10 Best Wall Mounted Mailbox that you can use Long-Term

Even though your mailbox may be the last item on your mind when considering curb appeal, a worn-out one dangling in front of your home may be a major eyesore. From little boxes that can carry a day’s worth of mail to large lockboxes that can safely contain a week’s worth of mail, we have investigated hundreds of mailboxes to uncover some of the finest wall-mounted mailboxes available right now. 

The greatest wall-mounted mailboxes have three characteristics: durability, weather protection, and aesthetic appeal that doesn’t make your home seem shabby. The items on this list tick all the right boxes and will provide you with all you could want from a mailbox for many years to come. So, read this beast wall mounted mailbox that we have prepared just for you!

Wall-Mounted Mailbox by Gibraltar, Model L4010WB0

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Price: $28.96 

The L4010WB0 Wall-Mount Mailbox from Gibraltar Mailboxes makes the cut thanks to its assortment of highly prized qualities. The first thing that comes to mind is the superior durability that its galvanized steel construction gives.


  • Consists of robust galvanized steel 
  • Powder coating prevents rust and keeps mail dry and safe from the elements. 
  • There are two options for color (black or white) 
  • Easy-to-use, contemporary layout that accommodates street names and numbers 
  • Fully assembled upon arrival 
  • Cut-out assembly guide with clear instructions


  • Could only last for a year or two. 
  • Accessories for installation not included upon purchase

What Customers Are Saying?

This safe wall-mounted mailbox served its purpose after it was installed. Consumers have no complaints about its efficacy as a whole or its ability to blend in with their interior design. This makes the mailbox well worth the little inconvenience of setting it up. This metal wall-mounted mailbox would be perfect if only it came with screws. They were forced to go to the trouble of buying it individually.

  • Designer Locking Mailbox by Gibraltar (Model DMVKGV04)

Designer Locking Mailbox by Gibraltar (Model DMVKGV04)

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $27.60 

Many people like the DMVKGV04 Designer Locking Mailbox from Gibraltar Mailboxes because of its reasonable pricing. In fact, it is one of the most budget-friendly options while yet delivering above-average security.


  • Cheap Mailboxes 
  • Concealed cam lock that works well; comes with two keys 
  • Powder-coated steel and galvanized steel structure provide durability for a moderate amount of interior storage. 
  • There are ten colors available for various uses


  • The trunk lid might scratch the finish
  • The unit can’t be flush against the wall because of an odd recess at the rear.


What Customers Are Saying?

There is an issue with the back lid of this wall-mounted, lockable mailbox. There seems to be some paint removal potential due to rubbing on the wall behind it. It’s something a few reviewers brought up. However, some customers confirmed that they will still recommend this inexpensive wall-mounted mailbox to certain clients. The fact that the issue exists at all is offset by how effectively it serves my other requirements.

  • Wall-Mounted Locking Mailbox by Mail Boss 7412

Wall-Mounted Locking Mailbox by Mail Boss 7412

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $74.99

Another high-security choice with several safeguards to prevent mail theft is Mail Boss’s 7412 Locking Wall-Mounted Mailbox. For instance, the 12-disc water lock and tempered steel hook cam provide top-notch security.


  • High-performance hook cam made of tempered steel, 12-disc water lock 
  • Protection against picking and drilling 
  • Fit for a variety of Dropbox uses 
  • Modifying the design of trash can entrances may stop phishing attempts. 
  • Powder-coated steel and a 16-gauge steel build make this a weatherproof option.


  • You can only fit one letter inside this mailbox’s tiny slot. 
  • The screws that are included are of a lower quality.

What Customers Are Saying?

Consumers report that the screw problem was a simple one that they resolved quickly. This device thus functioned as one of the cheapest vertical wall mounted mailboxes on the market. Moreover, the screws that were provided were not very reliable. They determined that their length fell short of what was needed for a decent set up.

