topside Paint Ideas

Boat Topside design

Source: Pinterest

When the plan is to go for a new look, changing the color of the topside of your boat might do the trick. Work with colors and paints that will not quickly wear off due to exposure to the sun.

15. Fish Mouth Paint Ideas

Fish Mouth painted boat

Source: Pinterest

The fish mouth paint designs commonly seen on boats have a certain appeal to them. If you’re into making your boat seem like a giant fish, this would be a fantastic design to try out. You can pair that up with the fish scales to make your boat the perfect fish doppelganger.

16. Custom Colors Paint Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes the idea of using standard colors can be a bore. You can create custom colors and make awesome designs on your vessel. Just remember your combinations in case you need to tweak something later.

17. Stripes Paint Ideas

stripes pattern designed boat

Source: Pinterest

Creating stripes on your boat with your choice of paint color can enhance your boat’s overall outlook without spending too much. It’s a great idea to try out if you are not one for anything too overboard.

18. Fish Scale Paint Ideas

Fish Scale Paint Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Making some easy fish scale designs on your boat can give it an eye-catching look because it differs from other commonly used designs. It is time-consuming, but you’ll be pleased with the results.

19. Artistic Paint Ideas

Artistic Paint Idea for boats

Source: Pinterest

Creating artistic paint designs on your boat will give it an exotic and spectacular look. Combine your favorite colors and have some mesmerizing designs brought to life.

20. Camo Paint Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Camo designs are beautiful on anything, clothes, footwear, and even boats. With a Camo, you can stay off the radar if that’s the goal but confirm from authorities before starting any camo designs on your boat.

21. Flames Paint Ideas

Flames Paint Idea for perfect design

Source: Pinterest

Flame designs are as old as time, but one can never get enough of them. To Make a unique design, you can make your flames using unconventional colors. However, no one is tired of seeing the pretty orange flames like the design in this image.

22. Animated Paint Ideas

Animated Paint Ideas design

Source: Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from your favorite animated characters or scenes can be perfect for boat paint designs. Even if your favorite character is the Joker. Using an anime-inspired design also creates room for your design to stand out.

23. Water Paint Ideas

 Boat Painting Design Idea: Water Paint

Source: Pinterest

This water paint idea is quite exquisite and shiny. It has an aesthetically pleasing and very realistic look. There are loads of water designs, but this is unique, and a lot of attention was given to details.

24. Brown Paint Ideas

 Boat Painting Design Idea: Brown Paint

Source: Pinterest

For a simple drift boat, brown is the perfect paint to use. You can liven it by painting another image, like a fish, crab, seahorse, or any other simple figure, so it doesn’t ruin the look.

25. Skull Paint Ideas

 Boat Painting Design Idea: skull paint

Source: Pinterest

The pirate’s skull is a typical boat painting design. But you could take it a step further by having these kinds of skull designs adorn the body of your boat for a change.

26. Splash Of Colors Paint Ideas

 Boat Painting Design Idea: Splash Of Colors

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes chaos is beautiful, especially when it comes to colors. Design your boat with a splash of colors here and there and admire the beauty the disorderliness could bring.

27. White and Gold Paint Ideas

White and Gold Painted boat

Source: Pinterest

Gold signifies royalty, and using it to design your vessel will give it that same look. When you combine white and gold on your boat, It’ll be a sight that is impossible to miss, and depending on your paint selection, you shouldn’t need another paint work soon after.

28. White and Red Paint Ideas

White and Red Paint design

Source: Pinterest

Paired white and red are perfect and will give your boat a classic look. White already goes perfectly with every other color. In contrast, the red color in the mix draws the eye without being offensive.

29. Complementary Colors Paint Ideas

omplementary Colors Paint Ideas design ideas

Source: Pinterest

Using complementary colors for your boat designs gives your boat a more vibrant appearance. The contrasts will do justice to the eyes, and it’ll be easy to forget the expenses a project of this nature will take once you look at the finished designs.

30. Black Paint Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Picking an all-black theme for your boat exterior gives the vessel an exquisite look. It’s also affordable compared to designs requiring multiple colors since you need only one color to handle the painting session from start to finish. It’s also easy to DIY if you have basic knowledge of painting


Choosing the best boat paint designs to use is a crucial decision for any boat owner. There are many crucial things every boat owner must consider when deciding on what colors and designs to use. For instance, some critical things to consider are how long the boat stays in the water and the ability of the paint used for the bodywork to withstand the elements.

Choose colors that represent or mean something to you, and consider other external factors before you start. You don’t want your paint designs to wear off quickly because you didn’t make all the right decisions.

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