Amazing Blue Couch Living Room Design Ideas

There’s nothing more comforting than relaxing and basking in the calm and beauty of your living room that has a dash of blue infused in it. The color blue is also known to create a calm, cool, and welcoming feel. Whatever shade of blue you decide to apply in your living room, be rest assured that you’ve chosen the right color.

The beauty of the color blue is that it can be incorporated into different articles in your living room like your couch, the walls, carpets or rugs, paintings, etc. However, if you choose to apply any shade of blue into your living room, it’s sure to have an appealing contrast to a blue couch. We’ll take a look at some blue couch living room ideas you can incorporate into your home.

A Touch Of Velvet And A Splash Of White

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One great way of incorporating a royal and velvety feel is to apply velvet on your couch. This leaves your living room feeling homely and simple, yet with the classy touch of velvet. It’s one of the best blue couch living room ideas you should try.

Furthermore, a blue velvet couch works great with white walls and a bright room. You can include white on the walls, floors, and even some white paintings as well.

Blue And Gold

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A lot of colors compliment blue and one of them is gold. More so, if you’re a lover of gold artifacts and home ornaments, then you should consider adding them to your living room to give off a chic yet simple feel.

The blue and gold color combination is usually a rare mix, but it’s a unique one. A deep navy blue color goes well with a dashing of gold that can be used on the couch, tables, side lamps, and other house ornaments.

Minimalist and Simple

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You can try going simple and minimal with a cool and soft blue-colored couch either in the corner of the living room or at the center, with your favorite art piece on the wall if you’re a fan of art. The great thing about going simple and minimal is that with a blue couch in your living room, it goes with any soft shade of color used on the wall and that can be white, light blue, etc.

Baby Blue Power

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There’s nothing more soothing than adding a soft, pale, baby blue feel to your home. One of the best blue couch living room ideas is making use of some light shade of blue in contrast with white and any other soft color of your choice around the room. It goes best for a traditional and a contemporary living room style.

Go All In

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A bold option you can choose to try out is to go all blue! Yes, with going all blue from the walls to the couch and down to the flooring, you can choose to use any shade of blue and go all in. You can choose to infuse blue curtains, tapestries, and other house ornaments to give your living room a monochromatic style. It’s great with any cushion sofa you choose to use as well.

The Only Blue

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Some blue couch living room ideas also suggest using just a blue couch as well. With this chic design, the blue couch stands out the most in your living room and it’s the first thing people see when they come in because every other thing in the room isn’t blue. It’s a cool and a classic option to try out.

Mixed With A Shade Of Green

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The versatility of the different shades of blue means that it can be applied to other colors and that includes a stunning light shade of green to go with it. For a traditional and simple setting like this, it’s pleasing to the eyes and unique as well when checking out blue couch living room ideas to explore.

Mix A Lot Of Colours

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This is also another bold move to try out when surfing blue couch living room ideas. It’s a great way to infuse different colors that contrast well with the couch, the walls, and house ornaments. Colors like green, yellow, pale purple, gold, and black mixed with blue can give you an amazing color combination.

Try Some Art

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A fan of Art? This style is for you. The good thing about this living room idea is that you don’t even have to be a fan of art to incorporate this idea. With a blue couch at the center and some art pieces here and there with the right contrasting colors, you’re good to go.

Rustic And Vintage

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It’s always great to have a reminder of the countryside sometimes. A great way of creating such a reminder is to have a blue couch set up in a living room with a rustic and/or vintage setting. This deep shade of blue sofa couch works perfectly for such a layout.

All Shades Of Blue

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This is one of the best blue couch living room ideas you can ever try out. If you’re a fan of blue and you’d love to explore all of its shades at once, then this type of setting is best for you. You can choose to add any other color of your choice while making blue the center of attention.

Serene And White

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For this style, you’d have more white in your living room but with a blue couch in it as well. The mixture of a soft blue or dark blue and white gives off a calm and serene feeling. So you can go for this style if you’re a fan of white.

Airy And Bright

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Opting for an airy and open living room with a lot of light and sunshine can work well with a blue couch or couches. This setting works best for a bright and open living room space. Even if you don’t plan on using a luxurious look, with open space and lots of light, your living room can give this feel with a blue couch.

Blue Decor

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The secret to a beautiful home is its interior decoration. If you’re surfing for some blue couch living room ideas to try out, you can try going for some blue decor to match your blue couch as well. You can choose to decorate just a part of the living room or the whole room depending on your taste.

Some Curtains And Rugs To Match

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As earlier stated, the beauty of blue is that it can work anywhere and that includes your carpets and rugs. You can also choose to use different colors of rugs and curtains that go well with your blue couch.


Your living room is the first place anyone sees when they walk into your home and as such, it’s beneficial to put effort into making it look homely and beautiful without trying too hard especially when you plan on using a blue couch.

Whichever way you choose to incorporate the color blue when checking out which blue couch living room idea works best for you, you must first put into consideration your taste, comfort, budget, and interests.




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