  • Mailbox for the Wall, AdirOffice 631-04-BLK Drop Box

Mailbox for the Wall, AdirOffice 631-04-BLK Drop Box

Image Source: Amazon 

Price: $59.99

The AdirOffice 631-04-BLK Drop Box Wall-Mounted Mailbox is our next pick because of the high degree of security it provides, which is popular amongst office staff. This is why key drop boxes and internal office mail have increasingly adopted this technique.


  • Extra-safe choice (commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock and anti-pry latch) 
  • There are three laser-cut keys for further security. 
  • Additional mailbox entry allows for bulky mail 
  • There are three colors available for various uses. 
  • Durable, powder-coated metal frame that is scratch-proof.


  • The once-shiny black covering is now dull and foggy. 
  • The magnet on the top drawer often detaches.


What Customers Are Saying?

After the magnet problem was fixed, buyers reported that the product performed as well as the best-selling locking mailboxes used by homeowners everywhere. It’s developed into a safe and trustworthy security system, adequate for use as a mailbox. But, there was one major flaw with this mailbox that they discovered. The top drawer, which has a tendency to open by itself, is fitted with a magnet to assist keep it locked.

  • Kyodoled Wall-Hung Locking Letterbox

Kyodoled Wall-Hung Locking Letterbox

Image Source: Amazon 

Price: $31.99

Kyodoled’s Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox is one of the most user-friendly choices out there. To further assure customers’ security, it provides them with the option of using either a user-set combination lock or a secure key lock.


  • Two different types of locking mechanisms are included in this user-friendly alternative. 
  • A smaller-than-anticipated capacity design. 
  • A metal flap that opens easily for access and convenience 
  • Can see mail through transparent viewing window 
  • Protected against corrosion and scratches with paint


  • When installed on a stucco wall, the top lid becomes stuck and must be pried open with great effort. 
  • Key locks are notoriously difficult to open.

What Customers Are Saying?

According to purchasers, this problem with the key lock has diminished with time. In the end, it was more of a temporary inconvenience than anything else. They ultimately decided that the many benefits it offered outweighed the one drawback. Yet, clients may have difficulty opening the key lock. It didn’t go in as easily as with other options, but it did eventually stay.

  • Wall Mounted Locking Security Mailbox by Mail Boss Model 7162

Wall Mounted Locking Security Mailbox by Mail Boss Model 7162

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $109.00

If you’re looking for a fully loaded choice, go no further than the Mail Boss 7162 Wall-Mounted Locking Security Mailbox. It has several helpful functions that have simplified its users’ daily routines.


  • Bracket design facilitates mounting on almost any smooth wall. 
  • Built to last using electro-galvanized steel 
  • Anti-pry latches and a key lock with a 12-wafer disc provide further security. 
  • Durable and weatherproof thanks to powder coating and stainless steel hinge pins. 
  • House numerals that shine in the dark add no hassle. 


  • Expenses are higher than those for regular items
  • The mail hole is awkwardly angled, making it difficult to input bulky things like magazines and newspapers without accidently jamming the mailbox.

What Customers Are Saying?

The price tag hasn’t been an issue for most purchasers. This lockable wall-mounted mailbox provides superior security and can be set up in minutes. In the opinion of buyers, this is one of the best locking wall mount mailboxes available.

  • Locking Wall-Mounted Postbox by SereneLife, Model SLMAB01

Locking Wall-Mounted Postbox by SereneLife, Model SLMAB01

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $20.99

Mailboxes that can withstand the elements are very desirable. Serenelife’s SLMAB01 Wall Mount Locking Mailbox looks to stand ahead of the pack within this region. The galvanized steel used in its sturdy construction ensures that it will remain intact in any climate.


  • Durable galvanized steel structure that can withstand any climate 
  • Mounting screws and pre-drilled holes make assembly a breeze. 
  • Slot for easy mail retrieval 
  • Simple and reliable locking mechanism 
  • The Keys Are Of High Quality


  • Confined interior space


What Customers Are Saying?

This mailbox is perfect for everyone. It’s not hard to understand why this compact mailbox is a popular alternative to traditional wall-mounted models. After all, it has the potential to be quite useful in the appropriate circumstances. But, the vast majority of them wish there was more room inside of this wall-mounted mailbox.

  • Horizontal wall-mounted mailbox by ALEKO, model USMB-02

Horizontal wall-mounted mailbox by ALEKO, model USMB-02

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $21.50

One of people’s favorite layouts is the of the ALEKO USMB-02 Horizontal Wall-Mounted Mailbox. It’s built in the traditional birdhouse design, so it blends in with my home’s rustic decor without any effort on my part.


  • Traditional style birdhouse 
  • Compatible with both partitions and pillars 
  • Easy set up using the included wall anchors. 
  • Built to last with a steel framework and a protective coating 
  • Lock and keys are supplied for easy use. 
  • Mail is easily seen via the see-through glass. 


  • Not the most secure option

What Customers Are Saying?

The sacrifice of top-tier security isn’t a major deal for most buyers given the product’s attractive look. This stylish postal box may be mounted on the wall, and it reportedly performs well. They wish it were just a little bit harder to fish letters out of this mailbox. Someone with tiny enough hands can reach in and pull out the mail without needing to open the mailbox.

  • The 2681B Wall Mount Mini Mailbox from Architectural Mailboxes

The 2681B Wall Mount Mini Mailbox from Architectural Mailboxes

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $17.31

Mailboxes positioned on the wall of a house don’t have to be an eyesore. The 2681B Wall Mount Small Mailbox from Architectural Mailboxes exemplifies this point with its stylish appearance. For further customization, it’s available in no less than 18 various hues.


  • 18 distinct hues are available. embellished to the brim 
  • Versatile in application (holds treats, lint, chalk, etc.) 
  • Built to last, powder-coated steel on the inside and out. 
  • Modifiable faceplate 
  • A less expensive option


  • The screws that secure the lid have been prone to rust. 
  • Not watertight; a modest roof would be necessary. 

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers who are cautious about the mailbox’s water resistance should be pleased with their purchase. Its adaptability and ease of use are unparalleled. They did, however, take note of the fact that this particular mailbox is notoriously leaky. As a result, this design is best suited for use on a covered porch or patio.

  • The Whitehall Personalized Wall Mount Mailbox

The Whitehall Personalized Wall Mount Mailbox

Image Source: Amazon

Price: $275.99 

Finally, one of the uncommon wall mounted mailboxes is Whitehall’s Wall Mount Bespoke Mailbox. This accolade is well-deserved, as its classy aesthetic successfully conjures up a nostalgic vibe that many modern consumers want.


  • Classy, vintage style 
  • You can add your own street name and number to make it your own 
  • Sand-cast aluminum frames coated in Alumi-Shield to withstand the elements. 
  • Keys and locks are given and are adequate. 
  • Simple, step-by-step directions for setting up (no hardware required)


  • An expensive mailbox

What Customers Are Saying?

The overall cost is less of a concern due to the individualized touch. It has features that no other wall-mounted mailbox has. Also, the premium price is acceptable since the quality is excellent. But, there is a major drawback to this mailbox. In order to purchase it, customers will need to fork out a considerable sum of money.

Things to look out in choosing the right Wall-Mounted Mailbox 

It takes some time and research to find a mailbox that can be installed on the wall. For instance, picking the first option that pops up isn’t the best strategy here. An in-depth familiarity with the characteristics of a good choice is required. So that you can make a good choice, let’s examine these crucial elements. 


The size of the mailbox should be your first concern. It ought to be large enough to hold all the mail and parcels you regularly get. Customers must choose a mailbox depending on the amount and size of their typical mail. 

Building Supplies 

Your mailbox, if installed on the wall, should be watertight. That is, it has to hold up in the face of inclement weather. If you want to utilize your preferred choice outdoors, it must also be waterproof. 

You may get wall-mounted mailboxes in a variety of materials to accommodate various climates. In a warm climate, one possibility may serve you for many years. Yet if it gets caught in a deluge, it can rust and be rendered worthless. 

Aluminum and steel are two of the most common alternatives. As long as they are watertight, these designs may be used effectively in wet climates. Conversely, brass is a horrible option in circumstances with excessive rain since it will need constant upkeep. 

Finally, we suggest going with stainless steel mailboxes. These options can handle severe weather with ease. Mailboxes made of galvanized steel or iron are also excellent choices due of their longevity. Another suggestion is a vintage cute wall mounted mailbox that would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Even with this knowledge, investigation into building materials is required. How well the mailbox holds up under such conditions depends on several factors. Reading through testimonials from satisfied clients is a great idea. 

After all, these comments ought to provide a clear picture of the mailbox’s effectiveness. That should keep you from going with a poorly constructed alternative. 

Locking Mechanism 

Do you need access to a secure mailbox? If you want to avoid mail theft, I think a wall-mounted, secured mailbox is your best bet. Those who are always on the go tend to select these options. 

It’s important to remember, too, that not all wall-mounted boxes will come with locks. The best strategy to avoid theft, however, is to use the available locking mechanisms. It’s one of the best ways to make sure your mail is delivered to the right address. 

Certain choices will have additional security in the form of 12 wafer disk locks. Compared to the locks on a standard wall-mounted mailbox, these ones are quite sturdy. Even the most determined criminal should have little problem breaking into it to steal your possessions. 

In addition, several different kinds of locks are also crucial to your daily functioning. Locks and their characteristics and applications are listed here. Examples include the best-selling pocket door lock and the top-rated portable door lock. 


It’s not only about practicality while looking for a wall-mounted mailbox. It’s also important to think about how effectively the mailbox blends in with the home’s outside design. Otherwise, it risks becoming an eyesore you’d rather go without. 

Mail slots on the wall may be found in a rainbow of colors and styles. While looking for a wall-mounted mailbox, you may come across blue ones, white ones, or even ones decorated with flags. 

Slots in the garbage can doors may also be a stylish touch. Some companies prefer to put their stamp on mailbox slots by going a bit over the top with design. Speaking of design, you may want to go a bit different and traditional, a house mounted mailbox with flag would be perfect. But of course, you’ll have to figure out whether you want or need a decorative bin door slot. 

Finding a mailbox that complements your house’s aesthetic shouldn’t be too difficult. All that’s needed is a coherent aesthetic and sufficient functionality. 

Simplicity of Setup 

There is no universal method for mounting mailboxes on walls. You should do some preliminary reading on these methods so you can make an informed decision. The majority of manufacturers provide setup instructions in their product descriptions. 

It’s important to note that mailbox installation is governed by both state and federal laws. Before setting anything up, make sure you consult with the appropriate authorities. It’s a painless method for keeping peace with your mailman.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Where is te best spot for a wall-mounted mailbox? 

Put your mailbox so that the bottom is between 41 and 45 inches from the pavement. You should put your mailbox 6 to 8 inches away from the curb. In the absence of a curb ramp, it is recommended that you contact your postmaster for assistance. Please label your mailbox with your home or unit number. 

In your opinion, what makes the ideal mailbox? 

This reviewer thinks the Mail Boss Mail Management Street Safe Locking Security Mailbox is the best mailbox on the market. It has a classic design that works with any decor and several safety features to keep your house safe. It has a door that leads out onto the yard, where you may open it and securely access your mail. 

How far up on the wall should a mailbox be placed? 

Mailboxes affixed to posts or secured with locks must comply with Postal standards. The required distance between the ground and the top of the mailbox is between 41″ and 45″. 


Which material performs best in a mailbox? 

Galvanized steel is the best material for mailboxes since it lasts much longer than standard steel. This material, thanks to a protective coating of zinc, is impervious to corrosion and is able to withstand moderate exposure to moisture (with the exception of salt water). 

What colors work best for a mailbox? 

You have the option of going with a classic black, white, or brown, or going with a more up-to-date green, red, or blue. Curbside mailboxes in the United States are presently unrestricted in terms of color.

Final Words

The design and functionality of the finest wall-mounted mailbox should be familiar after reading our article. It’s time to put this knowledge to work in your investigation. From here on out, it ought to be an easy and uncomplicated procedure. 

Nonetheless, a query or two may arise here and there. In such a case, we hope you’ll find the information we’ve compiled here useful.

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